Ryan Shrout leaves Intel Arc marketing role just as the build-up for 'Battlemage' begins

Ryan Shrout showing his employee badge as he announces he is leaving.
(Image credit: Ryan Shrout)

What you need to know

  • Ryan Shrout, head of marketing for Intel Arc, has announced that he is leaving the company.
  • This comes as Intel begins to ramp up its machine for work on the release of "Battlemage" sometime in 2024.
  • Ryan is giving it a few weeks before announcing what's next for his career.

Ryan Shrout, who headed up the marketing for Intel Arc, was one of the prominent faces of the division and appeared in several videos and discussions about the hardware. He has announced on X that he is leaving Intel to take on a new challenge. He will announce this in a couple of weeks after taking some time off with his family.

Shrout previously worked for Intel as the Chief Performance Strategist, a role he started in 2018. He was responsible for the "real world usage over benchmarks" strategy during a difficult time for the company. He struggled to get to grips with a surprising turnaround and increased competitiveness of AMD and its Ryzen line of CPUs.

This is the second high-profile departure for Intel Arc, with Raj Koduri, the Chief Architect, leaving back in March of this year. There were several questions on whether Arc would survive; would Intel scrap its GPU division? It seems this is not happening, and Battlemage is still scheduled to be released in 2024.

This news has come just as AMD lost the well-known Scott Herkelman, the Senior Vice President and General Manager of AMD Radeon. He is a popular figure who could be a target for Intel to fill the space left by Shrout when they need someone reliable to get the message across to potential buyers.

Can Intel still succeed with Arc and its push to restore balance to the graphics market?  Let us know in the comments below!

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