Hipstamatic Oggl Windows Phone apps won't receive any more updates

A rep for the Hipstamatic photography company has confirmed to a Windows Central reader they have no plans to update their two Hipstamatic Oggl apps they have made for Windows Phone. The apps themselves have not been updated in over a year.

Here's what the reader said he received from a Hipstamatic spokesperson:

"I know it's disappointing, but I can confirm that there won't be any future updates to that version of the app. There were some technical issues that we were unable to resolve, and unfortunately it means that the current version of the app will be the last update issued."

The last major update to the apps (one for all Windows Phone users and one for owners of the Lumia 1020), was released in March 2014, and included an all new interface along with a number of new features. It's unknown if Hipstamatic could launch a version of the Oggl app for Windows 10 Mobile. In the meantime, both versions of the apps are still available in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks to Sean for the email and tip!

Download Hipstamatic Oggl from the Windows Phone Store

QR: Hipstamatic Oggl

Download Hipstamatic Oggl Pro (for Lumia 1020 only) from the Windows Phone Store

QR: Hipstamatic Oggl Pro

John Callaham