Hipstamatic Oggl 2 and Oggl Pro 2 now at the Windows Phone Store

One year ago, Hipstamatic began developing for the Windows Phone platform. Today, the company has released Oggl 2 for Windows Phone 8. This second version of Oggl has been released on iOS at the end of 2013, but it’s now here for Windows Phone users, too. Read past the break to check out what’s new.

New features for Hipstamatic Oggl 2.0:

  • New Interface: new design, transitions, animations and overall snappiness.
  • New Homepage Feeds Experience: new customizable grid, helping people organize all of the content they follow. You can also pull in your Instagram feed.
  • Collections: Brand new to Windows Phone 8, Collections are all about collecting and following inspiring sets of images. You can group together the “best of the best” images from the Oggl community, and subscribe to other Collections for inspiration.
  • Discovery: Helps surface the most inspiring photos, people and Collections from the entire Oggl community.
  • Improved Search
  • Previews: Preview a look when selecting a Favorite combo, or when editing photos and browsing preset lens and film combinations.
  • Improved Feeds Experience: Users can quickly browse photos and easily access more information.
  • Improved Gear Experience: More streamlined previews and suggested Favorite combos.
  • Profiles: Organizes photos by Captured and Collected photos, and includes tap-to-zoom image viewing capability, expanded bios and live links.
  • Improved Capture: Easier to snap photos and access Favorite combos.

Hipstamatic is a photography company aiming to inspire the world to live more beautifully and creatively. They have a variety of offerings including Oggl, Hipstamatic Classic, Snap magazine, and IncrediBooth.

Oggl 2.0 for Windows Phone 8 is available today for free download at the Windows Phone Store. If you have a Nokia Lumia 1020, you can grab Oggl Pro 2.0.

Do you use Oggl? How do you like the new update? Let us know in the comments!

Via Hipstamatic Blog; Thanks for the tip, Lance!

Mark Guim

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