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UWP threat? Google could allow all of Android's apps to directly run on Windows

There's new evidence that Google is preparing a way to allow all of the Android apps in the Google Play Store to run on its Chrome OS as well, and that method may be used to allow those apps to run on Windows as well.

Android app Chrome

As our sister site Android Central reported, a Reddit user spotted a reference for allowing Android apps on the Chrome developer channel over the weekend. Another Reddit member posted a screenshot of a dialog box, shown above that strongly indicated that Google may be getting ready to offer Chrome OS users access to the Google Play Store and its many Android apps.

The method for this move is likely the Android Runtime for Chrome (ARC), which launched a year ago and allowed Android developers to port their apps to Chrome OS. However, as Android Central pointed out:

Right now, the Android Runtime for Chrome includes a rudimentary version of Play Services that allows Cloud Messaging, Google sign-in, a contacts provider and OATH2 support, as long as the developer does a few extra steps to set things up through the Google Developer console. For full access to the Google Play Store, this restriction would have to be lifted. This would mean a full version of Play Services either built into Chrome or a bigger and better ARC module. Either of these two things could happen, but it would take Google building it and distributing it for it to actually work.

Our own Jason Ward also pointed out the difficulties in merging Android and Chrome OS in a recent editorial. Paul Thurrott at points out that ARC could also allow those Android apps to run on Windows as well, via a Chrome sandbox called Native Client (NaCL). However, it remains to be seen if Google will officially launch that kind of support. There's the issue of having Android apps run on a bigger screen, as they don't tend to scale very well.

Microsoft and Google are fighting the same problem but from different starting points. Microsoft has a lock on the PC and at tablets but no mobile game, whereas Google has their mobile strategy locked in but no clear path to the desktop. Will ARC be enough to compete with UWP or just a band-aid for a larger problem?

Google is scheduled to hold its developer conference, I/O 2016, in mid-May. It's possible we will learn more about their Android-Chrome OS plans, and possibly their Windows plans, at that time.

  • I could dump bluestacks ☺
  • Ya...but UWP threat to windows I don't think so...but time will tell....I MEAN HOW MANY PEOPLE WOULD SWITCH TO CHROME OS FROM WINDOWS
  • Depends on the person and what they need a computer for. My mom was happy with the Chromebox I set up for her since all she does is use Facebook and bank online. And people won't have to switch from Windows if this is inside the Chrome browser as well.
  • but people who use only whatsapp still don't buy windows phone :(
  • Well if Android apps run on UWP, they may run on Windows phone too, so why would I need Android anymore? Choices are great!
  • Android apps require Chrome browser on Windows...
    Chrome is not a UWP yet ... Nor we gonna c it coming years... As UWP. So no chances of seeing android apps running on WP. Posted via Windows Central App for Windows 10/Android
  • Its not Android apps on UWP.. Its android Apps on Windows... probably via Chrome Browser... As such, the leak indicates only ChromeOS but might make its way to Windows and that could be troublesome for UWP platform as the Developers will have even less incentive to build native Windows/UWP Apps
  • Yep, both system will benefit. However, the choise of programming in C# or Java is an easy one. So far Android Apps are not really scalalble, something built in for UWP from the start and sooo easy to use.
  • You gave your mom the great gift of privacy intrusion? What sort of son are you! ;)
  • No, I gave her the gift of a secure easy to use computer.
  • What a bad wicked son you are to put your dear mother at such risk!
  • You speak as of you know everything.. When in comes to privacy and spoofing, chrome OS is way more secure than Windows. You really have got a wrong idea.
  • I dumped bluestacks one year ago and bought cheap 8" 16/2GB android tablet. Works better, portable, less users and lag on PC, no pressure to update phone. Worth it :)
  • No it doesn't. The apps will run inside Chrome, which is not available on Windows Mobile.
  • Damn! I didn't think of that because I didn't read the article.... Well, if anything, it's a start in one way, or another.
  • But if there start to be x86 W10M phones...
  • Awww yeah
  • Try greymatter
  • What is greymatter and how do you get it? Did not find anything about it so far ???  
  • Interesting, could be a possibility. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10 on my ******* 1320
  • Would this be a sign that Chrome OS is a failure? Because they are (potentially) allowing their exclusive apps to run on a competitors platform? Because that is usually the slant that many take when Microsoft apps/programs are ported to competitor platforms. For me I think that the more widely available an app/program is the more successful it can and will become.
  • How is it a sign of ChromeOS being a failure if they're adding additional features to ChromeOS?
  • Yes, the article includes information about ChromeOS being able to run native android apps- but, the crux of the article is about running those same apps outside the Google/Android garden and on Windows desktops. Whenever Microsoft releases one of their 'exclusive' apps on another platform people start shouting that this is the end as we know it and that the sky is falling... I think it's all ridiculous... - Just a Lutheran Pastor in Newberry, SC
  • It would still be contained in Google's garden because all the apps would still live in Chrome's browser
  • You didn't read the article did you Tom :)
  • Yes I did. When it mentioned that these apps could work on Windows, it stated they would still be inside the Chrome sandbox, just like Chrome apps are today.
  • But wouldn't Chrome on Windows be 'On' windows? I would not need a Chrome book for anything! If it gets running on UWP then I don't need Android device either!
  • The same way people try to Windows Mobile is dead even though development and sales continue.
  • I would think it would help Windows Desktop OS quite a lot But at the same time there are a lot of people who just don't want to update to Windows 10. This could be a viable alternative to them. It can go either way.
  • There were a ton of people who said the same thing about 7 and xp and all the other versions that MS has come out with.  These people will move to 10 too.....
  • Anyone who doesn't want to witch to windows 10 is just an aging dinosaur
  • I got what u are saying to bad they didn't lol
  • Microsoft should just teach them how to make their apps UWP, Windows is the future!
    Anyway, the move could be for the W10 PCs(mobile isn't a threat) where the apps would not need too elaborate scalling work done and apps can work in a window. If they don't hurry, the Centennial ports will takeover the store.
  • How can devs port to UWP, using their Macs?
  • You may want to try Rider Or Xamarin Studio Or Paralels + Windows + Visual Studio Community (free) Or VirtualBOX + Windows + Visual Studio Community (free) You might want to consider using Microsoft BizSpark program to get Microsoft software for free.
  • Microsoft could possibly help Google figure out the whole making Android apps scale to larger screens in the same way that Windows 10 and its apps can adapt to different form factors...MS makes it all seem so easy lol =p Ugh, I'm at boring lol =p
    Windows 10 RULZZ yer FACE!!!
  • Android apps suck on tablets. They would be even worse on a desktop screen. If I have Windows, why would I use mobile apps?
  • Yeah, agree here. Android apps are already bad on tablets. This seems like they are forcing mobile to desktop as a kludge rather than a thought out solution.
  • This is Goog's trick that will convince OEMs to make Chromebooks in slowing phone market.
  • Most phone OEM's already produce Windows laptops and Chromebooks. They only major one I can think of that doesn't is Huawei (and maybe LG). And nothing is more enticing to an OEM than a desktop OS with zero licensing fees.
  • Huawei mate book 2 in 1
    Lg gram series Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Those run Windows, not ChromeOS. I was referring to Android OEM's that also produce Chromebooks.
  • Well that's really true dan and i am not going to use those android apps on my Windows 10 PC since those apps may work good in their particular environment like small screen and underpowered CPU and all that but a GUI not designed especially for the desktop to scale big and take the advantage of the full screen of my desktop which is itself that big issue for those applicaitons that may lead to the death of whole the idea and hey if i have a big screen i want all the apps to take advantage of that otherwise i have other really good options ready from Microsoft UWP ;-) and other developers who developed for Windows since 1995 or even earlier maybe ;-) ..!!!
  • There you go Daniel! I could see myself using a couple of game in a windowed window on Windows! But I have never or would never need a Chrome book at all! Thank goodness! So if this goes further, to even a windowed UWP app, (like Blue Stacsk but on Windows Phone), why would I need an Android device anymore!
  • Not true at all. I have a Nexus 7 (2013) tablet and Android apps run perfectly. Android apps on tablets are light years ahead of Windows apps on mobile devices and this is coming from a loyal Windows Phone user (Lumia 521 & 640).
  • You are running phone apps on a 7" tablet. Obviously it's not a big issue in that case. Now picture the blown-up app on a 10", 15", 21", 34" screen, or even on a fraction of the screen. Not very adaptive from a UX perspective (and in most cases mouse usage sucks). Send from Bikini Bottom via my ShellPhone 950 XL
  • I agree. Can you imagine Android apps on my 21:9 monitor?
  • LOL at all the windows fanboys who downvoted my two comments. YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH about Android apps (Even to Tablets) being vastly superior to Windows mobile apps.
  • How so? I still keep my tf300 around, and I simply don't understand the tablet app "problem" Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It was evident, UWP was bound to inspire them all someday
  • Someday, Apple will invent UWP.
  • You don't say ;)
  • And will call it the "revolutionary, new original idea... Called the 'iUAP'" +640 on Windows10Mobile
  • ha ha lol
  • Magical!
  • That woudl mean having to have Chrome on my Computer plus Android Apps...I'll pass. But hopefully this can stop the whining people do because they can't snap a stupid pic or video.
  • Soo hopes are rising again.. But just hopes and nothing..
  • This would be nice for those "deal breaker" apps. But in general, the typical user isn't going to want to F with all that, sand box and arc and whatnot. And you said it, lots of apps fo mot scale well.
  • They see the future. Damn
  • So all of Google **** at one place? Google Chrome is becoming a ChromeOS. Still sucks.
  • Noo..... this would destroy the possibility of native Windows apps.... Developers gonna say if u get apps directly from playstore why make a UWP (one that can run on Phone and desktop).
  • How would this destroy native Windows apps? A native app is going to use a lot less resources than an app running inside of Chrome.
  • I am saying possibility of having native apps for Windows 10. They will just improve Android apps targeting Android (phones, tablets), Chrome OS and Windows desktop, instead of writing app which would run on Windows devices.
    Targer audience of Android + Chrome + Windows > Windows
  • I've been using Android for about 4 years at this point on both phones and tablets and I don't think there's anything that can make developers care about their apps looking good on tablets. This won't change things.
  • Correct. This is how I see it too. Windows 10's install base is over 270 million. Meanwhile the phones are almost nonexistent. If you are a devleloper you don't have to do any work to reach those 270 million on desktop. Why even bother with UWP at all when it can only benefit a non-existent Mobile base?  
  • The answer is Xamarin.
  • No it is not. Xamarin will only get you a template that works across all 3 but you still have to code specifically for W10 Mobile. It does minimize the amount of work but it doesn't eliminate it altogether. It would be less work to port using a Bridge i believe. But then again you still have to want to code for W10 which most companies don't feel is worth the cost.
  • Given the low quality of android apps outside phone factors, no. No threat. UWP apps are mostly designed for PC form factors so they are better than anything upscale junky phone app from android.
  • Low quality apps have never been a hindrance for Android tablets. Don't kid yourself, a fine tuned user experience is not high on the list for consumers. If it were WP would have sold more. People want apps and now they can get way more apps on their Windows PC. Chrome is quite ubiquitous in the world and you can bet that people use Chrome (browser) far more than they would ever use the Windows Store
  • Well said
  • You think Samsung released a Windows 10 2 in 1 with the galaxy name when they cant skin the os, create their own store or use their own processors like Android was for no reason? They were forced to do so by market pressure.  Every >8" tablet from every vendor on Andorid has been a market failure including the Google Nexus 9 & 10.  Over the past 2 years, all the premium tablets have moved from Android where they dont sell to Windows. Chrome is also a disaster with touch and is a pig with memory & battery life.
  • I agree about Chrome but you better be sure that Google will finally improve it due to this news. Look at sales man, Android tablets have sold far more than Windows tablets even being the toys that they are. Me and you fall under different catagories and we are not the typical consumers. Most consumers didn't buy Windows tablets en masse.
  • And Android Tablets are selling less and less each day, though phablets are selling more!
  • Android apps on tablets are actually pretty damn good quality. Way better than Windows Mobie apps on phones.
  • No
  • Yes. And it seems that the Windows fanboys can't deal with with truth.
  • Microsoft is already given some big players tough choices, a.k.a "the curve" Posted from windows central for windows 10 mobile
  • This just sounds like another reason to use Windows instead of Android. Why lock yourself into one ecosystem when you could get the best of both ecosystems by just having a Windows 10 computer, laptop, or tablet? Given past history, I doubt this will happen, but there have been recent signs of newly reformed relationships.
  • I sold my lumia and now i have a wonderfull android phone -lg v10- which has all the apps that i need! I use chrome on my W10 laptop! If i can get the apps i have on my phone also on my laptop it ll be a dream!  
  • I'm not sure I want my life to become someone elses "product" as much as you did.
  • Yes, I am afraid. With (probably) free Chrome OS and million of apps in Google Play, including Microsoft's own, and regardless of their quality, and millions of Android users, Microsoft has very dark future ahead  
  • Sounds like the results of the recent thawing of relationships between Microsoft and Google. Leveraging the advantages each has in mobile or desktop could be the strategy to take on Apple's closed ecosystem. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • And how will this benefit Windows? Even Google has no incentive to target the 270 million on Windows 10 now. They can just push users to use the Android apps within Chrome.
  • The other way around, why would I need a Chrome book if that does not run windows programs, on the other hand I would be able to have a Windows 2 in 1 running everything from both ecosystems! If it grows to UWP then why would I need an Android device anymore instead of a Windows one that also runs Continuum!
  • One correction to the article: Google DOES NOT have any plans to merge ChromeOS and Android. The head of ChromeOS (his name escapes me right now) just recently said they do not plan to fully merge the two platforms, but are going to bring over features where it makes sense. Dumping ChromeOS for Android would get rid of the growing market in busienss and education for ChromeOS.
  • Is ChromeOS really a growing market? What can it offer and a windows tablet or notebook cannot?
  • More secure, no rebooting to install updates, more frequent updates, easier to use and oftentimes cheaper. All those combined make it awesome for businesses and schools.
  • Not more frequent updates, not easier to use, not cheaper! Limmited to only 'movile' apps instead of resposive to screen sizes, limited to only Android apps instead of both ecosystems, etc. Why would I choose a limmited Chrome book over a 2 in 1 that runs both ecosystems?
  • This is easily the biggest threat to UWP. If you are a developer thinking about UWP then this might just stop that. A user could just run your Android app on Windows now and sinceW10 has a large 270 million user base vs very little for WP, there is now even less incentive to target W10 imo
  • Nadella must be drooling to get MS apps to chrome books.
  • There already are some Office apps in the Chrome store
  • With proper Office apps, which are bound to come, these could replace Windows based laptops for many who need light affordable computing power for the road.
  • Again, they already exist.
  • Yay, SnapChat is finally coming to Windows! /s
  • Well, that would certainly kill the app gap argument. Posted from Windows Central for Windows 10
  • No, because the apps would be running inside Chrome on desktop Windows 10. Windows Mobile wouldn't be able to access the apps.
  • Windows is not dead, part 1-9, Coming Soon.
  • Daniel, can someone just ban this troll? They are being constantly annoying and very disrespectful. Send from Bikini Bottom via my ShellPhone 950 XL
  • Can we not be mature adults and just ignore the troll? I don't want windows central to become iMore, where people with differing opinions get banned (or so I heard). L950
  • Of course, it's not dead. The grip in the corporate sector will almost ensure this. Apple and Google don't pretend to have a solution in this sector, they don't even understand the problems to solve.
  • Goole has nothing to loose by causing some damage to MS's UWP
  • hmmm... maybe an agreement reached by the two giants? Google apps on W10M (soon?) and allowing apps in W10 Desktop
  • Seems like a band aid solution to me, maybe a stop gap before Google unveils their own version of UWP. UWP so far is the most elegant solution and has the biggest head start, it will be tough to beat but for sure not impossible when you look at the marketing power of Google and Apple. So long as Microsoft keeps pushing forward with UWP adding new features and tooling frequently then they should be able to keep ahead for a few years at least and hopefully get a strong grip on developers. Posted from my Lumia 950
  • The problem is, the devs in question are already on Mac. And they tend to have a habit of avoiding MSFT.
  • Devs on Mac? Wonder why number of apps for Macs still hasn't reaced 1/10th of the 16 million available for the Windows platform.
  • Extremely doubtful. They won't easily let someone install the Google Play Store on an Android-based phone that doesn't come with it by default. Getting full blown graphical acceleration for graphically intensive games is why Android emulators are still being actively developed and that there is no 100% perfect product that's not natively running Android.
  • So many Google haters here. Grow up people
  • Sarcasmbis syrong in this one!
  • < sensored curses >
    An Android bug autocorrupted the message - the prevents me from editing
    Time to switch to ... Windows 10 Mobile ??  
  • I would agree with you but that's like me going to Android Central and saying "So many Microsoft haters here. Grow up people". You're on Windows Central, you need to accept a certain amount of hate.
  • MS haters? Hate MS for what? Not giving them enough apps (before WP)?
  • Threat, no. It would make the Windows platform even more appealing even in Tablet form. That could increase the user base and then people will want native apps.
  • I am not sure if anyone else has posted this, but if the apps run in Chromes browser, then they shopuld run in Chrome for OSX right?  If that's so, would it create a legal issue for devs who are making an app to run on apples platform without using apples app store?  I think we are all miguided about the effects of this move, it's Apple that is going to be pissed....
  • FYI, I know the difference between OSX and iOS, I would think apples legal requirements for devs apply across Apples platforms...
  • OSX can install apps/programs from sources other than the App Store already, so this wouldn't change things. iOS doesn't allow apps to be installed outside its App Store, so that version of Chrome won't allow this.
  • I love competition
    It brings the best out of every company
  • Porting Android apps to Windows is not a UWP threat, it's a UWP victory! It shows that the UWP concept has really caught on with other companies. This could be the last straw for Android users to start switching over to Windows/Mobile.
  • Pretty much what Motorola and Ubuntu said when Microsoft did it.
  • Err, the apps run in Chrome not directly on Windows. Please read the article before posting ;-)
  • Google will never officially allow that.. And UWP is not a "threat" at all right now..  
  • The selling point of UWP to developers is access to all the windows PCs in the world, which could then grow into a massive mobile market. Android has the mobile market already, but nobody uses chrome books, at least nobody looking to get anything done. This won't change anything. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Plenty of people use Chromebooks. Companies wouldn't keep making them if no one used them.
  • Android apps on Chrome? Already a memory hogger now with android apps. Bye bye RAM.
  • Android emulators have been around for ages. If this was a threat it would have struck long ago.
  • Those emulators have always had performance issues. This should be smoother since it's being rolled out by Google.
  • "that method may be used to allow those apps to run on Windows as well." I don't get the fuss; doesn't Windows already run Android apps via BlueStacks?
  • There's a thing called surpetition(did I get the spelling right?)- Google and MS could get their act together.
  • Wouldn't that mean that they would run on WM phones since it's W10 after all? That would be the opposite of a problem. Basically, it would emulate Android apps on W10(Mobile too?), filling the app gap.
  • Not mobile. The apps would be running inside the Chrome browser, which doesn't exist on mobile.
  • There is a reason there has been no successful >9" tablet from any OEM including Google. Android has almost ZERO developer support for the large screen. There are more tablet optimized apps for Win RT than Android. Who wants to run pixelated phone apps stretched to 10-15" screens.  
  • I prefer the idea of apps scaling to a specific device more so than mobile apps running like a mobile app everywhere.
  • I don't think Google would do that. But if for any reason that would happen, I'd welcome it big time. It would be the end us begging for apps. We'd just need to sell our souls to the devil and make a Google account (something that most of us already have). But hey.. If they're willing to do it, there's no reason why we shouldn't welcome it.
  • But it still an important difference. UW P apps are still made for touch or mouse and keyboard or other types of inputs. that is very important difference. android apps are made only for touch and if you use the mouse it only imitates a touch. On Universal Windows apps it still works, the best with the mouse or touch. If you use the mouse it shows the scrollbars the descriptions, change the cursor, you can even use the mouse on the universal windows games... With most android apps you simply cannot.
  • I don't think so. It's just a kind of patch for a hole in their strategy. The thing they need to do is just get on board with UWP if they really want to make a dent on desktops. Their excuses, and yes, let's call a spade a spade, no longer stack up. Making a UWP app would be almost an afterthought for them. Now obviously, we don't see what goes on behind closed doors, but it very much feels like MS gives, gives, gives, but doesn't get much in return as far as apps go. This isn't a criticism of MS, because they seem to be doing it right (although people do pounce on them wrongly, as they did today with wordflow for iOS). Instead, everyone should be doing this. Oh to live in an ideal world... One must also remember that Google have always tended to be keen to "promote" (read "force") users to use their services, like the whole Google+ nonsense with YouTube.
  • This is very different from UWP. They are literally going to enable the same phone app to run on the desktop Chrome OS. That's just an awful user experience unless they also strongly push UWP-like tools to ensure autoscaling works well, which they do not do (hence why there are still many separate phone and tablet variants). Applications automatically "just working" is a semi-nice solution given no alternative, but it quickly leads to very crappy experiences (as evidenced by the fact that no one likes using iPhone apps on an iPad).
  • Google sucks.
  • The scary thing here is if the android apps have access to the whole windows device, will they be bringing along their spyware crap for the ride?  Hopefully this stuff will be well sandboxed.
  • What spyware crap? The only spyware on Android comes from third party Chinese app stores. ANd this would stay sioled inside Chrome.  
  • The reason that UWP apps work so well on desktop in addition to phone and tablet (and everything else) is because they were designed with desktop in mind. The majority of Android apps were designed specifically for phone OR tablet, and getting them to work well on desktop would require a serious redesign. Sent from my Toaster Oven (Lumia Icon)
  • But there is still very important difference Between Android apps and universal windows apps. You know is the windows apps are made for touch or mouse keyboard or even different types of Inputs. It means that Android apps are not made to run on PC. If you use mouse on Android app it only acts like a touch. Universal windows app Can work with touch or mouse and keyboard perfectly. So you will not be able to run Most Android games Or apps well on PC with keyboard and mouse.
  • How can this be a threat to UWP. UWP apps are meant to run on multiple devices. From the desktop to mobile to IoT to Hololens and Xbox. If I read this well, it means the android apps are going to run on chrome on a desktop or laptop. What about the other devices. Develop a UWP app and decide where you want it to be available. This makes life easy for developers
  • Android apps run on my TV, without a set top box. They run on a small device turning a monitor into a touch screen. They run on the watch my wife wears. They even run on phones and tablets. And now ion the desktop. So, Android apps are as universal as an app might get. And they actually compile on a Mac, which you need as a iOS dev. While for UWP, you need the hassle of a Windows install.
  • And they actually compile on a Mac, which you need as a iOS dev.​ I have to take contention with this point. Xamarin is available which lets you develop for iOS. And from what I've been reading, Microsoft have also included an Objective-C compiler in Visual Studio. Right now it seems to be limited to C++ to Objective-C, but it is possible. Source:
  • "directly run on Windows" That means you could install it via the Playstore or APK, but this surely will require hogChrome, which not everyone uses, so no, isn't directly.
  • As long as Google is following Microsoft, they(Google) is not a threat. They will only be a threat when they stop copying from others and start innovating. But considering the track record of Google, I doubt it. Google is after all a company that acquires other companies like Android & YouTube and does very little innovation of it's own.
  • i thought android apps were bad for windows and made it hang a lot?
  • If Microsoft releases an x86 compatable surface phone this could work in Microsofts favor.
  • Is it only me, that see this "problem" as an oportunity for UWP apps?  If people start to use android apps in Windows in millions, this probes that some apps are really needed to be used in regular Windows.  By the other hand this app will be very very awfull to use in Windows, because Android does not have a good reputation for big screen apps, and the solution of a UWP that is trully responsive to work as big windows would be prefered by people. For example the app for Messenger via the android inside Chrome could be crappy compared to a truly universal Messenger directly in Windows.  (Ok I now we don't have now that UWP Messenger yet.)
  • i hate any service of google cuz i hate its ideology
  • The need to run Android apps in ChromeOS simply highlights the inadequacy of browsers in a modern app-centric world. There was a time, when you could do everything on a desktop/laptop. Now, it seems that smartphones have overtaken the desktop in usefulness: with a desktop, you can't send ephemeral and intimate photographs with a loved one; you can't deposit checks; and until recently you can't use it to hail a car. And people wonder why PCs are dying. Anyway, these Android apps on ChromeOS is proof that what Microsoft is going in the right direction with UWP. So tell me again, who uses apps on a desktop???
  • Is this he same Google that owns  ton of service and yet has only one app in the Windows 10 store?
  • I'm not an Android hater, owning both Android phones and tablets, but I've never had any desire to run those apps on my desktop. Now if I could get them on Windows 10 mobile... -- Lumia 640 (Windows 10)
  • Well played, Google. If not outrightly killing UWP, it will cut deep into the revenue stream of the Windows store. This is the direct result of not having Astoria apps in the Windows store, which shows how pathetic the decision to cancel it was. Also, forget ChromeOS. I have RemixOS aka real Android for desktop running in a VM, works fine.
  • It means two things:
    Firstly, Microsoft walks in the right direction.
    Secondly, there going to be a thread of the whole windows ecosystem
  • I will definitely ditch my Windows Notebook for a ChromeBook if they do this.   Seeing this makes me kind of excited to keep up with where Google is going to go with Chrome OS.
  • What a bad wicked sun you are to put your dear mother at such risk!
  • Remix OS, 'nuff said.
  • Google is 'possibly' bringing android apps to Chrome OS and that's a potential threat to UWP because it is theoretically possible to then run them on windows? That's quite a leap you've made there journalistically... Is it a slow news week? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • ew
  • Google you so funny. XD
  • Sub'ing.
  • Yasssssss! amazing would save windows and be awesum
  • That will be the most welcome "threat" EVER! And it'll be a legit reason for me to keep Chrome on my Surface Pro 2 when Edge gains support for extensions. But threat to UWP apps? I don't think so. Nothing bigger of a threat than Android Emulators already are. It'll just give me more reasons to love my Surface Pro and the Windows Platform, and it'll be the official death of Android tablets...if they were ever anything. I'd still much prefer apps that take advantage of live tiles and continuum...
  • You are one delusional fanboy.
  • Who? Are you referring to the author of the article? If you are, it sounds like your reading comprehension has failed you. What's your understanding of what they're trying to say?
  • Actually it looks like your reading comprehension has completely failed you because I was responding to MrElectrifyer's delusional comment.  Android tablets aren't going anywhere anytime soon. They dominate the tablet market share for a reason.   
  • Nah, you failed to properly reply to his comment, you posted below it, no reading comprehension fail on my part, no way to tell what you were addressing; It's a commenting thread, there's no expectation to trawl through comments/article to find what you were addressing, even if I did it wouldn't help, as your 1st post was sufficiently vague that you could've been addressing any number of posts, or something in the article. Therefore, the fact that the comment you were addressing just so happened to be above yours is irrelevant, the expectation is that you reply in a nested format below, for context, or at least quote the poster. As for what you were actually addressing, agreed, I doubt Android Tablets are going anywhere anytime soon. Cheers.
  • Nah, you completely failed and you are an idiotic buffoon for making an error that you made such a big deal out of it. Sometimes it's better to stay quiet to avoid making a fool out of yourself. Cheers.        
  • It's okay to be wrong sometimes & gracefully accept that, mistakes can & do happen. The problem lay simply, with the fact that it wasn't clear what you were addressing, getting personal & insulting won't change that. At least I wasn't vehemently disagreeing with what you were expressing (i.e. Android on Tablets isn't in danger), once I knew what it was you were addressing (i.e. had some context). Nothing personal, & no hard feelings...