Help make Windows Phone better with the Diagnostics app from Microsoft

For the most part, Windows Phone 8.0 and Windows Phone 8.1 are free of crippling bugs. However, you might find some hiccups with the mobile operating systems here and there. Want to help Microsoft make Windows Phone better? Then use the Diagnostics app for Windows Phone to collect and send diagnostic information to them. Details below.

Diagnostic is an app in the Windows Phone Store that gives users a seamless and secure way to collect and send diagnostic information. It’s a spartan app that focuses on one thing: sending diagnostic information to Microsoft and the Windows Phone team.

After downloading and installing the app you can help track and share a variety of problems across categories like battery, Bluetooth, cellular, device update, messaging, general issues, push notifications and much more. Select the appropriate category and then you can begin tracking your activity in the diagnostics log. Reproduce whatever it is you’re having troubles with and reopen the app to stop diagnostics. Then add any appropriate photos or screenshots and send the data to Microsoft.


It’s easy to complain about an issue here or there, but sometimes the folks at Microsoft don’t know exactly what steps you took to see it. Now you can help give them a better understanding with this Diagnostics app.

Download Diagnostics from the Windows Phone Store

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