How much are you willing to pay for a new HTC 8s

We are always on the lookout for pricing and availability information for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 devices but this one has taken us by surprise.

How does 20,000.00 Euros sound to you for a grey HTC 8s? It seems Amazon thinks that High-Rise Yellow has really got some value to it.

Of course, this is either a typo on Amazons system or someone has fallen asleep on the zero key but we couldn’t resist posting it up. For those that are concerned by this error, please be assured that the price will be much closer to UK £224.99 in all the colours. 

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While you’re here, we’d like to know what Windows Phone 8 you plan to buy or even have on pre-order now. Do let us know in those spaces below. 

Update: Amazon has fixed the pricing, but we still got the shot above just in time.

Source:; thanks to Forc3 for the tip!


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