From the Forums: Thoughts on new Lumias, happy with accent colours?

It's time for a From the Forums to wrap up the excitement from this year's Mobile World Congress. We've had an eventful week where Windows Phone Central has covered the latest headlines from the floor in Barcelona, but what's been happening in our forums? We'll quickly walk through some light-hearted threads to cool everyone down and return back to normality.

Nokia announced the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520 Windows Phones that bring new price points to the platform with the latter turning out to be the cheapest Lumia Windows Phone yet. While the two smartphones are low and mid-range hardware, they won't disappoint as we're talking dual-core support with decent cameras and displays. The only downside to both devices is a restricted amount of internal storage, but expandable with microSD.

Forum member squire777 kicked us off with a new thread detailing his thoughts:

"In regards to the 520, it is a very nice phone considering the price (roughly $200). If anyone is looking for a budget phone they have two good choices now in the 520 and 620. I quite like the 720 as well and will pick one up if we find out that it has Band IV support hidden away inside (Nokia site does not list it at the moment). However at the moment it looks like there aren't any carriers in North America that will sell it, and it looks like Nokia is targeting Asia with both the 520 and 720."

We've provided our thoughts on the two handsets, as well as being pleasantly surprised by the quality and looks of the hardware on offer. While Nokia did not announce a new flagship Lumia (or EOS) Windows Phone, those of us who have only just managed to purchase a Lumia 920 will feel relaxed that their device has not been succeeded just yet.

But what are your thoughts on both the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520? Be sure to add your opinion in the "Lumia 520 and 720 - initial thoughts?" thread. 

Colour selection - bad or good?

Changing the accent theme of a Windows Phone (including whether you have a light or dark background) helps keep the UI feeling fresh and appealing, without the user having to dive deep and perform a mass amount of alterations. But is the colour selection enough? We've lightly touched on this before, with many consumers calling out for a simple colour selection tool for new and unique colours to be applied.

Forum member ContributorM created a thread asking that very question:

"With the myriad of color choices out there, the colors chosen as 'accents' are a bit bland and uninspiring. I know where the inspiration for the overall look has come from, but considering how big the color spectrum is, maybe not only MSFT, but other companies should really consider the gamut of colors for their screens and OS. Really surprised that there isn't an option to choose my own accent color."

What are your thoughts? Head on over to the "Anyone find the color selection on WP8 uninspiring?" thread and add your $0.02.


Miscellaneous: If you could no longer use Windows Phone, iOS or Android?

If Windows Phone was no longer a reality, or for some reason you couldn't use the platform any longer, what would you choose as an alternative? Restricting the choices available to just iOS and Android, which would it be? Member nube_android created the thread to ask the intriguing question. We looked over the title a few times, but found it to be a strong question indeed.

So we put it to you, iOS or Android if Windows Phone wasn't around? Be sure to provide your answers in the "If you could not use Windows Phone..." thread.

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  • How many times a week do we have this "From the Forums"?
  • You should ask on the forums. With any luck, your forum post should then be selected in a 'from the forums' posting. People can then click on the from the forums post linking them to the from the forums thread about how much the from the forums posted.completing its cycle of meta ness
  • You should have posted that on the forum.
  • LOL
  • Generally  when theres little other news.
  • For Colors I have a 920 and I want the same Nokia Blue found on the Lumia 900 or the AT&T Blue that was on the HTC HD7S.  They could add  more options though.
  • This! I want Nokia blue back! But cobalt is nice though.
  • Yeah I like cobalt as well and glad they included it.
  • Lets face it, you should be able to specify what colour you want exactly and shouldn't have to choose between presets. Backgrounds could easily be added as well, similar to the wrappings around the metro view on Windows 8.
  • ^this
  • Thank you. I believe every other Microsoft product has a color wheel except for Windows Phone. Weirdest decision ever.
  • That's impossible, the colors exist to present a usable experience. But, they should increase the choices
  • Of course, but does that matter? If a user wanted to make his windows pc background the same colour as his icons and text, rendering it useless, he can. Why should wp be so tightly locked down? They go on about it reflecting your personality and being individual to you, yet you can only abide by a very limited choice of visual styles. Imagine the undertaker wants a WP. He would want his WP to have gun metal effect tiles on a black background with a skull wrap around it. Why cant he?
  • I am of the opinion that whether you like it or not, you ARE representing Windows Phone when you have it out and about. If I was Microsoft, I wouldn't want a potential buyer be turned off the idea of Windows Phone because they got their first impression from their buddy's crappy taste in accent colors and text. I don't know if that is the reason why more options aren't available, though.
  • This is exactly what I was thinking.
    Their creative director must have really put his foot down on this idea, I'm sure the design team on WP discussed it.
    Expand it for sure, but let the no-doubt astute designers select the colours.
  • I have 920 and 620
    I hope my next target 720 come out with some kind of "chrome " colour
  • I think there is a lot more to the colours than people realize. The accent colour is something that has been design to work throughout the whole phone, not just the native stuff. This means that for users even the apps feel like they belong because your chosen accent is used within the app. Giving the user more choice of colours is very hard, so many colours will clash with app designs. In fact, the HTC colour on the 8x isn't as good as the standard accent colours, it sometimes gets lost a bit. If as user goes into an app with a completely custom accent colour that just doesn't show up then they will have a bad experience - much better to limit the service to colours that have been chosen to work whatever!!
  • I agree with your post.
  • That makes too much sense to be valid.
  • +1
  • Anyone used the high contrast theme on 920. Its wonderful. Pure black & white!
  • Using it now, with steel as color.
  • Excellent idea! Very different.
  • I use High Contrast exclusively.  On a white 920, it really grabs you.
    The downside to this, though, is that I can't get any images on my lockscreen while using this theme.  Not very happy about that.
  • What for? when all it does is just zaps twice the amount of battery life?
  • It's nice to look at my phone and see an image of one (or both) of my daughters.  It's very comforting.
    I guess I could print out a picture of them & tape it to the back of the phone.
  • That's not true.
  • Where did you read this at????
  • Yeah but them images don't come through in email. Only text.
  • Bring in a black color, that would be illl.
  • No sprint phone? Wp8 announced? I guess have to wait this summer lol.....
  • Color pallet please
  • I'll be happy when I could get me a updated lumia with wp8 on it.
  • I'd rather have none than having either ios or android...
  • Nokia Blue and REAL black and white accent colors. Not that dumb high contrast, where you can't even change the wallpaper. I'd be satisfied with that.
  • Color accent restriction is one of many crappy things that wp8 needs to improve on. Don't know why the heck does updates take so long to roll out. Already know so many people ditching their wp8 Lumia 920 for android phones. I don't think MS knows the effects of a half-assed OS has on the public especially with ex IOS and android users. Seriously all this talk about 'blue'? Just stfu already and fix these little things first and talk later
  • Id like a white theme with black tiles and black with white, get that black and white going on.
  • I'd like a rainbow theme... Each tile in a different color corresponding to the rainbow for native tiles and apps that use the native colors. Perhaps this could be MS' tribute to gay pride month in June?... One can hope!!
  • Two years ago when I got my Arrive, I was disappointed not only by the small list of available colours, but also by the fact that I couldn't choose individual tiles to be specific colours.  I would really like that ability - some App tiles come with their own colour, so there is already SOME variety built in.  But I don't want a shared inbox, and I would love to have my various email accounts represented by their own colour...
  • I guess I'll be stuck with that green robot every time I open the phone. I bought one android when Nokia disappeared. Except for N900 or E7, I could not get SMS working on TMO.
  • Give us a damn color wheel!!!
  • Definitely a fan of both windows phone and Android...Android presents a huge advantage over windows phone in that virtually everything is customizable..but what windows phone has over it is the sleek interface and colorful vibrant phones without having to shell out more money for a stupid case. Not to mention there is no Android keyboard I like more than windows phones keyboard . IOS has gotten boring as it hasn't changed in forever, the only thing that worries me is that with HTC coming out with there new ONE phone with blinkfeed that many of the great elements of windows phone will be copied and people will just go with Android because they know they can get whatever app they virtually want. I know I said the any app comment but its the truth having both a Lumia 920 and galaxy s3 I can attest to the fact that windows phone apps just aren't up to snuff with ios or Android...where are the HBO go, max go, showtime anytime apps. This is a media driven world and the fact that I can't just download a movie or tv show from the market place does bother me some I don't like always having to go to my computer just to put a movie on my phone, when Microsoft incorporates this then we will know windows phone is truly advancing
  • Not many accent colors worked for me and my taste. I had trouble with being able to distinguish unread emails in the list, for example, with some accent colors such as steel. Just didn't contrast enough with the white background. I use Nokia blue.
  • Still would like to have a variety of colors, and the ability to change tile colors individually. Love to have all my phone tiles organize by color for quick access. i.e. media (blue), social (green), ect. Or just a rainbow of tile colors just for kicks.
  • I would get a dumb phone if windows phone wasn't around anymore.
  • Has anyone ever selected the brown theme and stuck with it?
  • I'd really like a colour that's halfway between steel and cobalt.
  • I pick option 3 blow my brains out cause I didn't leave webos and come to WP by accident I hate Apple and Android OS is ugly no matter how customizable it is and I can't believe tile colors created such a heated debate teal and the new mauve are the only ones I use
  • I have no love or need for iOS or Android. Wouldn't have gotten any smartphone if there's no WP. I'll rather get a Windows tablet for all my "smart" needs. But for a phone, I'll always go to Nokia for their build quality and value for money, no matter what OS it's using. I'll probably get an Asha feature phone instead.
  • Me too love nokia.... And i will buy nokia product only, no matter what OS they use....
    Apart from this ....i liked windows phone truely, keeping the love for nokia aside
  • Yes we are happy and also excited