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Grover Pro is the universal Windows 10 app you want for all your podcast needs

Podcast listeners and Twitter users have a few things in common like high demands and requests for many features. While there are plenty of great universal Twitter apps (see our recent 'Top 5 Twitter apps' article) podcast apps are fewer to find – at least good ones.

Grover has been a Windows 10 podcast app for PC for a while now and is beloved by many (see its 4.5 rating out of 5). Grover Pro is the new pay version but with it finally comes the beta edition for Windows 10 Mobile users. Even though it's still in development, it is worth your time if you are serious about podcasts.

Grover Pro features

  • Universal (UWP) app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile
  • Stream audio podcasts directly from app
  • HD video and casting support
  • Search and subscribe to podcasts using the search box
  • Option to automatically remove podcasts already listened
  • Option to show system notification when there're new podcasts available
  • Option to automatically download new podcasts
  • Reorder the podcasts catalog (Drag / Drop)
  • Themes Light and Dark

Grover Pro is a straightforward app that embraces the new Windows 10 design to perfection. The app uses the split-view (☰) menu to hide My Podcasts, Playlist, Unplayed, and Downloaded with a default to My Podcasts upon launching. Since the app has a lot of automation for auto-downloads, this choice is fine as you will rarely need to go to the sub-menus.

Users can set the app to download episodes or stream, subscribe to new podcasts and auto-delete previously listened to episodes. You can also choose to keep the most recent all the way up to the 100 of the most recent episodes with 2, 3, 5, 10, 20, and 50 as options in between. Options to sort the podcast includes the date of publication, alphabetic, and duration. Additionally, you can also sort by All, Downloaded, Not Downloaded, Played or Unplayed. Settings can be universal for all subscribed episodes or configured for individual podcast channels.

There is no shortage of options for Settings for power users either. Choices include:

  • Import + Export OPML
  • Save to folder on device including SD card support
  • Cloud Sync to OneDrive (syncs subscriptions and history between devices)
  • Auto Refresh e.g. off, 15 minutes, 30 minutes, up to 1 day
  • Playlist – Auto adds new episodes to the playlist
  • Downloads – Auto download new episodes
  • Notifications – Show system notifications when new podcasts are available
  • Cleanup – Auto delete downloaded episodes after being fully heard
  • Limit Episode – Number of episodes to keep
  • Metered Connections – Allow use of metered connections for downloads
  • Online Search – iTune API for finding podcasts
  • Skip duration settings
  • Background – Light or dark theme

Needless to say, Grover Pro has everything you would need for a full-featured podcast app. There is even a podcast "store" for browsing podcasts by top, technology, comedy, sports and other categories.

Perhaps the most interesting feature is the ability to watch video podcasts within the app including full-screen HD support. You can even cast the episode to a Roku or Xbox One.


Right now, I cannot see a better podcast app for Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile users. Although Grover Pro costs $2.99 (USD) for that price you are getting the most robust podcast app around and it is a real universal (UWP) app for Windows 10 that works everywhere. The app looks like a native app for Windows 10 and Phone, and it has every feature you could want.

If you don't feel like forking over the $2.99 yet you can just use the free Windows 10 version (no Mobile support) to see what the app is like.

Grover Pro gets my highly recommended rating.

qr: Grover Pro

Daniel Rubino is the Executive Editor of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft here since 2007, back when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and arguing with people on the internet.

  • Thanks! Hopefully I can get rid of the horrible itunes program from my PC!
  • Thanks, Daniel!  Podcasts is one of the three or so apps that keep me somewhat tethered to having an iOS device as a daily driver (we also have four WP/WM devices in the home).  Will definitely check this out.  
  • Very nice, it uses the iTunes API to search for podcasts.  
  • I hate the iPhone's podcast app. I can't rewind or forward and restarting from the last part I was playing is not even possible. Any ideas?
  • Don't know what to tell you; those all work for me.  
  • I'll check it out, although I have no issues with the Podcast app that comes on the phone, it has treated me good. It works for me all the time.
  • I've always found it clunky to use. It will hang when refreshing or moving through transitions, I always feel like it somewhat had a mind of it's own. However, its reliable downloading of casts have kept me using it Vs the other options. Shame there's no trial available for this new option.
  • The Microsoft Podcast cast app is in my opinion their worst WP8 app. It hasn't evolved and has seemingly been forgotten about since moving to W10M.
    I bought the Grover Pro app a week ago after realising the free version that I'd been using for a couple months wasn't available on the phone. No regrets, only high recommendations ^^
  • Listening to podcasts or watching video podcasts is one of the most important things a mobile device can do, for me. I recently got a Lumia 640 and for the first time have tried using the Microsoft Podcast appthat comes with Windows Phone 8.1. So far it's been good, although I've not really used it for much. But having only recently tried it I don't have your experience. So the Microsoft Podcast app hasn't been upgraded much for a while, huh? Is it even on Windows 10 Mobile? Would it be good to go to this Grover Pro instead, then?
  • Can you add subscription podcasts
  • Maybe I missed it, but does this keep your subscribed podcasts in sync from PC to phone and back? If so, does it sync anything else, like where you were in the podcast when you stopped listening? Edit: Whoops, yes it does.
  • I would like to know this as well. I'll give it a try myself when I get home. But so far Cast (another podcast app that launched recently) has been the best experience so far. Aside from usual windows app glitches, it does syncing very well.
  • I can't get cloud sync to work for either Cast or Grover Pro. :( Grover Pro gives an exception when I try to sync, and Cast just does nothing.
  • How does it compare to Cast? Which is also a Universal Windows App. My only issues with Cast is that sometimes it deletes downloaded podcasts before listened too, even when the newest. And when choosing to keep only the most recent podcasts, it is applied to ALL podcasts in your library; no individual settings.
  • I've been using Cast for a few months and I would say they're almost identical but for me Cast is super buggy and takes a long time to load and download on mobile. Grover is much more reliable/quick though it's lacking a few tiny features I've requested on Cast and the developed added. You should try Grover out you might like it better.
  • I'll have to check this out. Cast has been driving me crazy with its insane load times and constant crashing on my phone
  • Thanks for the recommendation. I just set it up on PC and am loving it so far - will most likely purchase for mobile as well. I was using Cast for a while, since it also syncs through OneDrive, but it is very unreliable.    
  • I searched for OneCast but I don't think it's available via this app...
  • You can copy and paste the RSS feed URL into the "+ Feed" option in the app, and this will add the feed for you -
  • I couldn't either but then I typed in "Onecast - an xbox" and it found it no problem.
  • I found it by searching for "xbox"...
  • This looks like groove music, I guess that's why it's called Grover. But it looks nice
  • Yeah, it was originally called Groove Podcast, but they changed it to Grover due to naming concerns with Microsoft.
  • Do you think they'd buy it..? Lol =p
  • 1. Make an app 2. Name with Groove + your own name .... 3. Profit!?
  • Podcast lounge offers all those things
  • "Podcast lounge offers all those things"
    Yeah, except for the whole "universal app for Windows 10" part so I can use the app on my PC too. The outdated design from Windows Phone 7/8 is also nice for nostalgia I guess?
  • Not  universal? Not a deal breaker. For podcasting, I think that  a lot more people (a LOT more) use them on mobiles than PC's. I've seen people raving about cast - got it, find it very confusing and not user friendly - unlike Podcast Lounge which for me it's the best around, including anything that exists in the iOS world. The oudated design is not a problem -  it is simple and it works. Hey, my opinion...
  • Where do you get this data about how users listen to podcasts? I must be in the minority, according to your sources, because I listen to them on my laptop while working instead of music, a lot of the time.  
  • Here's one source.  82% - That's just Iphone. You'd  think similar trend on Android and WM. Commuting, Gym/running and even at home. In my case  have a bt speaker which I use with my L930 at home and use it at work with headphones.    
  • I quickly looked at that article and it doesn't seem to be a mobile vs. PC position, as much as it is iOS vs anything else.  It also made no mention on how it came to those conclusions.  It seems that on Android, people don't appear to listen to as many podcasts, otherwise, they'd clearly be the #1 podcast audience.  I'm guessing the concentration of tech journalists and academics in the iCrowd are also more likely to listen to podcasts and they have a blinding love for their iPhones and doing everything with them.  I can only speak for me and a few anecdotal acquaintances, but listening with the laptop and being able to move seamlessly to the phone would increase my laptop listening stats.  Even if podcasting is overwhelmingly used more on iOS, doesn't mean that Android or Windows developers should quit, nor should development on the PC be abandoned.  It's very possible that the right experience will be great for a significant segment of users, particularly non-iTypes. I dunno...I'm just glad to have a Universal app for podcasts because it's useful for me. 
  •  In a iOS environement,  82% on iphone doesn't leave that much margin for discussion really,and you can easily conclude it should be a similar split on WM and android. I mean, happy  it works for you, but the numbers are there for anyone to see.
  • I guess I'm not making my point clear. That article's numbers are OVERWHELMINGLY about iOS saying that it alone has 82% of ALL podcast listening.  Not 82% of Apple users...82% of ALL users.  That doesn't reallly tell us much else since everything else including mobile on Android (which has a LOT more users) falls into the 18%. So the numbers presented here really only open the floor for more questions.
  • I'm with AJS. He is suggesting you extrapolate the % of those iOS users across to Android or WM. Meaning its likely that circa 80% of Podcast listeners are using Podcasts on mobile devices.  There is no "proof", but he has cited some numbers, versus your anecdotal + acquaintances. I know which one I would bet money on :)
  • I wouldn't bet a lot of money if I were you! ;)  Please note that I'm also using "the numbers" as presented.  I'm assuming that 82% of podcaster listeners on iPhone is correct.  That doesn't suggest at all that those number can be extrapolated across platforms.  If there was equity in the numbers, then iPhone wouldn't have 81% of the entire podcast audience with something less than 20% of the global market.  I don't necessarily trust numbers that don't reveal how they were derived.  Also, numbers can be presented in misleading ways and I think that's what is going on here.  82% of all podcast listeners use iPhone is being mistaken as 82% of all podcast listeners are on mobile.  Analysis of the numbers is important, but don't listen to the FIRST paragraph of the article: "A report from Clammr collected data on podcast listening habits shows that iOS dominates Android on mobile usage. Despite Android having a larger install base of smartphone devices than iOS, the iPhone is responsible for the vast majority of podcast listening. According to the study, 82% of smartphone podcasting listening takes place on an iPhone with the iTunes Store podcast directory being a significant reason for uptake." So numbers are important, but dig a bit deeper before committing your money! :)
  • You dispute the numbers that cleary show a trend but you are not capable of producing any different figures from any other source , rather prefering to state your opinion . Fair enough.  from april 2015, " Mobile devices are increasingly the preferred way to listen to podcasts. Libsyn also recorded that, of their 2.6 billion podcast downloads in 2014, 63% were requested from mobile devices – up from 43% in 2012." .   Another article From this link . "Podcast listeners have migrated to mobile in droves. In just one year, from 2013 to 2014, the percentage of listeners who said they primarily listen on smartphones, tablets, and portable audio players rather than on a computer jumped from 34 percent to 51 percent." We're in 2016 - The link between podcast listening figures and the increase of people owning  smartphones is more than obvious and if anything, the gap between mobile and PC podcast listening is increasing. Give us some data that shows otherwise and we might have a debate here.    
  • My analysis, which you call opinion, only attempts theories to fill in the holes that aren't answered by the numbers presented.  So you weren't actually being "fair" in representing my thought process, but I appreciate the snark.  The interesting thing from the second article is how few people actually listen to podcasts, in general.  So this 63% of the 17% of who listen leaves a LOT room for growth in the podcasting market.  We also don't know how frequently any of these people listen and it was intimated that the Serial phenomenon had something to do with it. STILL...claiming that Universal apps aren't a big deal to podcasting, ignores 37% of the triggers that were on desktop.  There is also likely a number of crossovers who listen both on mobile and on PC.  That's not speculation or my opinion, but rather another question that the numbers presented don't tell us.  Finally, we have a full 83% who don't currently listen to podcasts, 2/3 or Americans who have never listened to a podcast at all, and 51% who are unaware of what a podcast is.  If one includes all of the data, there is definite room for growth and Universal versions of the apps, can play a part in increasing that use.   I don't need to fetch data and I'm not debating anything other than Universal apps have a place with podcasting and that mobile use has not been proven with the data presented to be so overwhelming as to make PC use a non-factor.  If I had made such a claim, I'd present data supporting it. The data you've gathered says enough to make my point. 
  • 2/3 of Americans don't listen to Podcasts. Your point is? I thought your question was about who listen to them and how? I provide you more than enough data that actually proves my point. Your analysis is not backed up by any data or facts.It's in fact an opinion and speculation. The last link shows a 17% increase on mobile podcasting in ONE YEAR. And that was 2014! Where do you think you are 2years later?The "definite" growth you are advocating is happening on the mobile, linked to the fast increase of smartphone users, not on the pc market, where sales are on the way down. You asked for sources, gave you 3.Have another 6 all pointing the same way. Show us your sources and data that proves otherwise, instead of trying to find holes on the info and texts I provided. If not, this is my last post here.End
  • My point is kind of simple if you look at ALL the numbers and not just ones that support what you want to be true.  I didn't have a question other than questioning the idea that making a Universal app is pointless because no one uses PC.  YOUR numbers show that 43% **do** use PC.  YOUR numbers show that there is significant room for growth in podcasting.  The vast majority of all podcast listeners (82%) are using iPhone at YOUR data shows.  Extrapolating that means that there Mac + PC + Android + BB + other all make up the last 18%.  There is no data showing the mobile/PC distribution other than your guess.  I don't take orders about how I make my point.  I haven't pushed a hypothesis that developing Universal podcast software is a waste of time.  The data you present shows enough to anyone who can look at it with an analytical bent.  
  • Based on you evidence I don't know anyone that listens on there pcs everyone I know uses there phones matter of fact most folks I know rarely use the pcs at all except for work
  • Well, based on the numbers presented here, 37% of podcast downloads were made using PCs, so who you know isn't representative of the whole.  
  • You can't extrapolate it that way. It IS NOT saying that 80% of all podcast listeners use an iPhone. It is saying that 80% OF MOBILE PHONE podcast listeners are using an iPhone. Other data indicates it is at about a 50/50 split with mobile rising YoY, however this is much different than an 80/20 split like you suggest. If developers only concentrate on a single developed market, then new ones can't develop. This publisher could publish to Xbox with the click of a button, and maybe over time people will really like it snapped when they play a game etc. Who knows if they don't do it. This dev could publish to Hololens and Xbox with a simple press of a button, that is the benefit of UWP.
  • I listen to podcasts while recording my podcast, Twofer.
  • Cast is the best Windows podcast app there is (imo, of course).  Clean, simple to use.  The Android world doesn't have anything significantly better, and a lot that is worse.  I just started looking for a podcast app that syncs across Android and Windows Store... we'll see how my luck goes.
  • Sure but podcast lounge is great and has been around a while also they backup your list. All of my listening is do e on my 2 hr commute daily on mobile
  • The podcast lounge is also plagued with "resume from last position" issues and has never handled crashes gracefully. Can't tell you how many times I've lost my place in PL during a listen.
  • Haven't had that
  • No variable speed playback though!
  • Nor do I want it. I listen to some podcast simply because I find there voices pleasurable so wouldn't want to speed it up...slow down smell the roses man
  • I could care less its got FF and RR
  • I love how people seem to think that just cause they don't use a faire it doesn't need to exist. Variable speed is a basic option, even the built in podcast app has it. I will buy this app as soon as they add the feature assuming it's before something else comes out first that gets me to switch
  • Funny enough, I only now discovered this app this morning.. It has been the best Podcast app i've used on Windows 10 hands down. Fully featured. Still wading through all the options though. I have a few of my favourite podcasts already added and synced. For some strange reason, i can't find any Windows central podcasts though..
  • Grover is horrible in terms of displaying information about the target podcast. Easy to test. Open each app, hit the Search ("God is a Geek") was my search. Grover cannot do anything but subscribe or look at it in Itunes. Cast lets me hit the indivdual podcast and see its show information. Easy decision for me, Grover isn't up to it yet.
  • Stefan, I cannot find "Windows Central" in either app. Do they even cast?
  • Not in the last 2 years
  • Cast is also an incredibly well done podcast app. 
  • For phone, not PC/Windows 10.
  • Cast is a universal app as of last month. I use it on my SP3 every day. 
  • Cast has so many bugs though (and it takes forever to load and download podcasts on mobile)
  • Cast has a ways to go very frustrating like Pocketcasts..this however so far excels
  • a
  • Awesome news! Been waiting for Grover Podcast to go to universal and come to mobile! I agree it has been the pest podcatcher on Windows 10. Been using Podcast Lounge and Poddi on the phone and have been generally been satisfied with them, but will upgrade to Grover Pro.
  • Always down for a new podcast app! I wanted to like Cast so much, but it sufferes from a lot of little issues that make it overall unpleasant to use.
    Now if only all these new music apps would stop looking like spotify it would be great!
  • When was the last time you used Cast? It had a flurry of updates over Dec/January and is now super stable. There are some things I don't like about it but for just clicking a podcast and hitting play it's fantastic. It does a good job of pulling podcasts into its search function too. I like the look of it also. The best option would be for MS to just integrate podcast and Groove so we wouldn't need two apps for "listening". 
  • I still can't use cast, I had a few conversations with the dev, but Podcast Lounge is still a better app :/ My biggest annoyance is that podcasts downloaded by cast show up in my Groove library.
  • I've tried to love Cast too and I still use it (until today) but it takes forever to load the app, download, and I still have a ton of little bugs all of the time and non of them are consistant. I'll go and try it out now and again but after using Grover Pro for 15 minutes all of the issues I've had with cast don't seem to exist. I've spoken with the devolper a few times and he has been great at implimenting features I've asked for but there are too many bugs.
  • I like it, but it is to hard to find podcasts with it. Why isn't there a Microsoft official podcast just like mobile? But even that needs to do a better job of helping you find podcasts.
  • Still hoping for a universal PocketCasts app
  • Don't count on it I've tried contacting them several different ways and they never get back to me and the app hasn't been updated in several months.
  • They responded to a tweet I sent a couple months ago and said they were working on an update. It never came
  • Truthfully I think Pocket Casts stopped development on their Windows Phone app - no updates for 6+ months at least.  And they promised "first udpate of many".  
  • Yeah, PocketCasts is such a disapointment. I used to love it on Android. Was very happy when they announced the WP app. Unfortunatelly it's garbage in our platform. Buggy and slow. I'll try Grover.
  • PocketCasts was very promising but every day now I have issues where it just randomly stops playing and to get it to restart I have to kill the app and make sure it relauches new showing it splash screen.  They never responded to any support requests from me on this issue along witht the player screen where it is always un-resonsive.
  • How's this compare to Pocket Casts...?
  • I think this app is far better than the windows version of PocketCasts but not as feature rich as the Android/iOS versions (espcially with playlist functionality).
  • I'll check it out, but nothing has matched podcast lounge for features and functionality so far...
  • Been using this since the Groove Podcast days on W10 PC. It's video abilities sold me.
  • Bye Bye Craptunes!
  • I see that it's a UWP app, but does it support Continuum? Edit: Whether or not this one does, does anyone know of any podcast app that support Continuum on W10M?
  • Cast works in continuum. I imagine this one does as well.
  • Maybe someone should coach the developer on how to respond to store reviews. Might be a language issue but he sounds rude. "Let me remind you that you acquired the app on beta version". True, but not very friendly, sounds kind of combative. How about "Thank you for using our app. The app is currently in beta version, and we're working hard to fix any reported issues."
  • I've been using Grover for the past several months, so I don't feel bad about throwing them a few bucks for the pro version.
  • Since you've been using this app, I have a question. Does your podcast download automatically? I've been trying to get it to download automatically ALL DAY. It's not doing it, I don't want to have to manually download every podcast every time
  • i don't download podcasts unless I plan to go offline to listen to them, so I stream them or download manually. 
  • It is supposed to be downloading automatically but me too. I just bought it and tried the auto download and I am not sure it is working.
  • What about variable speed? Cast has all the way up to 3.0x.
  • Still need an answer if it supports password protected podcasts if anyone knows please?.  Need to know so I can compare it to my favorite; Podcast Lounge.  Would be a plus being its UWP.
  • I use the free version on my laptop, and it's good. But on my Lumia, the stock Podcasts app is enough for me now.
  • Beloved by many? The 4.5 rating is based on 152 voters Daniel. Not that many.
    It looks good though.
  • Bought it today.  Looks better than the stock app. Still trying to figure out how to sync desktop and mobile version.
  • nice if only the actual podcast app from wm worked on big windows .
  • Yea Pocket cast was sucking bigtime on my 640  as they never update...I instantly bought this app and so far its flawless! Great!   One less painpoint, Love UWP
  • Let us see how it compares to Pocket Casts! Since that developer seems to never update :(