Hike Messenger gets a new Windows Phone update with several new features

Hike Messenger for Windows Phone has just received a new update, bringing the version number up to 2.9 and adding quite a few new features to the popular messaging app.

Here's the change log of what's new and improved in this version:

  • Faster Loading of Incoming Messages: Ever been in a situation when you open hike and have a lot of pending incoming messages? Take's a while to load right? We can relate and couldn't take it anymore! You will now notice all pending incoming messages will be loaded up super fast & all at once!
  • Fast Forwarding of Media: Ever heard the saying "Time is Money"? With this new feature we helped you save both! Don't believe us? Try forwarding a photo or video you sent to a friend to another friend and see how fast it sends!
  • Group Chat Pins: Too much noise in groups? You can now pin the most important message right on top so that everyone knows what's being discussed.
  • Private Chats Now Hidden Automatically When You Close hike: Many of our hikers liked the way how our Android friends hid the chats when you exited hike. We have done the same by default. Don't worry If you want to switch back to current behaviour, simply go to Settings > Privacy
  • Email Conversation: You will now finally be able to email a chat conversation!

Do you use Hike Messenger on a regular basis? Thanks to all of our readers that sent in tips!

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John Callaham