From the Forums: HTC 8X, 8S, and the no longer cool Apple iPhone

Welcome to another From the Forums, where we bring you the latest and greatest discussions from the Windows Phone Central forums. It has been a rather busy day with a lot of articles being pumped through our feed so we figured it would be a jolly good idea to wrap up the discussions that are on-going in our community.

We've opened up two new forums for the HTC 8X and HTC 8S, which were both unveiled by HTC today in New York. If you're considering purchasing one of the two new Windows Phones from HTC, be sure to head on over to the designated sections to engage with other readers in relevant discussions.

Welcome, Windows Phone 8X

One of the hot threads today is -- of no surprise -- the HTC 8X (it's actually relatively difficult to resist typing "One X" each and every time). The new Windows Phone from HTC is it's mid-level entry, which will be leading the way to paint the manufacturer in a new, modern and colourful painting. Member Sentimentgx4 had the following to say about the 8X:

"I am disappointed. The 8X is clearly lower end than the HTC Titan. After offering WP users an amazing 4.7" device (and 4.7" was even bigger back then) with dual led flash and an attractive metal backplate, we get this?! 4.3"?"

It's certainly a valid point. As an established and vocal HTC TITAN fan myself, I do see the 8X and 8S as a slight step down from what we were expecting - a Windows Phone version of the One X. Fortunately, the specifications aren't a sheer drop, there's Beats Audio as well as a seriously attractive design.

But what are your thoughts? Will you be getting the 8X, or possibly the 8S? Head on over to the "Windows Phone 8X by HTC" thread to voice your opinion(s).

The iPhone is no longer 'cool'

The Apple iPhone, particularly the recently announced iPhone 5, has been in the debate arena quite a fair bit. Has it lost its 'cool' factor(s)? Are people who will be purchasing the next iPhone are doing so simply because "it's the next iPhone?" Check out the following video:

Quite extreme, right? Forum user Simon Tupper replied to a thread on our forums that debates this exact issue.

"I like the iPhone 5, it looks like a solid device, but I prefer windows phone simply because it fits me. I have a lot of good to say about Apple's products, when you have the money to pay of course. I have a PC W7 and a Macbook Pro, they both are good, but I tend to use the MacBook more, since it is faster, my pc is more for gaming an anything that needs higher performances.I think that people like the iPhone because it's just what you need... it is not too complicated like Android(elders and some girls know what I am talking about) and it does more than WP7. So I see why the iPhone is still popular, but if WP8 delivers, then some android and iPhone users may switch to WP and I really hope so."

I'd like to agree with what he's written in pretty much it's entirety. It's all down to Windows Phone to actually deliver. The iPhone 5 unimpressed the market, so Microsoft has to step in and take the stage. Only time will tell, but for now head on over to the "The iPhone is no longer cool" thread and add your $0.02.

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