HD7 to be first Windows Phone to get Android port?

It looks like those ambitious folks at XDA.cn have been attempting to squeeze good ol' Android on the HTC HD7. Pocketnow reported on this a few days ago but it looks like more progress has been made, including trying to get it on to the T-Mobile version of the device.

Still, work has to be done to get everything working and it looks like the team is aiming for a June release, which isn't too far off. Of course the proof is in the pudding, as they say and the video above (the 2nd one released) shows Android to be humming along quite nicely on the device.

The question is: how many of you will bother to do this, assuming it's not ridiculously hard to load? Call us crazy, but we like WP7 as an alternative to Android. Then again, we're also geeks about hacking on these phones, so could be a fun weekend project.

Source: XDA.cn; Thanks, Jordan L., for the heads up!

Daniel Rubino

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  • Always cool to see this being done. Hardly practical (and really, you've basically chosen your favorite OS for the next two to three years once you purchase your phone), but still really cool.My question is always how efficient, exactly, is the other OS when the phone clearly wasn't designed for it?
  • Yeah it is really cool. At least the option is there.
  • If I was still using windows mobile 6.5 I could see how this would be tempting but if I wanted an HD7 running Android or IOS for that matter I wouldn't have purchased my WP7 device in the first place. Without WP7 OS it's not an HD7 not a Windows Phone and not worth my time. Not needed with a WP7 device. Cool that you got it to work tho!
  • EXTREMELY EXCITED to see more news about this, and even a video to go with it^^. Before I got my HD7, I had a Droid x, and although I really love WP7, there are still many things that it doesn't have (yet at least) that make me really miss having Android.Small list of things I miss:Ability to use phone as removable hard drive.Customizable ringtones.Browser with Flash support.Free turn by turn GPS .Ability to tether .Although the listed above were initially deal-breakers for me, as a windows enthusiast I decided to take the dive in hopes that one day, someone would be able to get an Android port on it, as its little cousin, the HD2. I would love to have the added functionality that is missing from WP7, and also the ability to switch from either OS. Glad I picked the right phone, android looks like its blazing fast on it :P
  • > Ability to use phone as removable hard drive.All it takes is a Registry hack. Pretend you are searching for Zune, and you'll find it.> Customizable ringtones.We'll assume you mean the ability to import your own ringtones...> Browser with Flash support.This almost always really means "I want to watch Flash-encoded video." I forget who did it, but I remeber seeing an app that could play Flash-encoded video natively on the phone, with no Flash required. I think it was reported on WPCentral, but don't quote me.> Free turn by turn GPS .Yeah, that would be nice. Someday....> Ability to tether .The feature is in every WP7 phone, but it's not activated. There are codes available to activate the feature on some carriers. Alas, I have not seen any carrier-specific dial codes for HD7.
  • Can't wait for Mango, then the need for any to use some other OS should be pretty much gone.
  • Yeah, I hear you. The gap between WP7 and the others that it really isn't worth making a list. Mango is going to change the game.
  • I'd be willing to give it a try... if there was a way to backup my WP7 settings first. I'm really getting frustrated that there is no full phone backup option outside of phone updates.
  • I'd rather dual boot with 6.5.3 than android...Too many apps that I need day to day that are not supported on the WP7 yet....
  • So has anyone figured out how to do it yet? I mean I love the HD7 and all but Windows is really starting to bug me and I don't want to buy a new phone right now. So if anyone knows how to make this happen please let me know I want to take the challenge on.