Halo Waypoint finally updated with stats for Halo 4

A common complaint among most of you is that Microsoft sometimes appears to be lacking dedication to its own platform. When a Microsoft owned property, like Skype, gets a feature on iOS before Windows Phone it’s hard to argue. Apps like Photosynth took months after Windows Phone 8 launched to come to the Store. So when Microsoft launches a new game Halo game you’d expect something to happen with the Halo Waypoint app right? That didn’t exactly happen last year, but the app was updated updated this week. Let’s see what’s new.

So Microsoft Studios updates the Halo Waypoint app. An app that hasn’t seen any love or attention since Halo 4 launched. The latest update (version 1.7) finally includes “stats” for Halo 4.

Awesome right? It took some time, but Halo Waypoint finally has something for everyone that plays Halo 4. Well, it would be awesome if the app didn’t just kick you out into IE to get anything Halo 4 related. Click career and then overview and you’ll see three options: view carrier, classified, and Halo 4 stats. Tapping any one of those will kick you out of Halo Waypoint and into the web browser where you’ll be using the online Halo Waypoint app to view your stats and career info. Lame.

Cool, finally get Halo 4 stats in the app. Oh wait, web browser.

My Xbox is used for two things: Netflix and Halo. I’ve been playing Halo since the first one came out in junior high, it’s by far my favorite game. It’s a shame that there isn’t any Halo 4 love for a native Windows Phone app. If you still play Reach you’ll remember all the cool things the app can be used for – like the Atlas feature that gives you real time map information of you and your teammates. I get that Microsoft probably wants to push SmartGlass for those types of situations, but then it makes me wonder why even “update” the Halo Waypoint app for Windows Phone. And don’t get me wrong, the web app for Halo Waypoint is incredible. It’s an example of how responsive web design is the future.

So if you feel like updating Halo Waypoint to get directed to the web browser for your Halo 4 stats you can download the app right here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our app.

QR: Halo Waypoint

Thanks for the tip Robert!

Sam Sabri
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  • Zeeshan360 ..
  • Finished campaign and spartan ops both on legendary but haven't played much of the head-to-head. So if you're ok with a relative noob hit me up.
  • I'm tsrblke...which is probably fairly guessable.
    I will say that seeing the update (but then not noticing the Halo4 stats since I didn't swipe over) did cause me to fire up Halo 4 for the first time in a while.
    I'm horribly out of practice....
  • Gamertag is ZivkoC , call me up for a round of halo :D
  • Pathetic.
  • Use the halo 4 smart glass app.
  • Btw you don't need to have your xbox on to use it. It works just like waypoint
  • Woah.. I was relieved at first.. Just to see it is just a redirector to the browser.. Not cool.. I will still use it though..
  • This. Months just to get a IE link. Lmfao this is sad.
  • Sure is. Such good news today, that would be the icing on the cake for me. Oh well.
    If anyone's up for a game sometime, add me, XBL: Wael90
  • @MacDaMachine: Agreed. To update the app with a weblink instead of full integration is one of the lamest moves that MS and 343i have pulled. I loved Reach, but I've moved on to H4 now. Time to leave Reach behind OR update the app and show the Halo titles to see your stats for that specific game!
  • "So when Microsoft launches a new game Halo game..." ?
  • Wow, 6 months after Halo 4's release and we just now got a button that routes to the Halo Waypoint website. Whew, that was certainly quite difficult to code...take a breather, devs.
  • This completes the failure that is Halo 4. I mean why even bother at this point? They made a subpar COD instead of Halo, and followed it up with less features than Halo Reach. I forgot all about this short coming. Thanks for reminding me.
  • I had waypoint on my wp7. I also have smartglass, which halo 4 stats is extremely slow on my Gen 1 hd7. I upgraded to win8 on my laptop. Smartglass H4 stats is extremely better/faster. Updating mobile waypoint to redirect is a lazy attempt to nicely shut those of us demanding a real update up.
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  • Xbox halo team obviously all ios users.
  • I'm going to have to go with "way too little, too late" on this one. With space on my 810 at a premium (phone keeps bugging me about space, and I only have 200MB left), I've long since purged this app for lack of updates. Just adding a browser control to get Halo 4 won't get me to reinstall.
  • Cool, a link instead of in app integration. Just in time too... I don't even play Halo 4 anymore.
  • What is your problem Microsoft, at least support your own m****r f*****g games. What a joke. I can see Android in the future
  • Bye.
  • Seeya dick head
  • This is like one one of the most important games for Microsoft on the Xbox platform and they release this app months later. Really disappointed.
  • I think much of it has to do with the switch from Bungie to 343, but that's just my suspicion.
  • They had plenty of time to do both, or they could have gotten a separate team together to work on waypoint. Add the fact that the 360 app is updated with H4 stats in-app.
  • @accursedvenom: THIS!!!
  • 343 have always made Waypoint, check launch videos for the 360 version (which launched during Halo Reach) and you'll only see a 343 logo and not a Bungie one.
  • finally...sheesh.  
  • Wayy to little to late and it STILL doesn't support 720p. Ugly and useless on my 8X, I'll pass. Add for some actual H4 gaming "the Teams Flag"
  • Not to burst everyones bubble but YOU NEED TO USE THE SMART GLASS HALO 4 APP That's why waypoint sucks, i agree it should be halo 4 stats. But its not, the smart glass halo 4 app is for that. Its awesome and has more features. Plus you don't need to actually be playing on your xbox to use it
  • Not to burst your bubble...but you can only use SmartGlass when your Xbox is on AND playing Halo 4...not exactly the same as a dedicated app to view your stats. 
  • Hate to burst your bubble, but that's simply not true. Load it up and check. Working fine for me
  • Daaaamnnnn it.. you're right :p Thanks for sharing man! It's still essentially the Halo Waypoint web app, but I can't complain now. 
  • It took long enough. I suppose I'll change my star rating now to a 5 :-)
  • As a halo 4 player who cant wait until this app has support I have to say this update is garbage. The link i made myself and pinned to menu is much faster option then opening an app that then opens the internet. Smh...
  • I don't blame them for the lack of updates. Halo 4 is an awful Halo game.
  • Really? It's not an awful game. 
  • It is not as good as the rest (except ODST, it's better than that).
  • I updated my Waypoint app yesterday after reading this headline.  Unfortunatly I didn't entire article about and was getting really frustrated trying to find my stats in the app as it shows for Halo Reach.  How dissappointing.  
    One of the main reasons i was attracted to Windows Phone was because of the Xbox Live features.  I remember shortly after I got my Wndows phone somone was showing me his Android app that provided more Xbox live information (friends,stats,etc) than my Windows phone, and easier to access.  This has improved some, but it is not where it should be if Microsoft wants to use it as a feature to capitalize on the success of Xbox and attract those people to the phone platform.