How to easily beat Klaw and Crossbones in the Marvel's Avengers War for Wakanda expansion

Black Panther War for Wakanda
Black Panther War for Wakanda (Image credit: Windows Central)

The Black Panther - War for Wakanda expansion for Marvel's Avengers is the biggest, most impressive expansion for the superhero game to date. It not only introduces King T'Challa, the Black Panther, Shuri, Okoye, and Zawavari, but two new villains in the shape of Crossbones and Klaw.

It doesn't take a genius to work out that you're going to be facing at least one of these at the end of the campaign. This is where the big fat spoilers begin, so if you haven't made it to the final boss fight yet and don't want to know what happens, click away now.

If you have made it that far and you're struggling a bit, there's actually a fairly easy way to get it done without burning up your revives and having to start over.


Avengers Black Panther loadout

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This is based on playing as Black Panther, but the three AI characters can be entirely your choice. To make life a little easier on yourself if you have gear or skills on any of them that relate to Heroic Charge or generating Heroic Orbs, you'll definitely want them.

You can beat the final boss without, but having quick recharges of your three heroics will certainly make it easier.

If you're playing the campaign for the first time you're probably not thinking too much about a build, but it can certainly help you to match up gear pieces that will work well together. For example, if you can maximize status effects and damage to those status effects, again, it'll make grinding down the boss easier. So check out your perks.

How to beat Klaw and Crossbones in Black Panther - War for Wakanda

Black Panther War for Wakanda

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When the cinematic piece ends you're standing in the final boss arena facing three things. Klaw, who is now far from the man he was at the beginning of the expansion, Crossbones, and four turrets that are aimed at the city. And you have to take all of them down.

Or do you.

War for Wakanda introduced, finally, some boss fights to Marvel's Avengers that have some mechanics, phases and generally require something other than DPS spamming to beat (Scientist Supreme being the obvious exception). But even with this in mind, there's a way to make the first part of the boss fight go much quicker.

You and your AI companions (or real-life friends) have to face Klaw and Crossbones together. As in the early part of the expansion, Crossbones' shield can only be in one place at a time. So when you're attacking him, the turrets you need to destroy are shielded. The first job is getting up close with Klaw inside a sort of sonic tornado. You have to damage him enough to escape, and usually, a few power attacks and a heroic will do the job.

This is where you can save yourself a bit of time and frustration. It's not a cheese, but you can game the mechanics a little. Here's what you do.

Black Panther War for Wakanda

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Ignore Crossbones.

Your AI companions will probably start attacking him anyway, but you don't need to. Focus entirely on Klaw, give him everything you can throw at him. This is because you don't actually ever need to defeat Crossbones. When Klaw's health gets about 3/4 gone, a short cut scene plays where Crossbones wimps out and runs away.

When Crossbones has gone you can quickly take out the turrets because the shields have all dropped then refocus back on Klaw. His health will go back up a bit for the final solo bit but from here on out it's all DPS. Just keep hitting him with every attack you can.

He'll come after you a lot so be on the lookout for the red arrows to indicate you need to perfect dodge out of the way. He'll also throw a ton of sonic disruption, which sucks because the visual effect is horrible, but you have to power through sadly. His main attack will be a sonic wave that you can avoid by timing a double jump to stay in the air long enough while it passes by.

But stay alive, keep moving, keep attacking and you'll soon be through the other side.

What about Crossbones?

Presumably, Crossbones will be a returning villain as we've had in the past with Taskmaster and Monica. There's nothing really to go on yet, but the fact he escaped makes it pretty easy to see him coming back in a future Avengers Initiative mission.

Once you've beaten Klaw, though, you're done with the campaign after an enjoyable final cut scene. Then you can get to work perfecting your Black Panther builds.

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