GDR2 shows up on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 update history page

The past few days have seen a flurry of news hit our front page. The Lumia 925 was announced for T-Mobile and the Nokia Lumia 1020 was officially revealed to the citizens of earth. It’s a glorious device with 41 million pixels at your disposal. So let’s switch it up and give you guys some news about all your “old” devices, the ones you’re currently holding or in your pocket. GDR2 could be coming sooner than you think.

GDR2 is the next operating system update we’re looking forward to in the Windows Phone world. Followed by GDR3 and Blue. Microsoft has posted some new info on their Windows Phone 8 update history page, which happens to detail some history that hasn’t really happened for anyone yet. Windows Phone update 8.0.10327.77 (or 8.0.10328.78 depending on your phone model and mobile operator) will include the following:

Xbox Music

It's now easier to select, download, and pin music. Plus, music fans will see more accurate metadata (such as song and album information) and many other performance improvements.

FM radio

Listen to FM radio right from the Music+Videos hub. (Not available for all phones.)

Data Sense

Stay on top of your phone's data usage with Data Sense. You can set a limit based on your data plan, or just keep track of which apps use the most data. (Not all mobile operators offer Data Sense.)


Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) apps like Lync and Skype now feature improved stability and performance.

Internet Explorer

Your web browsing experience is now better than ever with improved HTML 5 compatibility.


Set your favorite Lens so it opens automatically when you press the camera button. (Not available for all phones.)

Other improvements

Includes many other improvements to Windows Phone.

These changes while small, should help alleviate and improve the experience on Windows Phone. Also, the fact that they’re listed on the Windows Phone 8 update history page reveals they might be coming sooner than we think.

Thanks for the tip Stormtrooper 11

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Sam Sabri
  • I wouldn't be surprised to see it hit about the same time as the 1020 at this point for most users.  AT&T would be smart to be proactive on this after the way Elop saved their face today.
  • That would be best. I'm guessing you're right, within a couple of weeks of the 1020, probably. Mainly due to carrier delay.
  • He sure took that bullet like a champ.  I was shocked.
  • +1
  • After that i'm pretty sure the went (Elop calling De la Vega) into  a meeting. Since both were there. Mr. Elop is a great professional .He handle the question like a champion ,no doubt on that.But that is the true ;AT&T is not committed the way they should
  • Elop was great. The question was great also because it is so true.
  • He had a bit of a smirk on his face while he was pondering his words. 
  • What are we talking about, here?
  • At the end of the press event during questions a bad as female reporter from Forbes ripped a hole in at&t's ass.. She threw everyone off guard by calling out the actions of att store reps.. She said that att has done a horrible job with WP because they have not forced their store reps to push the devices, rather they turn customers away to iDroid devices.. When she said it the other reporters started clapping, which was IMO one of the best moments in WP history.. Elop, thrown off, had to quickly go into damage control mode, and his rebuttal was very good. Nevertheless, the message was clear and Ralph ran off stage crying like a upset 16 year old girl running out a auditorium at a high school dance.. So, now we feel that those biased store reps are finally going to get theirs.. Their ass is grass now.. Lol❕❗❕❗❗.. I ♥ it❕
  • So much talk about the keynote! Darn it, I missed it. Wonder when it'll be uploaded for offline viewing.
  • Full Conference with Q&A
    I too was taken aback how calmly Elop took that hit, Ralph must have been thanking his lucky stars that he was not on stage during the Q & A lol.
  • Awesome, thanks! Love this community.
  • I was at work...what happened about Elop?
  • +1
  • I didn't catch the keynote.  How far in was this bullet Elop took?  I need to hear it!!!
  • In the Q&A - Joan Lappin - threw AT&T under the bus. "AT&T a dreadful partner" at 1:03:20 in the youtube video. Elop handles it beautifully, AT&T owes him a dinner at Mendy's.
  • She was so dead on with the question and her description of AT&T as a partner.  In the stores I went to, I knew more about the L920 than the salespeople - just from doing research online.  They had no idea how to answer even the simplest questions that I had - regarding some of the basic operations of the device.  It really was pathetic, because the answer to one of those questions would be the deciding factor in my purchase decision.  I finally went to a store in another city and a salesperson there answered the question for me.  I purchased the phone, and I'm really glad I did.  I really love the device.  It's not perfect but I'm happier with it than any other smartphone I've ever owned - after 6 months.  Usually by this point, I'm beginning to get some resentments built up about some quirky bug or another.
  • Its towards to end, last question in the Q&A asked by regarding AT&Ts lack of knowledge and inability to push the device. I think its at like 1:03:20 where she starts to ask. Edit: looks like I was beaten to your response and didn't read past your question. LOL
  • Shortcut to her question :)
  • Elop is really a great speaker. He knows what he's going to say before he says it, and he never seems to have to pause with an "Um" or "Uh". Great public face for WP.
  • Very true.  But its also important to note that his answers are actial relavent to the question and contain information.  A lot of politicians know how to answer questions smoothly with no pauses, but they are usually complete BS off topic sound bytes.
  • he can spout good answers all he wants but nothing can remove the truth that ATT is a "dreadful partner"
    ...and she was putting it mildly
  • IDK, considering that we haven't gotten Amber yet, but the 925 has, I'd imagine it will be a similar matter with GDR2. The 1020 might come with it, but the plebians will have to wait.
  • GDR2 and Amber are part of the same package. Gdr2 is the os update while amber is Nokia's value addition to it.
  • The fact that they're addressing two of my biggest gripes with the os is great. Better html5 in ie and any improvement to Xbox music are every welcome additions and will make me love my 920 even more :)
  • I have to agree; however, there are still many improvements that people are really wanting to see.  I think everyone is really holding their breath for Blue.
  • Do you know what differences the HTML 5 changes will make?
  • Agreed. I also like the camera improvements coming. Imagine the Instagram freaks being able to launch Instance by camera button? One more reason why WP is designed for us.
    As for Xbox improvements... I just want to be able to play my music (not one single song of which is DRM protected) to play without an error message.
  • YES @GoodThings2Life!!! That effin messages drives me to drink!!  The ONLY solution I can get to work around it is to delete the song and then redownload it FROM the phone.  Sometimes the phone will say "In Collection" and then only offer to let me buy a song that I've already bought or have access to with my Pass account.  In that case, I have to put the song on my phone from the computer and then delete it and then redownload it FROM the phone.  HUGE pain in the butt.
  • Lumia 920 was launched in my country few months back and now device is "OLD" Lolz the techonology damn you. 
  • But it's still very awesome device that you and me both have, aren't it? :)
  • Yes it are.
  • LOL
  • It is not that old. Also pciture wise it still takes awesome pictures.
  • I hope this update sorts out the Push Notifications issues some of us are experiencing. I just update skype will see if this has any effect on the notifications. They have been quite bad the last week
  • Yeah indeed. And it is weird because push on WP8 works really great, but not on Skype and other certain apps (like Whatsapp, for god sake). But why would an software update improve push for Skype (which is a downloadable app) specially? We will see...
  • As I understand, push notifications are pushed to the device by windows and not the app i.e. the app lets the notification centre know and that pushes it to the  phone in question. Maybe the notification centre is not able to push updates from 3rd party apps. Or maybe microsoft has not provided 3rd party apps an efficient way to let the notification centre know when a push is needed
  • No, that's not the case because many other apps handles push just fine. And since Skype is from Microsoft I think it is really weird that is so unstable.
  • Its not from Microsoft, they just own it as basically the Skype team move under Microsoft management/ownership. Do you or anyone really think the would neglect the millions of subscribers on Android/Apple to focus solely on new WP users? Its a fine juggling act to maintain existing user base and also gain new users at the same time. I'll be patient
  • It's a VOIP improvement so apps like Skype will be working better (as other applications that use VOIP will too) by the way; third party Skype? Microsoft is the owner of Skype.......
  • Ah of course, that makes sense :)
  • Push notifications "work" horrible on my WP8... particularly Facebook, but also Skype, Voxer and instance (they've never worked, could be the app).
    In fact, the only notifications I get steadily are from Words with Friends. LOL (that's a sad lol, btw)
  • That's not true. I think it is app related because Facebook, whatsapp and instance indeed have terrible push services, but that is something the developers of the app have to fix. All other apps, like wpcentral, regenmeter (rain checker, roughly translated) and even swapchat are working well... But maybe it is not very simple for developers to make it stable and it could be the fault of the OS, so I really hope they're going to fix it :P
  • Issue is not the Apps, it is something within the Operating System, people on Android, IOS, BB and symbian are able to get notifications from the likes of WhatsApp, Skype etc without issues. Push Notifications of WP7 and WP8 have been misbehaving for a while and there is just too many people complaining about them. Microosoft needs to send us a patch to correct the Push settings
  • But you said it yourself, it is there since wp7. So it isn't going to be fixed soon. And the fact it is Microsoft who has to fix this, and microsoft isn't that quick with fixing things (other storage bug). And wp8 (in comparison to wp7) is really unstable. I hope they fix all these things in GDR3!
  • here is the update for WhatsAppInitiate voice calls from within the app
 Background API allows you to play music New smileys Fixed notifications for users Users can now see smileys on the double wide tile Fast resume (If the app is open and you click on the incoming notification it opens as fast as on Android) On start-up, it now asks if you want to back up your chat history. You can also do this through settings. Large images shown  
  • When?
    Does new music app update allows you to search ? It is very cumbersome if you have link 50 songs starting with A and you have to scroll down to search one. 
  • I have more than 200 songs starts with A....
  • I have over 400... so there.
  • Why the f*ck don't those twats at Microsoft release Data Sense for all phones and keep leaving it to the carriers?!
    God, I miss Nokia Counters...
  • +1
  • Yea im also fukn pissed all they could have done is give the app side but yet agian ms screws us all the fuckn way -.-
  • Less of the f*ck*ng language. Just cos its on the internet doesn't mean you don't need to show some god damned f*ck*ng respect. And breathe....
  • Oh please Internet = 18+ my friend
  • Then what are you doing here?
  • Hahaha fail im actually 18 going for 19
  • That's like asking why all WP8 don't get visual voicemail - because it needs carrier-side implementation. 
  • Who says data sense is all carrier i bet 5 bucks there is only carrier control for compression so fck u !!
  • Oh look - it's a tough guy. How cute. 
  • So u dont care about basic functionality??
  • I don't care about children on forums throwing tantrums and saying, "fck u !!" 
  • Ag fok off man
  • Sure thing, kiddo. 
  • Kiddo my ass
  • Why do you want to cause drama? Can't you just ask you question or make your point without attacking people or littering the joint with curse words?
  • Its only way u people understand
  • (Nevermind.)
  • Actually, it make "we people" not really pay attention to what you're saying.
  • I wonder if it supports shared data plans and the balance includes other phones? That would be one reason...
  • Exactly, Visual Voicemail app on Verizon's WP8 devices stinks, Why can't they use the built in feature in Wp8 like they should ? Do I really need ANOTHER tile for something that should be built into the current tiles ?
    I've asked a few times about it and kind of just told "that is the way it is" with no detail...
    Verizon's WP side sucks with WP8, No group messaging and the crappy Visual voicemail app.. Wish they would work with Microsoft and FIX the problems once and for all..
  • Every carrier gets its own special something, it's just the way it works.
  • So fck basic features?? Is tht what you saying?
  • Data Sense was announced as a key feature of WP8. Not a Nokia feature, not a carrier feature, not a country feature. A OS feature. Therefore there's absolutely no reason to not have it on board since day 1
  • +1
  • Well except the compression thts carrier but the rest of the functions are not
  • Microsoft can atleast give us the app side
  • You do realize that, without proper support from the carrier (so the app knows about compression and shared data plans), the app cant provide accurate data usage stats.
    Creating the potential for misinformation is far, FAR worse than no information at all. What Microsoft is doing makes sense: customers on carriers that provide the required data get DataSense, carriers who's carriers don't provide the required data aren't given a potentially misleading app.
  • So i should not get a basic feature ? All i want is a warning telling me tht im using a mb thts all i want there is absolutely no need for carriers in order for such a function to work!!!!!!!!!
  • Not trying to rain on your parade, but unfortunately the carriers have s lot of influence on this matter and it does suck, but unless you and many others are willing to leave that carrier, you'll just have to wait
  • I think the Data Sense problem is the Carrier's choice to no support it. Cause here in Paraguay, it Works on the Lumia 920 and other model outs of the box, eventhough these are the first WP ever sold in here. I don't see them having a special infrastructure actually to make it work, so blame AT&t maybe for not letting you use it.
  • Well only compression is carrier but the rest can be given
  • Broken record much?
  • Yes i know but my points are valid so suck it
  • The carrier needs to support it so it can show you what the carrier thinks your data usage is. Some data usage does not count against your cap, like downloading visual voicemail messages, etc.
  • Wat ?? From what ive seen its mostly non carrier. If u saw the video of the 925 it shows tht u have to enter ur cap tht u get every month thts not carrier !!;!!!!;;!!!;!!!!!
  • I'm not on AT&T. I'm not even American. I'm in Europe. Here we buy our phones off-contract. I bought mine at normal sale price in January. It does NOT have Data Sense. And there is absolutely NO reason whatsoever for it. Microsoft simply didn't released it to everyone and now uses the carriers and the compressions etc as excuse.
    Really? Data Sense doesn't do much more than Nokia Counters on WP7 does. Yet they can provice a Data sensor in WP7 and can't in WP8? Really?
  • Amen to tht ;)
  • Still hoping it's coming Monday (the 15th). It's even showing on the Dutch site, so I think it is indeed coming earlier then we think!
  • How about the grey photo album cover bug :|
  • Never heard of that
  • Search for it. Pretty common.
  • Yeah, it happens to me too. Pretty ugly. It's when the XBOX Music Live tile refuses to display the playing artist album cover, even though there is a proper album cover in place. 
  • Man, I hate that... Just so ugly and inconsistent...
  • What about data sense
  • So can someone with a Lumia 925 explain to me what is the "Xbox Music Improviments"???
    And, they finally fixed the Others bug???
  • I hope they solved the track-to-track skipping performance, as it's slower on my 920 than it was on my good old samsung focus. Also bluetooth can crash when streaming audio.
  • Bet the syncing is still a mare :(
  • Maybe, think it was a pinto, possibly a mustang.
  • Don't be such a foal!
  • I really hope xbox music is going to be much much better
    really like the favourite lense feature
  • Damn the next wpc podcast will be long much to talk for you guys :D
  • If they ever do one.
  • Get to work Verizon
    and if this comes out without the group messaging restored I feel bad for the CSR who's going to be taking my call
  • I hope this update came through Verizon as fast as the last one!
  • +1
  • How fast was that? I think I got my phone after the first update. How long did it take compared to other carriers?
  • If I remember right it was a few days.
  • Sweet. I would have expected Verizon to be extra slow with releasing WP updates.
  • Which is why I HOPE their speedy with this one!
  • I do not see any improvements in the xbox music app except for the Radio on my Lumia 925. Anyone know what the changes are? 
  • Do you have album art? Are all the songs from one artist under that artist's name? Does your music just play when you click play, without protesting that the file type is unsupported, even though it is supported and it will work after clicking play again? Are you able to upload podcasts from the desktop sync app AND download podcasts OTA from the music store on the same phone? Do your podcasts synced from your desktop have album art? If so, lots of the Xbox Music bugs have been fixed. If not, that sucks. They need to fix it!
  • GDR2 where
  • About time we moved past the old news of the NL1020. :D
  • +1
  • What about the Other Storage bug ?? Any news ??
  • I really don't know either, no one knows actually. I really thought they would say something about it, but the only thing that was said by microsoft is the tweet from Joey Belfiore with the message that there will be a fix coming. But that was months ago...
  • I hope other improvements was literal :)
  • Seriously... this is ridiculous!
  • I really hope It's coming too. My phone is literally eating my memory. I had 900 mb and from 1 hour to another the memory just dropped to the 400 mb without me doing anything. It's really annoying.
  • Yep. 820 still useless till this day.
  • This! That's so annoying 'cause I only have 300Mb memory left.. The others storage takes over 3Gb!! That everything goes to "media" but I have no idea what "media" it is since I have only 0,5Gb music, videos and pics. Even the memory sd card doesn't work so this phone is going to take some repair
  • that "shrink storage" app does actually work, does not clear up all of it but, it acutally does work. On my HTC 8X when I had it, I had a 5gb "other" it cleaned it up to 2.3gb....
  • I hope MS would put some call/sms blocking tech for windows phone soon with future updates/upgrades we're so defenseless against unwanted callers/messengers...
  • ahh i hate that.. I've been getting spam from pizza hut, maida grill, insurance, ppi claims.. even automated phone calls! wth i've been ex-directory ever since i got my O2 contract. That was the first thing i asked for and in the past 2 months there has been a huge spike.. its like harrassment.. random messages at 3 am at night. Last one was 3 nights ago bloody annoying.
  • I have call blocking on my Windows Phone.
  • I don't think so.
  • This is a Samsung, yes that company who don't support their phones, specific feature not a WP feature!!
  • I'd love to be wrong, but I don't think that you do.
  • You are wrong, Samsung included call blocking on the ATIV S. Look at that, a manufacturer that added a feature no one else has and then they get flack about no support!!!!
  • That's good.. As it would be useful for u, imo. How about sms..? A version of L920 has this too, but it's carrier locked. Meaning u have to use it w/ some chinese cellular provider for it to work. But Microsoft is the key here, it should come from them, so all OEMs would have access to such features. Huawei, HTC, Nokia, Samsung etc. If they have so many else to do, why not just open it up for devs and let them do their thing, right.? Back in my Android days I have Kaspersky Mobile Security for such features needed.
  • That's the only thing it doesn't have is SMS blocking but thankfully I don't get much in the way of spam SMS messages.
  • Wait...Samsung has this? Oh...the FRAGMENTATION...the EXCLUSIVE...I'm going to back to my iDroid! /s :)
  • LOLz.. :D
  • ^this
  • I want custom SMS tones!
  • ME TOO! I've been waiting to put Morse Code that says "SMS" on mine! Sorry that's what happens when you mix former military with nerd! :)
  • Now that I would enjoy. Not many know it now -a- days but if you sail or if you ham it's a must know how..
  • Wtf Microsoft better release app side of data sense !!!!!!!
  • dude give it up already, you made you point, stop spamming the thread witrh the same comment. They wont read this and this oh he really needs it lets stop everything and add it.
  • So carriers have the option of screwing -_- us Nokia counters needed
  • Funny that its taken months to get these tiny updates. Holding Nokia back with their snail's pace of updates.
  • I can't believe we won't be getting data sense -.-
  • Why so many comments? couldn't you of said it all in one comment?
  • To spread hate !!!
  • Why aren't u pissed ?? Data sense should already have been in our phones -_-
  • I wouldn't use it personally, but even if i was annoyed at MS i wouldn't hate them.
  • Well im not rich so tht means i need to check my data consumption
  • If you're so poor and angry, why don't you switch providers? Like maybe to T-Mobile perhaps? Unlimited data? $30/mo? Cheaper? No? Stop the immaturity, please. Anger lowers your IQ anyway, so it doesn't help to be angry all the time when trying to logic out situations.
  • Im not even in America wow and u say my iq is low
  • No, that is not what I said. My original inquiry stands. Why don't you try switching to a less expensive carrier?
  • It is on my phone, blame your carrier. Go to their site and rant on...
  • Who's not getting data sense? How do you know? I haven't seen anything specific about who will and won't yet...
  • Well when i connect the dots it seems i could be right
  • The dots connected in these comments only point to you being a complete and utter fucking crybaby.
  • No 7.5 support no care. /sarcasm
  • 7.8 ever heard of it ??
  • You obviously missed the sarcasm
  • Lol sory :P
  • youre immature, and i would like for you to think more  before you post
  • Heard of it... yes. Actually seen it... nope. Out of all 7.5 phones which ones actually received the update?
  • I know the Lumia 900 and Dell Venue Pro have it.
  • i want radio in L620, i love my Design L620..
  • It's not part of the phone's hardware so there's nothing that can be done about that. 
  • actually it has fm radio, just do some why they don't want to turn it on 620 aswell? that's a mistery...
  • But will there be custom notification tones that is the real question
  • No.
  • Ok cool but what's the efin point! give us a release date! This is the dame crap Android do!
  • +920
  • Improved HTML support in Internet Explorer? I wonder what version of IE are we talking about? 11 looks to early. 10.1? 10.5?
  • Well html 5 score on IE11 is not very promising 355 i mean really it needs to be at 400 -_-
  • This improvement is just a gimmick
  • This sounds great. I'm looking forward to it... Now they just need to add XBox Video and I'll be really happy.
  • THIS!
  • +920
  • Omg jes!! Need Xbox Video.
  • Do you think I will be waiting long for Vodafone Ireland to release it as I'm still on 1249, I rang them and they're not helpful at all!!
  • You should be on Meteor/eMobile, better coverage, cheaper tariff's and best of all, updates that are not delayed or forgotten about. ;-)
    By the way we are on 1308. :)
  • I sure freaking hope that it's coming sooner that we think! It's kinda like the meatloaf... MA! WE WANT IT NOW!!
  • The GDR2 update release will be useless without a fix to the "Other" Storage bug. This bug makes the phone USELESS. Well, maybe to only make phone calls.
  • Man, that's freaking WEIRD... but I'm able to use my phone just fine. I'm just more selective about my apps and storage.
    Not denying the issue, just saying stop making a mole hill into a mountain.
  • The size of the hill would depend on your phone. The 8S with only 4gb would be almost useless. The 521 with 8gb requires selectiveness. My 920, I hardly notice it.
  • On a HTC 8x, when you're under 900mb of space left, the phone is starting to become really buggy and laggy. Really weird...
  • I notice the 521 gets laggy when it's low on space too
  • My htc 8x is literally eating my memory, i had 900 mb, i didn't installed anything and the memory just dropped to 400 mb. I just don't understand this.
  • 4.14GB in my mother's 16GB 8X is hardly making a mole hill into a mountain.
    And now that's on 16GB devices. On an 8GB device 4.14GB would be ~66% of the user storage.
  • Other Storage 4GB
    System 2GB
    Essential apps (Whatsapp etc) installed
    ZERO Games
    Media all in SD. Have less than 800MB left and can't even buy one major game. 
    Need to be careful with updates. etc etc. My gf's 820 is a dumbphone now. That's just me btw. Some people are reporting Other Storage racking up at 8-10GB.  But again my 920 hardly noticed this problem after I turned off Autoupload to Skydrive. The other storage dramatically slowed down. But it still has 4-5GB in it and I can't get rid of it no matter what. 
  • Lol the days of seeing people pissed at updates waiting like Android
  • Come on, AT&T 8X! :)
  • I'm sorry... not being ale to capture the moment of my nephew kissing a giraffe at the zoo was really not frustrating at all. My wife knowing how to hard reset her phone when Other Storage takes up 10+ GB s just ok. Not being able to download the Great Gatsby album before our trip to New York was a moment of joy. Having to go through and delete apps even when there are not enough to bring up the 'quick letter menu' (don't know the official name) was so mich more fun than playing Contre Jour so i deleted it. Not being able to use the functions my wife got the phone for at $500+ is really ok. I am over reacting. Sorry guys!
  • I agree, I feel the other issue deserved an urgent patch.
  • I completely agree. This is really annoying me. I delete things and sometimes the memory just drops again without me doing anything.
  • Need a tissue?
  • I still want custom text tones sheesh
  • I cant believe i falled for the data sense coming to all rumor :'( the app side not the compression by the way !!
  • Now im gonna have to start begging Nokia for a counter :/
  • Joe Belfiore said that "data sense will be coming to more phones later in 2013" you never promised data sense. If someone did promise you with that, then you take it up with that person.
  • Any news about the whole other storage thing?
  • No :(
  • +820. I'm not going to delete anything and I'm definitely not going to reset my phone so fix this already!
  • Could be because its coming sooner than expected, or because its already out on the 925 and soon to be on the 1020.
  • Well, as I know according to my experience, "many other improvements" is very very good things, such as things requested by community, and this is fixes of common bugs... I thought
  • What about adding or removing music to or from the cloud from my phone?
  • What about the 'other storage' fix?
  • I'm crossing my fingers that the "other improvements" includes this
  • Dear phone lord, please let the update land on my 810. Mucho thanks.
  • +810 Amen to that!
  • Haha yup
  • Yup agree.
  • I wish they would fix the app update notification system. It should notify right when updates are available versus once a day, which is ridiculous.
  • Lol i hate tht :P
  • most of these improvment are not important and don't touch the real needs of cunsumers. for me I'd really want full control over my files I want to make new folder move my files freely, also I want to save my bluetooth files in whatever folder I want
    second I want a fast control buttons for wifi, bluetooth.. etc on my home screen with a full notification center just like those concepts we see over the internt
    third a real multitaskin for example I want my youtube video to download while I'm reading my twitter
    the have to move FAST
  • That's called a computer, not a telephone.
  • If you remember windows mobile 6 you would know what I'm talking about.. I'm really wondering how Microsoft downgrade its products while Android took advantage of it .. All these spec I talked about was in windows mobile 6 and now in android
  • I remember WM6 ... you have rose colored glasses, because those phones sucked.
  • i guess it depended on what phone you had.....A 6.5 device (touch pro 2 for example) with a custom rom to get rid of all the carrier/oem crap was awsome and smooth a silk. Microsoft made a great OS for the time but, it was fillex with OEM crap that screwed the phones up
    Gee wiz...just like Android devices...
  • We never have carrier issues its always open with us .. For ppl who said that its laggy if they develop it the way android did I think it would be great OS .. I need more control over my device!! I can't even customize my ringtones!!!!!
  • I'd rather not have WP regress to a slow, laggy POS like Windows Mobile was, thanks!!!
  • I hope this hits every WP8 device. Including 520
  • WAV playback?
  • Welcome to interwebz. We're using MP3s, avi, 3GP, M4A, MP4 and .ogg. All smaller with better quality.
  • Our Cisco phone system saves voicemail in .wav format. Welcome to the world of Enterprise business systems.
  • Compressed files are better quality than a WAV?  LOL.  Besides, you missed the point anyway, he's talking about mu-law encoded files.
  • WAV is way superior.
  • Xbox music!!! Been waiting forever...
  • Want to be able to rent movies across all platforms not just my Xbox the music is step in right direction though
  • Can anybody with LUMIA GDR2, comment on Other Storage bug?
  • Its still there, gdr2 & gdr3 are minor updates. I'd Imagine that it won't be fixed until WP 8.1
  • If that's true, I will sell my phone and do everything that I can to prevent people from getting WPs. I know I'm overreacting but this should have been fixed immediately.
  • While fixes are always good, we need more additions to the OS! Been with WP from wp7 and it feels like there is nothing new other than custom ring tones and smaller live tiles. Oh and cut and paste, remember how huge that was! Seriously though, when will we see NEW features?
  • If they still haven't fixed bugs like other storage yet...i wouldn't hold my breath on "new features" like the much requested separate volume control feature. I miss so many notifications because I forget to turn the volume up, and I can't forget the days I nearly blow my ear drums out...those days are always great lol
  • WAV support....that's the biggest gripe my corp uses have and if it doesn't come soon then there is a good chance we'll begin pulling the phones.
  • Yeah that's the only thing keeping my company from going live with Windows Phone. MS told me it was coming with this update. Hopefully we'll see it soon.
  • These are all gimmicks!!! Bloated list of a few registry tweaks plus the FM radio. Now I know why they showed the roadmap of windows phone yesterday, to make us believe that they are working hard and to justify their simple tweaks in GDR2. Why do we need this or GDR3? Instead can't they just not waste their resources anymore and work on delivering Windows Phone 8.1 (Blue) earlier? No wonder they increased the support cycle time to 36 months, as for the first 12-18 months they did not deliver shit.
    I wonder when MS is going to provide the rest of the OS? I know they are newer than some other OS in market and they were at least a couple of years behind. I think that's the reason they should work harder and faster to catch up. But their attitude is more like, ' since we were couple of years behind, we can always stay couple of years behind.'
    Do windows phone users really matter to MS?
  • Geez.
  • MSFT is working on all fronts (windows, office, Xbox, Windows Phone) and there obviously just so many people working there. Its fairly obvious that W8, Xbox and Office are products that they have priority over.
  • Can we edit playlists on the phone now? I don't see it mentioned and always thought that was a strange omission.
  • Hope they fix the stupid Facebook Chat connection, it's been horrible for over a month now. Getting some messages and than sometimes getting non. Than i have to got the Facebook App to continue convo.
    Even on the Windows 8 messaging hub it's terrible. Whenever i send a message to a Facebook contacts it will send it twice (even on Skype Desktop).
    They seriously need to fix the Facebook chat connection.
  • Thought I was alone on that one. Well, as you say. Lets hope they fix it.
  • Three of us then! It's such a frustrating bug as the idea is so brilliant!
  • According to it's been fixed as it's an external issue with Facebook. even so Microsoft are, apparently, working with Facebook to fix it at their end.
  • I get that as well, but its only on our side I believe. It appears to send messages twice but my friend said he only received it once when it was repeatedly showing me twice.
  • I think maybe we see it once when it's sent then it's bounced back by Facebook when it's 'seen' and the messaging app doesn't understand that? Possibly anyway
  • Is this update also going to change the keypad in landscape mode?? There is too much dead space in landscape mode with the keypad
  • I need applicable wallpaper @live tiles or @background(instead of white and black)
  • Will this update solve the other storage bug in wp8 ?
  • Sure. Why not.
  • Lol
  • please read through the thread before posting, this subject has been disussed a handful of times..
  • I wouldn't be so sour if they had actually gave a hint at least on what their progress is with the Other Storage. It's been 8+ months, Joe.B said a fix is "coming". Few months of silence after that and still going. 820 users from day 1 have their phones rendered useless in 1-2months and have to deal with it being a dumbphone for half a year and going. 
    It's the most dumbest bug ever and such a waste of time using the 820, an equivalent to a phone  6-7 years ago that can do exactly the same thing -> Make phone calls / check mail / send messages / take low res photos.  Enough is enough. 
  • How about deleting some of the crap applications you don't need anymore and also clearing your photo album? No storage is infinite. I can do pretty well with my 820 but of course I'd like to get 1Gb of free space from that "other storage".
  • Maybe I didn't make myself clear enough... 4GB Other storage
    2GB System
    Only essential apps installed (whatsapp, skype etc)
    ZERO Games installed.
    All media (photos videos) in SD card. I have less than 800MB now. That's all.
  • You cant satisfy some people, ever... On other hand I can already see Samsung people getting red faced seeing nokia's development in recent days, especially s3 n s4 users. They love wp8, but cant support it whole heartedly....
  • Lol i see alot of hate some people
  • This Lumia 1020 is gonna be cuhreyzayy
  • Can someone kindly make the Facebook app better? There have been recent updates but all those are really outdated now. Some major overhaul needs to be done. Please keep the iOS Facebook app in mind. The best till date. Especially chat features. Very efficient and responsive. MS help us like Apple helps its users.
  • A major overhaul has already been completed on the new Facebook app. At the moment, it is only available on wp8, but MS have said they will be releasing it to 7.8 over the coming weeks/months
  • the"major overhaul" youre talking about is basically the shitty android app, WP fb app looks 100% same the android app....
  • Haha it really doesn't. If the WP version is an exact copy of the android version, so is the iOS version. Sorry if you don't see it but it is different on fact.
  • It looks similar because Facebook wants similarity across all their official apps (obviously!), however it works vastly superior to the android app and is still in beta.
  • If there will be a GDR3 before Blue, they better give us GDR2 roght now. And I hope, with Xbox Music, I can manage my playlists better because now this is shit.
  • I am still waiting for the resolve bug for Nokia Lumia series 820\920:
    When you are in the area with a very poor signal, phone consumes battery too much. It can be about 20% battery life in an hour.  After the mobile internet is disabled, the phone consumes about 1% or less.
    This is what I am waiting so much.
  • Hurry up gdR2D2..... Your my only hope
  • Update or no update there is no try.....onya squidgyimp ;)
  • Will the T-Mobile HTC 8X get the update?
  • I wouldn't be caught dead on meteor ya head case it's crap, you know you f%%ed up your life real bad when you're on that poor people's network
  • Please explain. 99.9% coverage and cheaper tariffs does not make a network crap or a poor peoples network and being on Meteor certainly has not had any effect on my life other than save me money on my contract. I think my friend you are the head case for believing the brand and being over charged at home and abroad.
  • When will soon be now ? I need FM radio now during baseball season not in fall...
  • Have you been to 99.9% of the country to verify your outlandish crazy comment!
  • Well I've been to Donegal to Kerry and never had a dropped call in 15 years. Also its part of Meteors main advertising and there is such a thing as false advertising so I don't think I need to really verify that statement. You do realise Meteor/eMobile are owned by Eircom and that o2 share most of the mobile masts.
  • Haha you're well traveled so lol !! Good thing I'm on Vodafone
  • Don't see what's funny about me travelling the whole of Ireland. Its my job and i love it especially with the current weather we are having. Also don't see why that makes a good thing that your on Vodafone but whatever, if your happy to pay their tariffs, then good for you.
  • Great job all the features of the next major update for Windows Phone 8 with only a few features that people need/want or have been begging for.
    THEN you leave it up to the carriers to release it, great, we will have to wait 2-3 more months before we get it because of "testing" (the excuse Verizon uses after they dont release a update on tme).
    Then where the fuck is the early adapoter program where we can get updates before they are released the public (another fucking lie)????????????????
    Nice way to really piss people off....great PR move...I guess you didn't learn from the Xbox one DRM screwup..
  • This update can't come soon enough.
  • It's July 15, 2013 now, I had checked on Lumia 520, no update available (Indonesia region).
  • Then, if the GDR2 updates I see doesn't fix automatic restart itself, I will change mind to go back to Android. And the crucial thing is the 'other' files. Update app can make data application increases, if this section can't be accessed to removes unnecessary files, one a day the OS will make me to reset my device, oh my.