From the Forums: Lumia 920 defect and Windows Phone love stories

It's another weekend and another From the Forums. We'll be taking a gander at what's been happening through the weekend, presenting you with the latest and greatest discussions that our readers have been engaging in. So what's new in the world of Windows Phone here at Windows Phone Central?

WPCentral reader Tetegra has noticed a possible defect with the Lumia 920 where the top of the device (where the screen meets the frame) flexes when pressed down. Our own Kevin Michaluk has also shared concerns of this issue, which is described as the following:

"The first time I noticed it I almost thought it was a button. On my BlackBerry Dev Alpha device, the power on/off button is located at the top of the phone in the middle, so I accidentally did the same thing on my 920 one time and noticed it clicked. Then I was like... what the heck?! There's definitely a noticeable up/down movement with a bit of a click to it. To the right of the sim card slot, more over and even a bit to the right of the headset jack is where there's the most noticeable feel of a click. I didn't notice this on my first Lumia 920 (onto my second one now)."

I've tried to reproduce the issue with the white Lumia 920, but could not hear a clicking or notice the flexing of the device itself. Many have voiced concerns in the thread on the forum, but others have denied noticing such characteristics.

Question is: have you got the same issue with your Lumia 920? Be sure to read up more on the potential defect and add your $0.02 to the "Attention! Possible Lumia 920 design defect" thread.

Miscellaneous: Falling in love with Windows Phone

We're not ones to blow our own trumpets when it comes to Windows Phone  (no, really, we're not!), but many threads have been created about issues new consumers have experienced with the platform. We've also had a number of love stories where new owners have been impressed by what Microsoft has to offer. Awgneo had the following to say about his experience so far:

"I recently bought a Nokia Lumia 920, having been a fairly advanced iPhone user since the 3G. I have to say that I have a new friend in my life. The start screen is such an awesome idea and I enjoy the ways that I can customize it to meet my exact smartphone needs and even my personality. Anyway, after having this phone now for several days, I thought I'd share the apps that I have discovered through trial and error and use daily, coming from the iOS 6 ecosystem. I am happy to say that nearly every feature or application that I enjoyed on iOS 6 has a good OS or application equivalent in Windows Phone 8."

We've seen a large number of consumers who enjoyed using the iPhone move across to Windows Phone, and it's positive stories like these that make Windows Phone a worthy contender against competitors with satisfied users. While the platform has its issues, Microsoft will be patching everything up as we move along.

Awgneo also added a neat table to better share his thoughts on the transition from iOS. Care to share your experiences with your new Windows Phone? Be sure to add your thoughts in the "Falling in love with WP8; Here are the apps I use" thread.

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  • No issues with my new Lumia 920 I just got one on Friday
  • Ditto
  • I have the black 920, and the top of my phone does that same clicking as well to the right of the sim. On occasion the entire top piece of the phone does it A LOT. I hope this doesn't effect my phone down the road.
  • My wife's lumia 920 had the same problem. Got it swapped out at the store within my 15 day DOA period. Would recommend you do the same. This is clearly a manufacturing defect. 
  • Getting my Red 920 delivered tomorrow!!! So excited
  • No issues with my 920
  • I have no defect or clicking spot on my L920. Great battery life too.
  • Same with mine.
  • Ya same with both mine and my wifes 920's no issues what so ever. also damn .. did not even realize how much we would use the Rooms feature with windows phone 8 .. so nice.
  • My friend had the same exact issue his was a black 920 from at&t but my red 920 which I bought from WalMart was fine. No problems with the screen.
  • I had the same issue. Depending on the temp of the phone it would be more or less noticeable. Pushing down directly where the headphone jack is would reproduce the noise. I originally thought this was the source of the vibration rattle. My phone would also get hot and drain battery when connected to LTE. Result, I contacted Nokia support and they exchanged the phone for a new device. Vibration noise was not a result of fit and finish at the top of the phone. The new phone does not have the creaking problem, but has the vibration rattle. I have yet to test LTE again.
  • Vibration rattle??
    I just got my 920 the 0other day and havent't noticed any of the screen issues but was wondering if my vibration was somewhat loud.
  • Mine clicks by pressing right of the 3.5mm jack, but I don't see any movement where screen meets the case. Don't think its a concern at all I'm not worried about it. Love this phone!!!!
  • No issues here. Everything works like a champ, great battery life. no flexing/clicking.
  • I had this issue on a phone that also freezed up alot. My replacement does not have the issue.
  • Will chime in on Monday when my white(changed from red) arrives.
  • lackluster battery life but no physical defects
  • Super Ditto, but I hardly call this level of battery life lackluster. More of a serious downgrade from my 900 and slap in my face bad.
  • I used to have crappy battery life until I turned off Location. I read somewhere that there is a GPS bug that keeps GPS on all the time.
  • For battery life problems, make sure that you don't have applications running in the background if you don't want them to.  WP8 has introduced the capability for some applications to run behind the scenes (more than just LiveTiles) and you can see this if you run Nokia Drive.  The intent is for an app like Nokia Drive to continue to run in the background even when it has lost focus (that is, if you're navigating you don't want the app to go dormant while you answer a call).  To check what's going on, go to settings; swipe to applications; tap background tasks.There will be two types of listings: 1. apps that can do things in the background; 2. currently running apps.  Close the current running apps that you're no longer using.  Another thing to look for is if you have many accounts syncing all the time, consider setting (some) of them to manual or at least longer sync periods.  Hope that helps!
  • To check what's going on, go to settings; swipe to applications; tap background tasks.There will be two types of listings: 1. apps that can do things in the background; 2. currently running apps.
    I'm sorry this is bothering me. I don't have this second option you're talking about or am I reading something wrong? 
    I have Settings>Applications>Background Tasks at this point I can block apps from running in the background the only option after this is the button marked Advanced  which shows me a list of apps and says "These apps can run in the background, and you may not be able to block all of them."   is that the list you're saying is currently running? if so I have a big problem!  
  • Speaking of love stories:
    If you're younger than 35 this will make no sense whatsover. If you're older it might. 
  • If you're referring to knowing what song these lyrics are sung to, I'm sure it's more a matter of what your taste in music was in '98 rather than your age. The song was all over radio my sophomore year of high school. Now, if your 25 or younger, you probably won't have any frame of reference (unless you're an Alanis fan)
  • I have the same thing on my black 920. I would call it more like a creaking noise.
    i have also experienced 3 occasions where the phone was off when I went to use it. The battery wasn't low. It was just inexplicably off when I pulled it out of my pocket or picked it up from my desk.
    other than that, I love the phone and would recommend it to anyone who will listen.
  • I got my red Lumia 920 on 11/12 and beside one freeze at day 2 I have not had any issues at all. The battery gets me through an average day, the OS is just great and the screen is stunning. I already converted 3 people from the iPhone to the Lumia 920, just by showing what it can do. I told everyone about the limited number of apps, but nobody seemed to care. The OS seems to outweigh the apps. I love my WP 8 device and I do not look back to iOS or Android at all.
  • I dont have the 920, but my 900 does have that issue as well.
  • No issue here. Black L920. Loving it.
  • I am currently using my third unit. I had my phone replaced twice. First time, the accelerometer was off axis, and second time, there was dust getting stuck under the camera housing. This third unit is giving me similar issues, but now I'm just tired, and I'm going to live with the current unit. I wanted to love the 920, but the hardware has let me down. But considering the fact that I got my phone for free, I'm not exactly complaining.
  • I purchased 6 Lumia 920's for my family. 4 of them have had to be replaced. I love the phone but I am very leary right now. One phone kept rebooting and when I did a factory reset it totally died and will nolonger boot at all. One has a speaker that sounds like it is blown and two have the clicking problem. I really like this phone and the operating system and want to have a great experience with it. I hope that Nokia can get it's act together and produce a more consistent quality product. This just seems so unacceptable. 
  • I have had two issues that clicking on top being one, and the other has happened on two phones.  Please respong if anyone else has experienced this, if I move my phone quickly I feel hardware moving inside. It's like there is something hitting the sides of the case inside.  And let me stress I am on my third phone and the ones at the store also do it.  I find it strange that no one else has had this happen??
  • Lumia 920 has the optical image stabilization, which means that the lens is not firmly attached to the phone. As the suspension mechanism holding it has to compensate for types of movements or shakes that tipically occur when filming video while holding the phone in your hand, I'm almost certain it moves when you shake the phone on purpose (even when not filming). That's my guess as you say you notice it on every single device you held. But I even get that 'inner movement' sensation from my Samsung Omnia (very rarely though) when I mannage to hit the frequency of the vibration mechanism in the phone (usually happens if I hit my hand on something while holding the phone).
  • Black 920. Mine will make the click noise, but had no idea of it until reading the article. I don't think it's anything to worry about.
  • I don't have the clicking/creaking issue with my Lumia 920. The top of the phone is quite solid. Maybe it's a quality control problem?
  • I have a black 920 bought on release. I have experienced none of the issues that were seemingly "widespread" such as battery life issues (only on first charge, but that is to be expected with a new battery), creaking/snapping/clicking, dust underneath screen/camera lens, heating up for no explicable reason, green spot on FFC, etc... I must be lucky =)
  • My first Lumia 920 - the black colored one - made that clicking sound as well and really almost felt like pushing a button. I didn't give it a second thought as I was more concerned with the ridiculous battery drain. Got it replaced with a white one and I don't have that give anymore at the top. I can press down as hard as I want and there is no give at all (battery drain is no longer an issue either thankfully). YCS
  • I had the very same issue with a black L920.  I returned it and all they had in stock were white ones.  The white L920 does not exhibit the same clicking.
  • No clicking sound here. Red Lumia from ATT, bought this past Friday
  • Thinking about returning my white 920. Battery sucks, creaking noise, and runs warm even when idle in my pocket. I didn't even log into Skype. The problems seem to be more common than I'd like pr expect them to be. I may try a second unit, but after that I could be done with the 920 if it has the same issues. Do the matte finish phones have creaking sounds?
  • No issue with my Nokia 920
  • I have the white Lumia so far no hardware issues! I totally love this phone! Its fast, impressive, screen quality is the best I have ever seen! Nokia did a great job on the 920! Microsoft did an awesome job on WP8 with the exception of migrating my music from Zune to Xbox music. I had purchase my old free Xbox games and I could not reinstall them from my windows account on, that really made me upset with Microsoft. Other than that I am still a Windows Phone fan! Apple look out you have some more competition to your innovation of the mobile phone!
  • No issue on my Black 920 from Build 2012.
  • I have a Lumia 920 from telecom New Zealand and it has the same issue!!!
  • I have a yellow 920 and I am not having this issue.
  • I think with all the issues 920 is pulled all phones to quality check before release again..
  • I've got the creek too but I'm not too concerned...
  • Got a 920 and it has flex in those spots, both top and bottom, but no sounds (yet). It does seem to be a weak point.
  • Just noticed the issue this week and now I have dust under my front facing camera. Will be calling Nokia about this.
  • I have a yellow 920 from at&t and don't have this issue.
  • No clicking issues. Was a bit warm earlier today. I've only had it one day though.
  • I have no issues with my white Nokia Lumia 920
  • Have this issue bit I'll rely on the manufacturers warranty should it prove to do any harm
  • No. :D
  • None here with my red 920.
  • My Cyan 920 has no issue I could find and my friend's is same.
  • No issues on mu white 920. Amazing phone!!
  • I only have one issue, my phone fell down with the screen facing the floor and left some scratches on it. Why didn't it break? I insured it against breakage but now have to live with the scratches on my lovely lumia lol.
    Ok on a serious note the battery issue happens when the screen is on, the screen seems to drain a lot of battery, i didn an experiment and didn't use my phone that much to see how long it would last. If it wasn't for the fact that i used nokia drive and tried to drain my battery by playing games on it on day 4 it might have lasted 5 days on normal use. You can't say the same for some phones. Another thing i noted is that listening to music doesn't drain the phone provided you don't leave your screen on.
  • Are the black L920's matte finish also or glossy?
  • Black and Cyan 920s are matte.
  • Thank you for the info.
  • No issues with my white 920. Solid as a shiny white monolith.
  • Mine does it directly above the front camera. Red, wife's yellow does not.
  • It's pretty loud but meh it's not something that bothers me. I work in a factory I know how hard it can be to keep 100% of the product within strict tolerances.
  • No issue with my black 920. Everything is solid no matter how hard I press. Battery life seemed short until I let it completely discharge one time before recharging. Then with normal use I went 36 hours before getting down to 10%. I also noticed that after turning off NFC (prior to the complete battery drain experiment) I had longer battery life and less heat.
  • exactly, please take this advice, users of any new device. its called a power cycle and should be performed maybe once a month. the battery will not fully charge until this is done atleast once. its just the way batteries work! letting the battery drain is good for the battery. but not all the time! only once a month tops i suggest. because batteries such as these have a certain amount of "power cycles" to there lifetime till they begin to lose strength and will charge 90% max.. 85%...and so on.. etc. but it does take a while.
    Proper battery care is to not over charge too much and try to keep the phone from dying on its own, if its very low turn it off until charge. and power cycle once or twice a month. this will keep it tip top shape and keep you happy cell users :)
    Hope this helps!
  • Mine clicks too, but no sure it causes any problems, battery is ok.
  • No issues with my beautiful red 920... However, phone does get hot only when charged on (free) black wireless charge plate... Is anyone else having that happen? Btw, it cools down pretty quickly after I pick it up to use it again. Seems to be an issue with the charge plate...
  • My white 920 does not have issues and it has been two weeks....
  • No issue like that with my 920. Battery life is great right now too. Left off charger overnight and it barely went down at all.
  • I'm surprised this "Click" is being called a defect...  It always amazes me how the smallest things can bother someone.  If it were a scratch out of the box, I can understand that, but a click when you press too hard in a place that should not be pressed on?  hmm...  I think some people just like to return things for the fun of returning things.
  • My 920 does the same thing. Never would have known about it if it wasn't pointed out to me. It has no effect on my handset's functionality and as I do not regularly squeeze the top of my phone I'm not going to worry about it. I have a 1 year warranty and if it is found to create other problems I'll switch it out.
  • I would love to see if my phone does this, or anything for that matter, but it has not been delivered even though it was supposed to be here on Saturday. At&t wants me to wait one more day before I file a claim with the post office. I could have probably got one at the store but now my upgrade is used for the phone that didn't come.. I'm trying to be patient but with all the love for the phone I am hearing it's getting harder and harder to be patient.
  • I bought my Lumia 920 a couple of weeks ago, and it is also making the clicking sound at the top.  I doubt it will impact the use of the phone, so I wouldn't worry too much about it.  I have more of a concern over the power button.  It seems to have gotten very flimsy, and is moving flush to the side of the phone.  It still clicks, but since I have been using the phone I have noticed it is definitely more difficult to find when feeling for it with my thumb.
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