From the Forums: Grey Lumia 920, bad sales experiences and conversion rates

It's a relaxing Friday that marks the beginning of the weekend and we've got a From the Forums to lighten up the mood and kick-start the closure of the workdays. While we've not published exciting headlines in the past few days, the front page has been busy with more pre-orders showing up for new Nokia Windows Phone hardware, and more.

The Windows Phone Central community has witnessed continued activity as well, so let's jump in.

The grey Lumia 920 says hello

Photos of the grey Lumia 920 have popped up on our forums in a thread created by andrelamont, who also publishes an interesting opinion on the colour:

"So here they are...bit boring but at least the color tiles wont clash with the phone color, as a matter of fact a neutral color will draw attention to the color tiles."

We can certainly agree with this view, as the neutral grey could make all supported accents stand out on screen with multiple sized Live Tiles in Windows Phone 8. It would definitely make a change from white, black and cyan which we've grown accustomed to when it comes to Nokia hardware. The grey would also ensure the device differentiates from competitor smartphones.

What do you make of the colour? Be sure to head on over to the "Images of Matte Grey/Gray 920" thread to voice your opinion of the grey Lumia 920.

Negative Verizon customer experience

A thread has been created by dby2011 who recently went through a negative sales experience in a Verizon store. We've covered numerous times before when sales staff may appear bias towards other platforms, but it's interesting to see the issue crop up again.

"I went into a Verizon corporate store today (in Akron, OH) to ask if they had official street dates for the WP8 phones and the sales guy laughed and said no one wants those phones and he thinks they will never get released. He was extremely rude and told me Win phones have no apps and no one comes in asking for them and said I should get a droid."

While we can argue that not many members of public do venture into mobile phone stores for Windows Phones, we can also argue that this member of staff has an issue with the platform itself and is purposely pushing customers against purchasing a current or future device running Microsoft's operating system. It's a problem that was supposed to have been addressed with Nokia's big push in the states earlier this year.

Have you recently gone through a negative experience with sales staff in carrier stores? Let us know your thoughts / stories in the "Horrible Verizon store experience today- staff told me WP8 may not even release" thread.

How many friends have you converted?

Robert Tilton

Could Robert Tilton preach Windows Phone with some giveaways?

Forum user 12Danny123 has asked how many people everyone has managed to converted to Windows Phone. When a consumer purchases a smartphone (or any gadget) and enjoys the experience, he or she will likely recommend said product to friends and family over competitor offerings. Since Windows Phone's satisfaction rate has been fairly high through previous surveys, we thought it be a good idea to see how many of us are preaching hard.

So, for a laugh, how many people have you attempted (and successfully) converted to Windows Phone? Be sure to add your count to the "How many people have you convinced to get a Windows phone 8 device?" thread.

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