Google Chrome 64-bit dev hits Windows 7 and 8

Google is offering early 64-bit versions of its Chrome web browser to the general public, via its Canary and Dev channels, for the first time for Windows 7 and 8 PCs. That includes Microsoft's Surface Pro tablets which use Intel's Core processors inside.

In a post on the Chromium blog, Google pointed out that the majority of its users on Windows 7 have PC systems that are already capable of running 64-bit applications. These early development versions of Chrome should have a number of improvements compared to their 32-bit counterparts.

One of those improvements is pure speed, with the blog claiming that the 64-bit version of Chrome has a 25 percent boost in performance. It should also be more stable than the 32-bit port of Chrome, with Google claiming that crash rates have been cut down by almost half.

The 64-bit version of Chrome should be more secure than the 32-bit version. Google says:

With Chrome able to take advantage of the latest OS features such as High Entropy ASLR on Windows 8, security is improved on 64-bit platforms as well. Those extra bits also help us better defend against exploitation techniques such as JIT spraying, and improve the effectiveness of our existing security defense features like heap partitioning.

It should be noted that Windows 7 and 8 users who download the 64-bit ports will see it replace the 32-bit version if it is already installed. However, it will import all of the older setting and bookmarks.

Naturally, there will be a number of bugs in these early Canary and Dev releases, so users will have to download and install these Chrome builds at their own risk. However, it's likely that Google will launch the 64-bit Windows Chrome browsers to its Beta channel, and finally to its Stable channel, in the near future.

Source: Chromium blog

John Callaham
  • I bet: Alot of ads for android and chromebooks.
  • You'll lose that bet...
  • AdBlock plus.....4 ever.
  • Why not use IE and get the add bock plus add on under Setting-- Manage add on--- Tracking protection
  • Can you really get adblock plus on IE? If so, I'll drop chrome right now
  • Adblock Plus have releases an add on for IE. They have been working on it for ages. Besides, you don't even need it because tracking lists do the trick just fine.
  • yea and it actually works pretty well. on their website they tell you why their add-on is better than tracking lists.
  • Thanks for pointing this out ! I didn't know this before ! Now can browse in IE like a boss :D
  • Like a boss? Brofist!
  • it seems ABP was so problematic on IE, and even its development was stuck for months. I have my IE hang up everytime I open Bing. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Add the Fanboy TPL to IE (a quick search will find it) - and you get adblocking within both Metro & desktop IE, without any plugins. I've used it for years and it's excellent.
  • Yes, AdBlock Plus was released a while ago for Internet Explorer. Anyway, already since IE9, IE has its own build-in implementation of this as Tracking Protection Lists.
  • Just missing chromeblock now...
  • you can get the exact same effect..... works perfectly.
  • That thing rarely works on IE.
  • It doesn't work as well for me compared to the one for chrome.
  • Lol I bet 20 bucks on that
  • Internet explorer on windows 8 is better
  • By Windows 8 you mean the metro version right? Cause the desktop version isn't that hip.
  • Even the desktop version works better with touchscreens than chrome. If they didn't improve the touchscreen responsiveness, I'm not interested in their browser.
  • Deleted chrome... Won't go back
  • This! I did it months ago and I'm really happy about it.
  • Deleted chrome good days ahead
  • Yeah ditched chrome last year. Freedom since then... Its took like an intervention.
  • Deleted the day I bought a WP :D
  • IE for the winner.
  • how do i sync my open tabs from ie to my windwos phone 8.1 and the opposite ?
  • In WP8.1, "settings", then "sync my settings", internet explorer. I can use my phone to view open tabs on my PC.. Haven't actually tried it the other way. Though I know bookmarks created on my phone can be accessed on my PC. Hope this helps :)
  • and one thing, does it work only on Modern-based IE or for both Desktop and Modern IE? Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Works for both Modern and Desktop IE. I use the tab sync all of the time, even have my work computer linked to my Microsoft Account and can see the tabs from my work PC as well. Really an awesome feature
  • The winner must have profiles and extensions...
  • Hair extensions?
  • Agreed. I'm everything Microsoft except browser. Chrome is still the best and most robust browser.
  • What are you smoking?  You need to cut back!
  • It's just a fact... No profiles in IE? No. No extensions? No.
  • And I'm stating that Chrome will never be as stable as IE extesions or no. Now, FF has much better stabiilty than Chrome with extensions and it isn't a memory hog. When closing FF (15/20 tabs) at the end of a browsing session it will restart instantly without problem. Chrome instead of loading only the active tab, it will have to download every tab at once becoming unresponsive until stops loading and during long sessions it will start to lag. Even FF Nightly isn't that much of a pain to use despite being buggy and all, it will crash once or twice a month if that.
  • We're talking  about IE, not FF, I'm don't like FF because LOT of bugs and lags... It's a fact, that chrome best. I don't like google, but it's just fact...
  • Oh yeah
  • I don't want any Google Shit
  • Never installed after formatting my pc... Using chromium lol...
  • Scroogle Chrome is the only browser NOT to work with OneDrive correctly
    Scroogle seems to be all out attacking Microsoft products
  • In response to this story, #whocares
  • The guy below you
  • Until, if ever, IE is any good, me.
  • What don't you like about IE? I think its great, especially metro version. Can't bear Chrome. Deleted
  • You'll like IE if you don't give a damn about extensions. Actually even barebone Chrome is still better.
  • Anyone who gets a rush of satisfaction knowing Google is spying away right up to their creepy line, I'm guessing.
  • I care.
  • ↑ Don't listen to the guy above me, he attended a Justin Bieber concert
  • I don't. Frankly the web world would better when Chrome did not exist at all.
  • Please bring google chrome to WP also..
  • I would like to use opera mini on my phone
  • I want Microsoft to acquire Firefox for public users. Company software's are only IE 10 compatible so obviously other browsers can keep their mouth shut
  • If IE were taken away and my only choice left was Chrome or Opera, it would definitely be Opera. I like Opera. Just never see a reason to choose it over IE.
  • Ya at least we should be given the option to use other browsers be it opera mini,chrome or Firefox..
  • I think it would be cool to see Chrome on WP, and other browsers as well... I must admit that I'm kinda jealous to see iOS8 open up on the keyboard side.. That's another blow to WP, and it gives critics one more thing to discuss.. MS needs to open up on things like browsers, and keyboards.. But, after yesterday's iOS8 announcement im sure MS will respond ASAP.. It's really the only way to keep WP competitive..
    One word: "Threshold"
    But, I can understand MS's prioritization.. I mean, it doesn't really make sense to waste precious time engineering the OS for 3rd party keyboards, and browsers right now when MS would have a hard time getting those 3P developers to port there services to WP... This is probably what MS is thinking, and they'd probably be better focusing on market share and app support first... Nevertheless, another catch 22.....
  • Apple is losing ios customers to android and WP. The only thing they are doing with iPhone is rising the price coz of which no one buys except for those status assholes. Android is growing more. Microsoft is earning more and now its WP turn to show their talent. Microsoft just has to get the pace with their OEMs
  • Nevertheless underestimate Apple.. Do you understand what a larger iPhone has the potential of doing?... Basically with the iPhone6 its like 2007 all over again.. It's nothing to turn a shoulder to...
  • I'm genuinely worried about what that might do, as well.
  • Make a guess on the price of the larger iphone.
  • I've not understood the keyboard argument, the WP keyboard has always been great.
  • Great for us loyal WP fans, of which there aren't many.. Look at WP from the outside in... That's the reality, and that's why MS needs to offer what the competition does, and more❗
  • Honestly I have been playing with the galaxy s4 and I don't get what the hype is with 3rd party keyboards. I tried Samsung, google and Swype. None of which seem any batter or worse. The fact that wp8.1 now has the Swype like keyboard and the standard input without having to change any settings is awesome. It just works. Like many other WP features that just work. Its awesome. That's the main reason I love windows phone. It just works.
  • Swiftkey.
  • And that is was what Microsoft needs to do a better job of marketing... It just works
  • Exactly!
  • Even the best one I have ever used.
  • Windows Phone is capable of running other browsers, and not just shells on top of IE, but real other browsers. They just aren't developed.
  • Too bad the default browser can't be changed in WP.
  • No need for it. I use nothing Google and I am no less productive.
  • Wohh..exciting..actually chrome is the only google product I care about!
  • Browser I will never use for sure.
  • Agreed
  • And gmail, and Youtube
  • Gmail is full of spams. Fuck google for that. I switched to outlook and I love it.
  • Spams? Gee, I've used Gmail for nearly 3 years and have yet to get a single spam email that wasn't sent from someone I didn't give my email address to.... Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • I have same experience with Outlook: No spam emails. The good thing is, no adds in email as MSFT don't sell your personal data (emails, contacts, conversations, activities) to highest bidder and actually sell real products to make money. Google is in "selling your ass" business under the slogan "all free".
  • +720
  • Same here. Sometimes Firefox for work, but 99% IE.
  • The fanboy is strong in this one.
  • Listen to a podcast series called Security Now, and the episodes about certificate revocation, and you will understand what Google sacrificed in your security in order to wow you with speed.
    I was ambivalent toward Chrome before I heard those podcasts, but now I am disgusted and disillusioned with Google and Chrome.
  • And yet, it is proclaimed as the best ever due to ignorance. It isn't as fully customizable as FF and the extensions are a crap shoot at best crashing or hanging. But is soooo Fast, oh wow...!
  • Hate all you want but Chrome is definitely the best browser out right now. Posted via Windows Phone Central App for Android!
  • Lol its firefox and IE 11
  • Yes it is firefox since i cannot find anonymox like for ie 11. But the newest version of firefox looks ugly.
  • Not to mention it had been freezing off late
  • Well IE 11 is good, but still not matured enough, to think it was the first browser ever and still it isn't even half as good as Chrome/Firfox. IE11 doesn't have any extensions, e.g, adblocks, no scripts e.t.c. Don't get me wrong, I am a MS fan too, this is probably the reason I haven't switched to iOS and Android yet.
    But Microsoft really needs to see how much they are lagging behind as compared to others... Take Apple for example, they added alot of things that were present in WP in iOS 8 and made their OS even better, and here we are getting all happy because we got Notification Center and Cortana? I know that it is a step forward, but still MS is too slow. Apps are probably the reason Smart Phones are so famous, but look how badly WP is lagging behind. I know MS is trying hard and all, but the least they can do is to make their own apps better like Skype, Facebook, Music, Video e.t.c No? We really need few basic things like background downloading, attaching files directly in mails and we want those Hubs back that made WP unique. Sometimes I wonder why didn't MS just changed Zune name to Xbox Music, would've been a alot easier >_>
  • it has adblock idiot... are you the same person posting the same crap over and over again?
    it has extensions... and they work. maybe i don't need nonscrip and many people don't. so only because Opera has extensions and all that is better? or Maxthon? oh yeah... those things are more important than performace and working as fast as possible /s
    at least research a little and go to Ad Block Plus site and see the stupid IE icon in the site please. all your comment is stupid and crap. and it seems you should just stay away from Microsoft ecosystem. oh and something obvious but do you know iOS was released before Windows Phone? oh yeah!!!!!!!! can you believe that? how is possible Microsoft has reached a nice spot against Android and iOS being so behind when WP8 was released?
    please just give up life if you can't use your brain enough, sadly there is alot of people like you in the world... it sucks I know.
  • Are you that guy from steam who'd always swear at my mom?
  • If you are talking to me, than no. Tbh I don't even know what steam is.
  • Well but it doesn't have other extensions like Reddit Enhancement Suite, No script etc :(
    Oh and btw ik that you are having worst fucking period ever, but still try to calm your self, and take a shower maybe? You must smell like shit :)
    Or maybe your are a 20 yeats old virgin girl, who can't find a bf so you are giving your shit here xD
    And yeah ik it sucks when we have bitches like you in this world :(
  • +520
  • You're insane right? If it ls the best then it would be best at battery efficiency, which it comes in dead last.
  • Look he posted it from WP central for "android" he is android user so certainly he ll talk something good about google :P
  • Cough$*:"&%CoughCough
  • IF you ignore Internet Explorer 11 and Firefox, you're right.
  • See the comment above your original post.
  • I do not use such battery eaters!
  • Yeah sadly Chrome is #1 browser atm (for desktop). Too bad
  • It isn't. Together wth the corporate part using IE IE is #1 browser (for desktop) worldwide. Firefox second.
  • Not that that's saying much, seeing as IE is bundled with all copies of Windows.
  • False, its IE
  • I read the title in a hurry and thought for a moment that its released for Windows Phone and all that thrill got washed away in a few secs. :P
  • So, I'm not the only one who felt that way huh? :D
  • Count me in too :P  
  • Nice. Chrome is by far the best browser, specially since Firefox is being so unstable lately.
  • Your high as hell.
  • Forget him.
  • OK
  • No, I'm not. It's my opinion. As far as browsers go, currently my rank is: Chrome, Firefox, IE.   And I'm not alone in thinking that.
  • As much as I hate using it, I still have to use Chrome because of the lack of extensibility in IE. No adblock, no Reddit Enhancement Suite, no Noscript etc.
  • IE has adblock plus and also fanboy tpl and easylist tpl that blocks all ads......
  • Adblock is available for IE now. As for the others, can't help you there. Sorry.
  • what an ignorant comment... no adblock... rightttttttt
    but I know we will die without Reddit because reddit is the best thing /s
  • How about you stop being a prick to him? He said HE still had to use Chrome because HE needs the Reddit extension. Not you nor anyone else. A lot of people require extensions, something that IE is lacking. Get over it.
  • +1520
  • So annoying this won't work on Surface RT
  • Surface RT is 32bit if I'm not mistaken
  • Open browser, open site, browse, close browser. IE does this excellently on my windows devices without sending all the info to google, why would I need chrome? Thanks but no thanks.
  • You're sending it to Microsoft though. Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Who respect your private data much more.
  • I wanna avoid chrome and stick with firefox but it's been terrible and ie doesnt look nice enough, no choice left.
  • What's wrong with Firefox. I'm using it alongside IE for adblock and its really fast and reliable. Chrome might be good by I don't want to give undercover report to google.
  • " ie doesnt look nice enough"
    doesn't look nice in what?................
    oh yeah you are making crap and living in IE6, 7 or 8. because you are clueless.
    also Firefox works fine... I don't know what you are expecting but Chrome is the one who is not looking good anymore, it's not good for performace and touch. but you keep being funny clueless person who probably hasn't even touched IE11.
  • He never asked for your shitty opinion, he just said that IE doesn't look good enough. Everyone has different preferences, so he prefer Chrome. Why not just stop being a prick to everyone?
  • What would happen if Microsoft blocked Google Chrome like they are doing with youtube and not making google apps for windows phone. Who would use chrome? linux and apple? That would be a big hurt to google.
  • Good idea Microsoft take note or just make the os better to get what it needs to have YouTube and bring it to current phones...
  • More like a big hurt to the users of Windows. A lot of them rely on Chrome and they (Microsoft) would only be pissing them off.
  • But ppl have different options like Firefox, internet explorer works well and what about the enterprise applications. They mostly rely on IE older version
  • Yaa if they block the chrome it would hurt a lot windows user.
    I personally use chrome due to wide availability of addons but for online transaction I use IE:)
    I also use youtube,gmail. Most of google product except android.
  • It wouldn't hurt windows, before chrome their was netscape, firefox, opera, and maxthon. none played dirty and blocked windows. Just google.
  • Agreed. In reality, Microsoft wouldn't because its things like Chrome that bring customers but, I would love to see Microsoft block out Google and show them who is actually more valid. Sure, you have a ridiculous amount of junkdroids in the world but, the Windows user base makes the junkdroid user base seem tiny. Imagine a world where all Google had was their junkdroids and dumbbooks, they would be irrelevant in the real world.
  • I'm not deleting chrome what ever is there for windows from google I'll test so its better on windows maybe in the future they will treat windows and Microsoft better when they get more popular! Disgusting that google does this by I like YouTube and Gmail so I don't want to ditch google!
  • So it can take even more memory :) Nice
  • I really don't care, just wanted to state that. Keep that goo crap away
  • Chrome is much better imo for desktops. IE is perhaps just a bad product from MS, when it comes to desktops.
  • Are you serious..?
  • For desktops only, yes. For my WP, no.
  • He is. And probably never used IE10/11.
  • Most probably with XP and stuck on IE8.
  • This
  • So the real news, which isn't new, is that Google was able to make a 64bit browser finally. Good lord.
  • I m proud I uninstalled one year ago. IE is my browser.
  • Care to explain what JIT spraying is?
  • Who cares about googcrap ?
  • After using IE11 on my Surface RT I don't really see the need to ever use Chrome again. At this point the only Google service I use is YouTube only because there is no viable alternative. But happy for those who do use it I suppose.
  • Agree 100%. Well, I stopped using Chrome much earlier. Like after 1 hour... :)
  • This is what Chrome on a Surface Pro 3 would look like.  Not as good as Google would like.
  • Firefox ftw....
  • I used Chrome for about 20 minutes and deleted it. I hated every minute of it. If you like it, then enjoy the 64-bit. IE users have been enjoying 64-bit for quite some time now. Just saying...
  • second'd
  • Gave up on google products ages, I really can't stand chrome either as from experience and doing PC repairs I found the people who used chrome as their browser had more viruses than those who used IE or Firefox (coming in 2nd). None of these users had any firewall, pop blocker or ad block installed. To me it does look like the anti-phishing in IE really does help "uneducated" users.
  • All other browsers except internet explorer are just limited to search. The enterprises and govt software's still run on internet explorer coz other browsers compatibility of applications is cl very difficult except internet explorer
  • And many governments and businesses are still on XP as well. What's you're point?
  • I used chrome years back and hated the UI. IE has been really good the most couple of versions with no problems. Tracking protection lists do a great job too.
  • Never liked Chrome browser.
  • Seems faster! xD
  • On another note, I didn't notice that John Callaham wasn't on Neowin anymore.
  • is it good for touch? well know it's not. so why you report on something like this when it's not important, or not really windows related? is this becoming the new neowin reporting every single software even on Windows even if it's from a company like google who never tried to give apps for Windows Phone/Windows 8 ecosystem store? I know I have said people could ignore if a news doesn't make sense, but this has nothing to do with windows. especially for users with tablets. so I really don't see this relevalt for Windows and what this site is intended to be.
  • You are one whiny little bitch, aren't you?
    'Google launches 64-bit edition of Chrome on Windows 7/8' That's actually Windows related, besides he can post whatever he wants, why not just ignore the post if it has nothing that you want? No one cares about your opinion.
  • I was a once upon a time chrome user until they basically whored out all their services to the highest bidders, masses of spam, targeted adds in mail, doctored search results (REALLY NAUGHTY).... overnight I ditched it all and went back to Microsoft, never regretted since.
  • Too bad I only use IE. Deleted chrome off my computer months ago...
  • Never really liked chrome. I used Opera all the time but now since the update its a shadow of its former glory! Now I use Firefox as my main browser and ie as my backup browser
  • a note: install ABP + Ghostery + DoNotTrackMe and enjoy your privacy
  • Only a fool would believe that. You are using Chrome and your privacy is compromised, no matter how many "privacy" extensions you use. Google doesn't give you a free product so that you block its access to your data, you are paying for it with your data. Don't think that ad-blockers and tracking blockers will prevent Google from getting what it wants.
  • I was talking about Firefox, read before commenting please
  • Firefox is my No.1 choice of browser, everytime.
  • Ditto that.  Firefox blows away chrome.
  • Why is it that a lot of installs want to also install Chrome as your default browser, unless you go into advanced settings. Everything from Adobe to Java updates try to install that crap. No wonder there is such an install base.
  • Money talks. And that's the main reason why the install base grew so large. It pissed me off every time
  • It is almost impossible to avoid Chrome. It seems everything you install asks to install Chrome also. I use Firefox, Opera and Explorer on my computer, I use Opera, Firefox and Maxthon on my Android tablets, and I use Explorer and Maxthon on my Windows phones. I do not use Chrome; but I have in the past. I must have deleted it 10 times already this year as it was installed along with other apps and programs. Just don't care of it and the way it works and arranges things.
  • Hmm, so you say you've just made a 64 bit app which crashes less, say is that maybe because it has access to more memory, and hence does not so fast run into 'out of memory' errors :-P
  • So.. 64 bit chrome hey... No thanks will pass Firefox ftw! only google service used is gmail chrome sucks tbh and uses to much system resources well for me at least so yeah
  • Awesome,
    I going to try this.
    After all Google Chrome is the best browser
  • I installed chrome on my W7 laptop, set Bing as the homepage and new tab start page. For some reason after using it a few times I get a "Whoa! Google Chrome has crashed." and I have to uninstall Chrome and reinstall it. If I leave Google as my homepage/new tab page it has no errors. When I change it to Bing....bam! Error again. I uninstalled Chrome thinking Google purposely makes Chrome not work with Bing. But maybe I'm being a tinfoil hat wearing goob.
  • I realy don't care about this browser. Seriously, IE has gone 64 bit years ago. And they come up with it now?
  • For me, google chrome icon represents a colourful asshole and IE icon, a happy smart-ass.
  • It's not all about status...
  • I wish they'd sort out the Metro version of Chrome, it's a disgrace. If there was a browser with the ease of touch use as IE, and the extensibility of Chrome, I'd be so happy.
  • There is windows 8 mode Craig, but it's basically chrome OS...
  • I know, um, Dave... that's why I said it was a disgrace. Even if they lost the Chrome OS "chrome" and made it a bit more touch friendly, it would be passable.
  • I stopped using google anything except voice a long time ago. This isn't going to change that decision.
  • No thanks I see enough Ads on TV and a I value my privacy.
  • Finally a 64-bit browser - we've needed them for quite some time now! And 25% increase in speed is really promising.
  • I have researched many times for the best browser out there. IE 11, Firefox and Chrome where always on the top three. I currently use Chrome. Downloaded 64bit and getting excited to see any differences
  • Try IE-64. Its fast but doesn't support many of the plugins
  • Hey, I see chrome on that SP3. How does the scaling work with chrome on the SP3? Is it better because of the new aspect ratio and resolution? Or does it have issues like that SP and SP2?
  • It still has issues.  Only IE scales properly on Windows tabs.  Firefox for the desktop, IE for metro.
  • I've got 64bit Windows 7 pc, I bought that rather than Windows 8 so this will be good, well done WPC something useful, for me at least.
  • Anroid+Chrome= ADVERTISMENT Windows+IE=Production i'm sorry chrome but just people with low information will use you! if i need the third party program in my windows 8.1 for web designing and compability i will use firefox beside my Internet Explorer. IE 11 is amazing!!! FAST, Fluid and  Secure!
  • Now I just want Google Earth on my Surface.
  • I'd love to a Modern UI version of Chrome.
  • Still no Windows Phone version of Chrome! How pathetic google!
  • What about high DPI support?
  • Google products will never touch my computer again. Chrome is crapware bundled in installers. Internet Explorer on my tablet is the best! On my desktop computer I use Firefox.
  • how about high dpi support?
  • Lousy. Very bad with all the background processes handling with this version. Every tab is now a background process rather than foreground like the 32bits version. Returning to an opened tab takes forever to refresh the page.... Uninstalled.
  • I stopped using 64bit browsers because of the lack of 64bit extensions suck as Quicktime etc
  • 64-bit? IE had this since way back BUT MS never recommended it as most plugins are not written in 64bit and cannot work with a 64-browser.
    Not sure of Google's implementation though.
  • Why google is developing apps for windows OS not for Windowsphone OS ??? If google have jealousy by Microsoft WP OS then he has to stop using Microsoft OSs.
  • Am I the only one who installed it and still get 32 bit process on a 64 bit Win 7?