From the Forums: HTC 8X, 8S, and the no longer cool Apple iPhone

Welcome to another From the Forums, where we bring you the latest and greatest discussions from the Windows Phone Central forums. It has been a rather busy day with a lot of articles being pumped through our feed so we figured it would be a jolly good idea to wrap up the discussions that are on-going in our community.

We've opened up two new forums for the HTC 8X and HTC 8S, which were both unveiled by HTC today in New York. If you're considering purchasing one of the two new Windows Phones from HTC, be sure to head on over to the designated sections to engage with other readers in relevant discussions.

Welcome, Windows Phone 8X

One of the hot threads today is -- of no surprise -- the HTC 8X (it's actually relatively difficult to resist typing "One X" each and every time). The new Windows Phone from HTC is it's mid-level entry, which will be leading the way to paint the manufacturer in a new, modern and colourful painting. Member Sentimentgx4 had the following to say about the 8X:

"I am disappointed. The 8X is clearly lower end than the HTC Titan. After offering WP users an amazing 4.7" device (and 4.7" was even bigger back then) with dual led flash and an attractive metal backplate, we get this?! 4.3"?"

It's certainly a valid point. As an established and vocal HTC TITAN fan myself, I do see the 8X and 8S as a slight step down from what we were expecting - a Windows Phone version of the One X. Fortunately, the specifications aren't a sheer drop, there's Beats Audio as well as a seriously attractive design.

But what are your thoughts? Will you be getting the 8X, or possibly the 8S? Head on over to the "Windows Phone 8X by HTC" thread to voice your opinion(s).

The iPhone is no longer 'cool'

The Apple iPhone, particularly the recently announced iPhone 5, has been in the debate arena quite a fair bit. Has it lost its 'cool' factor(s)? Are people who will be purchasing the next iPhone are doing so simply because "it's the next iPhone?" Check out the following video:

Quite extreme, right? Forum user Simon Tupper replied to a thread on our forums that debates this exact issue.

"I like the iPhone 5, it looks like a solid device, but I prefer windows phone simply because it fits me. I have a lot of good to say about Apple's products, when you have the money to pay of course. I have a PC W7 and a Macbook Pro, they both are good, but I tend to use the MacBook more, since it is faster, my pc is more for gaming an anything that needs higher performances.I think that people like the iPhone because it's just what you need... it is not too complicated like Android(elders and some girls know what I am talking about) and it does more than WP7. So I see why the iPhone is still popular, but if WP8 delivers, then some android and iPhone users may switch to WP and I really hope so."

I'd like to agree with what he's written in pretty much it's entirety. It's all down to Windows Phone to actually deliver. The iPhone 5 unimpressed the market, so Microsoft has to step in and take the stage. Only time will tell, but for now head on over to the "The iPhone is no longer cool" thread and add your $0.02.

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  • Shit just got real...
    Does anyone recognize the notification in the top left hand corner when he's using the domino white and black phone?
  • Is it just me or is anybody else getting the "had a problem playing video" message when trying to watch any 8X video on youtube?
  • thats the "no sim-card inserted" icon...nothing special :-) 
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  • Personally, I think the only thing "mid-tier" about the 8X is its screen size.  I personally am glad to see a smaller screen device with otherwise top end specs.  I had and returned a Titan because I couldn't stand the size of the screen.  4.5" is absolutely as large as i would go, and I'd rather be at 4", but I like high end specs.  I think this was a smart move by HTC.  With everyone else going super sized, a more mid-sized, yet highly spec'd device could be very popular with folks like me who don't want a huge screen.  That one thing alone has me leaning 8X over 920, so long as the 8X has a really good camera (which seems very likely).
  • The other thing about the 8x that is mid-tier is definitely the storage space. 16 gb might have been enough for wp7, but very few wp8 heavy users are going to the satisfied with only 16 gb and no micro sd slot.
  • One more thing that's mid-tier is the Bluetooth 2.1. What's that about? Still, I Love the Windows Phone 8X and will probably get it in addition to the Lumia 920.
  • No micro sd slot is a big deal to me. I can't believe HTC didn't put 32 gb.
  • Hey u kno the badass company that don't let people down has 32gig phone NOKIA LOL get u some :P
  • Enjoy that Nokia kool-aid to go with your pizza Hulk? I think Nokia's offerings are great too but the amount of comments I've seen you leave all over the place pushing Nokia on everybody and bashing HTC is getting close to borderline trolling.
  • I'm actually disappointed that the 920 doesn't have a microSD slot, even with the 32GB. I've got ~25GB of music on my Focus right now and was hoping for 16 or 32GB with microSD. That doesn't mean I want an 820 without the PureView camera and awesome screen. I'll probably still buy the 920 and I'll be fine, but I'd rather have high end with my choice for more memory. Give me a 920 with a microSD slot OR a 64GB 920 and I'm happy.
  • In many ways, I think a lot of people misunderstood what they meant, when they said expandable memory for cheaper phones. It's starting to look like only low-priced Windows Phone will get expandable memory, because some people might just need the memory it comes with, and some might have a little cash to spare for memory, but they still can't get a higher-end device, or they simply don't want to.
    A lot of users ( incl. my self ) was expecting that every Windows Phone, especially the higher-end ones would have a slot for expandable memory, so those who really need the space, could just pop-in a card and be done with it.
    I think HTC should've focused just a little more on the hardware than the thinness, and they should've made the 8X a 4.5" and with two-toned colors. To me, the 8S is looking extreme, extremely attractive because the blue ( my favorite color ) goes on to the screen around the "buttons". 
  • I have to say I am disappointed that an additional storage slot is being omitted from the higher-end devices, especially when the lower-spec'd devices in the respective model lines do include it.
  • Amen, brutha.  It kills me that top end phones just keep getting bigger.  4.3" is just about the perfect size. Doesn't hurt that the 8X is pretty too, but the Nokia exclusive apps and accessories make it a tough decision.
  • Ok, so when the 4s came out apple shares dropped and people said Its the same thing as the 4 yet they break sales records. Now the iphone 5 comes out and it gets mistaken for the 4s, and is almost identicle. But guess what? It broke sales records again, supposedly shattered them. But the fact remains, a whole lot of iOS and the iPhone design has remained unchanged in the last 3.5 years. I'm not sure where I'm going with this, but I really can't wait for windows phone 8.
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  • If you look at every iPhone since the iPhone 4, it's too beautiful to be true, which makes some people think "I need to get this, it's so good."
    But if you really look into it, it's not worth the upgrade. Apple is just pushing you. The change from Mango to Apollo is enormous that it's a good enough reason for an upgrade. If Microsoft just gave us a new Start screen and other tiny features and said "You need an entirely new phone with better hardware," then it'd be like iDevices and Apple.
  • Agreed, people need to get off their soap boxes about a smaller screen meaning its a 'lower end' device. The 4.3" screen of the HTC 8X has the highest resolution AND ppi of any WP8 handset released thus far, that makes it a high end screen in my eyes. And while its not got Pure view, the camera is incredibly well spec'd and I think it's probably going to give the 920 a run for its money. And let's not forget that design, while similar to the Lumia range, is thinner AND lighter and that makes it a winner for many. Seriously guys, the 920 is a BRICK of a phone. I think we've seen some pretty nice devices so far, lets just.hope the OEM's start getting behind their products (Nokia excluded as they already do) and that we start seeing some premium apps coming the way of WP8. I've sensed a real shift in media reception this time around, as if people are actually starting to get behind Windows Phone and push it as an equal contender in the market with iOS and Android.
  • I think that most people that want the best phone avilable specks wise don´t really care if it´s a little heavier, especially if the phone will never require a case and is as beautiful as it is. I think the htc 8x will not captivate any windows phone power user simply because it only has 16 gb of storage. Having said that, I think the 8x and the 8s are perhaps even more beautiful than the lumia 920, and many people who like smaller screens will go for them. All the better to spread the word of wp8. For me, however, the clear choise is the lumia 920. Better camera, better screen (yes the 8x has higher ppi but no human will be able to tell the difference, while better outdoor visibility, higher contrast and resistance coupled with super sensitive screen is much more usefull), higher durability and better nokia apps and customer service
  • Holy shit Dare2Blink just said it :) hell yeah im with u on that u kno a good phone ur about quality :D that's what's up
  • For most users, 16GB is ideal. 8GB is too low, and 32GB is way too much. I've had 2 iPod Touch's with 32GB, and I barely used any of it. On my HTC Titan, I'm always around 8-10GB.
  • Correction... For most users 64 GB is ideal. 8 GB is too low, 16 GB is average, 32 GB is good, 64 GB is awesome. How can you possibly have "too much" storage?
  • Or, a less wide 4.3" screen might be more manageable for some of us, and what I'd consider to be better. And 32 GB is NOT a requirement or anywhere close to one. The 16 and 8 GB versions of the iPhone undoubtedly sell a tonne more than the 32GB version. Stop pretending your subjective, power-user needs are that of the general populace.
  • People buy big iPod's and we want removable storage for the same purpose. 16 GB is fine WITH microSD. Stop pretending that your subjective, low-user needs are that of the general populace.
  • Hold paper and hold brick witch is more likely to get dropped ....the dam paper light shit lol I'd rather have a heavy lumia that won't fall out my hands (if would cause an earth quake :/ )then a light ass phone that would fall and break (not causing an earth quake but causing u to buy a new one ;)
  • I am leaning to lumia... But your light or heavy argument is a pure strawnan argument... HTC put out a very nice phone... If plastic quality is super/metal like then yes its better than lumia
  • I don't think you know what strawman means. It's not a killer feature either way (heavy or light) but I do think some people walking into carrier stores (where it's easier to compare) will be swayed by a lighter phone. Rarely does "heavy" get equated with "cutting edge."
  • Yeah but when the brick hits the ground the higher mass and weight will cause it to suffer damage while the paper will gracefully float down to the ground and land softely on the pavement =) lol
  • Except the 8X isn't a piece of paper in comparison. It's standard weight for a smartphone and manages to be much slimmer in width than the 920, meaning a victory for one handed users.
  • Really? You do realize that the 8x is a little longer and less than .02 (thats 2 hundredths) of an inch thinner? Right?
  • I'm on US T-MO what is pissing many people off is Nokia EXCLUSIVE deals if your not on AT&T you get the watered down device. Lest with the 8x being a mid tear device the specs are much better tha that of the L820 I rather have the 8X than the L820 because I'm not on AT&T
  • This is definitely one area that it appears HTC is going to win heavily over Nokia.
  • I think the weight will be a BIG factor with customers at the stores, especially those who don't do research on the phones. They will see Win8 on both units but many will choose the lighter unit over the beast that is the 920. Both will have gorgeous screens, etc etc but the avg. customer will always choose "lighter and thinner". I hope the weight doesn't hurt Nokia when units are sitting side by side. I myself will be getting the 920 but I'm not gonna lie, if i go to the store and pick up and hold the 8x in my hands, i may be swayed especially if i see the camera is worthy enuff and the screen is hi res which we already know it is.
  • I really like the new HTC phones but they are just not doing it for me. I know the specs of the 8x are pretty much up to par with the 920 but the design doesn't do it for me. They essentially stole Nokia's color blocking and I just thought they would bring something different to the table.
  • I don't see how HTC stole Nokia's colors. The yellows and blues are nowhere near the same. The reds are a closer match, but still noticeably different. The blacks? Well, everyone has that, because Apple didn't patent black. ;)
  • While I prefer the Lumia 920 (for a gamer, the larger storage and larger screen is a must), I will most likely get the HTC 8X simply because that is the phone my carrier (Bell) will have.
  • Totally agree. For all we talk about the iPhone launch being boring, its still a solid, top-teir phone. It will have a fast processor, a great camera, and the same ecosystem of apps current iPhone users know and love. Its a siginificant upgrade in terms of processing power. People already happy with their iphone 4s will love the iPhone5. That giant sector of the market will never even hold a WP or android in their hands and are happy not caring about anything else. 
    Its a good opportunity for WP to make an impact. If they can sell enough for people to start seeing them in the wild, I think interest will build. 
  • I got my hands on a demo iPhone 5 today. It feels great in your hand. I'm still holding out for WP8 but the iPhone 5 is pretty sexy; if only iOS 6 was revamped.
  • These Windows Phone 8s are fantastic phones, but the war will be determined based on advertising. These phones could f***ing cure cancer and people would still run out and buy iPhones if they aren't advertised like crazy. That is just the world we live in today. If Nokia / HTC are doing their jobs properly, I shouldn't be able to go into any subway station in Boston without running into their ads everywhere. Advertising blitzes, as dumb as they are, work. Just look at Samsung. I'm certain one of the reasons Samsung is great competition to the iPhone is because I see just about as many, if not more, Samsung ads these days as I do iPhone ads.
  • That Samsung ad on the like certainly got a lot of attention. Would love seeing a 920 replace it with a smug comment about out with the old in with the new
  • Thats actually funny, in the netherlands we dont even have iPhone ads.. Or atleast barely none.. -_- Samsung on the other hand..
  • Considering the largest screen size I have ever had on one orf my smartphones was my 3.8 inch Trophy, I think 4.3 inches will be a nice upgrade. The only thing that is really dissapointing is the storage. While I haven't used all of the storage space on my Trophy yet (which is 16gb), Having 32gb or atleast an option for expansion would make it so I would never have to worry about storage. To be perfectly honest, and this even suprised myself, I actually prefer the 8X's design over the 920. I think the 8X is a tiny bit more minimalistic, which looks great with WP8, and the matte colors are a step up over the glossy ones on the 920, at least in my humble opinion. Seeing as my carrier (Verizon) will only get the 8X as a high end WP8 device, it will be my next phone. Though I will be very envious of the pure motion display and the OIS on the 920. Im just hoping the battery life on the 8X will be better then my trophy, which kinda sucks :P 
  • Pricing people...
  • ^^THIS^^
  • Really? How much are people selling for these days?
  • I'm just giddy with excitementand the last time I used the iPhone was back in 07 and I must say I left it for android until wp7 cake out and never looked back
  • I am a little disappointed in the screen size.... 4.3 is just weak.. It is the thing I dislike about my Lumia 900.. Currently been using my Titan II which has a rocking screen. :-)
  • Awesome article about the Pureview in 920.
  • Saw the video. Are people really that dumb!!! Now I know why the iPhone sells well.
  • No, they're not dumb, they're just the always super-polite Americans, who have to put in a good word even though the looks on their face tell they are just puzzled.
  • This Titan user is taking a look at the 8X as well. The camera on the Titan will rival almost any. I have adapted to the 4.7 and the 4.3 will be a difference, but nothing serious. I rotate my music and still carry my Zune, so I would survive 16gb. Just a touch disappointed with that. This us one gorgeous phone and I have lots of people here in Japan who ogle my phone..."oh yeah. From Taiwan!" lol
  • Does the HTC get Nokia drive now? There seems to be confusing information on what Nokia is supplying to all of Windows phone 8.
  • Yes all windows phones will get maps and drive
  • I've never been a fan of HTC, BUT, with these new offerings I will definitely check them out fully before making the plunge into WindowsPhone 8 territory.
    The really like the colours ... other phones just look boring now when looking at the HTC and Nokia lineups.
    Well done HTC -