Halo 5 won't require Xbox Live Gold for online co-op, will launch with over 20 multiplayer maps

Six days before Microsoft's E3 2015 press event, the newest issue of Game Informer magazine has revealed more details on Halo 5: Guardians. The biggest first-party game for Microsoft's Xbox One console will launch on October 27, and it looks like fans of online multiplayer gaming will like a lot of its content.

The biggest news is that playing the online co-op modes with friends will not require a paid subscription to Microsoft's Xbox Live Gold service. Also, Halo 5 will have over 20 multiplayer maps for launch, and developer 343 Industries will release 15 more maps for free as post-launch DLC packs by July 2016.

The details come from a member of the NeoGAF boards who has read the latest Game Informer digital issue. Some of the information might be considered "spoilers' by fans of the Halo franchise which we won't reveal here but you can head to NeoGAF to get all the details if you want. However, it appears that Microsoft still has some Halo 5 surprises for its E3 2015 press event that will include the reveal of a "completely new, epic multiplayer experience". This new feature is being called by 343 Industries as a "dream of ours and all our fans to build something like this."

Source: NeoGAF; Via: Game Informer

John Callaham