Get online while abroad for just £2 a day with O2 Travel

If you're looking for a sweet deal with regards to using data abroad on this year's holiday, O2 may well have the right bundle price at just £2 a day. We've all been in that situation, looking at pricing and being stunned by just how expensive roaming can be, even when travelling within the EU. UK mobile operators are attempting to tackle the issue of high charges (as is the EU, which hopes to have said charges abolished by 2015).

The addon, called O2 Travel, enables customers to enjoy the use of data while abroad, limited by allowances on said contracts. Pre-paid customers can use the addon, but it's restricted to 50MB. If you'd like to learn more about O2's pricing, what it includes and who's eligible, be sure to read more over on the mobile operator's website before heading on your next flight.

As a side note, Vodafone is also offering its Eurotraveller addon for just £2, but this is a limited offer. We're sure you're all eager to get away for the summer, but do ensure you check with your mobile operator regarding roaming while abroad to hopefully avoid a mammoth phone bill when landing back in the UK.

Source: O2 (opens in new tab), Vodafone (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
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  • I shall be using this next week :) 
  • with MH17?
  • Or go on 3 and get it for free...
  • I'd you are going to one of the limited number of countries they support with free roaming it is an excellent deal.
  • 3 are great, and for France and Italy its free. I'm unfortunately in gran canaria at the moment, so its £5 per day, but that is unlimited data, which is good because im using it to stream the music im listening to. I'm pretty sure Three have said however that their EU price per day is going to be lowered as well, but will remain unlimited.
  • I have this on O2 Business. It's unlimited data but they slow you down after a certain amount, but its good for podcasts and some music, as long as you're not taking the pies they are cool with it. It used to be limited to 25MB which was only good for mail, but now I just use my own sim, as it's roughly the same price and very handy.
  • just check and buy a sim at your destination
  • Vodafone has the same deal... I have 6GB of data, currently in France, my 3g is quicker than my hotel's WiFi!!!
    I was in Greece a few weeks ago, same story... It is quite nice to use your allowance abroad without being charged £200.00 at the end of the month
  • It's really nice to see you doing Articles about my network when you are in the States!!! I think the best thing about O2 is priority moments, I get so much free stuff through that app!!!
    But to be honest when it comes to travelling with my phone, I normally just buy a sim from the country I am in, get pay as you go and so not worry about spending any money on minutes, data or texts once I get an all inclusive plan.
  • I just wish Virgin would get onboard with this data roaming instead of buying stupid data bundles 50mb for £6 and no free sms or calls. But cant complain I'm only paying £8 for unlimited everything in the UK. I'm off to Malta in Sept, works out cheaper for me to spend €6 and get 1gb on Vodafone mt and use whatsapp and skype.
  • £2 a day sounds like a robbery to me considering the day and age were live in. Especially in the EU. I use it on every holiday I've been to and is no news.