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Fotor for Windows Phone 8, a simple yet effective photo editor

Looking for a simple photo editor for your Windows Phone 8 device? You will want to take a gander at Fotor.

Fotor is a nicely laid out photo editor that will let you edit new images or pull the older photos out of your Pictures Hub to edit. The tools range from cropping, exposure, to special effects. The best part of it all... Fotor is a free Windows Phone 8 app.

From the main pages of Fotor you can find options to launch your Windows Phone camera or edit an existing photo. You also have a Settings Page where you can find the user's guide and send feedback to the developer, as well as the About Page.

Once you get an image into the editor you have a 1-tap Enhance tool as well as these photo editing tools.

  • Crop (free form or proportional crops)
  • Flip/Rotate
  • FX Effect (twenty-five Classic, Lomo and B&W filters)
  • Borders
  • Edit (adjust brightness, contrast, saturation and sharpness)
  • Tilt Shift tool

Along with the editing tools, you'll find before/after arrows at the top of the editing screen as well as button controls to share, save and return to the main pages of Fotor.

The 1-Tap Enhance does a really nice job of adjusting the basic exposure settings and from there, you just need to find the right crop, filter and border for your photograph. As far as resizing is concerned, unless you crop the image down Fotor maintains the original image size.

All in all, Fotor is a really nice photo editing app for your Windows Phone 8 device.  It may not have as many bells and whistles as other photo editing apps but Fotor is a welcomed addition to the Windows Phone photography app lineup.

Fotor is a free app that you can find here (opens in new tab) in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Fotor

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  • Already downloaded. Thank u
  • downloading.............
  • Got this last night for free. It is very impressive and worth at least downloading and playing with.. I am not much of a photo editor. I usually just take the pic and send it on its way but this is nice have when I do have time to tweak the image and add a little flare to it..
  • Had used it weeks ago, but prefer thumba photo editor. But If u seek a free and capable one, fotor is the one fits, both in WP8 and Windows 8. :)
  • Downloading. Also, does anyone know if there is a photo edition app that can pixelate a part of the picture? For example, to obscure user names in screenshots. I've downloaded a couple of apps but I haven't found one that has this functionality?
  • Fantasia Painter
  • Best photo editor app out there IMO.
  • Sometimes I only need a simple slight edits on pictures, that should do the trick.. Thanks.
  • Good :)
  • Lenses support?
  • Yep yep
  • It does?? Thanks!!
  • Similar to lazylens app
  • Anyone know of an app like Phonto for iOS thats on WP8? (Add text to photos)
  • Maybe Fantasia Painter?
  • Lol gona be slow news week :|
  • It's only Tuesday my dear friend, we still have Hump Day, 32oz. Thursday, Fucked Up Friday, Seagrams Saturday and lastly, Sober Sunday (We drink anyways on that day, it just makes us feel better about doing it ;)
  • There must be a big market for photo editing, because I see a lot of these pop up as of late.
  • We don't care about this app, TUMBLR IS OUT ON WINDOWS PHONE :D
  • In a separate news Tumblr app is released for Windows Phone.
  • Use it and love it
  • What's the best photo editor on windows phone and windows 8 (arm)?
  • The author should have wrote that Fotos has also an online photo editing service with many more features. It also has a Windows Desktop and Mac apps.
    The online service is great and I have already installed the desktop app but haven't had the time to try it yet. I found Fotor on the WP store last week and it's been a solid editor.
  • I will definitely try Fotor on WP. It is my go-to app for editing on my Surface RT.