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Hacked HD2 runs WP7 faster than HD7

The title says it all, folks.  According to a video posted by YouTube user kendimcefg, a HTC HD2, hacked to run WP7, runs many basic functions faster than a HD7 which natively runs it.  We knew that the HD2 was a versatile device, but this is pretty amazing, if accurate.  If seeing is believing, then color us impressed.  Check out the video for yourself, but try not to rock too hard to the soundtrack.

Source: Kendimcefg (YouTube); via: Ali Waqas

  • I Have a HTC HD2 running WP7 and a HTC Trophy.My experience gives that 1. a HD2 on WP7 is about as fast, BUT it's not as smooth as the Trophy. On the Trophy WP7 reacts as smooth as silk through native parts of WP7.And 2. the screen of the Trophy is much more responsive. Even more when doing multitouch; assuming the screen of the HD7 behaves the same as a Trophy.The comparison in "fast" in this video looks IMHO more a comparison in:a. networkperformance b. speed of the SD card
  • it does not run wp7 faster... the HD2 is running the NEW OS version of WP7 that is optimized for speed, that's the one circulating around right now.
  • couldn't you have found a vid where that annoying song wasn't playing? I can't mute it fast enough :-/
  • This has to do with the SD card. I want to know what SD card is the HD2 is using.
  • REALLY could have done without the Evanescence song..