Google Chrome will apparently stop sucking all your laptop battery

Despite the fact that Google wants you to use its browser, Microsoft the same, there's always been one elephant standing on top of your laptop if you wanted to use Google Chrome: It drains battery like no other browser.

Google has apparently decided it's now time to address this, promising fixes in Chrome 57.

As reported by our pals at Android Central:

Google is constantly evolving Chrome to be less power hungry while also offering increased performance, and the latest development arriving in Chrome 57 focuses on power savings from further background tab management. With the latest version, tabs open but not currently in use will be more aggressively throttled to save power.

Essentially Chrome 57 will limit background activity on tabs you're not currently looking at to stop the browser from gobbling up so much power. It all sounds good, and in theory should work, but we'll not sound the party alarm just yet until we've actually seen it live up to its claims.

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

Richard Devine is a Managing Editor at Windows Central with over a decade of experience. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently, you'll find him steering the site's coverage of all manner of PC hardware and reviews. Find him on Mastodon at

  • It also sucks something else, not just the battery. Edge all the way!
  • LOL 😁 I thought the first comment will be something like this 😀 But I completely agree. Have my upvote sir 👍
  • 😂
    Wow. I didn't think the WC app will allow to post a emoji. Just tried and it worked!! What's changed?!! I'm on the Slow ring... 15051.
    Even comments on Disqus show colored emoji's 😎
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  • No Chrome - I do not get it that people give Google all their data (Chrome tracks even how you use the app). It drains your privacy big time! Vivaldi all the way!
  • Oh another vivaldi user :D. I do not get it too why people use chrome but maybe one reason its that people dont understand how chrome affect to their privacy
  • Windows 10 tracks your days and has ads built in! Do you feel it is ok for Microsoft to do this?
  • I used to do everything I could to prevent microsoft/apple/google/etc from mining data from me but since I bought a Galaxy S7 I decided to just turn on all of the google now features and say yes to all the tracking. Its actually been pretty useful. Its important to be careful when giving date of birth and other actual personal information that people could use to steal your identity but data like the fact that I spend way too much time on Windows Central? Who cares? Getting targeted ads doesn't change the fact that we are bombarded by ads. Getting actaully useful suggestions from Google Wow is the happy side effect of giving up on keeping my boring personal habits data away from Google.
  • Google Wow?
  • If this was Edge the internet would lose their poop over the issue. Since it's Google most people just forgive them and sweep this under the rug.
  • I have issues with Edge but battery life ain't one of them
  • If Edge was a great product and people loved the it, it would receive the same treatment. Instead, Edge is a steaming pile of poo and is treated as such.
  • you are disgusting
  • Sorry you didn't like the truth.
  • This ^^^
  • The support for "alternatives to Microsoft" is well founded.  Don't blame Google users for skepticism.
    Microsoft has a long history of trying to pave their own path, frequently in a different direction than that of the market, requiring near-failure and extreme correction to recover. One example is their fall from 24% mobile marketshare, to 6.5% when they realized Windows Mobile 6.5 wasn't cutting it any more - to the fall to 1% today after launching a legitimately great Windows Phone 7 and 8 - but ONLY launching it on phones, in a market that's actively avoiding laptops and PCs for casual use... Microsoft failing to recognize that Windows (the "Stigma of Windows", actually), with all it's complexities and need for an MCSE family member of friend to keep it going, is the reason why people fear turning it on.  It's a shame because if they had launched phones AND tablets with - let's have called it Windows Mobile 7 (then 8) instead - I think today they'd be a real third player in mobile.  They'd certainly have a presence. (and come on - how many times over the years - decades - has Microsoft tried to do 'Windows on a tablet!" and failed?  Let's acknowledge the common denominator here.  Microsoft would have internally been ashamed if it launched true mobile OS tablets, and they outsold Windows, and boosted Windows Mobile phone sales.) Same goes with browsers.  Nothing - absolutely nothing - was worse than Internet Explorer 6.  If you work in IT you know what I mean - there's applications that remain that require it today, because it was so non-standard, applications coded for it became dependent on it.  And web sites coded for the larger web (adhering to web standards) broke on it.  Even out as far as IE 9, 10, and 11 (which aren't too bad at all - which) people complianed about how slow the browser was.  No one wants to launch a browser and take a coffee break before it opens.  Enter Google Chrome.  And really, much like the world was confused by Windows RT on tablets (is it mobile? full Windows? What is it?) and ultimately it failed, now Microsoft has Edge... which is the new Internet Explorer, following IE11.  Wait... no? It's not?  Hold up then... it's... what? why? Microsoft is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE at 1) understanding the current state of the market, 2) making changes that make sense, and 3) communicating why they made radical changes. That's not exactly a solid foundation to jump right on the bandwagon when it rolls by.
  • Chrome is just google's ad delivery system, nothing more nothing less.
  • Yes, that is exactly what it is. Google doesn't hide that. It also is a cross platform browser that syncs on all your devices. It has a simple UI, tons of features and great performance (battery life could be better on some platforms). It obviously does its job well as it is the most used browser by far.
  • Opera FTW
  • Edge and Opera only better battery long life
  • Edge on Windows 10, Opera on all the other OS'. Chrome sucks 😀
  • I think Chrome also slows down Win 10 systems. Once I checked task manager and there were around 15 Chrome incidents running simultaneously.
  • Chrome has a seperate process for each tab or two or three. This in itself does not increase power consumption, though, nor does it slow down the system. Edge also handles tabs like this, by the way.
  • Edge does the same, simply click the arrow at the side of it in task manager and notice the loads of processes it has. Chrome never slowed down my Surface Pro 2, speed wasn't the problem, in fact, without an ad blocker, Chrome is significantly faster than Edge. Edge 99% of the time just shows a stupid error that the page isn't responding whenever I disable uBlock origins, same happens here on Windows Central. The reason I didtched Chrome for good was that it's an intentionally stupidly gimped experience on my Surface Pro, similar to what this user described here ( ), and fkn google doesn't seem to care to fix that, so, they can screw off with their gimped software.
  • Edge even works smoothly on my Windows 10 tablet with 1 GB RAM and my smartphone. I have never experienced any performance issues with Edge.
  • Edge is preferred overall, the only question is the upcoming add,ons, which take a year to appear on the store
  • Wasn't like Chrome 34 supposed to fix this? Or was it 38? 43? 46? 50? 54? I've lost track of Google's "we will fix this in v. XY". I'll believe it when I see it.
  • Haha Google, you said *Chrome* was "power hungry"! I think that can be applied a tad more broadly!
  • Just came here to say 'Scroogle Foam', sorry I meant 'Google Chrome' sucks. Opera and Edge all the way.
  • I like Edge and would use it all the time but my online classes don't support I'm stuck with Chrome.....well I hope they fix the issue.
  • Edge and opera. Edge is great and opera has tons of cool features 😉
  • Lol
  • I've used Edge since it came out, works better with touch and seems to perform much better on my Atom powered Asus T100. I also quit using Chrome on Android a couple years ago in favor of Samsungs browser, better performance and ad block.
  • Was using Chrome for Windows Central as it seems to hang on Edge. Have they fixed this?!
  • As a web developer, the only thing stopping me from dropping Chrome is the poor inspector included in Edge.
  • Edge is amazing and i have security issue on google service
  • The only reason I switched to chrome fulltime was because of it's cross platform availability. I have a Desktop PC, a MacBook an iPad and an Android phone. Passwords, history and so on all sync seamlessly across devices. I love Edge, it's way smoother when using animations. Everything is hardware accelerated. Just wish they released a cross platform version, even if they changed the name or added a new word to the existing name (ex: Microsoft Edge Light). I don't know. Something to make us want to use Microsoft services.
  • Could not agree more. If Edge was everywhere and not tied to Windows then it would stand a chance. But they are developing Edge like a '90s style web browser and not realizing that Chrome and FireFox are playing a whole different game now. Even if Edge was perfect at web browsing (which it still isn't), it is not being set up to do what the other platforms do with apps, extensions, and manageability in the enterprise. If they get their act together then Edge could be a thing... they just don't seem to get it.
  • Issa lie!
  • The cia has been blocked
  • I never had battery sucking problems with Chrome on the SP3 but hey, if they're making it better, that's fine with me. At any rate I wouldn't be using inferior browsers like Edge anyway, even if Chrome drained the battery quickly.
  • Seriously? Is battery life such an issue anymore? After the update last fall (v54? 55?) I noticed much better battery life. Chrome already fixed most of the issue.
    Edge may well have better battery life, but it also does not do half of what Chrome does. Chrome is a whole OS and application platform that happens to also browse the web. If you still just browse the internet, then Edge is fine. But if you live in the world of mobile apps then there is just no replacing Chrome any time soon, and as Android apps slowly come to the platform this will only entrench Chrome usage even more.