From the Forums: Lumia 920 defect and Windows Phone love stories

It's another weekend and another From the Forums. We'll be taking a gander at what's been happening through the weekend, presenting you with the latest and greatest discussions that our readers have been engaging in. So what's new in the world of Windows Phone here at Windows Phone Central?

WPCentral reader Tetegra has noticed a possible defect with the Lumia 920 where the top of the device (where the screen meets the frame) flexes when pressed down. Our own Kevin Michaluk has also shared concerns of this issue, which is described as the following:

"The first time I noticed it I almost thought it was a button. On my BlackBerry Dev Alpha device, the power on/off button is located at the top of the phone in the middle, so I accidentally did the same thing on my 920 one time and noticed it clicked. Then I was like... what the heck?! There's definitely a noticeable up/down movement with a bit of a click to it. To the right of the sim card slot, more over and even a bit to the right of the headset jack is where there's the most noticeable feel of a click. I didn't notice this on my first Lumia 920 (onto my second one now)."

I've tried to reproduce the issue with the white Lumia 920, but could not hear a clicking or notice the flexing of the device itself. Many have voiced concerns in the thread on the forum, but others have denied noticing such characteristics.

Question is: have you got the same issue with your Lumia 920? Be sure to read up more on the potential defect and add your $0.02 to the "Attention! Possible Lumia 920 design defect" thread.

Miscellaneous: Falling in love with Windows Phone

We're not ones to blow our own trumpets when it comes to Windows Phone  (no, really, we're not!), but many threads have been created about issues new consumers have experienced with the platform. We've also had a number of love stories where new owners have been impressed by what Microsoft has to offer. Awgneo had the following to say about his experience so far:

"I recently bought a Nokia Lumia 920, having been a fairly advanced iPhone user since the 3G. I have to say that I have a new friend in my life. The start screen is such an awesome idea and I enjoy the ways that I can customize it to meet my exact smartphone needs and even my personality. Anyway, after having this phone now for several days, I thought I'd share the apps that I have discovered through trial and error and use daily, coming from the iOS 6 ecosystem. I am happy to say that nearly every feature or application that I enjoyed on iOS 6 has a good OS or application equivalent in Windows Phone 8."

We've seen a large number of consumers who enjoyed using the iPhone move across to Windows Phone, and it's positive stories like these that make Windows Phone a worthy contender against competitors with satisfied users. While the platform has its issues, Microsoft will be patching everything up as we move along.

Awgneo also added a neat table to better share his thoughts on the transition from iOS. Care to share your experiences with your new Windows Phone? Be sure to add your thoughts in the "Falling in love with WP8; Here are the apps I use" thread.

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