Halo The Master Chief Collection

Gamers who have pre-ordered the digital edition of Halo: The Master Chief Collection for the Xbox One have discovered that the big "day-one" update for the first person shooter will be "just" 15 GB. While that's a large download, it's still 25 percent smaller than the 20 GB file size that developer 343 Industries originally claimed. The total installation comes to 59.1 GB.

The retail disc version of Halo: The Master Chief Collection contains all of the campaign content from Halo 1-4, including the graphical remake Halo 2: Anniversary. The "day-one" patch will add all the multiplayer content from those games, plus some additional features. Microsoft will also release a free update in December that will contain all of the Spartan Ops episodic content in Halo 4.

Are you a bigger fan of the campaigns or the multiplayer modes in the Halo games?

Twitch preview

We'll be previewing multiplayer and more campaign missions from Halo: The Master Chief Collection via Twitch tonight at 11pm Central (9pm Pacific, Midnight Eastern) and Friday, November 7th at 8pm Central (6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern) on Twitch.tv/EastXTwitch. Hope to see you there!