GPS Tracking 4D - location management from your Windows Phone

GPS Tracking 4D is a new Windows Phone app from the developers of GPS Voice Navigation and with the support of the AppCampus project. The app allows you to share your location with friends and family, as well as see their location from your Windows Phone. Much like you can do with Life360 or similar Windows Phone apps.

In just tinkering with GPS Tracking 4D for a short period, it comes across as a very appealing Windows Phone app. It can give parents a little peace of mind knowing where their children are and easy to use when you need to share your location with friends/family on where to meet up.

You will need to sign up for an account with GPS Tracking 4D (free) and in order to track friends or family, they will need the app installed on their phone and have an account as well. The developer is working on an Android and iOS version to help expand GPS Tracking 4D's coverage.

GPS Tracking 4D

Along with locating friends or family GPS Tracking 4D will let your track routes, sync routes with friends and send your location to friends. Additional key features of GPS Tracking 4D include:

  • Geo-fencing with notifications that alert you when a friend/family member enters or leaves a specific location (e.g. school, movie theater, etc.)
  • Automatic location updates
  • Location history for the past month
  • Ping locations
  • Invisible mode
  • Live Tile support

GPS Tracking 4D is a free Windows Phone app but is limited to one pinned friend on a map, one alert and tracking your location history up to one day. You can remove these limits through a $4.99 in-app purchase.

It is an interesting app and if you have the need to manage your location or keep track of family members, GPS Tracking 4D is a Windows Phone app worth trying.

Download GPS Tracking 4D for Windows Phone (Free)

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George Ponder

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  • I like the UI a lot...
  • Are these apps really needed by a normal user ??
  • Well, there can be some useful applications.
  • Needed? Normal user? If you have a family with kids, I think this app is self-explanatory. If you are by yourself and you don't need to track a loved one, then I mean, no. I have no idea what a "normal" user is. I know if you are reading this site about your phone, you are not normal, lol.
  • Hahaha
    We have some abnormal 'smart'Phone users
    That's new!
  • I think its supposed to be peace of mind...not piece?
  • That is very true. Very ate not normal..
  • How is that app you're working on for normal users progressing? I can't wait to see the Windows Central review on it.
  • Getting this for my little sister
  • Started on WP, awesome!
  • Is it much better than squad watch?
  • I personally am very satisfied with squad watch
  • The alerts never work for me!
  • This a copy of Apple app Find My Friends. But it's ok, I like it
  • Without even looking it up, I can promise I know Apple didn't invent this.
  • You are right. Actually there are a lot of things believed as an Apple invention.
  • Which apps get covered by WC and which don't? Still a mystery to me :\
  • Squad watch worked?
  • Effect on battery life?  Is it as bad as running GPS all the time like a GPS logging app? I would use this when out in the woods on a bike ride, it's peace of mind for my spouse to know where I am, and the info has a decent probability of being helpful if I get into trouble and help needs to be sent.   Even with spotty cell covereage, it's still more info than a quick "bye honey, I'm riding the canyon, see you at dinnertime".
  • Better than the app called track my life which doesn't work.
  • I'm so bored that I'm looking for comments in this boring post.
  • You are not alone, same here.
  • Need that W10 bad.
  • Life360 is still better.
  • But this app will require the GPS to be turned ON all the time which will discharge the battery in 4 to 5 hours. Hence it is not a practical application.
  • Most trackers do, unless ms has changed so app can turn on and off.
  • No. When running as background task, GPS kicks off only every 20 mins. With life360, GPS will stay on all the time only when you are in the app. But the location sharing will continue as background task if you close it.
  • I would think tt cycles the GPS on/off as needed for periodic updates.  It shouldn't be running the GPS constantly like a turn-by-turn navigation app would.
  • Does it run as a background task? It was my understanding that Life360 requires the person to open an app manually for it to send a ping of the current location? Let's say a ping every 20-30 minutes would be good enough for my purposes but it would need to be automatic.
  • Not anymore. Life360 runs as background task and sends a location update every 20 mins. Only remaining caveat is that the app must be opened at least once every three weeks or so, or else the background task will automatically stop. This is a Windows Phone "feature", not a bug :-)
    Battery usage may vary depending on your phone. On my 920, it hits the battery significantly (around -30% over 12hrs). On my wife 925, it is negligible, like 5% or so.
    "Where R U" is also a very good app in this category.
  • New WP app! WP is alive and well!!!!!
  • Glympse?
  • Looks good, but I need a cross-plateform app like Life360. Not all my familly has a WP.
  • Will it work across platforms do that I can track someone that will have this app for iOS using my WP app? Our after each of the platforms locked within each other?
  • I really wish people would stop doing things like this. It only furthers the unnecessary paranoia of many in modern society. You don't need to track your children. If you'd look at facts and figures instead of just headlines, you'll see that they're more safe than they've ever been. And if you feel the need to track a significant other like this, then you're in the wrong relationship.
  • Similar app already exist in native WP messaging . Just select attach and then select my location on the menu . Then sms . Nothing new here ... Sorry .
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