Friday Fun: Check out Microsoft All Stars, a Microsoft enthusiast's card game

Time for some well deserved Friday Fun. In a fever of caffeinated Twitter enthusiasm following the successful #Windows10Devices event, I suggested to long-serving Microsofty, Michael Gillett, that he should create a Microsoft trading card game.

Lo and behold, Mr. Gillett just unveiled Microsoft All Stars, a family card game based on Top Trumps, featuring all your favourite Microsoft personalities!

Microsoft All Stars

..."Much has been made of Microsoft's recent hardware event with a number of updated devices and the surprise that is the #Surface Book announcement. But, aside from the devices there was one other key take away from the event, the enthusiasm and high levels of sass from some of the presenters. With phrases such as "you can be productive like a boss" being used during the demo of Continuum on the #Lumia 950 it was hard not to enjoy their excitement. This generated a lot of love for several of the staff on Twitter and even led @MSFTY to suggest that I make Microsoft engineer trading cards."......"I liked this idea a lot, so much so it has evolved into more than just engineer trading cards. In fact, this is more like a Top Trumps for notable Microsoft staff, including some who no longer work there. I'm calling it Microsoft All Stars."...

The expanding card list includes members from across Microsoft's various divisions, from the Windows team to the Xbox division (which I may or may not have included myself). Each character is awarded a wholly unscientific rank out of four for Gamerscore, Productivity, Community, Sass and Events. Some of the cards available so far are listed here:

Michael Gillett notes that the game was created purely for fun. Indeed, we have no idea if it actually works in practice. He invites other enthusiasts to join the project on Github, perhaps if we pour enough fan energy into it, it could eventually take on Pokémon or Magic The Gathering. Maybe. Possibly?


Jez Corden
Managing Editor

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  • This is so funny, love it!
  • Nice weekend fun
  • I'll try and have fun but the hurricane is going to make that hard.
  • Be safe down there almost died when that 4 hit the Bahamas couldn't imagine a 5
  • Best of luck with the storm. Batten down the hatches.
  • If nobody else does it I'll release this for Windows Phone. But would need somebody to make apple or google cards too!
  • I LOVE MY LUMIA 930 W10M... sorry for yelling..... Cant wait for my lumia 950xl ALL STAR! #lumialove #w10mlove
  • Is it me or the most abundant trait which they all share in common is SASS!? If that's what Microsoft is looking for in a team leader, I will let you know that I have a lot of that to serve around. ;)
  • This is brilliant!
  • How does Cortana have 0 Gamer score. Her name comes from a game! Lollz :P
  • Haha!
  • And especially now that Cortana can connect directly with an Xbox Live profile.
  • LOL!
  • Hahahah omg Now I realize Alex Kipman is not Joe Belfiore who grew long hair. Omg omg .. I guess I was focusing too much on the hair.. XD you know some people on YouTube used to joke around Joe's hairstyles..
  • They got sweating Steve Ballmer?
  • I Absolutely Love This. Can't wait to see the Google and Apple cards with *Asterisks next to the KSA's with -exp based on: *Stolen, *Borrowed *Renamed *Patent-Violation *Re-Hashed, Etc... It'll be like The Redmond Dungeons & Dragons Team stepping on a Bunch of Poké and Digimon boneheads.  
  • Should add sony to the list they did after all take part of Nintendos r&d they jointly created
  • this is like a reference from Dragon Mania Legends ;)
  • Lol they included Cortana. I will lose my shit if I see clippy. Update: clippy!! xD
  • Aw poor Clippy has the lowest score! Haha.
  • Are we going to see an app for this? Now at the next event we need a little Blues from Bryan Roper.
  • So he can be musical like a boss whenever he wants!
  • LOL at Mr. Panay. "The Pumped"...
  • Did anyone see Ballmer's? Mobile out cloud first? "none" lmfao. How about they make one for Sinofsky
  • There is not a hint of anything serious, scientific, or realistic going on here. I love it.
  • I would buy the deck from Cafepress
  • Eric Neustadter, aka @thevowel, announced today was his last day at Xbox and Microsoft. 18.5 years.
  • This needs to be some sort of game where u can collect the cards
  • make this an app, and im all in
  • I wish windows 10 mobile contacts look like these cards. They're pretty neat.
  • Haha that would be at least interesting to see in real life
  • Oh yeah, I can see the Live Tile now.
  • Can we create our own cards ? Like the "do windows 10" pic frame?
  • With image editors everything is possible
  • Thanks everyone, I'm glad you like them so much :D
  • Lol Good job :D
  • Michael, seriously great job! Decks of these cards should be added to event giveaways (like event consolation prizes, conference grab bags, etc.).
  • Punishment
  • Make in in form of app. A virtual card game would be awesome
  • In case you didnt know just like me, Just realized I could play web radio on Edge on Windows Mobile while using other apps :) it stays active !
  • Background audio in a mobile browser? Seriously off topic, but still fantastic!
  • Yesss I had to say it :D
  • Hey, it's a happy thread. Why not?
  • Can we add Joker cards, use the Carrier CEO's.
  • Agreed
  • What about Tim cook and Steve jobs as the joker cards
  • Bill Gates should be a hidden character like Noob Saibot.
  • Bill "the creator" Gates sounds nice
  • Hating on Ballmer seems to be popular, but I don't really feel like Nadella has improved matters much. Everything seems haphazard. Besides that, would Nadella have his well paying job without the work Ballmer and Gates did before him?
  • No way. It's a continuous process. Get whats is left by the predecessor and improve, create, evolve
  • Pretty cool. Just watched the cards. Nice made up labels, like the Phil 'The Xboss' Spencer label.  
  • I'll made one for me in photoshop. It's fun in many ways :D
  • They need a Microsoft Gwent Xbox game.
  • I love this. I think it's a great idea.
  • The Cortana score is wrong. She should have points in the Gamerscore category. She has been in several Xbox games too. :)
  • From the whole card set Clippy and Steve Ballmer have something in common ;)
  • Needs a Ray Ozzie and a Dave Cutler card but it's a great idea. Can't wait to see who else gets added. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android