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Hipstamatic Oggl won’t work well with HTC 8XT due to it “missing a piece of software”

Ever since Hipstamatic released their Oggl software for Windows Phone, the photography app has been growing steadily more and more reliable with each update. However, there is still one area that the app is lacking in and that is in support for non-Lumia devices, specifically the HTC 8X and 8XT.

It’s not uncommon to read in reviews for the app that 8X users have issues e.g. “restarts my HTC 8X (GDR2) every time I open it” or when it doesn’t crash, photos come out as “blue squares”. We personally haven’t loaded up Oggl on our 8X but it’s clear that there are lingering issues there for users.


In the Windows Phone Central forums, an answer may have come forward: it’s a software issue with the 8XT. In a response from the Oggl staff, who got in touch with their tech team, Hipstamatic lays the problem at HTC’s feet:

“Just wanted to let you know that I got an email back from the tech support team. It explains why the app isn’t working for you. They noted that the HTC phones are missing a piece of software that’s needed for Oggl to properly process images. It’s not something that they’re going to be able to fix. So unfortunately we won’t be offering Oggl for HTC phones going forward. I apologize for that. I know that’s not the answer you were hoping for. But hopefully that info helps explain the situation.”

Normally we’re a bit skeptical of service reps, but the Hipstamatic team is small enough that corporate bureaucracy won’t get in the way, so we’re leaning on this as a viable explanation.

It’s not a 100% clear if Hipstamatic mean all HTC Windows Phone 8 devices, including the 8X, 8S and 8XT (Sprint), but it sure sounds like it. The HTC 8X(T) series famously has a dedicated image chip that enables very fast processing of photos and works with HTC’s sensor and setup. Unfortunately, having a proprietary system like that may mean that certain types of software may have issues and evidently that is what is happening here.

Do you have an HTC 8X or 8XT and have you tried Oggl? Let us know your results in comments.

Source: Windows Phone Central Forums; Thanks, Jason, for the tip

Daniel Rubino
Executive Editor

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  • Oggl works fine on my 8X.
  • Yes works fine on my 8x too
  • Would be interesting to get further detail...
  • Could they elaborate as to what an HTC phone might be missing cuz so far this doesn't pass the smell test
  • The real problem seems to be theyre building for lumias and not windows phones
  • As an 8X owner Lumias are Windows Phone
  • I believe Sharpmango was saying that they are building for the Lumia line of Windows Phones specifically rather than the Windows Phone OS which spans to all WP devices.
  • I have a couple apps in the store that use the camera, I have to explicitly detect if it is an HTC device and then limit the app's functionality. Otherwise, the camera will crash and five you the famous green screen
  • Can you say why?
  • You are getting the green screen because you aren't properly disposing your camera when you navigate from the page. That's all. Nothing to do with HTC. Its you. :P
  • Why haven't you guys from WP Central tried yet?
  • Better things to do. Also, none of use our 8X anymore.
  • Oh well. Too bad for HTC, then...
  • Working on the ATIV S Neo review hopefully!
  • LOL
  • One of us does ;)
  • Go Jay!
  • I just don't get the app at all, it seems so unintuitive for me! It doesn't crash though.
    HTC 8X (UK)
  • Yeah. Like, I kinda like the UI somehow, but I can't catch myself growing any fond of it. I wish I did, though
  • I haven't tried some of the later releases, but in the first few releases, if/when I tried to change the filters after taking the picture, it would cause my HTC 8X to reboot 100% of the time.
  • Ouch, I must say it: Fragmentation.
  • Wat
  • It's an Android reference:
  • You may actually have a point!!
  • Even a blind man can hit a dartboard once in a while 
  • HTC is at fault.
  • I would say HTC shoulders some blame. I feel that all WP8 operating systems should be equal when it comes to support libraries. I need to read up more on what library Oggl uses.
    To even allow different base Microsoft libraries to be excluded would be Microsoft's fault in my opinoin.
  • I got a HTC 8X and I don't have any troubles with Oggl. Works a charm.
  • It rebooted my Verizon 8X almost every time. No problems on my Lumia 928.
  • I don't think this is the first app that has had problems with only HTC cameras.
    Wonder why?
  • Likely due to the proprietary and dedicated imaging chip mentioned in the article.
  • Man I hate my 8X... I have tried Oggl, and no matter how many times they updated it, it restarted my phone. I uninstalled it a few weeks ago. And then add the lack of 'special updates' (Amber, Bittersweet Shimmer) that HTC has (they don't even have special updates, just the stock Microsoft ones), and the phone really begins to lack. Also, HTC's exclusive apps are awful, almost never updated, and the customer support is absolutely terrible. Can't wait for my contract to end so I can nail my 8x to the wall and buy a Lumia.
  • Actually they do have. I've got a dedicated HTC update few days after GDR2. I've also seen few more in the past.
  • But did it include exclusive features like Glance? Number blocking? Or was it just to fix bugs?
    Just checked for an update, and there's nothing. I'm on Verizon in California. Also still stuck with 6.2GBs of 'Other' storage. HTC's app that apparently fixes that, does not work. It also has a one-star rating in the Store and contacting customer support has done nothing (as in, they never returned any of my emails and when I called them they said they're sorry, and that's about it).
  • After gdr2 update, my 8x (Verizon as well) doesn't reach 2gb other storage anymore. But do you happen to have mytube installed?
  • I have GDR2 and still have all that 'Other' storage. But yes, I do have myTube...
  • I have just over 50Mb of other on mine. I don't know what you guys are doing to get such high amounts of other data.
  • Install apps, put music, do browsing. You will go easily 1gb.
  • I have over 2gb of music, and I do a lot of web surfing and video streaming. More now that I don't have my laptop anymore... If I could take screen shots, I'd prove it. :P
  • I have over 6gb of music. Maybe that's why its eating up the storages :P
  • I have done my experiments and mytube, at least on 8x Verizon, is eating up our other storage. Try formatting the phone and this time don't install mytube and I guarantee you you won't have 6gb of other storage issue.
  • Hi, I know this isn't the place for this but since the discussion has gone to Other Storage maybe you guys can help me here. I have a 1020 and the Storage section in settings says I have 1.81 GB in "pictures" 15.31 GB in "Other" and and 5.03 gb in "apps". Now the Nokia Storage App under settings says I have 10gb in photos, 3.8gb in Other and 7.2 GB in apps. It adds up to the same of approx 21gigs. I think I remember reading somewhere on this site that even when saving to Skydrive photos are being backed up somehow on the phone as well, and that this is part of the OS's design. Can someone help me make sense of all this?
  • I didn't try it but I read that people put the date ahead few weeks and then the skydrive cache clears after restart. I think in 1020 the Other storage is used for the 41MP pictures. Some other apps store the large original image files but most have an option to delete them and save space. I think Nokia should make that available in their app. The other option is to backup your images and remove them from the phone it should remove the linked hidden files that eat the space.
  • Thanks I'll look into that.
  • No exclusive features, but yet they are updates, although no changelogs were provided. Still good to know that HTC are maintaining these phones actively. They are less than an year old. My other storage is 500mb and I didn't notice much more than that. But random restarts i had stopped some time ago.
  • I think this excuse smells big time. Why all other similar camera apps work? Lumia have an extended camera API but for what Oggl does it is not needed.
  • I think there have been other apps that has problems with the camera. If I recall correctly, one if the snapchat clients (has since been removed) and maybe Instance had problems as well.
  • I had with HDR camera and some other I tried, but since they were fixed by the app developers.
  • So that's why it doesn't work on my 8XT! I've been wondering this all along and put it in the forums and no response. I've also had issue with the OneShot app, but no trouble with Camera360. At least the developer of OneShot is still trying for us!
  • can i install it for my lumia 720 GDR2 updated
  • I can't even find it in the store n my 8xanyway.
  • They've pulled it for HTC phones now, I deleted it (as I'd never use it) but it did work when it was in the store for us.
  • This news is frustrating, because I have a Verizon 8x, and have had no issues. Neither before or after GDR 2.
  • Its firmware of
    phone configurations from manufacturer. Not the wp os
  • I had it installed on my 8X (AT&T) and had no problems. I had to uninstall it to make room for the GDR2 update and never reinstalled it. Now I cant even download it anymore. Wont let me reinstall from my purchases page, and the actual page gives an error... like it's been pulled from the store?