Tomb Raider owner Embracer loses $2 billion deal, shares plummet

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What you need to know

  • This week Embracer Group presented its quarterly earnings report for Q4, which includes January-March 2023.
  • A critical partnership valued at $2 billion fell through late Tuesday night.
  • Due to the fallout from the forfeited deal, Embracer Group has significantly cut its earnings forecast.

In recent years, Swedish company Embracer Group aggressively acquired an impressive arsenal of valuable IPs, including Lord of the Rings and Tomb Raider. While these investments previously demonstrated the company's trust in the trajectory of the video games industry, their latest quarterly earnings report has shaken investors' confidence.  

Embracer Group revealed it participated in negotiations for seven months with a noteworthy partner who was initially willing to invest $2 billion over the course of six years. According to the company, a verbal commitment was even established in October 2022. However, the evening before the earnings report, Embracer Group was informed that this strategic partnership "will not materialize." 

Because of these adverse financial developments, Embracer has lowered its adjusted earnings to $655-843 million, down from the original $964 million to $1.27 billion. CEO Lars Wingefors immediately set the unenthusiastic tone of the presentation by stating, "Today is a humbling morning." He went on to address the current climate of the industry and the various factors impacting Embracer Group.

"It has been a challenging year, adversely impacted by game delays, weaker consumer demand, and lackluster reception for certain notable releases," which include titles like Saints Row 2022. Embracer Group certainly isn't the only major player affected by economic uncertainty, as we've continued to see layoffs from Ubisoft, Xbox, EA, and other gargantuan publishers in gaming. Unfortunately, the disappointment from investors manifested in a 40% drop in the share price for Embracer Group.

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