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Hands on photos of the new Nokia Lumia 1320 (now with video!)

The Nokia Lumia 1520 wasn't the only large screen Windows Phone announced today at Nokia World 2013. Also in Abu Dhabi is the Lumia 1320, with it too sporting a 6-inch display, it's a more affordable option to entering the supersize space compared against the 1520. As such, some of the specs are toned down to keep the price point attractive, but that doesn't mean this is a 'cheap' device, not at all. 

The Lumia 1320 feels great in the hand, it really does. The curved edges mean that despite its size, it's extremely comfortable to hold. You won't be one-handing it unless you have giant hands, but the size doesn't feel overwhelming and it's nice and slim, too. The display on the 1320 is 720p, which is only really noticable next to the 1520 when you're looking really closely.

At average viewing distance the display on the 1320 still looks really nice. Performance also seems pretty smooth, even on these pre-release devices at the show everything is chugging along just fine. 

The camera on the rear is a 5MP unit, and with that the back of the phone is completely smooth. There's no humps as with the 1520. And, speaking of the rear of the phone, the back shell is removable exposing a whole lot of nothing inside. The cover might come off but that 3400mAh battery is sealed in. The microSD and SIM card slots reside behind here, but otherwise nothing.

The removable shell does mean you get the chance to change it up a little, and the Lumia 1320 has a choice of yellow, black, white and a pretty vivid orange/red colour. It's actually pretty hot. 

We'll be back with more on the Lumia 1320, including a hands on video. But for now, be sure to join the discussion in our new Lumia 1320 forums!

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • Sweet
  • Still no high-end 5inch.. That sucks..
  • Awww that's the low end phone for $300 the high end one is $'re mixing up the phones, go to YouTube and you'll see the full story on both phones!
  • Yes, but he wants a high end 5inch phone. the 1520 is 6inches
  • Because they're gonna announce a lumia with 4.5 inch display, and a lumia with 5 inch display later.
  • Is there another event?
  • Nokia has decided to announce new peoducts every quarter of a year.
  • Somehow I find this device so boring :c I guess it's just Nokia putting all hype around 1520..
  • You do realize that the no people who may not afford a highend device far outnumber those who may. It may be boring to u but it is relevant to them.
  • Not everyone is rich fag like you.
  • This is my future replacement to my 520
  • Mine too. If it comes to the US and works on T-Mobile.
  • Perfect replacement with 1 gig of ram sounds good to me considering my 520 works wonders with 512mb
  • Yea I like this option I think these will sell like hotcakes overseas
  • Why couldn't they make a 5 inch device? :'(
  • Indeed!!
  • I keep looking, like "Did I miss it?"
    Didn't we think there was going to be a 5 inch device for Verizon in the U.S.
    So sad.
  • There is something like that, but it wasnt going to be shown
  • I want that 929 on AT&T, not the giant ass 1520.
  • Rubino tweeted Q1 of 2014. This is after multiple sources & WPC themselves said we'd be seeing the NL929 in 2013. Pretty disappointing.
  • Exactly!!!
  • They did. Well, near enough to 5 inch. The Lumia 625. Stop whining.
  • You realize people want a high end device, but with a smaller screen than 6 inches?
  • You said; "Why couldn't they make a 5 inch device". I pointed you in the direction of the Lumia 625 because it comes closest with its 4.7 inch screen. From your quoted statement it is not clear that you meant a high-end 5" device.
    From your 2 comments I have been able to analyse your personality, sex and IQ. I believe you to be a female (even though your profile picture is very misleading, well done) which incidentally also ties in with my personality assessment of you, since you managed to omit details about your preferences (high-end device).
    Your first comment clearly states you want a 5 inch device regardless of the high- and low-end spectrum but yet, in your second comment you add that it has to be high-end hence proving my above point.
    This means you are a young person, I am guessing in the 20-35 age bracket (if younger, then that would explain it all), that has a lack for attention of detail (very common in this age bracket) and you think very highly of yourself. Which (again) incidentally ties in with you being of the female variety.
    I can also safely assume that you have unusually small hands, being unable to wield a mighty device like a 6" Lumia.
    I am going out on a limb here, but I believe you to be around 5 foot tall and a brunette. One who spends an awful lot of time in front of a mirror on a daily basis only to find that no matter how much make-up you put on, you are still hideous. Your glasses won't hide this either.
    Onto the subject of IQ then. I will be generous here and guess you in the region of 80-100. You struggled with maths in school and have always been a troublemaker. There is a good chance you did not actually finish secondary school and you are now paying for that. Only god knows how you manage to afford to buy these expensive phones unless you get them on contract. There is a slight chance you went to college, but you actually did drop out of that.
    Furthermore, after reading this comment, I believe you will need to see a psychiatrist because of online bullying, because that's what you people call it right? - Inviting people to take the mickey out of you and then pretending like you didnt have a clue and you are oh so sweet and innocent.
  • LOL! THIS WAS THE BEST COMMENT OF 2013 BY FAR! Anyways, I'm a Male, and I am not a drop out student. I am a very smart student, and have been said so by my teachers. I made my first c++ program and IOS app, yeah, IOS, :(, when I was in 7th grade. Although it wasn't very good, I was just happy I could do something. I was never a troublemaker, actually I was the opposite of one, and got made fun of for being so. I have been bullied, and I don't bully others. If I hurt someone else's feelings, I'm sorry, and didn't mean to. If they were mean to me first, of course I would stand my ground. I suggest you be nice to people.
  • Is This fellow a 'Sherlock Holmes' i doubt it
  • Good to see they put great display and good processor.
    I wish it had 8MP camera just for the sake of it. Most people think more pixels mean better camera.
    EDIT: WOW. They put 3400 mAh battery on this. Fantastic Nokia.
  • I'm getting this as my next after the 520 too. Agree, these things are going to fly off the shelf.
  • Yep
  • "feels great in hand" right.
    "is extremely comfortable to hold" I'm sure it is...
  • Seeing as how we've actually handled the devices and you probably haven't...  ;)
  • I feel uncomfortable holding 5-inch devices. I don't even wanna imagine how a 6-inch device will feel like, it'd look even more ridiculous when you're holding it on your ear.
    I can bet my left nut that you CANNOT use it with one hand.
  • That's what she said!
  • Says in the text of the article that you aren't going to be using it one hand...;-)
  • check this image also looks gorgeous
  • Getting only a spam page!
  • how cute.. the 1520's uglier sister :)...  
    on a serious note...that price point is incredible..  i hear 349..
  • Nokia said the extra row of tiles was for 1080 phones. Hmmm.....
  • no I don't think so..  
    there's tweet from @joebelfiore .. nokia guy that said > "3 column start is set by phone manufacturer by SCREEN SIZE not resolution"
  • How much internal storage does it have ??!!
  • May get this because of the price point!
  • This will sell. Hell this is something I'd buy just because of price point.
  • Wow...awasome
  • This will be the next upgrade from my 620. Oww yeah, 1320 rocks!
  • I cannot believe how well-priced this phone is. It's cheaper than the Lumia 720 yet it has almost double the features.
  • One of these would compliment my 1020 perfectly. Love it, especially at the prices being talked about.
  • Is it only me, or is TR2 having Xbox status? Just look at its tile, the green line on its top and the xbox sign :D
  • So... It has three rows and it's a 720p display, just like my L920... Where is my third row?
  • Good point actually... Yea Nokia, WHERE IS IT?! Pitch forks, people... Get them ready! >:O
  • That seems size dependent, not resolution dependent.
  • In the video he said the 720p gets the third row with the Lumia Black update. Let's hope that applies to all our 720p devices. Can anyone confirm this, Sam, Dan or anyone?
  • Maybe. Gotta wait to see what T-Mobiles version looks like. If they balls up to buy one. Even though I haven't even had my 925 for 3 months yet lmao
  • Why do they jump from 4.5" to 6"... Not everyone wants to hold a dinosaur in there hand... Why can't I get something in the middle? We should be able to choose screen sizes like we can choose car Wheels. People like options.
  • Agree, 4,7" comfortable for my hand
  • So what does his mean for the 920/925/1020 for 3 columns of Tiles? This has a 720p screen and 3 columns, don't we have 768p already ;)
  • does this things has 3 columns ?
  • Where the hell is the 929?  Or is that just a 925 varient on Verizon?
  • this is like a bigger 620/625 :D
  • I'm getting the 820 later this year. The 1320 is about the same price as the 820 (I think, in the Philippines)
    Now I don' know whether to get the 1320 or the 820.. Sure do hope there is a new 5" phone CMON NOKIA I'D BUY THAT!!
  • Personally I'd prefer a 5-inch screen version of the 1520.  Hope it's coming soon!
  • What is the internal storage space?
  • 8GB
  • Okay, it has become only glaringly apparent that AT&T will carry all the high-end devices for Nokia. All of the other carriers will get either a toned down model or receive a similar model a full year later. Which sucks since my carrier is Verizon but good for you AT&T for brokering the deal. It's good to see a full commitment to Windows Phone and Nokia from somebody.
  • OT: I would love it if WP Central would stop wasting 10 seconds on each video for the intros. 3 secs to show the logo should be plenty.
  • Interesting. Is there another phone like this at this price?
  • Tmobile release when
  • Why are "some" people dissappointed or impatient about a 5" device. Nobody said they were definitely coming.
    As much as I want one myself, I completely understand that they were just rumors.
  • Correct me if I'm wrong, for non-high-end: 620 is Charmander, 625 is Charmeleon and 1320 is Charizard.
  • +1320
  • How did this 1320 stands out with a 925 in terms of processor. Both have Snapdragons, but which is better?
    I know they're in different categories, but i find them pretty close, being one in the Mid Tier level (1320) and the other still considered High End Device (925).
  • Theoretically the 1320 is better as it has same 1GB RAM and a faster dual-core S400 (Nokia's own website says S4) 1.7GHz processor. As for the high end and low end, the 925/1020 was Nokia's limit for high end. Like Windows Phone 7.5 to 8, this latest update has made it possible for the high end to be increased significantly and the previously high end to become more or less mid-range.
  • I was seriously considering the 1320 as my next phone especially since I have an 822 which isnt the best Lumia phone. But the 5 megapixel camera is the dealbreaker! Verizon needs a nice 5inch Lumia. 6in is a bit too big and anything under 4in is too small.
  • At that price i will stick with my nexus 4, sorry , and the screen is too big for my hand , i think 4,5-5" is (comfortable to handle) more than that people who care about comfort will not buy this phone