From the Forums: Nokia ensuring Lumia Windows Phones are being pushed

It's that time yet again, folks. We're here to bring you the latest and greatest threads from our Windows Phone forum. Accumulating thousands of posts on a daily basis, the Windows Phone Central community is a vibrant place that's open for everyone to join in the discussion. So what's been happening the past couple of days?

A reader on our forum has explained how Matt Rothschild, Head of Marketing at Nokia, got in touch regarding an order for a Lumia 920 through Best Buy. Unfortunately a number of problems arose throughout the order process, including a number of cancellations. Here's a snippet of how Rothschild addressed lsmachado's situation:

"Then, that order was cancelled by BB today! I was so frustrated that I emailed Mr. Rothschild as to what happened. I was shocked when I checked my voicemail today and had a call from Mr. Rothschild! He told me that Nokia was sending me an early Christmas present of a new phone, and I would be receiving it tomorrow!He asked me to give him a call back, which I did, just to thank him for his intervention on my behalf. He said that Nokia was having a discussion with management at Best Buy regarding their handling of order fulfillment."

That's pretty awesome, and is just a small example of how serious Nokia is about its Windows Phone line-up. Be sure to head on over to the "So, I spoke with Matt Rothshild from Nokia earlier..." thread to add your thoughts on how Nokia dealt with the issue.

What are your thoughts on the launch?

Unhappy Consumer

There have been countless complaints published and threads created surrounding the launch of Windows Phone 8, as well as the push from Microsoft and OEM partners. But how successful do you believe it's going? Forum user inteller crafted a thread with the following:

"Here we are two days before black Friday and Amazon is out of stock, ATT online is out of stock... how could they miscalculate demand so badly? There will be no second chances... everyone will be walking out of stores with craptacular SGIIIs... you can already see it on the Amazon bestsellers lists... as soon as the 920 went to backorder it started falling off the list and the SGIII replaced it. "

Do you have thoughts on how Microsoft and OEMs are marketing and advancing the platform? If so, you might want to check out the "Nokia and Microsoft really f-ing blew it" thread and add your $0.02.

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