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BlackBerry 10. It's not long until RIM unleashes the next version of its mobile platform, but what will the impact be for Windows Phone? Will Microsoft suffer from RIM's already established brand, or is it simply too late for BlackBerry to update itself and catch up with the rest?

Windows Phone Central forum member brmiller1976 took time to test drive BlackBerry 10 and published a number of points that he feels could damage Windows Phone.

"RIM took its time to 'get everything right.' They've ramped up hardware production, they have every major carrier in the US and worldwide supporting their launch (unlike WP) and there are unlikely to be device shortages, regardless of demand. They also spent time to fix and tweak every element of the software experience."

While it's a valid worry (among other reasons supplied), BlackBerry 10 is still yet to arrive and until RIM releases new hardware, it'll continue to hang in the balance just what prospects are for the newly refreshed version. With what hardware Nokia is producing to-date, namely the Lumia 920 (wireless charging, PureView, etc.), RIM does have its work cut out.

Do you believe RIM has a chance to advance through third spot and beyond to take down Google / Apple, or is Microsoft in a comfortable position? Be sure to head on over to the "Could BlackBerry 10 kill Windows Phone?" thread.

1 week experience with Windows Phone

Spirited has posted a one week experience write-up after ditching iPhone for Windows Phone (Lumia 920) to see what all the fuss is about. Unlike some stories that are full of princesses and knights, this one isn't overly positive - which is great as the platform has to get everything right for new adopters.

So what are the niggles? One covers the notification system:

"Notification system: it shows only 1 msg at once on the top. iPhone shows all new messages on the home screen and I do not have to unlock the phone to read these messages... But WP8 does not do this way. After I unlock the phone, i always have to look at individual app to see if i have any new messages!!! considering so many tiles on the phone, this is not efficient."

Unfortunately, there are still some parts of Windows PHone that could be upgraded or improved, even vetaren users believe such actions should take place. The only issue is how to improve functionality without complicating the simple user experience, or bloating a section of the OS up whic hthen makes it more difficult to use.

Do you agree with the experiences and feedback provided? Head on over to the "" thread to add your opinion.

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