From the Forums: The prototype Lumia Windows Phone and which Apollo OEM will you choose?

Welcome to your almost-daily catch up of what's been happening in the Windows Phone community. The popular Windows Phone Central forums have been a busy place over the last few days, so what's the latest hot discussion?

We covered the reported prototype Lumia Windows Phone earlier in the week, which we believed to be fairly accurate (though a rough prototype at that). Forum user baileystein believes the images to be real and this Lumia device does indeed exist, noting:

"And...for the "old windows button"; remember the HTC Omega? It turned into the HTC Radar a few days after a leak? Well, the first leak was an image of the back. Etched was "Windows Phone" with the NEW logo. The next day, another image surfaced. This one had the OLD logo. Remember that HTC announced the device the next day in London (if I remember correctly)."

It's definitely a strong possibility that the device is what it appears to be. While it sports the old Windows Phone logo, we shouldn't jump to conclusions on this observation alone. It could well be a Nokia handset running Windows Phone 7.8, or it could well be some early hardware for the next big hit.

What do you make of the prototype Lumia Windows Phone? Believe it to be real? Head on over to the "My take on the Nokia Prototype" thread to voice your opinion(s).

Ideal Windows Phone 8 manufacturer?

Concept of a Microsoft Surface Phone

Forum user B.L.E.A.K has started an interesting poll to get votes from other members for their ideal (or favourite) Windows Phone 8 choice of hardware. Whether you're a fan of Nokia's unique design and OEM apps, or would like to go with Microsoft's trusty PC partner Lenovo, it's hopefully going to be a difficult choice for consumers with what will available. Vigor replied with an insightful post:

"I picked HTC. Just nothing to complain about there. Nokia needs to WOW us with their phones though. I think for a company that has their feet in both ponds, they make excellent phones all throughout (One X, Titan, etc). Nokia has all their eggs in windows phone and they only came out with three phones in one year's time. IDK I'm kind of not impressed by that. I AM impressed by their commitment to the platform but then again, it's their only platform..."

Question is, who would you choose if you were to purchase a Windows Phone 8 device? What would you look for in the Windows Phones manufacturers would unveil? Let us know in the comments and be sure to engage in the "Your ideal manufacturer would be?" thread to vote for your choice.

Miscellaneous: possible improvements to the Apollo start screen?

What do you think of the start screen in Windows Phone 7.8 and Apollo? Is it too cluttered? Or have they not done enough to improve usability from what we've currently got? SCOOBY_666UK published a short list on what he feels should be changed:

  • It looks too busy
  • It looks to cluttered
  • It looks un-organised
  • We need MORE + CUSTOM backgrounds
  • We need HUBS
  • We need GROUPS
  • We want LANDSCAPE View

Have you got anything to add to the list or do you feel that the start screen we'll all receive is a good improvement? Be sure to head on over to the "Possible Windows Phone 8 Start Screen Improvement(s)" to add your suggestions. 

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