Gay social network SCRUFF coming to Windows Phone. You can help Beta test.

It seems there isn’t a day or two that goes by without a popular app being announced or available for Windows Phone. Popular being a bit subjective in this case, but we still welcome apps that have high approval ratings for their iOS and Android counterparts to the Windows Phone Store. Scruff is currently looking for beta testers for their upcoming Windows Phone 8 application. Don’t worry, I just found out what Scruff is too - it's a popular social network in the gay community.

The social network seems to be fairly popular too. Scruff boasts over 4 million members in 180 countries on all 7 continents. Here is the official description from the company describing what Scruff is:

“What is a scruff guy? Scruff guys are many things: servicemen, firefighters, students, gamers, and designers just to name a few. Some scruff guys are bears, some scruff guys are jocks, some scruff guys are just guys.”

While you and I might not have a need for this app, it’s still awesome to see apps with a smaller marketshare making the jump from iOS to Android. Scruff coming is a good sign for the Windows Phone platform as a whole.

They are currently looking for users to beta test a Windows Phone 8 version of the app. If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining the Scruff community on Windows Phone follow this link. If they include comparable functionality to the iOS and Android apps you can expect to do things like:

  • Post your picture and profile details
  • Browse profiles of guys near you
  • Search for profiles near any global location
  • Rate guys you'd like to meet (We'll tell you if they'd like to meet you too!)
  • Woof at other SCRUFFers who catch your eye
  • Track who has Woofed and Viewed you
  • Add guys to your Friends list
  • Exchange text and picture messages
  • Receive push notification of new Woofs and messages
  • Check-in to your favorite place (and see who else is there!)

Scruff won’t be the first app for Windows Phone aimed at the gay community, there have been others like Bender.  But Scruff seems to have the advantage of being a bigger community. Maybe one of you guys can chime in and let us know how this compares to other apps like Grindr or Growlr.

PS. Keep it clean and respectful in the comments or we will break you.

Sam Sabri