Best Steam Deck power banks 2024

I love my Steam Deck. Taking my PC gaming library on the go has completely revolutionized gaming for me, but that 'on the go' aspect definitely comes with some caveats. The Steam Deck battery drains faster than my health bar in a Soulslike. If you're going to take your Steam Deck on the move, a power bank that can meet its demands is absolutely essential, and I've tested a bunch of different power banks since having the gaming handheld. Here are 6 of the best that I can confidently say will be worth your money.

Can I use any power bank for the Steam Deck?

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The Steam Deck demands a certain level of charging power, so you'll want a power bank that delivers at least 45w of juice to keep your Steam Deck going, especially if you're playing while charging. Most of the chargers I have recommended here are 65w or above, which is the standard for other handhelds like the ROG Ally, but they are much more readily available now, so you may as well purchase the best you can afford. This also future proofs your accessories if you do later decide to change your chosen handheld.

The Steam Deck has a  5,200 mAh battery, and the Steam Deck OLED has a little more at 6470mAh, so keep this in mind when looking at capacity. In practical terms, the bigger the capacity of your power bank, the more times you’ll be able to charge your Steam Deck before needing a socket. So, consider your gaming habits and choose wisely. 

Remember, investing in a high-quality power bank ensures that your Steam Deck remains ready for action, whether you’re battling demons in Diablo 4, exploring the vast open world of Elden Ring or just chilling with some Balatro

How do I improve battery life on my Steam Deck?

The same advice for any electronic device goes for the Steam Deck, for optimum battery health you'll want to drain it to 0% every so often to calibrate the internal sensors so that the remaining percentage display is accurate. In addition to this, here's some things you can do to squeeze more battery life out of your Steam Deck:

  • Adjust the brightness
    Lower this to around 50% if you can, but anything less than 100% will be less of a drain on your battery.
  • Lower your frame rates
    Not every game needs to be 60FPS, hitting the three-dot button on the right hand side opens a Performance menu, use this to lower the FPS and save battery.
  • Lower the refresh rate
    Go to performance settings as above and play with the refresh rate slider, experiment with lower refresh rates.
  • Tweak your TDP settings
    Again under the Performance menu, turn on TDP limit and adjust the watts slider. More demanding games will need the full 15 watts but if your playing something less intense, it's ok to lower this to save battery life.
  • Turn off Bluetooth
    As with smartphones, if you're not using Bluetooth then turn it off as it's an unnecessary drain on your battery life.

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