Hands On With the Motorola Q11


Sure, the Motorola Q11 isn't going to rock your world anytime soon (heck, unless you live in South America, it's unlikely to show up in your world at all), but it's worth one last look.  If Moto really is serious about getting out of the Windows Mobile business, we need to get as much of their front-facing QWERTY goodness in front of us as we can.  

The Q11, as you may recall from its official launch, is an EDGE-only handset with GPS and WiFi thrown in on the side, meant primarily for South America.  Hardware-wise, it pretty much feels like the Moto Q9c -- though we'll admit to being slightly jealous of the 3 megapixel camera.

The Q line -- we still like it.  There aren't enough WinMo standard QWERTYs out there -- the BlackJack II and the Q9 series are pretty much it for North America.  Given how popular the form factor really is, it's going to be a long wait for that Maple to arrive.

More photos after the break -- 11 of them, to be precise.  Ahem.

Dieter Bohn