Here's a look at Conan Exiles on Xbox One ahead of its debut on August 16

From August 16, 2017, Xbox players will be able to jump into the mystical world of Hyboria, where monsters, angry gods and general-purpose violence are common place.

In Conan Exiles, you play as a customizable character left to die in a desert wasteland. As a full-blown open world survival game, maintaining thirst, hunger, and staying warm will all play a part in your ability to stay alive in the game's vast open world, which was recently expanded to include the Skyrim-like landmass in an update called The Frozen North.

Xbox players will be able to join the fun on August 16, in what Funcom has described as "Phase 2" of its Early Access journey, as they head towards a planned early-2018 launch date.

Detailed in a live stream archived above, Conan Exiles developers outlined how the Xbox One version will differ from the PC version. The answer is, not by much essentially. Some of the game's infamous nudity will, unfortunately, be censored in the US, while Europeans will be able to enjoy the game's full naked glory. You can blame the ESRB for that one, American friends.

On Xbox One, Conan Exiles ditches the hotbar in favor of a radial menu for selecting weapons and items, as you might expect. All of the features available on the PC version, such as base building, God summoning, dungeon crawling, and crafting will be available in full on Xbox One, and it looks ready to give established survival games like ARK Survival Evolved a run for their money.

Funcom's head of games Lawrence Poe expressed excitement for the launch on Xbox One, while noting Funcom has no plans to stop issuing more updates and adding new features:

"We are thrilled to be opening up the gates of Conan Exiles to gamers on Xbox One. This version of Conan Exiles benefits from the six months of content updates, improvements, and enhancements done to the PC version during our first phase of Early Access. The launch of Xbox Game Preview paired with the release of The Frozen North expansion update marks the beginning of the second phase of Early Access for us, and the game is now bigger and better than ever. There is still work to do before full launch, but we are on track and very excited about what the future holds for Conan Exiles."

Conan Exiles hits Xbox One Game Preview on August 16 for $34.99, and we'll be sure to let you know our early impressions as soon as we can.

See Conan Exiles on GMG (Steam PC)

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