Hands on photos of the new Nokia Lumia 1320 (now with video!)

The Nokia Lumia 1520 wasn't the only large screen Windows Phone announced today at Nokia World 2013. Also in Abu Dhabi is the Lumia 1320, with it too sporting a 6-inch display, it's a more affordable option to entering the supersize space compared against the 1520. As such, some of the specs are toned down to keep the price point attractive, but that doesn't mean this is a 'cheap' device, not at all. 

The Lumia 1320 feels great in the hand, it really does. The curved edges mean that despite its size, it's extremely comfortable to hold. You won't be one-handing it unless you have giant hands, but the size doesn't feel overwhelming and it's nice and slim, too. The display on the 1320 is 720p, which is only really noticable next to the 1520 when you're looking really closely.

At average viewing distance the display on the 1320 still looks really nice. Performance also seems pretty smooth, even on these pre-release devices at the show everything is chugging along just fine. 

The camera on the rear is a 5MP unit, and with that the back of the phone is completely smooth. There's no humps as with the 1520. And, speaking of the rear of the phone, the back shell is removable exposing a whole lot of nothing inside. The cover might come off but that 3400mAh battery is sealed in. The microSD and SIM card slots reside behind here, but otherwise nothing.

The removable shell does mean you get the chance to change it up a little, and the Lumia 1320 has a choice of yellow, black, white and a pretty vivid orange/red colour. It's actually pretty hot. 

We'll be back with more on the Lumia 1320, including a hands on video. But for now, be sure to join the discussion in our new Lumia 1320 forums!

Richard Devine
Managing Editor - Tech, Reviews

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