Handango Predictions for Smartphone Market in 2007

Handango has a dog or two in this hunt: the expanding smartphone market. So it's no surprise that their predictions for 2007 involve, er, expansion. Taking a look at what they have here, I'm wondering why it doesn't also include:

8) Sun will rise 9) Sun will set

Ok, I kid because I love. I do hope that #3- increased GPS services comes true. I also hope that WM doesn't require me to futz with COM ports in their next release.

1. Smartphones Will Go Mainstream2. Mobile TV Will Hit the Small Screen in a Big Way3. GPS-Enabled Location Based Services (LBS) Will Be Killer Applications4. Smartphone Adoption in Europe Will Continue to Explode5. Over-The-Air (OTA) Downloads Will Grow at a Faster Pace6. More Professionals in Vertical Markets Will Rely on Smartphone Content7. Large Consumer Brands Will Create Content for Smartphones

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WC Staff