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Nokia has dominated our news reel for the past few days, and they'll be at the front of the line for our From the Forums tonight. If you weren't present on Wednesday to stay on top of everything that was presented to us at the joint Microsoft and Nokia event, you might want to check out our wrap-up that contains everything you need to know.

With the news of our new Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 forums, the activity has increased with everyone eagerly discussing the newest and greatest Nokia hardware. Tahiti Bob starts us off with a thread to unleash concerns of the upcoming iPhone 5 announcement.

Nokia and Microsoft have both failed to provide concrete details surrounding release dates, what carriers will be stocking the new hardware, and pricing. Apple is likely to announce more details in the near future, which has the potential to draw much needed attention from Windows Phone.

"One week before the iPhone 5 reveal. What was there today to keep people interested beyond WPCentral readers who are already sold on Windows Phone? There was no full OS reveal, no date, no price, no carrier availability, just the promise of great hardware. 

When the iPhone 5 is announced next week, all of the above will be addressed and within an hour people will be placing preorders. Why doesn't Microsoft get it? Why not give people amazing incentive to not preoder an iPhone (again, people who don't read WPCentral)?"

What are your thoughts on the announcements made at the event just passed? Are you concerened about the upcoming iPhone keynote? Be sure to head on over to the "I think Nokia and Microsoft have blown it" thread to voice your thoughts.

HTC's up next

HTC Accord

Now Samsung and Nokia have both revealed what they're planning to offer consumers this fall, HTC is the last remaining OEM partner left. We're expecting the company to unveil a One X version for Windows Phone, which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Snowmutt takes us through why he wants to believe in HTC.

"Anyone excited for the official HTC announcements? I am really liking the glimpse of what Nokia and Samsung have to offer so far. There have been enough rumors to make me step up and keep an eye open for what HTC has coming. I WANT to believe they will begin to turn around their fortunes by launching great devices for WP 8.

I WANT to believe thy can match Nokia in the camera department, have solid devices that still feel great. I WANT to believe their relationship with Microsoft from Windows Mobile days will pay off. I have said they are the third dawg in this race right now, but they are still in it. I WANT to believe they will support their WP 8's and work hard for our money."

No matter how we may come across here at Windows Phone Central, we really do appreciate HTC's hardware. Both the HTC Arrive and Trophy are well loved devices, and the TITAN and Radar brought the OEM up-to-date with Mango. Can the do wonders with Apollo? Who knows, but they definitely have the capabilities.

Voice your opinion on how you believe HTC will do in the "Okay, HTC, you have the next..." thread.

Miscellaneous: Are you getting a Nokia Windows Phone at release?

With the two Lumia Windows Phones announced and well on their way to consumers, will you be purchasing one once they're available? This is exactly what theefman has asked on our forums. According to his post, the Lumia 920 will be his next Windows Phone with the HD screen and innovative technologies making it an easy decision.

"Think I saw enough to decide this will be my WP8 device. Same form factor but some interesting new additions and tech, including the HD screen. Will be a good upgrade from my 900."

Be sure to vote in our poll and add your $0.02 in the "So who's getting one on release day?" thread.