Gameboy Pocket emulator for Windows Phone now available on the Marketplace [Video]

We first broke the news that the developer behind Blue Tomato (aka Sonic's Jewels, the Sega Master emulator) was wrapping up work on Purple Cherry.

Purple Cherry, in keeping up with generic, non-copyright infringing names, is the re-working on Wario's Jewels (WJ7), a Gameboy Pocket emulator that came out last year but was only homebrew i.e. you had to sideload it to your device. That prevented many of you from using it as you need a developer unlocked device to enjoy that feature.

While WJ7 was nice, it also lacked the finesse that Blue Tomato had like Skydrive support and that beautiful new UI. So the developer, BeGood1 Soft, reworked various aspects including improving the core emulator, giving reportedly much better performance during game plays across devices.

Overall, this looks to be a killer purchase if you like playing old school games on your phone, so it seems well worth the price of $1.29 should you choose to buy it after using the free trial.

(Note: For initial release, there is no sound. But like Blue Tomato, Purple Cherry will be getting sound emulation in the near future. Stay tuned as we'll keep you posted.)

Pick it up here in the Marketplace and let us know in comments if you like it or not.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • Not available in Sweden yet. D:
    It looks really nice though.
  • Can I play Pokemon red and blue on this? Lol that would spoo
  • So sell it for me lol I hit the send early
  • Looks awesome i miss the old days
  • Yeah, you can play Pokemon. But it's not out in the UK yet...
  • Spewing, not available in Australia yet, can't wait for it, is it even available outside of the U.S?
  • I've got it and it's damn good, my only minor dissapointment is that Super RC Pro-AM doesn't seem to work and it's one of my fave GB games.
    Apart from that minor gripe it's a great app and well worth my $1.29 :)
  • What the heck is a Gameboy Pocket emulator?
    I understand what a Gameboy emulator is, and then Nintendo added new hardware for the Gameboy Color, so that would need special emulator support, but AFAIK a Gameboy Pocket isn't functionally different from an original Gameboy.
  • Don't worry about it so much. Its just the app.
  • any one rember what was that black n white motocycle game?  where you had lOOPS and stuff? was my fav game as a kid on that gameboy
  • That'd be Excitebike ;-)
  • thats for nintento is it not  :P lol was also my fav nintendo game haha
    but was it also exitebike for GAMEBOY????  cause if yes! OMG im never gona buy an otehr XBL game ever! lol
  • Ah, my bad. Here ya go: Motocross Maniacs
  • OMG! YEEESS!!  Daniel sir , you are MY HERO!!!!
  • Both Purple Cherry and Blue Tomato are showing up in the phone's app list rather than inside the Games hub. Please fix this!!
  • Anybody know were to get more roms I got Pokemon but dats all I could find ND it took forever
  • Could you give me the links to get them, if you still happen to have them?
  • Went to download but its not available for my device?!? :(
    Maybe it hasn't hit UK marketplace yet... That, or it doesn't support HD7
  • Still not available in Poland. Anyway, looks great. Wish I can play Mario.
  • not available for my device either :-/
    HTC HD7 O2 UK
  • Still not available in uk, used to play choplifter loads on my gameboy and pro am!!;-)
  • Not in New Zealand marketplace yet either :(
  • down loading right now!!! sad wont let me buy it but i can download the trial ill try buying it latter but ill be playing with this quite a bit now =], also suggestions maybe bluetooth linking or something similer for trading pokemon and what not!!! =] just my $0.02
  • Still not in Australia :/
  • From the developers facebook page:
    "Ladies and Gentleman,  I'm afraid I make a mistake when I fill the certification form of the PurpleCherry app. In the country available I don't see that only US and Canada are selected by default. I've refilled the form with worldwide options but it's necessitate a new certifcation (it's an update then it'll be quickest than the first submission). I'm really sorry about this problem and I hope you'll be not too disapointed :/ "
  • I can't speak to the quality of the app at this point, but I can tell you that I own the last emu (Blue Tomato.. I love it, BTW), and have been checking daily to see if this one was in the marketplace yet.  Yesterday when I discovered it, I was tickled pink! I downloaded the trial, jumped onto my skydrive uploaded a few gb files, and later jumped on the emulator. SkyDrive was working great! EXCEPT for some reason it wasn't seeing my files. I made sure to delete the one PD game in the emulator to give myself a slot to upload a new game (Blue Tomato's trial only allows one file on the emu at a time). Still no files from Skydrive. I tried plain and zipped. Nothing. Finally I started digging into the description to see that the developer didn't allow SkyDrive downloads in the trial.. I have to provide a URL??!! Are you kidding me!! I had money in hand, but refuse to purchase sight unseen. I reviewed it down (which you can probably know by the profile names being the same), and will review it up if you fix this... (and will purchase, but it's too locked down). Could I work around this limitation.. probably, but it's a total pain in the butt!
  • Doesn't it cost like a dollar? I have never understood why people complain so much about apps "costing so much", relative to like anything else in your life its probably one of the cheapest things and ongoing purchases you can make.
    I can understand your point about a feature missing so that you couldn't fully test it out, but at the same time you could have tried it if you had just gone and got a url...or just paid the dollar and got it.
    Currently it just sounds like a massive first world problem, complaining about not having full features on the free version
  • I hear you.. I get it.. I might even trust that it's good. BUT I never buy without testing first.. maybe everyone else buys first and asks questions later.. I guess as a developer (of WP APPS), I understand all too well what the return policy is... And while, it's only $1.29, to buy, and find that it doesn't run anything I have because of some weird reason would mean I threw away $1.29. Again not a lot of money, but let me do enought times.. (and I have done it in the past).. We agree that we disagree.
  • I suppose I don't buy enough apps for it to matter if it doesn't turn out exactly as expected. But it can add up if doing it on a regular basis.
    I just didn't understand why you were so unhappy with the free app because of the limitation if what your purpose was is to test it out and see if you wanted to buy it (not to just use the free one only). The ability to easily get the roms on there is a nice feature and I can understand if being annoying getting left out, but it just seemed like from your description that you were still able to test it to find out what you wanted by using url's (though I suppose you are unable to see the skydrive integration if it is disabled on the free one)
    I dunno, on one hand it seems like this is one of the only ways to actually get people to buy apps but on the other it is limiting the ability to try the experience before you buy (though this is still the case for many other products in different markets so why do apps have to be the same?)
    not sure of an answer for that one, however i feel like when this app comes out in international markets the thing I will mostly want to test is frame rates and smoothness before buying
    god I am rambling and taking up alot of space...
  • Works just as well on the Samsung Focus as it does on the HTC Titan =D been playing Pokémon for hours upon hours...
  • So, where do we get the roms?
  • A simple Google search? Or should I say Bing, considering the site we are on.
  • Its out the market??