A 'flagship' Windows Phone, this is not. It's a capable looking, affordable mid-ranger, and hopefully it can help to begin to turn around Windows Phone fortunes in Japan.

To recap on the specs:

Category Features
Operating System Windows Phone 8.1 Update
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 410 MSM8916 at 1.2 GHz
Storage / RAM 8GB / 1GB
Expansion micro SD
Battery 2300 mAh
Display 5-inch 1280 x 720 IPS
Size 142.8x70.4x8.4mm
Weight 125g
Bands WCDMA: BAND1/8/19(6) / LTE: BAND1/3/19 (CAT4) / micro SIM

It shares a lot of similar features with a whole bunch of white label Windows Phones around the world, but there are some unique touches to make this one stand out. One of those is the day-glo text on the back of the phone. And you'll also note just the "Windows" label, since Windows Phone as a brand is going away in the future, and Mouse is getting ahead of the game on that one.

So, what's it like? It's not bad. The display may 'only' be 720p but at 5-inches there's absolutely no issue with that as we found recently with Microsoft's own Lumia 640. Most of the basic spec boxes are ticked, there's 1GB of RAM, an ample battery and microSD card expansion to offset the low internal storage. And it feels crazy light. It's plastic, yes, and not particularly fantastic plastic, but there's so little heft to it you might have to keep checking it's still in your pocket.

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It's supposed to go on sale soon in Japan, and as its a local partner for Microsoft there's little to no chance we'll see it too far beyond those shores. But Windows Phone is so poorly represented there that new devices are needed. And this isn't a bad start.