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Gay social network SCRUFF coming to Windows Phone. You can help Beta test.

It seems there isn’t a day or two that goes by without a popular app being announced or available for Windows Phone. Popular being a bit subjective in this case, but we still welcome apps that have high approval ratings for their iOS and Android counterparts to the Windows Phone Store. Scruff is currently looking for beta testers for their upcoming Windows Phone 8 application. Don’t worry, I just found out what Scruff is too - it's a popular social network in the gay community.

The social network seems to be fairly popular too. Scruff boasts over 4 million members in 180 countries on all 7 continents. Here is the official description from the company describing what Scruff is:

“What is a scruff guy? Scruff guys are many things: servicemen, firefighters, students, gamers, and designers just to name a few. Some scruff guys are bears, some scruff guys are jocks, some scruff guys are just guys.”

While you and I might not have a need for this app, it’s still awesome to see apps with a smaller marketshare making the jump from iOS to Android. Scruff coming is a good sign for the Windows Phone platform as a whole.

They are currently looking for users to beta test a Windows Phone 8 version of the app. If you or anyone you know would be interested in joining the Scruff community on Windows Phone follow this link. If they include comparable functionality to the iOS and Android apps you can expect to do things like:

  • Post your picture and profile details
  • Browse profiles of guys near you
  • Search for profiles near any global location
  • Rate guys you'd like to meet (We'll tell you if they'd like to meet you too!)
  • Woof at other SCRUFFers who catch your eye
  • Track who has Woofed and Viewed you
  • Add guys to your Friends list
  • Exchange text and picture messages
  • Receive push notification of new Woofs and messages
  • Check-in to your favorite place (and see who else is there!)

Scruff won’t be the first app for Windows Phone aimed at the gay community, there have been others like Bender.  But Scruff seems to have the advantage of being a bigger community. Maybe one of you guys can chime in and let us know how this compares to other apps like Grindr or Growlr.

PS. Keep it clean and respectful in the comments or we will break you.

  • *poof* Hater disappeared.
  • Yay, finally we're getting some of the mainstream social apps!
  • LMAO
  • Bah ha
  • ROFL
  • Ohhhh Microsoft...
    Showing their true colors (rainbow)
  • I worked there for years, yes respecting and promoting everyone regardless of race, nationality, creed, religion, orientation or gender is their 'true colors'.  And we were damn proud of that fact.
  • +1 :-)
  • +10000
  • Made my day
  • Oh har de har har. If you're a gay man this IS mainstream and it's absolutely great to see the devs working on a WP version..
  • Exactly!
  • Yes, I would say! I didn't particularly miss Grindr or any social app when I switched from iPhone. Because to me overall experience of using WP is better and satisfactory than when I had iPhone with all those apps. But it is big deal for many of my friends. I'm glad finally a main stream social app shows some love to WP.  Grindr asked a third party to be pulled last year and said they are working on a app themselves. It's a shame they haven't delivered it yet. 
    And for haters, please respect people for what they are. We are all here for one reason - our love for WP. That's it. 
  • and love for penis.
  • L
  • Hmmm...
  • As a gay guy, this is actually a really popular app in the out community and getting popular. Glad to see it coming to Windows Phone.
  • I agree! Couldn't be happier
  • Fellow gay guy here. I won't be downloading the app, but I welcome it and I'm glad to see it coming to WP. These apps deserve their seedy reputation (Grindr moreso) but for those who try to use it to actually make friends and chat with nice people, they are quite effective tools for doing so. I'm happily attached, but think for a lot of gay people not having "mainstream" gay apps has been a dealbreaker keeping them on iOS and Android. For better *and* worse, those apps have become very important to much of the community. 
  • Same here. I have no need for something like this (Happily attached), but it's always nice to see our community get some attention. I would prefer it be apps that are a little more 'refined', but maybe if apps like this go well, we can get some more apps...
  • Agree :)
  • Yup, been expecting apps for our community for long time and has been holding back my switch. cant count on grindr it seems. it owuld be good if jackd join wp8 too!!
  • With all the waiting for instagram, we forgot about this social network
  • Straight developers! Are you seeing this?!
  • Lol I'm down to beta test ^_^
  • Us Gays can rejoice! :p
  • Sounds gay. (joke)
  • Not funny.
  • It is lol
  • It is funny. It's the truth (correct way to use that phrase in the context of this app review) while subtly slamming the pejorative usage. Whether the OP meant it or not, this is an example of refined humor.
  • He's not 'slamming' pejorative usage - he's using it as an insult loud and clear.
  • Agree
  • Pretty obvious that its meant as a pun. Its a gay app. Sounds gay. Get it? I'm gay and I get it and I laughed about it. Lighten up.
  • One of the things I miss when I use a Lumia 900... Need an ipod touch for that! ;-) It's a pretty cool app... It's nice to see apps like these coming to  WP platform,  so that WP can be "accepted" in the gay community, as for now I see it pretty heavily dominated by the iphones. 
  • I'm not gay, but I did go on a double date when the girl I was dating invited 2 gay guys along and they both had WPs I was really surprised. Not because they were gay but becuase they had Windows Phones (lol). So I figured it may be popular amongst gay people in my area. 
  • Yay for my my LGBT brother and sisters :)
  • Pretty much just for the brothers, but it's a start. There is no lesbian version of growlr/grindr/, not surprisingly.
  • I think the lesbian one would be called Scissr.
    If I didn't have a boyfriend, I'd definitely want this app.  But I definitely know people who would never consider WP if it didn't have an app like this.
  • Or maybe Muff
  • Anything that helps attracting more users to WP platform is a great news! Welcome guys.
  • Grindr, which is a loser, now can be as lazy and ios-y as it pleases.
  • ^This.
  • Yes, but it is still #1 by far :-(
  • Whatever floats your boat
  • Lol @ the disclaimer at the bottom. Every time I read a Sam Sabri article I usually think, "oh, you!" at least once, haha.
  • HAHA.. uweeeeee XD
  • Hey I am not gay but I am happy they are doing this, I don't discriminate.
  • So you ARE gay. Gay=Happy in dictionary.
  • ..... Lol
  • Great stuff. At last!
  • Lmao
  • Showing some love for the Windows Phone MOs. Love it.
  • Awesome! Been waiting for one of them to hop on board.
  • Anything to capture a wider audience is good overall for the platform.  This is a win!
  • No Pandora No instagram but hey we have scruff ....awesome
  • Not sure I want you on this site...
  • Lol!!
  • @Daniel, why? Because he has a different opinion than you? Because he doesn't approve of this new app? You can't expect everyone on here to jump up and down for this app. I could care less about Pandora and Instagram just as much as I care less about this app. I like seeing devs bringing their apps to the platform, but I don't care for all of them either.
  • No one expected everyone to get excited about this app, but that doesn't mean hatefulness, insensitivity, and/or trolling should be permitted. He doesn't approve of the app. Fine, no one's forcing him to download and use the app or comment on the article. He doesn't like gay guys? Fine, no one's forcing him to have sex with them or knowingly have any interaction with them. He wants to disparage gay guys because he's homophobic and not add anything of substance to the topic at hand? No thanks. I mean, according to his "opinion," no companies should make apps for WP until Pandora and Instagram decide they want to make apps.
  • How is he disparaging anyone? He's just frustrated that we don't have the much more popular social apps that pretty much everyone wants. I swear people look for reasons to be offended.
  • He had other posts that were deleted and it was very clear what his stance was on the subject. Regardless, you were apparently so offended that you didn't see the problem with the post you see of his. Again, from the opinion you see, would it be fine to you if he went to every article about apps that aren't Instagram and Pandora and spammed, "No Pandora No instagram but hey we have xxxxx ....awesome", "Waste of space", "Useless", etc.?
    I suspect his point is that we don't have the mainstream apps that we have all been waiting for. I'm pretty sure you'll find the user based of Instagram and Pandora is quite a bit larger than Scruff and has a much wider appeal just given the nature of the sites.
    What does a "small" company have to do with these popular companies' apps? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. As I implied before, it's utterly ridiculous to even indirectly imply that no other companies should make apps for WP until Pandora and Instagram make their apps. There's not one programmer making all the apps and he/she decided, "hmmm, I think I'll hold off on making Pandora and Instagram and make Scruff instead." Smaller companies and individuals not making apps doesn't increase the speed at which these popular companies work on their apps for WP, and neither does it decrease any apathy they might have towards WP. Having small companies make apps only helps increase the userbase even if only slightly, but these baby steps will eventually lead to WP being large enough to be noticed by these popular companies. So, why hate on them?
  • Well I'm glad your able to kinda understand my point but at the same time kinda not. I'm not implying only Pandora and instagram apps allowed but how quick junk apps like scruff( My opinion) make it to the store but apps that ms needs to convert aren't there once again my opinion
  • MS has nothing to do with the work ethic independent companies put into developing apps. The people at Scruff worked on the app enough to get it approved for beta testing or however that works. The people at Instagram apparently don't care about WP to put any rush into anything. The people at Pandora apparently don't care about WP to put any rush into anything. They are taking their sweet time to do other things or not do anything at all. Blame them. Not MS. Not Scruff. Not small-town mom and pop. Your disapproval and disappointment is completely misdirected.
  • Thank you.
  • I suspect his point is that we don't have the mainstream apps that we have all been waiting for.  I'm pretty sure you'll find the user based of Instagram and Pandora is quite a bit larger than Scruff and has a much wider appeal just given the nature of the sites.
  • Why not? all my post are my opinion good or bad honestly mostly good I've gone on a rant about how sweet wp8and my l920 is but If I'm crabby about something oh well I'll get over it I paid for this app I bought a WP I pay my att bill .im not being rude nor did I ever mention anything anti gay
  • Big Gay Al would approve
  • I thought Big Gay Al was already in a relationship with Mr. Slave.
  • Sounds like its popular amongst the gay scene. Good news for WP.
  • "search for profiles near any global location"
    I'm pretty sure they should call this feature gaydar.
  • Maybe I should try it... just in the interest of... you know... helping the developers... and, uh...  supporting the platform...
  • +1
  • Hahaha :D
  • Lol I never really used it on my iPhone. Maybe have to change that to support. Plus who knows... :P
  • I used Bender and GuySpy, liked the look of GuySpy better but got more responses on Bender. The bit kahuna, though, is Grindr.
  • Done and done! Sign me up SCOTTY!!!...where is scotty ;)
  • "search for profiles near any global location"
    I'm pretty sure they should call this feature gaydar.
  • As a gay man, I endorse this suggestion.
  • I would also endorse it!
  • Gaydar is a popular gay dating website in UK - so this is not a new suggestion.
  • What a waste of valuable WPCentral space.
  • Yes, your comments are quite the waste of space. I think maybe you mean the space between your ears.
  • I emailed tbonenga and warned him on his posts. If he keeps it up, he knows the consequences.
  • Thanks Daniel.
  • Thanks
  • No. It's not a waste of space here on Windows Phone Central. We're excited when apps join the Store and can help the platform grow. Just because an app doesn't appeal to you doesn't mean it's unwelcomed. I'm sure all our readers in the LGBT community are thrilled to see apps like this. 
  • Depends on why you think its a waste of space. If its the gay thing, guess what? Gays have this thing called money and Microsoft (any company) loves money so you're gonna lose that battle.
  • Good news for WP because we need all the popular apps we can get, and diversity in the store is what's really going to push us forward. I love news like this!
  • Wow, the amount of homophobic jokes is off the chart. :-/
  • Hopefully we won't be waiting too long for the beta app link in the store... Scruff is very popular, almost as popular as Grindr. It's a much better app than Grindr (Grindr are so slow and it's buggy. Were supposed to release a major update six months ago!!). So this is great news.
  • The problem with Scruff is that it has defined itself as an app for bears (at least in the beginning) - so a lot of younger and/or fitter guys ignore it and use only Grindr...
  • True. Grindr is supposed to be developing... For the last year... They're so f-ing lazy...
  • They are working on version 2.0 - which is supposed to fix occasional network slowdowns and one hopes also to introduce Windows Phone support :)
  • exactly, too bad most of the users around my area are bears, but i do notice a better mix elsewhere.
  • These so-called "jokes" are ridiculously puerile and unnecessary. One would think that the number of juvenile idiots would decrease as time goes on. Meh. I'm glad to see things like this. Scruff seems to have a large user base and will only benefit the platform. If you don't like the target audience or don't belong to the demographic, don't download it. Otherwise, keep your infantile comments to yourself.
  • +1
  • Yup. And multiple offenses in the same thread/article always make me go, "The lady doth protest too much, methinks."
  • this
  • I was wondering how stupid these comments would get
  • We're cleaning up the offensive ones. It's a shame people can't be open minded and happy for other people even if they don't see eye to eye. The least they can do is be respectful. 
  • Its good to see more apps transfer over to WP. I don't get why people have to be so negative about orientation, everyone is entitled to there own preference. I guess those homophobes are just insecure of themselves.
    "Woof at other SCRUFFers who catch your eye"
    "Track who has Woofed and Viewed you" This made me LOL! As for the App itself, I have a good friend who will be thrilled to know about it. We were talking the other day and he was complaining about the lack of Apps in WP (surprise!).
    He complained about something called "manhut" not developing an App for WP so I guess this alternative may please him.
    Now, I wonder how will Microsoft deal with these kinds of App showing up. As I understand it, at Redmond (like Apple) they're not very fond of allowing Adult Apps in the Stores (in contrast with Google)
  • Your profile pic must be approved first beore its on display to other users.  If scruff is like bendr and allows multiple pics, then it would probably have some system where any explicit pictures are set private and cannot be displayed publicly to every users (but they will know you have private picture but cannot see what they are without your persmission) or those pictures aren't allowed at all.
    Either way a picture could be shared via the messaging portion of the application and there are no restrictions there...just like if you were to share a pic via whatsapp.
  • In addition to what you said, users must be 18 years old. 
  • Hmm I see. Thanks for the explanation! That sounds a sensible solution indeed. Well, let's hope they follow that path with more adult apps in the Store. Keeping it kids-friendly is understandable but too friendly may end up turning WP into a kids phone. And I guess none of us wants that.
  • Staying too kid-friendly will lead down the same path to poor sales that Nintendo was on for a long time.
  • To be honest if MSFT were to have an issue with an app like this I will have a major issue with them..
  • Why, do you have an issue when all movies are not rated R? Microsoft could put a cap on a certain ratings app if they wanted to. E.g. They may not allow a tube8 app on WP or W8.
  • But there's the thing. What's the point of prohibiting such Apps? You can access all those sites through IE on the phone anyway. So why not allow an App?
    And if they are concerned about the children (which I understand) why not make those App mandatorily paid? That way a parent can easily prevent the child from buying it by not giving them a credit card to use. Prohibiting adult apps plain and simple is just stupid and bad business.  Though we have to admit, Apple is far worse. I, for example, have on my Lumia a fun little harmless app called "iKamasutra". That App is also available on Android and Apple. Well. WAS also available on the iPhone. Because Apple decided to make so much demands on the App (no anatomical definition, no hair colours etc etc) that the company was finding hard to comply. And when they did, Apple simply said they wouldn't allow it back on the iPhone Store.
    Microsoft had no beef with it. However, if they decided to create a controlled environment on the WP that allowed adult Apps, I see no reason why they shouldn't allow it. It would only benefit the range of Apps.
  • The same men who trash talk gays on this way are the first ones watching lesbian porn. Hypocrite much?
  • Nope....two hot chicks is something many men included
  • While that may be true, lesbians are still gay by orientation, so jkercado has a point.
  • Exactly. To the haters, if gay = wrong, then it should always be wrong, else, shut your trap and don't be a hypocrite. I saw all the scorn with which my brother was treated for being gay, or at the minimum, treated like damaged goods. I have no tolerance for this bullcrap holier-than-thou manly man attitude.
  • Girls may dig watching Gay men. This only shows the men watching lesbians and girls watching gay men are very "straight".
  • They may be straight sure, but it doesn't absolve them of hypocrisy. Most homophobes point to homosexuality as being evil, unnatural, or something along those lines to justify their hatred. To condone homosexuality in the opposite sex just because it has the potential to lead to some "hot' scenarios still means your a hypocrite for enjoying such an "evil" act.
  • Terrific point!
  • This pleases me.
  • Mwa ha ha ha. I got that!
  • Lol
  • I don't use either Grindr or Scruff, but if I were to, I would prefer Scruff. I may apply to beta test just to help increase the demand for the app.
    I actually know more gay people with WP than straight people (although, it may not be that strange since I'm gay).  Honestly, the best advertising of my phone is using it to pay at Starbucks, showing it to friends, and posting screenshots of my WP8 on Facebook.  If I am able to get in on the beta, I'll probably post a FB update of a screenshot with the Scruff app tile.  
  • Good idea erasure25. Scruff posted a photo of their app running on a (yellow?) HTC 8X last December. This app coming is good, it's a popular one that is made well.
  • Good! More apps to come along!
  • This is so gay. Sorry, couldn't help myself.
  • Chick FilA app coming soon to complement Scruff?
  • Fila app?
  • i was told there would be cake. 
  • Yes, with beef! :-P
  • The cake as a lie ;)
    on topic: glad there are coming some gay community apps to the wp platform
  • I signed up for beta :D
  • Oh, this is cool.  Perhaps competitors will follow suit.
  • Finally!
    What a pity Grindr doesn't care about WP devices 
  • I know, I wrote to Grindr a few months ago re: WP8 app and they told me to follow their FB page. huh?!
  • True! :)
  • Excellent
  • Enough of the raunchy jokes, all the bigotry, talking about "GOD" where the hell did that come from? Let me be the stand up guy that I am and turn this in the right direction. . . I like turtles.
  • Anything to help the platform grow more :)
  • I can never understand gay people, why would you want to fall in love with a gorilla? Women's skin is so soft and tender. Anyway..
  • baby seals are softer!
  • Lucky for men that women are into gorillas... some women anyways.
  • sheeps wool are fluffy and soft to cuddle with too!
  • I sure hope you're not a gorilla then otherwise women will never want to touch you.
  • Its not your job to understand why people what to do what they want to do. Just worry about yourself.
  • Uh, lesbian one? The world doesn't only have guy homosexuals, you know..
  • I've never heard of a lesbian dating/hook-up app on *any* platform.  A WP8 app would be a first!
  • "While you and I might not have a need for this app..."
    You don't, but I, as a gay reader, do. I enjoy you guys but please don't write divisive language. You have a lot of LGBT readers. :) Please don't assume everyone that reads this is straight.
  • No offense meant Candide yams! We don't assume everyone that reads this site is straight, which is why we wanted to share it with the community. You won't find many other Windows Phone sites that would share this. We love all our (nice) readers. 
  • I think it's only divisive when you write the "you" part of the statement. Writing that you don't need the app is one thing but identifying that the audience might not need it implies that the article, possibly even the site, isn't intended for the lgbt readers. As a gay man I most certainly know this isn't the case, but wording can easily ruffle feathers especially when its rare to see such articles. I'm pretty happy to see you guys headline a gay app btw. You see the forest beyond the tree. :D
  • I don't know if there were many unpleasant resposes cleaned up, but I have to say that the times have really changed for better in the last couple of years. Much less ofensive and discriminatory posts on subject. Wellcoming more tolerance for sure. We really, as a sociaty need it.
    Streight guy
  • So, WP is for everyone & anyone, indeed :)
  • i had no idea so many users here were gay...crazyyy..   but good none the less.. however i will have to opt out of beta testing as i am crazy good looking :P
  • ^This. Lol
  • Just want to thank the moderators for doing such a great job keeping this site civil!
  • Very happy about this. Been missing a few apps since switching.
  • This is great news for growing the platform AND for gay WP users. (Nice to see some exist!) I've been able to switch both my parents and brother over to the awesomeness that is WP but have struggled with my gay friends. They all think my red 920 is sexy as hell and really want to get a Lumia until they ask about Grinder/Scruff and it really is a deal breaker, as other apps/mobile sites are really subpar. Not to overstate it, but this is a definite selling point for WP to the gay community. And I've heard a lot of good things about Scruff recently in comparison to Grindr from the I-gays.
    Can't wait to beta test.
  • What's a bear and isn't a grinder a sandwich on the coast? Oh, you crazy kids and your slang, cd players and hoola hoops.
  • Thrilled to see so many users in favor of this app! Scruff should be commended. After all it's a niche market, within a niche market... But I guess when you're underdog [in this case to Grindr] you go for whatever market you can, right? Personally I won't be using the app but just glad to see official support!
  • Scruff boasts over 4 million members in 180 countries on all 7 continents.
    Maybe the bigger news is that there are gay guys living in Antarctica. I guess it makes sense with all the penguins hanging around down there. Go Tux and Flipper!
  • Weird right? When I wrote that I just thought of the research stations...and I mean hey, because anything can happen when two people share a cell, 'cos. (please someone get this AD reference)
  • I think this is a bit weird... Why are there articles being made about such small social networking website bringing apps... When Vkontakte launched their app there was no news at all, while Vkontakte is much bigger than this social networks site.
  • Well, perhaps if VKontakte would be known internationally - then it would be noticed. And Scruff is international network.
  • What's vkontakte?
  • If you think it's newsworthy, tip WPCentral off on it. They're not omniscient... yet.
  • Thanks for sharing, I've never heard of Vkontakte before and will check it out. 
  • This is AWESOME NEWS !!!
    sooo many guys are using this application and were not buying it becoz of lack of scruff and grindr! So we r one step forward now! and im sure many guys will be byin Windows Phone now!
    and for those who are skeptical
    havin millions of guys buying a windows phone bcoz of such apps will make more developers interested in Windows platform ;)  Instagram is one exemple!
  • Was kind of hoping to see support for Windows Phone 7.x too...
  • Great news, but what about WP 7.X ??
  • I'm not gay but I'm willing to take one for the team if it helps the platform. Sign me up.
  • Thats the spirit! hehe