From the Forums: Grey Lumia 920, bad sales experiences and conversion rates

It's a relaxing Friday that marks the beginning of the weekend and we've got a From the Forums to lighten up the mood and kick-start the closure of the workdays. While we've not published exciting headlines in the past few days, the front page has been busy with more pre-orders showing up for new Nokia Windows Phone hardware, and more.

The Windows Phone Central community has witnessed continued activity as well, so let's jump in.

The grey Lumia 920 says hello

Photos of the grey Lumia 920 have popped up on our forums in a thread created by andrelamont, who also publishes an interesting opinion on the colour:

"So here they are...bit boring but at least the color tiles wont clash with the phone color, as a matter of fact a neutral color will draw attention to the color tiles."

We can certainly agree with this view, as the neutral grey could make all supported accents stand out on screen with multiple sized Live Tiles in Windows Phone 8. It would definitely make a change from white, black and cyan which we've grown accustomed to when it comes to Nokia hardware. The grey would also ensure the device differentiates from competitor smartphones.

What do you make of the colour? Be sure to head on over to the "Images of Matte Grey/Gray 920" thread to voice your opinion of the grey Lumia 920.

Negative Verizon customer experience

A thread has been created by dby2011 who recently went through a negative sales experience in a Verizon store. We've covered numerous times before when sales staff may appear bias towards other platforms, but it's interesting to see the issue crop up again.

"I went into a Verizon corporate store today (in Akron, OH) to ask if they had official street dates for the WP8 phones and the sales guy laughed and said no one wants those phones and he thinks they will never get released. He was extremely rude and told me Win phones have no apps and no one comes in asking for them and said I should get a droid."

While we can argue that not many members of public do venture into mobile phone stores for Windows Phones, we can also argue that this member of staff has an issue with the platform itself and is purposely pushing customers against purchasing a current or future device running Microsoft's operating system. It's a problem that was supposed to have been addressed with Nokia's big push in the states earlier this year.

Have you recently gone through a negative experience with sales staff in carrier stores? Let us know your thoughts / stories in the "Horrible Verizon store experience today- staff told me WP8 may not even release" thread.

How many friends have you converted?

Robert Tilton

Could Robert Tilton preach Windows Phone with some giveaways?

Forum user 12Danny123 has asked how many people everyone has managed to converted to Windows Phone. When a consumer purchases a smartphone (or any gadget) and enjoys the experience, he or she will likely recommend said product to friends and family over competitor offerings. Since Windows Phone's satisfaction rate has been fairly high through previous surveys, we thought it be a good idea to see how many of us are preaching hard.

So, for a laugh, how many people have you attempted (and successfully) converted to Windows Phone? Be sure to add your count to the "How many people have you convinced to get a Windows phone 8 device?" thread.

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  • 4 out of 6 from my immediate family, 2 friends...and got 3 other friends who r iPhone fans to wait till wp8 comes out to decide...they r actually waiting...and lost one to iPhone 5...
  • A fellow co-worker, HTC trophy after he saw m HTC HD 7 back in Feb 2010. We r both going to upgrade.
  • My mom, dad and brother are all on Windows Phone 7. :D
  • WP family, huh :)
  • Got my girl a hd7, my bro has a lumia 710. My friend and his wife got a focus s and titan.
  • Converts 2 iSheep and now are waiting for the 920 :D
    They know I know my gadgets....
  • All I do is place my flipping tile phone on the table screen on bright while I fix copiers. Most say what type of phone is that, iPhone? NOPE, Android? HeLL NO! its a windows phone HTC Titan. Family is wp7 users also..
  • I have preached to a number of friends but my skills will be tested when WP8 gadgets are on sale. My wife is converted automatically :-) I didn't force anything on her but she can't keep off my Lumia710. I have to budget for Lumia820 for her.
  • I am currently using SGS III, in all probability my last android phone, as with my experience I feel it is the most unstable, unsecure OS with severe performance issues and a copycat UI. It is bit like Linux, which is fun to fiddle around just to make it work, but after a while one may get bit bored of it.
    Anyway, I was thinking about going back to iPhone, but than I had a chance to play with Lumia 800 for couple of months. I think WP is probably the most resource efficient, simple to use with very intuitive UI platform. Hence, as soon WP8 devices launch in few weeks time, I'll happily dump my SGS III for a Lumia 920 (or may be ATIV S).
  • Have 9 people waiting to pre-order the Lumia 920 or 8X. I converted them by demoing the phone overall, not by bashing other platforms. I pointed out that it was the smoothest and most stable OS of the 3 I've used: Android, Apple, WP7. I also let the know there was over 100k apps and ask how many apps do we really use? The integration, music hub, office suite, and SkyDrive played important roles in converting users over for me. Showing how you can access social feeds from multiple areas within the OS also helped. Doing all of this real time on my personal device. Lastly, I forwarded the demoes Nokia and Joe B did to them.
  • I live in Dallas the heart of AT&T iPhone country. Been hard converting the masses here, I think I have decided I just need to have more kids to increase our numbers.
    I forced it on my wife and son with the HD7. My wife converted one of her friends to the Lumia 900. My son influenced one of his friends to get an Arrive in Sprint. My boss dropped the iPhone for the Titan but then upgraded to the Lumia 900. I have had several others on the hook, but lost to salesmen, lack of phones in their carrier, or lack of apps.
  • It Is amazing when i first asked about Windows Phone none of the sales reps had any clue what i was talking about but after it was released , I walked into a Rogers mobile Store and asked to pick one up the sales rep was amazed when he placed the phone on the counter and saw what it looked like .That was the Samsung Focus , 2 years old and still looks amazing and works great . I will be upgrading as soon as Windows Phone 8 arrives and can show all my friends what a real smart phone looks like
  • Man I got everybody wanting a windows 8 and a surface 9 a piece plus the few I got to get wp7 but I been telling everyone wait all this year
  • Once I get my 920 I'm advertising all day every instagram, twitter, Facebook especially wit screenshots to show its true beauty
  • +1 awesome
  • I always see idiots proclaiming they've got the newest iPhone on Facebook. It's pretty annoying and it seems like they're in some brainwashing cult, so I think I should do the same when I get a Lumia 920. Heh
  • Yea I convince buy telling them wats greats especially versus frustrated droid user... I've had my focus wit a 32gb sdcard since launch and reset maybe 5 or 6 times and drop multiple times a day
  • Zero. All my friends and colleagues are isheep. But one 920 comes out.... Oh man I will be sexy once again! The conversion rate should be positive.
  • 2 Direct (Droid) friends, 1 indirect friend (Droid), and a friend who owns an iPhone. 4 now just need some cash to gift my girl a Lumia so she can truly know why she needs to switch from her droid. WP Love everywhere. WP makes life Simple.
  • My wife was an iSheep claiming that WP was confusing and not user friendly. She had the 4S and due to a hard ship we had to sell our phones her 4S and my titan. In order to save money we went with tmobile and she got a droid and she almost flung it against the wall. We exchanged it for a Nokia 710 just like mine and now she loves it to the point she even tells her family/friends. For me this is huge when i say she doesn't like WP I mean she didn't like WP. It goes to show if you give it a chance you will love the OS. I have to admit if you don't explain how to use the phone it does have a bit of a learning curve for someone who is used to an iPhone or droid. They are used to apps for everything and grasping the idea of a live tile tends to be the challenge. I also work Staples mobile division and sold more 710 than anyone else. Its there only WP they carry but i sold tons.
  • To me, Android and Iphone are incredibly unintuitive. I think that it is only the familiarity of everyone using them for several years now that we are used to them. I think if you would sit someone who has no experience on a smart phone, and showed them the user interface of WP, Android, and IOS, I think that many would agree that WP has the easier to use interface, more practical interface.
  • My dad i have gotten to convert from iPhone to lumia 900!
  • Got a droid colleague wanting a WP phone as his next phone, but got my wife, my sister, my niece and nephew converted to WP7. Other than that I am hyping this Nokia everyday and all the time! Preaching about the awesome hardware Nokia has and how smooth WP is.Up hill for sure but I am hoping to wack them with my soon to be Lumia 920 and all of its awesomeness! 
    The preaching continues.
    EDIT: Converting may be a wrong word regarding my wife.... she really didn't have a choice LOL - but most importantly... she likes it ;-)
  • Same problem in Spain, went to different shops and almost laughed at me when I said I wanted a lumia...they tried to sell me androids and said lumias/wp7 were bad. All commented the battery problem, so I guess they had bad experiences so, up to a point, they are right.
  • I have converted a total of 11 people to WP7.5 Lumia 900s . only The apps we us are important to us not how many hundreds of thousands. These phones fit right into our lives we just want more functionality
  • I have converted three friends to WP. Two Focuses (Focii?)  not long after I bought mine, and my dad bought a Focus S. All of them are happy with their phone platforms.
  • Looks great in grey but...
    Hope to get my yellow Lumia 920 in hand soon...
    Think I'm starting to hallucinate...
    Picked up my phone (gray HTC Radar) today to answer a call...
    Stood there with phone in my hand... "hey, aren't you yellow?..."
  • Yellow 920 for me too :-)
  • Hoping to get my mom a 920 or at least an 820.  She likes the design and she's fed up with Android.  Also have a friend whose phone died this week so I told her to #switchtolumia this fall.  She LOVES pink and I reminded her she can have that hot pink interface on a sexy white phone.  Plus she's hot and I don't mind talking to her any chance I get... Just sayin' :)
    As far as sales experiences go no one has ever been rude but people have had next to no knowledge of what the phone even is.  The Windows 7 phone, Windows Mobile 7, compatible with the Windows... I'd heard all sorts of iterations.  When I checked out an L900 they could only say "it's blue, yes, new UI, yes, there's the internet, yes..." Like they knew nothing.  I hope that's changed since I went in last.  I hope WP8 changes it at the very least.
  • I read that wrong, and thought you said your mom was hot.. Glad that wasn't the case.
  • I think his mom's hot...
  • His mom is definitely hot!
  • Of course Verizon is going to act that way, they only offer one Windows Phone, the Trophy and it's a Gen1 if I'm not mistaken!!!
    I have faith this will change once they start carrying phones like the Flagship Lumia 920 with LTE, best camera, best screen, and dual core CPU.
    As far as converting people, i was successful for one friend but that's all. When I tried to convert the others, they either didn't like the fact that WP only supported single core CPU, or that it didn't have a large enough ecosystem. Of course that's all changing now. The excuses list of people not wanting to convert is now minimal to negligible. Come on people, when ya'll start receiving your new Windows Phone 8 devices, let's try this again!!!!! I truly beleive we'll be more successfull this time around!!!
  • Converted 4 directly and 1 indirectly, all to WP7. Indirectly because one of my convertees converted someone. :D
  • Have been a pay as you go since my first cell phone. I walked into verizon to get my first plan and smartphone. I asked for the HTC Trophy and the assosiate was surprised and asked if I were interested in anything else. I looked and oogled but the choice had been made and after after a few moments my sales associate (a droid user) liked the look and even tinkered with it after activation. I am glad they had 1 last WP phone cause i will not become an isheep but was tempted to become a droid. But what i really wanted was enough stock of wp phones to get my wife one, sadly we will have to try the lumia because she was forced to get a droid so until then im training her in using my windows phone when her droid is not accessible.
  • One friend, other considering it 
    But as soon as I get my Lumia 920 in any matte color I think I will get more 
  • converted my brother 2 of my friends and their girlfriends my mother will be getting a winphone soon once she ditches sprint :\ ive convinced an isheep and everyone i talk to about windows windows phone and xbox ecosystem-wise usually warms up to the idea of a windows phone after i have 4-5 minutes with them to show them what a phone running the os can really do and what it will be able to do when wp8 comes out. im a microsoft evangelist and im proud to be one. :-)
    P.S. i also had a similar experience with an atnt rep. What had happened was (lol) i went into atnt to switch from tmo to buy my lovely l900 i bought three one for me (cyan) one for my brother (black) and one for his wife (white) unfortunately my sis in law is a cult like apple devout so she said she would pay the restocking fee and the price for her iphone (hey as long as it isnt my problem) but i digress i went in to return her lovely l900 and the rep said to me "im not surprised these phones are terrible" now needless to say he was saying this whilst i had my phone in hand and was checking my email so i got a bit upset that he was insulting my phone and praising his gs2. so i sat him down and i explained to him why i prefer my wp to his android what the pros and cons of each phone was and why people needed a third ecosystem to drive healthy competition. one of the few arguments he made was music and i explained to him the benefits or a microsofts spotify-like music service ZMP and he said "i can get all this music for free on my droid" so i explained to him that i am a Christian and that i believe ripping music and movies for personal gain/use is wrong because it is and always will be considered stealing. so after explaining in full detail about why someone would want a windows phone fast fluid responsive beautiful interface social integration music without hurting my conscience and without ruining peoples pay for their hard work coupled together with beautiful design and options of colors with great email and awesome applications for what i need them to work for he was a bit less condescending about the OS. Heck! he even offered me a job as he is the manager :) i told him i work for HP and turned it down but he said the offer will stand as long as theres an opening and now every time i go there he asks me about what i know about microsofts roadmaps and new ms products. i dont blame people for being ignorant thats why i choose to enlighten and humble their arrogance and if they refuse then you know that it cannot be helped.
  • Awesome experience and glad you explained standing up for your principles. I'm almost positive that that the biggest reason why people tout android is because they want to pirate stuff. Also "what had happened was..." made me lol
  • thanks i appreciate the support :D and im glad i made you laugh :D thats what i was hoping someone would read :p yeah i agree piracy is a problem and i believe google is one of the biggest committers.
  • A cell phone rep, actually, has been my lone success thus far. He will be switching from iPhone. Lots of people looking hard at it, though.
  • My husband is waiting for the extra funds to make the switch. He has and old iPhone 3g and isn't easily impressed. I had to settle for a quantum as my first windows phone until an opportunity for a 900 came up at 150 bucks came up. He went out to pick it up for me and came back wanting one for himself. I've since been working on my family. Their reaction to my quantum was "meh, not as pretty as our nexus phone" but the 900 has made them sit jp and take notice. The moral of this story is never underestimate of a pretty phone especially in a family full of women. :)
  • Sorry "the power of"
  • Nice to see a reversal of roles, usually it's the guy converting the girl to switch. Enjoy your phone. Can't wait to get a new one.
  • Thanks. I freely admit that my husband and I are complete nerds. The irony is that I have to be a bit slick when talking to my mom and sisters. While my dad is laid back, the women tend to get whatever the others have. Ironically enough they constantly call me up for help with their computers but somehow I must not know anything about smartphones (in other words I'm not up to date on the hip phones).
  • I managed to get my friend to get one when I bought my focus back in 2010. Nobody since then but I haven't really been preaching hard. I know once the 920 is out I'll start to see more floating around.
  • Converted my parents and wife. The wife and my mom love it so much they are trying to convert their co-workers.
  • It reminds me of HP Gray. Meh, TBH - not for me.
  • I converted 6, and more to come with the 920.
  • My girlfriend: She has an iPhone 4s now, but will convert to windows phone 8 after at&t contract is up.
  • That grey lumia is beautiful. What are they talking about boring?
  • Have converted my brother and his gf, my gf, 2 cousins with a third at least taking a hard look at WP. My father will get a lumia 920 and I impress people with WP almost on a daily basis. On a different topic I think the grey lumia 920 looks awesome and not boring at all
  • Converted 2 T-Mobile customers to HD7, while I was just browsing at the mall. Rep didn't know anything about the phone: saying "windows mobile", inaccurate information. Converted 3 friends, 1 with 710(first smartphone), another 900(used HTC Aria), and last one is (using LG android) waiting with me for 920. Demo, demo, demoed.
  • First of all, I want to start with the story about the Verizon employee. I don't blame him, Verizon was not a big partner to Windows phone and the Marketing is horrible. At least till we see what Microsoft and its OEM partners are going to do after WP8 comes out. Remember, Droid phones have all the bells and whistles Windows phones don't have at this time.. I have converted 5 people to windows phone, 4 have the HTC HD7, 1 has the Lumia 710.. Now we are all waiting for the Nokia 920...
  • My mom, sister-in-law, best friend and his wife now use windows phone. I'm very selective about the people I want using windows phone and hope we don't get rabid or mindless drones flocking to it just coz it's the next big thing.
  • I see what you did there=D
  • So you want to come off as a trendy tool like many call iPhone users?
    I don't see how that mindset is productive to the growth of WP
  • Ooohh.. what's up sexy grey 920? Let me holler at you! lol
  • 5 for now. 2 of my friends have the OG Samsung Focus like me and my mom and sister have the Lumia 900. My other friend has the Samsung Flash. When thee new phones drop, 4 different friends want the same phone that purchase, which will be the Lumia 920.
  • None so far. My brother just got an iPhone 5, and I don't know why. He knew about the Lumia 920, but I guess it wasn't enough to sway him. My sister wants a Windows Phone when she gets her first smartphone, and if my mom ever gets a smartphone she'll probably get a WP as well. My dad seems to be in love with Apple even though he has no Apple products, but he is open to suggestions, so that's good.
  • Convinced my wife and my sister. My brother is waiting for new Lumia. He is still on Motorola Windows Mobile 6!
  • I have to wait another six months to get WP8 device
    Now I'm using wp7.5, eventually I will get an update of 7.8 and ill later get a lumia 820
    3 of my friends are ready to switch for WP8
  • I'm not in the business of convincing or converting anyone into buying something they just don't want. Some people just want an iPhone or Android and that is that. Buy whatever you feel and hope that it suits your needs. Now, I have no problem showing off my Focus and letting people know that WP does exist and that it at least deserves some consideration. If they go out and check it out for themselves, cool. I know personally, I don't like anyone pushing anything on me. That's why I do my own research and avoid sales folks in stores
  • I'm like that. I just leave my phone out and let people ask about the pretty interface and tiles. I let friends use it while I'm in the car driving, or wherever and they can see first hand what it's like without me preaching about it. My Android friends always ask why my WP7 is so fast and smooth and I always beat my iPhone friends in looking up info and posting to FB lol.
  • To be honest, when Lumia 900 was about to be launched in US, I used to go to AT&T stores and ask them when are they going to get it? All sort of questions. Then there was this sale reps (beautiful girl). She told me that I was the first one to ask for Nokia phone and then also WP. I said, "I don't like following the crowd" and she was pushing me into iPhone. I told the horror story of my iPod touch and how annoying is it to enter passward for every app update. I also told, my friend owned an iPod touch and her battery died and apple sale rep response was "get a new version of iPod". I asked her "don't try to sell me something that I don't need".  Also, I very gently pushed her buttons and told her by saying "I usually do my research before I buy a gadget". I even taught her about windows phones. lol.
    That story aside, I demoed a Lumia 900 in a San Diego on its lauch day to a Chinese lady who used to use Nokia phones. Obviously she knew the quality of Nokia phones but she was unaware of if moderns phones have Operating Systems. So, I spent like 15 min while my poor gf was waiting in my car. She thanked me but I am not sure if she bought Lumia 900 or what.
    Then again, I had a stranger dance partner who I met during a salsa night out party and she saw me using beautiful colorful Lumia 800. Two weeks later, she came to me asking about it and we went to Costco to get her White lumia 900. So, yes, I was able to convert one.
    Now, my gf, she is die-hard Apple devotee but she doesn't own anything apple except mini iPod. I don't see her often but when I was with her. She couldn't stop playing with my phone and I didn't have to teach her anything. She was able to figure out most of the basic things. So ya, I have some potential people who may convert to WP.
    I am definitely going to gift my nephew a Lumia WP8 once he turns teen in a year, hopefully, they will have something low end. He doesn't need everything fancy and crazy 32G storage.
  • :-( nearly converted a friend to N920 but he couldn't wait and succumbed to ip5.. So Itried it out.. Mostly Safari and was astonished that it wasn't scrolling smoothly! I asked him is this the browser? I have a Lumia 800 and this thing liquid fluid compared to the iphone5. All the family is on wp7.5 and will stick to current Lumias until contract finishes. Satisfaction is very high to wait out until Lumia 940 comes out. Still can't get over the so last years iPhone5 scrolling... or lack of smoothness.
  • 3 friends, my girlfriend, my dad, when wp8 will be out out my sister and when prices will drop my mum ^^ More friends to come.
    About the salesman. I always hear that regarding Windows 8. Everyone is saying it sucks, will fail blablabla. I think they didn't even try it or looked at it. They are just as 'dumb' as the rest and copying some of the internet haters.
  • Converted one friend to buy the Nokia Lumia 710, up from his HTC wm6.5. Also, one of my seniors, who is a die hard apple fanboy, loves the Lumia but will be sticking to iPhone 5. Convinced my senior to wait for the 900 and now the 920 for over a year, and I am pretty sure he'll get it too. Another friend isn't a direct convert but is considering switching from his Moto Droid Razr to the 920. Another friend is an indirect convert. And have at least 2 other people whom I have convinced to purchase the next Nokia Lumia.
  • I have not converted any friends but all I hear from my friends is how amazing windows phone is. One of my friends is tired of Android since it doesn't even turn on anymore and she's thinking about getting the Lumia 920. Im starting to think Android converts more people to windows phone by itself then people with windows phone. How funny.