Report: Verizon will have a new Nokia Windows Phone 8 device later this year

Finally coming this fall?

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Bloomberg is going on record tonight claiming that Verizon will launch a new Windows Phone 8 device this year from Nokia. The online news site generally has a strict policy on reporting these types of stories, lending a lot of credence to its trust-worthiness (81% on Tracour)—that and of course it’s basically what we’re expecting to hear.

News that Verizon will be launching a Nokia Windows Phone is not very shocking—in fact, it may have been more news if they weren’t at this point. Verizon was critical of Windows Phone for not having LTE early on and then evidently they caught wind of the Windows Phone 7 phase-out with new, more powerful ‘Apollo’ devices.

The decision seems to have resulted in them sitting out the last few months in order to launch their preferred phone from Nokia, with LTE and with a solid, cutting edge mobile operating system.

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Bloomberg mentions that although Nokia and Microsoft are having a joint announcement on September 5th, Verizon is not expected to be there to announce a phone. That’s not too unheard of as they are the number one rival of AT&T, who tends to get the premier Windows Phone devices. To see them both carriers share the stage to announce similar phones would be a little awkward, especially since Verizon will presumably get a customized device that is exclusive for their network. From Bloomberg's report:

"While Verizon isn’t expected to be part of that event, the carrier intends to roll out a Nokia phone later, said the person, who asked not to be named because the plans are private. "

From that news we can also discern that whatever is revealed on the 5th, AT&T will be getting the “big” device and they will get it first. That has been the tradition for every major Windows Phone release or refresh and we expect that pattern to continue. Regarding T-Mobile, we can’t say for sure if they will be there for the Nokia press conference but they have been a big supporter of the excellent Lumia 710. That device has also performed well for them, ranking in the top 5 devices since its release, so it is safe to assume they will continue that relationship.

The other thing we can determine from this news, assuming it is accurate, would be Verizon customers won’t get this device until later in the year, presumably around the holiday season. That’s not necessarily a bad thing for business but of course if you are on Big Red, sooner is better.

Either way, having Verizon on board is a big endorsement for Microsoft's new operating system. Combined with AT&T and T-Mobile it should offer Microsoft at least a fighting chance for success.

The only remaining question now is What will that Verizon Nokia Lumia device will feature in terms of specifications? Will it be a mid-range or flagship phone?

Source: Bloomberg

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  • This is good news for Microsoft and Nokia. Hopefully this is the start if windows 8 taking over the world.
  • Wonder how this will affect the stock of Nokia.
  • And in order for windows 8 to have a bang, microsoft need to make sure surface sells like crazy. Anybody think so?
  • i feel that they just need to have it perform perfectly and have a good sale would be enough, the rest can be left to the OEMs to pick up (u know, more like a reference to how good win8 can be)
  • I hope Verizon gets a few phones. I hate that they are last for goods
  • They said they were waiting for wp8 because of the lte. Whatever.. The time is here. And I'm buying make that.. Renewing my contract with a WP8. Hoping they lose the Android line and start promoting these instead. So much better.
  • I highly doubt Verizon will "lose the Android line" since they practically put Android on the map, at least here in the U.S.
    I don't blame Verizon for not releasing the Lumia 900 or another WP7 phone earlier this year. They avoided the whole "a phone that was released in April is not compatible with WP8" issue. I don't want to get on that topic yet again but just want to point out that Verizon doesn't have to deal with it.
    The good news is we'll see a Verizon WP8 phone most likely by the holidays. That works for me because I'm thinking about leaving AT&T.
  • It's been posted on a few sites, Not sure on how accurate it is so take it with a grain of salt..
    Verizon was in talks with Nokia about the Lumia 900 but, due to the bugs they skipped over it... I will admit it too, it's a nice phone but, on release, it was a very buggy phone.
    That is how I understand it...
  • Hopefully big red gets some WP8 love. I know i want some. 
  • While I love my HTC trophy, I'm definitely looking forward to upgrading to a Nokia.  I had told myself that if Verizon fails to launch any new WP8, I would switch to AT&T
  • Wish I could day the same. Switched from Verizon to att (Samsung focus) great phone horrible coverage for my area. Not kidding less then two hours later back to Verizon and HTC Trophy, and sticking with it. Of course got a bill over $800 for cancelling contract early. (didn't have to pay it) Can't wait for this. I've known this for awhile.
  • my predictions Verizon is more of a Samsung carrier. so verizon is using a samsung and nokia for their campiagn. also samsung is able to use one phone for muiltiple carriers.
    Launch partners. Huawei, Nokia, Samsung and HTC. other partners ZTE,Lenovo and Acer
    Nokia Lumia pureview (flagship)
    HTC Zeinth
    Huawei Ascend 
    Samsung Odyssey 
    Nokia Lumia 810 (mid range lumia phone)
    Samsung Marco
    Nokia Lumia pureview (flagship) (16mp Pureview Camera)
    Samung Odyssey 
    HTC Zeinth
    Huawei Ascend 
    Nokia Lumia 810
    Nokia Lumia 810 (marketed phone)
    Nokia Lumia Pureview ( 12mp pureview camera)
    Samsung Odyssey (flagship)
    Samsung Marco
    HTC Accord 
    HTC Rio
  • I'll give you $20 if we see Huawei here in the US.
  • I dunno. It's my prediction. I think we will. well since we have Huawei expanding to other places. So I do think Huawei is going into the US market. with a thin and High end Windows phone. most likely the huawei ascend p1s
  • It's likely to goto cricket wireless
  • Cool:)
  • I heard not sure where. But I thought Verizon was trying to get away from android. Wait I think that was iPhone. Anyway Verizon and a NEW WP. I'm sold, time to update this HTC Trophy, the ONLY WP from them.
  • No way any carrier gives that much shelf space to a phone system with 4% market share. That's far too many models, and the carriers can't afford to reduce the footprint of the iPhone and Android in their stores and online catalogs. A maximum of 3-4 WP phones will be enough to prove to the carriers whether or not WP8 will be a success.
  • Completely agree. I think that's way too many WP8 devices on any of those carriers. Well, maybe AT&T can have 3 or 4. I doubt Verizon will have more than 2 WP8 models.
  • Doesn't matter how many WP handsets Verizon gets. Unless they actually promote them, they won't sell.
    ATT made sure reps were trained and actually encouraged them to sell lumias and guess what? They freaking sold. ATT didn't just put devices on a shelf and then have reps making up lies about WP to push more Android and iPhone devices.
    Remains to be seen how committed Verizion is to actually "selling" WP.
  • This is what it all hinges on. The ads are a great start but when someone walks in a store and the rep says other phones are better, they're not going to sell
  • May the sparrows pluck out my eyes!! Thank GOD!! VZN + WP8 = Winning.
  • Good for Verizon customers. But guess what, my friends? AT&T will still get the better WP8 :). Nokia WP8 w/ Pureview, exclusively for AT&T :D
  • That's exactly what im wondering. Will at&t or Verizon get the better Nokia phone?
  • 41 VS 20 Pureview I wager
  • Even if Vzn doesn't get the "best" wp8.. I'll take whatever device they get ANY day over the greatest device on at&t's network.
  • First of all you don't know this and second, Verizon has a better network, so eat crap. :P
  • I called it, buddy. Watch. Negative! Verizon is cdma, At&T is GSM... Which I prefer! Switch phone in seconds! :) And like I stated... Better service and faster speeds. My sisters iPhone 4s on VZ is slower than my Focus S:D
  • Can't see Nokia using the 41 in a launch device, I'm hearing pureview will be in the first batch but most likely 16 - 20 mp to keep the bulk down
  • I'll take anything above 5MP anything beats an iPhone great! I'd love a 20MP on a phone. Sign me up. Everyday it seems I take at least one picture with it. And now everyone carries their phones. Nobody carries a camera, unless you're a photographer.
  • myabe even a 5mp pureview camera. beats a iphone camera. which is likely
  • I hope to god its not that 41 mp monster. That thing was gross and looked like it weighed 2 lbs. Im all for better cameras but not at the expense of the phone design.
  • +1
  • Whats the point of a 5mp Pureview? The tech is built around over sampling and scaling down to 5mp.
  • i love windows phone but that start screen needs a needs to go at some of the concept phones out there ......I SO WANT SCROLLLING TO THE LEFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • You can scroll to the left from the apps menu. :P and plz no. Too many screens
  • Yeah I've had many Android phones and tablets, and 6 of my 7 screens are usually left completely blank.  Filling them all up with icons and widgets never made finding things any easier, just more cluttered.  WP7 is the perfect balance.
  • I can't wait to see what big red puts out in terms of windows phones next year. I feel with Verizons' endorsement WPs will become an android killer.
  • * facepalm* for not getting some Nokia Stock two months ago when I had some spare cash t burn..
  • Booooo Why Verizon? There.service sucks
  • Where? Everywhere I've been it's been great. Only when I travel into more country areas where I don't even get a radio signal. Then their service goes away.
  • Exactly. Vzn service is amazing. Cheapest? No. But great coverage.
  • -5
  • Where do you live? In the ocean? Verizon has the best coverage in the U.S.
  • Verizon hopefully will get a phone better or equal to at&t. Also would like to see some of theme big apps exclusive for Verizon on wp8
  • Yes sir... Lte it is
  • Please be a flagship device. I really want a WP8 flagship device this year. Whoever makes one for Verizon first gets my money.
  • Hopefully they can get their Marketing team to launch a Marketing Campaign like the one they did for Droid.
  • Worried about T-Mobile. I have the sinking feeling that all we're going to get is a 710 with wp8 slapped on it. Yay for cutting corners and being "family friendly"
  • I'm in the same boat we have the hd7 and the 710 love Nokia but if nothing comes in then it's the 4.8 sammy thats going to t-mo...rather a good 4.3 or better nokia but I don't think t-mo is going to get anything yummy from nokia.
  • Me I think all the carriers will get a similar phone spec wise but different look or style, any how kudos to art but I'm not a fan as soon as there's a unlock code it back to mobile, not that art service was bad its was good, even though I never saw lte but once and I was lost when that happened, but I don't like limits I never went over my data limit but that's because I was afraid to use it
  • They need at least three IMO. When people go into the store to shop for a phone they need more than just a single option sitting all by itself among the 5 BB options, 15 Android options, etc.
  • ....And I'm sticking with TMO, so I hope they get a nice phone or two to choose from. My Radar 4G is great, and I love not being on contract.
  • I really wish they'd release it as soon as possible. This 4 year old flip phone is killing me after selling my Galaxy Nexus early to maximize my profit.
  • Earlier this year the CEO of Verizon said this fall they would have multiple WP8 devices. Looking for Nokia flagship. Though my Trophy has been great, the Nokia phones are so sexy. ^_^
  • wp8 on big red im glad those users deserve a new wp :D they have been very patient waaaaay more patient than i could have ever been lol you guys need a medal!!
  • AWESOME!!!
  • Step it up Verizon. I am to the point of dumping you for spotty coverage on AT&T.
  • I was on Verizon but I tried getting my trophy and they kept wanting me to buy a IPhone
  • If u want the trophy now, try amazon wireless. Last I saw Verizon was selling them @ 179 and amazon was free.
  • Verizon tried their hardest to turn me to the Android side but I would budge, then they looked at me like I was crazy. All throughout the whole process of being there, they talked crap about the "HTC Trophy," it's like they didn't care what I wanted. I Love my Trophy through, no regrets.
  • I just went 6 to noon!
  • I'm looking forward to upgrading my Trophy, which still is running great and almost looks new...not sure how I've managed that. However, I am going to probably purchase the phone outright since I have a grandfathered unlimited data plan and really don't want a more expensive "share everything" plan.  I know I only really use less than 2 gig of data a month but even so my current plan is cheeper than the 2 gig share everything plan. 
    Anyone have a guess at what the rumored phone will cost outright? I'm figuring the usual $500-$600 but really don't know. 
  • If Tmobile doesn't get flagship Nokia I will be switching to Veizon quickly.
  • i think i may get my mother an arrive for sprint.
  • I hope "later this year" does not mean after everyonly else gets a device, Verizon will a few months later...
    All I know, a cool Phone with Verizon = Waiting a long time after everyone else.
    I hope Verizon plans to release along with everyone else...
  • Good, I won't have to change providers then
  • Does "flagship" in the phone space suggest "huge"? I like to see good specs - pic resolution, memory, processor... but I not a fan of the >4" phones in my pocket! Give me the Trophy with WP8, better battery life, more memory, removable storage, better camera, and I'd be extremely happy!!
  • Looks like I'm going back to Verizon! Sprint, you suck!!!!!
  • Really I think they should release all Lumias to all Carriers. Give the people more choice. Alot of people with Tmobile would have loved the Lumia 900. Anyway I'm eager to see the amount of support Verzion will give to WP.
  • Excuse me *Verizon I meant.
  • I hope Big Red will have more than one WP8 device. I would love to actually have a choice between 2 or more models. 
  • Yay! Finally will be able to replace my Trophy.
  • Thank you God! I absolutely love my HTC Trophy and haven't had any problems with it, but I've been waiting from some more love from the big red. Just a few options won't hurt I would love to have at least 2-4 phones to choose from. Perhaps 2 high-end, 1 mid-range, and 1 low range.  To be honest though I think Verizon made a smart decision. They waited until Windows Phone got all its bugs worked out and became more solidified before supporting it. It just makes them look good and the customers more satisfied to have higher quality with 4GLTE and all. Also this way any customer with Windows Phone on Verizon will have their first experience with a phone equal/greater than Android/iOS experience.
  • I disagree that waiting to get the bugs out was the correct move.  If that was true they would have never carried a Droid phone.  The Droid Incredible I had was one buggy phone with an interface that was unintuitive, battery life that was causing me to have to charge twice a day at one point and the apps were crap in many cases.
    My Trophy, purchased for free back in May from the Windows Marketplace store, is 3 times the phone my droid ever was.  The interface is intuitive, it is easy to see the things that are important to me, it integrates extremely well with my Exchange account and with the Tango update, the Trophy seems to run faster and the battery life is even better for me.
    What I found funny was that Verizon was selling the Trophy for $199.99 and then I found a link in the Verizon forums pointing me to the Microsoft site where the phone was free with free overnight shipping, what a great deal.
  • I'm waiting for the 41mp Pureview (and dont care if its bulky). Would be a shame to see them scale down the tech just to make it thinner.
  • My Trophy was supposed to be a midrange phone, but it has been running like a champ.  Here's some scoop that BING gave me about the Verizon/Nokia Atlas:    Looks like Verizon still believes that the Windows Phones are for teenagers, but I guess we have to start somewhere.  Regardless, the Nokia Atlas looks very respectable.  Dual Intel, PureView, and possibly (but I doubt it) a special "gaming" version of WP8.  Better choices from VZW then we have today.  Oh, besides the Trophy, that would be nothing.
  • A high end Verizon WP8 device would be a big seller I think. What the store employees respond to a lot is hardware specs - they push the androids because they have the high end specs. Wjhat is needed is WP8 with Krait, LTE, a big battery and a 4 inch or larger HD screen.