How to provide Microsoft feedback about WP7?

There is an app on the Marketplace dedicated to this task - but what is the most effective way to channel your feedback to Microsoft about Windows Phone 7?

Being queried by an email from Robert N, Paul Thurrott decided to direct the question at Microsoft directly. Since they have a dedicated section on their mammoth of a website for Windows 7 feedback, there isn't a strong argument as to why they don't have something similar for their latest mobile product.

Instead of one place to allow easier digestion and storage of feedback from a growing user base, Microsoft have a few ways available to get in touch with them and voice your opinion(s). Paul listed these locations as Microsoft Answers (opens in new tab), Windows Phone Backstage Forum, Facebook (opens in new tab), and Twitter (opens in new tab).

Although many of us would prefer a single location, the above alternatives aren't so bad at all. Activity seems to be relatively high on their Facebook and Twitter, however, this does not provide the correct platform that is required for Microsoft to engage with their users. Hopefully, this will be fixed sooner rather than later, since WP7 is at the early stage of deployment where there is a huge amount of feedback available.

Source: Windows Phone Secrets (opens in new tab)

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Great post, Richard! Hopefully, WP7 users will proactively use the outlets listed to voice their constructive feedback to Microsoft. And hopefully, Microsoft will respond in kind.
  • Actually, I wish Microsoft had something similar to the WP7 app. Add votes to existing topics rather than saying "I want cut & paste" in 99 different ways. Easier to browse through the 20 or 30 "hot" items and express you opinion without a whole lot of effort.
  • I've been corresponding with @winphonesupport on Twitter whenever I need to ask a question. So far, I've submitted two reports of bugs that I've encountered and in one case they actually helped me solve a problem (pointed me to the "reset suggestions" for the keyboard autocorrect dictionary). Other than the 140 character restraint making explaining a problem tedious, I've always gotten a fast response (within 10 minutes) and it's kind of fascinating to read others' problems and solutions by following @winphonesupport.
  • The WP7 app you bring up is something MS should make official, or make it's own official one so people using the phone can post directly from it when something popsup.