Despite the fact that Google wants you to use its browser, Microsoft the same, there's always been one elephant standing on top of your laptop if you wanted to use Google Chrome: It drains battery like no other browser.

Google has apparently decided it's now time to address this, promising fixes in Chrome 57.


As reported by our pals at Android Central:

Google is constantly evolving Chrome to be less power hungry while also offering increased performance, and the latest development arriving in Chrome 57 focuses on power savings from further background tab management. With the latest version, tabs open but not currently in use will be more aggressively throttled to save power.

Essentially Chrome 57 will limit background activity on tabs you're not currently looking at to stop the browser from gobbling up so much power. It all sounds good, and in theory should work, but we'll not sound the party alarm just yet until we've actually seen it live up to its claims.