HTC 8S with Windows Phone 8 - Hands on Photo Gallery

The HTC 8S in blue

Now that the HTC 8S has been announced, we figured we would give you folks some high resolution photos to gawk at--that is until our video hands on follows this post.

The HTC 8S may not impress those who are fixated on specs, but make no mistake, the device is a looker. We happen to think HTC is on to something here with these two-tone designs and punchy colors.

But enough, talk. We'll let the device with a 4" display and 1GHz dual-core CPU speak for itself.




Daniel Rubino

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  • those are really nice colors
  • wholy s**t
  • The design seem to be inspired from Sony Xperia series.
  • Ok, nice, but what about apps? Make some apps exclusives that make Nokia look pale :P
  • I actually like the two-tone thing.
  • It's so pretty I may die! :D
  • Okay HTC!  Nicely done!  As a owner of 3 past HTC devices I wish them well and hope these sell well but I have my heart set on the 920. 
  • Great looking phone but the 8x specs are disabled due to the ...wait for it......
    16GB non expandable memory!!!! So God only knows what they have doen with the 8s
    Damn you HTC, I was so in love with your fresh design.
  • I have to admit, those two tone colors look really nice. As far as I'm concerned Nokia and HTC just left Samsung twirling in their dust when it comes to design.
  • I like the piano/key combo....
  • I am a Nokia fan. HTC did a good job.
    congratulations HTC.
  • I prefer the 8s design over the 8x. Anyone else?
  • indeed, and i think the best looking of all WP devices.
  • the phone clearly have a better design than X8 am i the only one who think so ?
    beautiful design i must say
  • One of the best looking phones I've ever seen. Thanks Nokia for bringing bold colors back to mobile phones, and thanks HTC for taking it to the next level. Too bad their flagship seems a bit bland compared to these ones.
  • Edit duplicate.
  • Edit.
  • Like the clock tile-can actually see the time!
  • Best looking device made to date, now make the cheep to buy and i have my second device all done and done. At the right price point i would see no issue with a Lumia 920 as my main and this baby with 32SD and all my music. As i noted before, this should have had Beats hardware... what a killer MP3 player!
  • best yellow to date on a phone b.t.w.
  • Wow... unless it's just the pictures, the 8s looks better than the 8x! I would love a two-toned black and white or that navy and royal blue.
  • man if this was one with the big screen I'd buy the blue/black one instantly.
  • My God I wish I had money to buy both the HTC 8X and the Lumia 920. But I think I'll go with the Lumia 920!
  • Very impressive design for an entry level phone
  • Windows Phone will conquer this planet!