HP teases new Elite x3 Windows 10 Mobile handset with altered design at Mobile World Congress

If you were disappointed to see no new Windows 10 Mobile handsets announced at Mobile World Congress this year, we've got some good news for you. In the back of HP's own booth, without any formal announcement or spotlight, a new Elite x3 sit in a corner with an updated design and (presumably) specs. We know literally nothing about it, apart from the fact that it exists.

Spotted by the eagle-eyes over at PCWorld, the new Elite x3 appears to be sporting a slightly altered concept design with a chrome/metal bezel and an antenna band design similar to other phones on the market these days. It also appears to be missing that chrome B&O speaker at the bottom, however that may simply be due to the design being incomplete.

HP hasn't formally announced a new Elite x3 yet, and were not willing to discuss the unannounced phone on display. For now, we don't know anything, including specs, size or release date. There were rumors several weeks ago that claimed HP would have a new Windows 10 Mobile device at Mobile World Congress, and it appears those rumors were not wrong.

Until HP announces a new Elite x3, however, we'll have to result to speculation for now. It's possible that HP haven't announced a new phone yet because they don't want to derive sales from the current Elite x3. They also might be waiting for the new Snapdragon 835 processor, or for Microsoft offer hardware makers a Windows 10 Mobile in 64-bit.

Would you be interested in a second iteration of the Elite x3 with updated specs?

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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