How's your Touch Pro 2 battery life?

All right, folks. We've got three carriers, er, carrying the HTC Touch Pro 2, and we've got a few weeks of use under our belts. So, let's talk about battery life. The TP2 has a 1500mAh battery, which certainly is respectable. But as Malatesta noted in his review of the Sprint Touch Pro 2, different carriers have different estimates when it comes to battery life. And we all know how these "estimates" go anyway.

And, so, we put it to you, Touch Pro 2 users. Yeah, this isn't going to be very scientific. We all use our phones in different ways. Mal found the battery to be acceptable. Others, including vin5cent0 in our forums, have found it lacking. Chime in and let us know how your Touch Pro 2 battery's holding up.

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  • I wish I knew. Still waiting for the AT&T version.
  • I've been pretty happy with battery life overall. A phone with a screeen this big I expect to charge every night (if I don't do a lot of browsing I can make it through most of two days). Coming from the VZW Touch Pro that rarely made it though a single day, the TP2's battery life was a pleasant surprise. I had assumed that with the larger screen and only an additional 160(?)mAh in the battery it would be about the same, but it's much improved.
  • Can you guys let us know which carrier you guys are using..
    Its kinda hard to know which one you guys are talking about..
  • The batter life on my Sprint TP2 is pretty good. Its hard to accurately say though because my phone stayed stock from the factory for all of about 2 hours after I got it. The more stuff (apps/tweaks) I add the more it seems to impact battery life.
  • I've been using the Verizon TP2 for over a week and have a Sprint TP2 on the way. Carrier now: Verizon Carrier within a week: Sprint Active data/voice usage: I have WiFi and Bluetooth activated along with an ActiveSync connection to for email. Talk time can range anywhere from 2-6 hours a day and I use an active data connection (via web browser and RDP) at least 2 hours a day. This is my primary phone for work and I take support calls and initiate RDP sessions to servers to fix problems while I'm out of the office. Battery stats/usage: I charged my battery fully before ever turning on the phone the first time. I have never used the battery below 20% before charging. I put the phone on the charger every night. The first couple days I had the phone I didn't charge to see how battery life was. With full voice/data usage I got almost 2 days out of the battery before I hit the 20% mark. Now that I'm charging every night, I don't think I've seen my battery dip below 50% on a worst case usage day. Right now I am EXTREMELY happy with the battery life of the Verizon TP2 and hope to achieve the same/similar with the Sprint TP2. As a comparison, coming from the Verizon Touch Pro, with the identical voice/data/wifi/bt usage, the battery was drained by 2pm and I was popping in the 2nd battery to get me through the rest of the evening.
  • I am looking forward, greatly, to getting the TP2 in the near future. I have experimented quite a bit with my Tilt to see what is it that drains the battery the most. I was shocked that one of the big deals was changing pocket outlook to sync every 10 minutes instead of 5. I probably made a good 15% of my batter life difference by the end of the day. Screen time out and brightness didn't appear to affect things that much.
  • Sprint TP2 here. I charge every night and near hit 50% battery use. I run Exchange mail2web email set to receive as items arrive. I text multiple times each day and make probably a half a dozen phone calls. I play some games like Bejeweled 2, do some Twitter, and browse the web some. I'm very pleased with the battery life. For my use, it's way better than my Treo 800w was.
  • I have just returned my TP2 on VZN because of unacceptable battery life. I rely on my device for work, tied to an exchange server as well as having 3 other email accounts pushed (via PushEffect). I am in a good EVDO Rev A area and find the battery life a deal killer (unable to last past 2 pm). I am back to my trusty A4500 (Q9Napoleon) and will likely give the forthcoming Moto Sholes a run.
  • I have the Verizon TP2. I would say I spend about 90 minutes a day using media player to listen to music while working, about an hour using the web browser, and maybe 30 minutes talking, with the remaining 6 hours or so on standby. At the end of the day I usually have about 2 bars of power remaining. No concern for me, especially since I have a car charger to keep the charge while driving home. All in all it's about what I was expecting.
  • I have the Sprint TP2 and I am moderately satisfied with battery life. I use my phone for everything including as my main music player. However I have a charger on my desk at work so I keep it charged so I can use it for music while working out which can really drain the battery pretty fast. I also recharge every night.
  • I think battery life is on par with other devices (Treos) I've had in the past. It gets me through the day with extremely heavy email, light browsing and intermittent calls. Days I'm using hundreds of minutes of use means I have to charge during the day, but I expect that. I can go both days on weekends when emails is lower and I turn push off (and if I stay of
  • I've had the Sprint TP2 for a little under a week. I frankly did not expect great battery life out of this divice, given the mutitude of tasks & services it has and I use. But I've been pretty happy with battery life. For use as everyone else is talking about yeah, you get about a day out of the phone with some power left over come evening. I will say the 2 things that suck down the battery life for me though are the GPS (about 4 hours of GPS & you're done) and playing music. So have yourself a car charger or spare charger for work if you're a power user like me. Oh BTW - I LOVE MY TP2! Years of fighting with Treo's & Verizon, I feel I have finally arrived with TP2 on Sprint - Thank you HTC & Sprint, I'm a convert from Palm & VZ.
  • I'm suprised by the battery live on my TP2. I've got the Verizon flavor. Basically, I've been fiddling with it pretty activly each day seeing what this thins will do. GPS. Browsing the internet. Using it as a music player at my desk (LOVE the 3.5!!!). A full charge lasts the full day (and then some). Heavy use and I've never got the thing below 40%. For a device of this type, I'm pleasantly suprised, really. I would have expected less.
  • Coming from the touch(vogue) the battery is awesome. Light to medium surfing, youtube-ing, GPS,Push email(thanks Google), at least 2 hours of podcasts, and enough juice left over for phone usage!
  • Using my Verizon Touch Pro, my battery would start getting low by noon and need charging by 4:00 (I have very week cell service where I work) but with my new Touch Pro 2, my signal is MUCH stronger and the battery lasts all day. I find myself using it much more because of the better signal. I can go all day listing to audiobooks, surfing the web, downloading podcasts, the whole time using bluetooth and at the end of the day I still have almost a full charge. I worked a 15 hour day the other day and still had two bars left. I never charge my TP2 during the day like I had to with my TP.
  • In the settings under battery in the information tab it will show you your exact usage by standby, talktime, and time you were just using the phone. Off a full charge the first day I had the Tmo version i managed 9hours 20 mins standby, 20 mins talk time, and 6 hours 10 mins of other usage (text and internet) and still have 10% battery life left I'm quite happy my last windows mobile phone had less than half the processor speed and couldn't hold up like this one can.
  • Sprint Touch Pro 2 here. I have been very impressed at the battery life on this device. I spend a lot of time travelling and a lot of time roaming. The phone makes it through a full day of use. This includes heavy data use, an exchange server(push gmail) and usually 30-60 minutes of talk time a day. Treo 800w would struggle to make it to noon for me, life seems to be exactly the same as my Treo Pro was, which is amazing considering the larger/brighter/higher res screen on thre TP2.
  • Sprint TP - Horrible battery life. I rely on this device for work synched with MS Exchange server. With no bluetooth or wifi, I am changing batteries by 2:00 p.m. every day. Earlier if I talk for more than 45 minutes combined. Great device with the notable exception of lame Sprint picture mail. I get no relief from Sprint customer service on the battery issue. If anyone here knows a workaround, I would love to hear about it.
  • Mine will not last througout the day and i really hardly use it. My HTC touch would last days it seemed. Thinking about returning it. Not sure what i can do to improve the battery life. i've also noticed a little buzz in the speaker while talking on it (not speakerphone). This is upsetting, everything else seems fine...
  • I have a Sprint TP2 and the battery life is acceptable. Every day I use it as a music player in my car (using a tape deck adapter); haven't picked up a car charger yet. And, I some web browsing, some text, and very little phone calls daily. I end up having to charge it every two days. Acceptable, but I will be picking up an extended battery when it becomes available.
  • my sprint touch pro 2 battery is unacceptable. i hardly use it durring the day at work and it is close to dead by 6 when i get home. there might be something wrong with it, im going to exchange it for another one before i jump ship to the palm pre. My Htc Touc could last for 2-3 days and im not expecting that from this, but at least a full day would be nice.
  • Does anybody have any tips to get better battery life out of my Sprint TP2? I am running SPB Mobile shell 3.5
  • I really though that the battery life was going to be awesome on the phone but so far its caused me nothing but a dead phone wherever I go, I have checked everything from dimming the screen to less internet usage to using less apps but nothing helps and its just getting worse. In the last week my phone has been on the charger more then its been alive. Can anyone help me with this? I have the Tilt2 (AKA AT&T's version of the TP2) This is really unacceptable to me but I dont know whether it might be a problem with the phone or something that I am doing since it dies way faster then my Blackberry Bold did and that died fast enough though it was a great phone and I will sure miss it. RIP BBB But Maybe someone can help me? :-D
  • I recently purchased my tp2 and until yesterday the battery life sucked. (coming from blackberry) I came across a post yesterday that suggested that I let the battery die and turn it on and make sure its dead and try it one more time t make sure it was really dead. I than removed the simm card and charged the phone all day until it was fully charged. and WA LA! Last night was the first time I didn't have to charge the phone over night. The battery meter did not move until after 9 am today. (70%) What an improvement
  • I'm with T-mobile.
  • I have had the t-mobile TP2 for just over 2 wks now and I have to say I am not impressed with the battery life. This phone was a big jump for me tech wise as I was coming from the Samsung Behold and I was excited to have a phone I could browse the net on and access facebook as well as emails.
    Most days I am at work, I take the phone off the charger about 7:20am and it sits in my purse or on my desk all day, by 4pm when I get off work I have maybe sent/rec'vd a dozen text messages and maybe talked on it for 30 mins off and on and I am down to 2 bars, the rest of the time it has just sat on my desk.
    It has died on me twice when all I had done all day was a dozen or so text messages and check my facebook app for an hour total and the rest is standby time.
    I am coming up to my busy season at work and have calls forwarded to my cell after hours and I really can not have this thing dying on me. I have a car charger and it charges all night and then I have to put it on the car charger as soon as I leave work sometimes just to make it home. I didn't expect awesomeness but at least the day with heavier usage then I have now.
    As of right now it is 9:45am, its been off the charger since 7:15am, I have gotten 4 text messages (4 hrs of standby and 33 mins of usage) and I am at maybe 70% battery (under settings and battery the first green bar is gone) I know it will be almost dead by the time I leave work today.
    Other than that I love the phone, I am learning all the ins and outs and the cool stuff it does, I just wished the battery was better