From the Forums: Nokia Music mixes, Crysis 3 on tablets and New Nokia forums

Howdy, folks. Mobile World Congress has been and gone, so where do we all run to when it comes to discussing the platform? The Windows Phone Central community forum, of course! There have been a number of interesting and unique threads created over the weekend, and we'll highlight a few to kick us off comfortably into the week ahead.

First up, we'll remind everyone that there are two new forums that have been created for the recently announced Lumia 520 and Lumia 720. Both Windows Phones were unveiled by Nokia at Mobile World Congress this year and we believe the smartphones have a superb chance in building a strong following of owners, especially at the targeted price points.

Be sure to check out the discussions over in the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520 forums, as well as creating your own based on experiences with the product(s).

Crysis 3 running on Windows 8 tablet?

This is an interesting one indeed. Razer, a popular brand of computer and gaming accessories, has published a video on YouTube showing off Crysis 3 running on a Windows 8 tablet. There have been a number of comments on the video (as well as a previous upload), stating that the footage is fake with the screen relaying what's being rendered on a nearby PC.

The tablet shown off in the video is the Razer Edge Gaming System. The product sports an Intel i5 CPU and NVIDIA graphics, as well as 64GB storage and 4GB RAM. The Razer team has denied that there's trickery involved (hard to believe they would lie about a product), but we'd like to know what you guys think. What are your thoughts on the video and concept? Be sure to sound off in the "Crysis 3 running on tablet" thread.

What's your Nokia Music playlist?

Nokia has a feature rich music service available for those who own a Lumia smartphone. The company recently announced its Nokia Music+ subscription-based upgrade, which opens up a number of new features for consumers to take advantage of. The main service remains a free solution, so which mixes do users tune into the most?

Forum member ultralight23 published some chosen mixes:

  1. Pixies, Hüsker Dü, Social Distortion
  2. The Black Keys
  3. Coldplay, Spoon, Jack Johnson
  4. Slipknot, Avenged Sevenfold, Tool

So what do you listen to on your Lumia handset using Nokia's music service? Add your favourite mixes in the "What's your Nokia Music Mix?" thread.

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