Halo: ODST and multiplayer map Relic, coming to The Master Chief Collection this Friday

Well, it looks as if the studio has stuck to its word and ODST will be dropping on the Xbox One this Friday, May 29 according to the game's page in the Xbox Store (which has since been pulled down).

This updated version of Halo: ODST will sport a resolution bump to 1080p as well as an increased framerate at 60fps. No word has been given on if the graphics have been updated as well. The game will be given to early adopters of The Master Chief Collection that bought the game before December 19, 2014. For those who missed the early adopter period, you will be able to purchase ODST but for an as yet undisclosed price.

Halo: ODST's campaign (which is arguably the best of the Halo series thanks to its atmosphere, music, and story-telling) puts you in the role of a rookie Orbital Drop Shock Trooper who has lost his teammates during a drop to New Mombasa. Since the Rookie is no Spartan, he must rely on stealth and health kits to make his way through the dangers of the dark city in order to find members of his team.

One thing that will be lacking in this new version of ODST is the Firefight game mode. This was Halo's first take on the survival mode which became a hit for shooter games during the last generation.

As for the Relic map that is also coming with the May Content Update, I'm sure that the map will launch this Friday as well. That map will be available to all Master Chief Collection owners for free even if you got the game after December 19.

So, if you've never played Halo: ODST I strongly advise you to do so once when it comes out this Friday. The game is shorter than most Halo campaigns, but the story-telling and atmosphere give it a little edge (in my opinion) over the other campaigns that we have played through with Master Chief.

So if you're excited for the game releasing this week or you despise the fact that I enjoy ODST's campaign the most, fire off in the comments below!

Source: Reddit

Jonathan Dollison