Get online while abroad for just £2 a day with O2 Travel

If you're looking for a sweet deal with regards to using data abroad on this year's holiday, O2 may well have the right bundle price at just £2 a day. We've all been in that situation, looking at pricing and being stunned by just how expensive roaming can be, even when travelling within the EU. UK mobile operators are attempting to tackle the issue of high charges (as is the EU, which hopes to have said charges abolished by 2015).

The addon, called O2 Travel, enables customers to enjoy the use of data while abroad, limited by allowances on said contracts. Pre-paid customers can use the addon, but it's restricted to 50MB. If you'd like to learn more about O2's pricing, what it includes and who's eligible, be sure to read more over on the mobile operator's website before heading on your next flight.

As a side note, Vodafone is also offering its Eurotraveller addon for just £2, but this is a limited offer. We're sure you're all eager to get away for the summer, but do ensure you check with your mobile operator regarding roaming while abroad to hopefully avoid a mammoth phone bill when landing back in the UK.

Source: O2, Vodafone

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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