Halo Infinite will 'do right' by the franchise says 343 Industries' Bonnie Ross

Halo Infinite
Halo Infinite (Image credit: Microsoft)

Yesterday, the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences announced that Microsoft Corporate Vice President and Head of 343 Industries Bonnie Ross would be inducted into its Hall of Fame. Ross is one of the major reasons why the Halo franchise has been given this much importance in recent years. While Halo 5: Guardians wasn't as well-received as Halo 4, it was still a learning experience for the studio. People didn't just want stellar multiplayer — which they got in the game — but also a compelling single-player narrative which was missing.

In an interview between Ross and VentureBeat — which was condensed for readers by WCCFtech — the studio head said that she wanted to "do right" in the next installments. You can read the excerpt below.

Honestly, we have made mistakes along the way. The community has helped us in creating good learning experiences for us. But I think that when I look at Halo, the universe is the most important character and we are stewards of the universe. And if we're going to keep the universe alive and healthy, I think that we have to ensure that we are doing right by Halo. I do look at it as a very humbling experience. The whole team looks at this as not just our universe. It's the fans' universe. It is a part of our culture, this precious, precious world, and we're responsible for taking care of it. And we want to do it right. The work that they have done, the work we're doing on Halo Infinite is something that I am so proud.

Hopefully Halo Infinite will give us a truly extraordinary single-player and multiplayer game. However, only time will tell. There are a lot of hints being dropped that it might be an open-world game, though no confirmation has been provided as of yet. We'll keep you posted as soon as we know more.

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  • i actually enjoyed halo 5 with that black actor. it gave me the chase of wanting chief back, but at the saem time enjoyed being a different character.
  • They could’ve had a Halo spin-off with him instead of a main game. Like they did with Halo: ODST.
  • I did not mind playing as agent Locke at all but that single player campaign needed to be way longer.
  • A open world Halo if done properly would be a nice experience. I hope it gets back to what the first one was, I enjoyed the story and the game play was very good.
  • I wonder how open world would work with multi-player co-op.
  • Out of pure arrogance I am saying it. I can't think of a single 'mistake' Bungie made with their series.
  • Really? Not a one? Getting rid of all split-screen? MMC being a buggy mess at launch with almost un-playable online multiplayer? A mess that took over a year to mostly fix? Neither of those would get considered a mistake in your book. Or.... are you saying Bungie did great with it when they owned it but 343 messed it up after microsoft took it over? Or is this a dig at Bungie's other game (Destiny) which has a host of issues of its own? Or... did you simply write Bungie when you meant to say 343 since they have had the franchise for a while and made the last couple games?
  • Don't be delusional. Bungie made mistakes and also some empty promises along the way.
  • As much as I enjoyed Halo 5 I enjoyed Halo 4 more. Things I hope to see in Halo 6.
    It would be very nice to fight a more varied roster of the enemy types I realize the ones you encounter are integral to the story but nonetheless it would be nice to have bigger roster of varying enemy types. A much longer campaign. In game assets such as buildings, rocks trees or anything fall apart realistically when they get hit by weapons fire Somehow they should bring back over to the Master Chief's team Nathan fillion did a great job