Rumor: Leaked yellow Nokia prototype is the ‘Phi’ Lumia 800 successor

Is this the Nokia 'Phi' Lumia 800 sequel?

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File this under rumor but certainly plausible. The fan site Nokia Innovations is reporting that the alleged Nokia prototype phone that was leaked last night is in fact the Nokia ‘Phi’. Mind you that’s the code-name not product name, much like the Ace and SeaRay were used for the Lumia 900 and 800 respectively. What’s interesting about Nokia Innovation’s post is that it slghtly pre-dated those images by a few hours as that site was expecting their own images to come forward too.

The notion that Nokia would make a successor to the Lumia 800 is not far fetched at all. It’s a wildly popular design, one that we prefer even over the Lumia 900 due to the curved screen. Evidently Nokia CEO Stephen Elop was impressed with the Lumia 800 that he doesn’t want to let the design go, just have it evolve which to our ears makes sense.

So without further ado, here are some of the rumored specifications of the Lumia 800 successor aka the ‘Phi’...

  • It has the same curved screen but bigger screen size (cannot confirm if it will be bigger than the Lumia 900s 4.3inch or the same) hence it will be thicker and far heavier than the Lumia 800. [Edit: We've heard it is closer to ~4.65 inches --Daniel]
  • It has the same form factor, that is, polycarbonate unibody with irreplaceable battery (just like the Lumia800)
  • No physical buttons on the front
  • 4 physical buttons on the right side: up/down vol keys, power button and camera
  • It will run on a Qualcomm Dual Core CPU (First Nokia Dual Core WP8 phone)
  • It will have external SD card slot
  • NFC chip on board.
  • LTE enabled

Many people in our comments noted that the phone shown last night is a Lumia 800. But unless the person holding it has unusually small hands, the phone seems bigger than the minute Lumia 800 which only has a 3.7” screen. Indeed, this looks like something in-between the Lumia 800 and 900 with a 4” or bigger display.

It also helps explain the discrepancies with the speaker and slight changes in design. As to why the old flag versus the new one, that is certainly curious although perhaps it was used for 'open' testing and having the new flag may be a dead giveaway.

This device is rumored to be ready for shipment by the end of October, that may lend credence to the idea of why these images leaked in the first place. If coming out of China these images may have originated from one of Nokia’s partners for manufacturing much like the original SeaRay video that was leaked last summer.

Thoughts? Sound off in comments.

Source: Nokia Innovations; Thanks, Simon, of WeLoveWP.HK

Daniel Rubino

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  • People it's clearly not Lumia 800, neither is it Lumia 900.
    Here's example comparison to 900.
    Lumia 800 bottom is different as the phone was pretty much made to N9 shell in 8 months that had no hardware buttons at all. 
    Ear piece is totally different and there's less bezel on the top compared to 800. 
  • Would prefer to see a new design that's thinner and lighter, thicker and heavier seems to be the wrong direction to be going.
  • Thicker and heavier compared to the Lumia 800... I think if it's a bigger phone than the 800, including larger display and larger battery, that's an automatic effect, no? Either way, we could be talking 0.2 oz here so it's too early to really jump on that as a negative.
  • Daniel, don't you think "far heavier" words are not justified for something that is "0.2z" heavier?
  • Do those look like official specifications or just translated, second hand information? Don't bet your life on what is clearly subjective wording. We need objective info (actual numbers) not subjective (someone's impression).
  • More important is a new design, not too keen on recycling a previous model. Nice as the 800 & 900 look new WP8 devices need to be lust worthy, can't afford to miss any bullet points.
  • I don't think I've seen a single review not lust after the 900's chassis, iOS and Android users would die to have this design.  No reason to scrap it, just refine it.
  • ^This. 
  • @theefman...The Lumia 800/900 has been winning design awards since it was released!  Why should Nokia completely change it?  the model has been out less than one year, and there are no other devices that look like them (unlike the plethora of HTC/Samsung/LG devices).
    As far as I'm concerned, the Lumia 800 and Lumia 900 are the only lust worthy designs on the market (save the iPhone 4) - original, classy, stylish, and unique.
    If you don't find any WP8 devices lust worthy, it really is a simple choice for you - don't purchase.
  • "If you don't find any WP8 devices lust worthy, it really is a simple choice for you - don't purchase." Sage advice that will probably be heeded by millions of people who wont be buying it. And all those awards dont seem to have done much to help sales of the Lumia line.
    Unfortunately, anything less than a jaw dropping phone design is not going to get Nokia or any other WP OEM any significant attention once the almight iphone5 drops, and this is the point I'm making. WP is leagues behind android and ios, new and old users are lusting after those devices, to get people's attention WP devices have to be stunning. Doesnt matter what awards have been won, or whether we personally think they are good, the vast majority of the buying public is ignoring WP. Something extraordinary is needed to get WP into the conversation, that is the reality whether we like it or not and I am merely suggesting that Nokia and the rest have to do something to get peoples attention. You can ignore the poor market and mindshare if you want, but the facts are plain to see and basically if MS & co want to play the game they have to play by the rules.
    An even bigger problem seems to be affecting this site where any criticism of WP is met with abuse and a seemingly deluded stance that WP is perfect. The fact is its not and even if you dont agree its not a crime to have an opposing view.
  • If you've paid ANY attention at all to comments, I think you'll find that the abuse is directed at abusers not just general descending remarks. At least, that's my experience. I happen to be very critical of some things but am highly supportive of both Microsoft AND Windows Phone overall, as an example. I've yet to experience any abuse for my negative remarks, but then again I think I am pretty civil about my remarks. Of course, I do think you're wrong. People aren't ignoring Windows Phone because of general design impressions, they're ignoring it because they have no idea what it is and never see/hear about it. I think that's going to change in a big way going forward.
  • There's nothing wrong with an opposing view, it's just your view is opposing AND completely outside the general consensus of the Internet. :P  What exactly would a jaw dropping design be?  Everyones jaws AND pants dropped when Nokia's N9/800/900 unibody design was introduced.
  • ^Indeed!
  • I'm not sure I follow the logic you're using. Nokia came up with a stellar award-winning design, and sales are still low compared to the iPhone. Yet, you think the way to improve sales is by coming up with a great new design? So, if you're insinuating that design is what will sell these phones, then there should have been high Lumia sales already. But if you're saying that design isn't what does it, then a new design won't do it either. Which is it? Does award winning design sell phones it not?
  • @theefman...You can criticize WP and Nokia to your hearts content; I certainly won't begrudge you your opinion.
    My point:  There simply is no one factor that is going to boost interest in WP.  Nokia is only responsible for their devices, not HTC's or Samsung's.  And I'd wager that the Lumia design, the awards for the design, as well as marketing, is what has catapulted Nokia devices to the forefront and what many consider to be the poster of Windows Phone. 
    Not to mention that Nokia devices sales, it seems, have usurped both Samsung and HTC's efforts.
    Microsoft, ultimately, is solely responsible for making the Windows Phone OS appealing to the masses; the oems are responsible for making their devices appealing to the masses - and Nokia has done that quite well.
  • Windows phone 8 is going to change that. The reason the lumia 900 didn't sell more phones is because the hardware specs weren't close to what android and iphone4 are offering. Well guess what? Windows Phone 8 changes that in a big way. We will see many more sells from this fact alone.
  • Agreed. I can't tell you how many Droid nerds didn't switch because of no SD card and no use phone as HDD.
    Looks petty to me, but every missing feature lost them a conversion.
    Microsoft needs a MUCH catchier name than "Windows Phone x Phone". See iPhone
    All features need to be present, including things like: Screenshot, custom tones (for everything. Do not disturb the new iOS feature, Rich Profiles etc etc All the small stuff.
    Then the adverts need to tell us why to buy the phone.
    Apple for example:
    - 3/3G Buy me cos I will run Apps (there is an App for that)
    - 4       Buy me, cos I have Siri (Is it raining outside?)
    - 4s     Buy me, I have an incredible screen. (Just look at me)
    Apple make is obvious you are buying for ONE reason. Simplfied marketing.
    Microsoft effort:
    - ? See, I cannot even f remember what was Microsofts message, but I can remember ALL of Apples
    And I'm sorry, "The Amazing Everyday" is just a marketing person spunk. Its a nothing saying.
    I understand Microsoft fired their Marketing guy for Windows Phone. Sounds sensible. to me, Nokia did a MUCH better job.
    Not rocket science this stuff is it? Microsoft can do the rocket science (ie Brilliant Phone OS) but the easy part the marketing/selling - they completely screw up!
  • Bingo.  One season of Big Bang's Sheldon doing everything on his Win8 mobile device and the thing would be hit into the parking lot.  Perception of value is more important than actual in the American market place which is pretty much where the rest of the planet seems to be taking its cues from.
  • Does design aesthetics truly trump functionality? The Samsung Galaxy 2 & 3 and the Note look all similar, but they are selling. Really popular from what I am reading on other tech blog sites.
    It's more about what they can do than how they look.
  • The problem is, design is in the eye of the beholder to a certain degree. And the other problem is, even going beyond the marginal changes in design perception different people should have, let's face it, many just have a painfully poor sense for design. When they see something beautiful, they'll know, but they can't look for beauty unless they have something in mind to compare to.
    Don't know if that made sense lol
    Example: If you look at the Focus S by itself, you might say it's a nice looking device and give it 7/10. When you look at the Lumia 800 by itself, you'll say it's a very well designed phone and give it 8/10. But if you directly compare it to the Lumia 800, the design of the Focus S just pales. And a 1 point difference doesn't seem right at all.
    This is true for most people. Just look at Just about every device has its design voted around 8. Lumia 710 and 800 are just 0.3 points apart. But if you ask people to compare directly, I bet the difference would be much bigger.
  • Gotta side with theefman, at least on the tone of this site. There does seem to be an attitude towards anyone with dissenting view points. They are either met with their opinions being chalked up as wrong or flat called a troll. Now there are some trolls that do drop in every now and then. But many people who do share different opinions do so respectfully and are still met with nasty responses.
  • I agree. It's disgusting how so many of our members who genuinely love the platform are ridiculed and written off as trolls merely for criticizing the platform they adore. It's mostly due to the outspoken few mindless fanboys who believe Microsoft and Nokia (the number of people devoted to this one company has skyrocketed since the launch of the Lumia line) can do no wrong and insist on everybody keeping mum about their mistakes. Wasn't their a quote about the most patriotic thing a man can do being criticizing their own country?
  • I wouldn't mind a phone just a few mm thicker if it had some form of Pureview technology.
  • Its hard to tell in that picture but it doesnt appear to have a front facing camera.
  • The front facing camera is to the left of the nokia label but its not quite center. Also, It does seem as if this is slightly larger than the 800 so I bet, its a 4 " screen. This will be the ultimate  iphone competition when it launches and Im definaltey excited to get my hands on one. The 900 is nice but without the curved glass and bulky design, it hasnt wow'd me one bit.
  • I wantI want the Nokia lable centered like on my Lumia 800, looks way sexier that way.
  • I am looking for something completely new, dazzle me nokia!!!!!
  • Doesn't look like the screen melts with the chassis like we know it from the 800. Looks like it has the rubber bezzel thing from the 900 what would be a little disappointing.
  • This design is getting old. 800/900 being very similar. I think this is 900 running WP 7.8
  • It is clearly not the 900.
  • Tell that to IPhone users they've had the same design and people still bought it.
  • Yep.  And I'd say tell that to the people that keep purchasing Samsung and HTC devices - whether Android or WP, they pretty much all look alike, yet people still buy them.
    Nokia brings color and style to smartphone devices, and people are complaining that the Lumia 800/900 is looking 'old'...clearly, the people complaining about the Lumia 800/900 have no appreciation for unique design aesthetic.
  • ^10
  • Thicker and far heavier? Did Nokia get the memo that people love thin and light phones? if it really is a phone that's coming and really is thicker than the Lumia 800, it will be a DOA and collect dust next to the other Lumia devices.
  • Once again, if it's bigger than the Lumia 800 it has a bigger display and battery ergo it has to be bigger/heavier.  I'm not sure why people are shocked by this. And if it is, those numbers haven't been quantified for relevance. Are we talking 0.2 oz heavier (meaningless) or 1oz heavier (significant)?  The Lumia 900 is bigger/heavier than the Lumia 800...did Nokia not get that memo too?
  • Dan bigger doesn't have to be "thicker"...
    There are plenty of BIGGER phones. But there aren't too many thicker smartphones out there. People want a slim phone. There is a reason why slim phones sell and thick phones are not existent anymore.
    Consumer demand....consumer get.
  • I hope they just go lighter and thinner. Samsung Galaxy S3 is 8,6mm thick, Lumia 800 is 12.1 mm and S3 has a way bigger display and battery but still waits 133g that's 9g less than of the Lumia 800. So I think there is much bigger room of improvement for Nokia.
  • It will have a larger display than the 800 and it will have LTE so I can see why it will be thicker and heavier. Also how light do a phone have to be... I am quite sure your hands and arms won't be getting tired from holding it.
  • Agreed,
  • I certainly didn't get that memo, I can't stand the new thin and light stupidity.  I used a Galaxy Nexus the other week and it was terrible to hold.  Not only is it harder to have a good grip on a "thin and light" phone, it also means the battery is likely too small.  The 900 is perfect, actually it was perfect once I put the stock gel case on it.  Just the right size with some protection included, and the battery not too small.  I'll take a better battery over thin and light anyday, buy a better pair of pants to slide it into. :P
    Just think for a second, what if you could have an awesome phone like the 900 but have a much larger battery than now?  What it has is adequate, but instead of going ever thinner and lighter what if we went back to the days of charging only every two days instead of every day?  That's a far better direction.
  • Agreed
  • I don't know about that. I have a Galaxy Nexus and that has a 1750mAh battery in it, not bad for a thin and light smartphone. The 1850mAh battery for it doesn't make it much thicker either. Compare that to the thicker and heavier HD7 I have with its pathetic 1230mAh battery and I think thin and light is the way to go.
  • I hate how Samsung gas gone with the cheap plastic and thin feel with their phones. They always feel so fragile and are uncomfortable to hold. My 800 feels solid, feels good to hold and doesn't feel like it will break if I squeeze it too hard.
  • Never agreed more! ;)
  • Agreed. I won a lumia 900, so I sold the lumia 800 I had. But I sometimes miss the 800, even if they're very alike. The 800 is prettier, better in hand (to me at least) and actually feels more robust. I hope they make a 800 successor!!
  • is there a ffc tho??
  • i thought the logo going to change to windows 8 logo 
  • Read the post.
  • well if they are going to introduce the same design then im disappointed 
    i don't want the same design as the old models :|
  • I understand this mentality, but I can't honestly think of a better design.  By now it's amazing to me that this design could even be new after so many smartphones already in existence.  All I can see them doing is refining it, but I'd be happy if they stuck with the same concept.  I let my friends play with my 900 and I hit it out of their hands all the time which freaks them out.  The thing doesnt have a scratch on it (gel case).
  • What design would you want?  I get a lot of nice comments on my white 900.  If they have the exact same case with the beveled glass, I think that would be a great improvement, both aesthetically and functionally.  Move the hard buttons further appart and you have a winner.
  • i know 900,800 are great and more than great but
    its a new OS with a new opportunity to gain more customers and  since it might be the last chance for Nokia to regain its glory the changes should aquire in Design, hardware spec and software  at least they should introduce 2 new designs with the new OS and the new hardware spec 
  • The design is awesome! Way better than what the competition is putting out. As long as it has the beautiful 41 megapixel camera and NFC I'll be more than happy.
  • You do know that the Pureview phones don't have a 41MP sensor, don't you? If it did it would be pushing into Hasselblad territory. It has a 12MP sensor with some clever software that bumps the picture up to 41MP. Anyway, megapixels don't make the camera!!!!
  • Sure but the 808 takes brilliant pictures when compared to every other phone camera that exists and only fades in competiton with actual cameras.  Try a read on Digital Picture Review ( where there's an in-depth the likes of which an iPhone or galaxy III would'nt possible survive with anything resembling dignity.
  • If this is a real thing then I'm excited :)
  • This is definitely new...the Nokia name is to the right, whole the 800 is centered, less polycarbonate, or more screen real estate, but definitely new
  • Good start, would like to see a leak of the WP8 PureView.  This info also suggests they were listening to some of us in regards to utilizing the beveled screen in bigger from factor.  Great option for those not wanting/needing a FFC.   
  • Hope the screen is flush, hate the fact that my 900's screen is raised. Only part that is getting dinged, that plastic.
  • It looks like the top right part of the phone exposed to the glare has a curved screen while the other side looks to have a bazel kinda thing...
  • The 800 is perfect size-wise.
    Just make the screen larger (as possible), a little tweaking here and there and its my new phone.
  • My money is on this beauty as long as its slimmer than my lumia 800
  • Is the battery indicator always going to be on the display??
  • I will definitely be hopping on this bad boy if the screen size is 4..65.. The perfect size for me. Just big enough to work with one hand.
  • Even though I have the 900, I would buy this because I am still the only person that has a Nokia so the design will still be fresh among my family and coworkers, and the upped specs is my current fantasy for my current 900.
  • I would hope they'd introduce an updated Lumia 800 - with the same physical size as the previous version.   I like the smaller hand print (foot print).    A 4.3 or 4.65 inch screen is too big.
  • Hey Daniel...i know it's late...but I thought I'd let you know of a name I just got to replace the metro name....
    Wave's it??
  • Why would they place the capacitive buttons so close the screen on a new device? Wasnt that a compromise on the 800 because it was manufactured for Meegoo or whatever?
  • There's nothing innovative about this phone. Its like a 2011 leak repeated.
  • Until you see the start screen.
  • Prototype ppl. Not the real deal. Touch capacitive buttons look blurry in the image while everything looks clear. Not sure what to believe. Nokia needs to keep the design on the line. They stand out beautifully amongst other phones in the market today. I hope Verizon will get one soon.
  • The girl or guys face is reflected on the glass they blurred it.
  • Looks like the screen ratio is about the same as todays devices, 15:9.... no 720p guys... maybe 768p?
  • Was expecting Nokia to continue with this design witch is still modern but would love to see a new design with the fresh new wp8...
  • I like the look of the N9 or even the Pure View looks great.
  • @macastle...It's not the Pure View - the actual model number is 808.  Pure View is the imaging technology.
    And I just happen to disagree with you - the Nokia 808 is not an attractive looking device, in my opinion.
  • @residing
    Your right after a second look I would have to agree.
  • this phone appears to be the size of the Lumia 900..unless the person has very small hands...When I hold my 900 it looks smaller in my hands..
  • I have the L900, but would pay off contract for this. Who wants my money this winter?
  • How about a phone design that complements the Surface tablet. Know that's an idea!
  • I like the current desings of the 800 & 900, but I hope the new devices are completely different and thinner as well (Only because people are into that today)....You have to give consumers what they want: example macbook & Ultrubooks (manufacturers of laptops should have started producing thinner laptops years ago, but they wainted until macbooks started eating into the profits; we can't have a repeat in the cell phone arena (heck, I will guarantee you the iphone 5 will be thinner).....Again, you can't let the competition beat you to the puch (I'm a wp fan/user, yet understand the apple is a trend setter). It's time for WP manufacturers to start leading and not following like laptop makers are doing. I'll admit, its better to be late to the part than not at all, but you risk not capturing the minds/hearts of consumers. He I read somewhere lastweek that Apple's making a flexible cover for the ipad that can be used for screen realestate....But the fact is that both Nokia & Samsung showed this technology last year at one of the shows yet looks like they're going to let Apple beat them releasing something they already demoed....There is no excuse for this. They need to put up or shut up period. BTW, I currently own an L900 and love it but want the company I back to be a trend setter!
  • People want thin and light laptops because they are forced to carry them in bags not pockets.  Even the heaviest phones you can easily carry in your hands while you walk, try the same with a laptop.  You can't draw that comparison at all, sorry.  There's a point where T&L becomes ridiulous, I can guarantee you that people prefer a solid body that won't break to a thinner and thinner design.  Go thin enough to be reasonable, then focus on putting the biggest battery in that you can.  If the iPhone5 is even thinner than the iPhone4 but doesn't have better battery life, then I consider that a design failure.  Same with Nokia and any manufacturer.
    Instead of setting trends for hipsters in skinny jeans, let's actually design better technology.  Give me a phone that I can go all day without charging, WITHOUT sacrificing something like constant updates, a decent amount of tethering for my tablet, reasonable amounts of voice calls (it is a phone after all), etc.  Why is the razor maxx the only phone to have realized this?
  • It is good that they fixed the screen on it... the Lumia 800 was beautiful, but the 900 seemed a little rushed, especially with the raised edge of the screen.
  • Off topic: but I strongly predict that instagram will be integrated into windows phone pictures hub, people hub, and camera app.
    MARK MY WORDS Wp8-only of course. My lofty source? Well Microsoft has been meeting with the instagram developers as far back as last spring. Yet we have no app yet. My prediction is speculation but it's damn near common sense
  • It still has the old windows logo for the home button. I think it's just a lumia 800 running 7.8.
  • ...and yet it doesn't really look like an 800. It's way too big. If you had an 800, I think you would reassess your claim.
  • looks exactly like the 900 ,the 800 ,the N9 and whatever other models they had. The 610 also looks like the 710, don't get why the ignorants on this site love to bash HTC for recycling designs when Nokia is just as guilty of it.
  • The 710 and 610 are very different phones both in looks, feel and materials. I'm gathering you've never held or used either? The issue is not that HTC reuses designs it's that their designs are boring and old. The One X is a step in the right direction for them. Fact is, HTC is not succeeding with their designs as reflected by their downward profits. Nokia, while not making money is at least winning awards for their designs. HTC? Not so much.
  • HTC wins for their innovations in sound. My HD7 sounds better than any lumia out there thanks to the sound enhancer. Virtual 6.1 surround sound in headphones.
  • Oh, you're our regular troll poster again. Ban coming up. Btw, "HTC wins for their innovations in sound" is meaningles because (a) they did not invent SRS, they bought the right to use, same with Beats (b) they haven't actually won a single damn award, they're just winning in your book which actualy does not matter. And "virtual 6.1 surround sound" = lmao.
  • ROFL, I am in the lab growing 4 extra ears and one big ear for bass so that I can make use of the 6.1 virtual sound as we speak. I also have a Dr. Dre ear so I can hear the special sounds of "beats" audio.
  • Stupid pointless comment, you obviously have no clue about psychoacoustics
  • No he is right. 6.1 surround in a phone? Really? LOL
  • Actually Nokia 808 PureView has the best meassured results of any phone ever produced by GSMarena.
    HTC has Monster branding. If you actually know somethign about music equipment, you wont be touching Monster even with a ten feet pole. 
  • Rumor: One Step Closer to My Spongebob Squarephone... :->
  • Something to note too is that the rules are not using all of the screen. From the top of the tiles to where the battery signal is, there's a huge black space. Something that's not present on the wp8 and wp7.8 commercials showing the new start screen.
  • Tiles not rules^
  • Why does it have the old windows symbol?
  • Whether you like the design or not is tentative there will always be people who disagree I personally like it and hope they keep that color
  • I think it was mentioned over on GSMArena that the filenames were Lumia_900_prototype.jpg and Lumia_900_prototype_fake.jpg, along those lines. So I'm guessing, as I mentioned before, is just a Lumia 900 prototype, highly based off the Lumia 800 model, since it lacks the Front Facing Camera and all, and is just larger. The specs listed here though by WPCentral are most likely for the next Nokia phone, but I don't think it is what we're seeing on the photos. Oh, also, I believe the Phi codename was for the Pureview Windows Phone. Images of a slide with it were leaked earlier this year, and I think also covered on WPCentral. So, again I don't think those photos are of the Phi, but the prototype 900.
  • Think about your logic: The images came from a Chinese blogger on SIna Webo.  Why on earth would he name his photo images in English? In other words, I think those image names came from renaming the files.
  • oh that's right, because no one in China can speak or write English.  Really?
    again, since this is just a rumor and speculation article let's consider all the possibilities until a video shows up digging into the settings.
    rumor or not, I have to say it is really dumb for Nokia to be distributing prototypes in places that have so little respect for intellectual property.  Unless they wanted this to leak....  Feeding more rumors, maybe they wanted this to leak to show people they have 8 running on single core hardware to spite Microsoft.
  • That makes zero change.
    iPhone is leaked tens of times already, asis every Samsung and HTC. it happens. 
  • I wonder if it'll have front facing camera.
  • the explanation for the old flag is pretty weak.
    since this is all rumor and speculation I'm guessing this is an 800 successor that is single core and was meant to ship in an August timeframe before microsoft put the screws to Nokia and announced no upgrades for existing devices.  What you see here is a device that was stillborn, but proves 8 runs on it just fine.  It is probably also corroberated with some of the device strings that were showing up to developers in app hub.
  • Nope it is a Lumia 800 sucessor. Just wait and see. 
  • Your guess is no better than mine, and I'm guessing this is a new WP8 prototype rather than an unreleased 800 successor. It has slightly rounded corners so not a carbon copy of the 800. Also, it doesn't look like any of the Nokia WP7 lineup therefore I'm guessing it's a new WP8 device. Love it to come with Pureview and a heftier battery life!
  • I think its probably just a stillborn 800 successor also. Its probably running 7.8. The old windows logo annoys me.
  • I really hope they make one the size of the 800 with wp8... I don't like big phones, the 800 is perfect size
  •  Not sure if its replacement as mentioned. might be just a few prototypes developed intially. And though i love the designs of the nokia lumia 800/900, i still think new range of nokia windows phone 8 devices would not be just a scaled model of current range.
  • Ugly!!
  • I disagree! Actually love it and am hoping it comes with pureview and a bigger battery!