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HTC 8X and 8S win prestigious Red Dot design award

It’s no secret that Nokia receives near universal praise for the design of their Lumia line of smartphones. But what about the other OEMs that make Windows Phone devices? Well, Samsung is Samsung, but HTC did do something remarkable with the designs of the 8X and 8S for the launch of Windows Phone 8. They’ve just been awarded the red dot design award for their work.

The red dot award has been given to well-designed products since 1955. Winners join the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany. It’s an award for HTC that is very much deserved for both the 8X and 8S.

When HTC was designing the 8X and 8S they were highly inspired by the operating system that was going to be running the devices – specifically the Live Tiles. Check out this video where the HTC team describes what went into designing these two devices:

Again, congrats to HTC.

Source: HTC Blog (opens in new tab)

  • Congrats htc
  • best looking phone on the market, its design is different, htc one (the new one is a very nice design also with its all metal body and glass to the edge, but it is kind of a mix btw iphone 5 and new blackberry z10) HTC 8x is unique design i own the phone and everyone who sees the phone asked me about it....
  • I literally was like 2 seconds away from getting an 8x it really is beautiful, really cannot take away from the 8x.
  • Whilst I own both a Lumia 920 and an 8S, I have to admit the 8S and the 8X (when I held in store) do feel better in the hand than the Lumia. Well done to HTC
  • I must admit as well, the sharper corners of the 920 are sometimes uncomfortable in my hand.
  • I do think HTC phones feel great in your hand.  The first time I heard this description was from Stphen Elop on Lumia 900, and I went to an AT&T store to see what exactly he meant by that.  I have to say I had no idea what Elop was trying to say, since I had an HD7 at the time.  Now I have an 8X, it feels even better.I do think HTC's back side curve dramatically improve the in-your-hand feeling.  I hope they have a patent on that, though my guess is they don't.
  • Yay!
  • Congrats HTC. Now throw some more support behind the platform and more consumers will reward you with their wallets.
  • +1
  • Yarp
  • True, the bad service (and in my opinion bad quality of the HD7) turnt me over to nokia lumia.
  • Really? Sick.
    For me the design is the biggest reason i chose against a HTC. Misplaced lockbutton and an uncomfortable feel to the body.
    Thats me, tho. Clearly some disagree :)
  • Uncomfortable feel?? It's the best feeling phone I've held in my hands. The soft touch and light weght just add to the briliant convex backside that seats perfectly in the hand.
  • Yes, uncomfortable. Felt fragile, had a nonpleasing texture and the lockkey was iirc on the top of the device, which is absurd to me.
  • The up lock button is a HTC tradition. People that had HTC phones before will get the 8x. And if you feel it fragile, get the standard HTC cover on it as well: more weight and thickness.
  • Tradition it may be. It was tradition to beat your wife with a stick as wide as your thumb, that doesnt make it a good idea necessarily.
    Personally I went for the 920, as it just felt better and looks better in my opinion.
  • I'm not an HTC fan because of their crappy support. But the 8X does feel good in the hand. The soft texture to the phone adds to the good feel.
  • Completely with u on the support side, and agree the 8x is a good feel. Doesn't feel as robust as the 920 though
  • I don't know why everyone hoots and hollers over the shape of the HTC 8X, it's not a groundbreaking design. I mean it's ok, but award winning. . . I don't think so. Maybe because it's just HTC and I don't like HTC.
  • Great design :)
  • I still want the 8s here stateside :(
  • The 8X looks nice because its thin and sleak but I never liked the details on it. In turn the L920 looks too thick.
    I personally haven't been blown away with any WP8 device until I saw the Lumia 720. To me its the best of both worlds, too bad its a mid-range device. Although its mid-range price and high-end looks could make it the best selling Windows Phone to date.
  • they deserve it. i love my 8x feels great, so thin and light especially after coming from the htc trophy. htc designs the best phone in my mind. i just wished they support WP8 like Nokia does.
  • I have to agree. On WP, HTC is proficient in phone design while Nokia is great with customer support. (don't forget the exclusive apps and that killer 8.7 megapixel PureView camera that the latter OEM provides.)
  • I love the design of the 8x, and the designers and the engineers should be proud of themselves! Its soooo difficult for designers, artists, and engineers to get any recognition for their work. (How many times do ppl go to a concert and comment on how beautiful the set was?) It does take major collaboration and patience to design a product that's seemingly different with a unique OS.
    I realize that there are many pro-Nokia fans that really could care less about any other manufacturers, but to me this is not about that, its about praising a design and engineering team for a job well done. Great job and congrats! :-)
  • Level-headed comment at last :-)
  • Lol...i try to just seems like so many are commenting on other things that have absolutely nothing to do with the article or the design for that matter. There are so many other threads to sound off about why someone would hate this phone or that phone...i just keep thinking "let the designers have their moment!" LOL! I watched the video and its clear that the design/engineering team loves the platform and thus used the simplicity and functionality as a part of the design...what's not to love about that? They did their job...any other complaints should just be directed elsewhere. It kind of ruins the congratulations....
  • Designers yes. Engineers... should have their anus' cemented for letting a phone geared for media off the table with a max capacity of 16 GB.
  • I have both the Lumia 920 and 8X and I like the 8X more from a design POV. 
  • Cant argue with that.
    HTC One is also top notch.
    I see myself with a Lumia 920, iPhone 5 or a HTC One 
  • You may see yourself with a slim wallet
  • Sigh only if design will equal support :(
  • Too true
  • The design was one of the reasons i baught the 8x. It is just gorgeous and everybody i show it to is really impressed. I like that apparently HTC itself was quite happy with the design and you see traces of it in their new Android phones. As opposed to what Samsung is doing.
  • If it wasn't for Nokia, I most certainly have gone with the 8X
  • I also went with the better phone the Lumia 920 what is a pretty device but the 8x is just that slightly better looking.
  • I love my 8X so much, great design, audio quality is amazing. It's just a great one! All that is missing is HTC's support for the platform to be not on par with Nokia, but even less to a certain degree would suffice. As of right now, it is kinda sad that we aren't getting any updates or love :(
  • True. But have patience. HTC will sober up after a good hangover remedy delivered by Nokia.
  • That's great! Windows Phones have some of the best looking devices. And these awards prove it.
  • Dear WPCentral, please do not post any more HTC achievements. It makes Lumia nitwits go crazy.
  • LOL I like your sense of humor ;)
  • Well deserved.  I love the look and design of the 8X so much I got a transparent case so as to not hide it's beauty.
  • which transparent case did you get? i'm trying to show off the great blue color of the phone too!
  • I have a 920 and my fiance has the 8X. I wish I had an 8X with the guts of a 920.
  • Guts? Same processor and RAM. What do you mean by guts?
  • Camera build maybe?
  • If its not camera build internal battery or storage.?
  • Wow, I never knew an extra 200 mAh could make such a big difference on a OS that can run well on a single core processor. And actually, if you read the worldwide reviews (don't take my word for it), I don't see how the 8X is crippled by its camera against 920. Anyway gentleman, we're being silly now. These details don't really make a difference and are just as childish as the Android fans comeback with: " We've got more apps than you".
    So let us enjoy our phones and be proud that "We're all fighting the system!" By using Microsoft. :)
  • Camera, wireless charging (AT&T), battery, extra storage, microphones, and yes, Nokia apps.
  • Don't forget bigger screen. But the real difference is camera and Nokia apps. They make a huge difference the Nokia apps.
  • OK. You're starting to sound like fandroids so I'm retiring from this argument.
  • I love forums everyone starts fighting saying this is better than that, just enjoy whatever you bought. Everyone who bought the 8x should be grateful it's not LG, their support is like trying to find cheap gasoline. My case.
  • +1 dude
  • True, true. Plus, we're starting to sound like fandroids arguing about phone specs.
  • My boss uses the z10, but misses the feel of his 8x. I use the L920 but i do appreciate the build quality and feel of the 8x. I sell the 8x here, but unfortunately its overshadowed by android. Also, I seem to be the only rep here in southern Ontario who promotes it.
  • Well done HTC. I own 8X and very impressed. The oem case is brill as well. Now just give us the support and apps we deserve as customers who have purchased your handsets.
  • I think the Lumia 920 is the better handling phone. The smooth plastic and the rounded edges feel incredibly satisfying. I actually think it's going to lose something when they move to cold aluminum. The sharper edges of the 8X tend to dig in more; it feels like there's only one right way to hold the phone. But when it's nestled there it does feel right. And the rubber finish is great. From an aesthetic standpoint I think they're both great, but I think the Lumia is the more striking design. I would have preferred the 8X to have come in different colors. Not that their selection is bad per se but I would have gone with something else. Personally I think some of the color samples they feature in that video are a nicer than what they ended up going with.
  • The smooth plastic is a little slippery to me, I had to get a case for fear of dropping my beloved 920.
  • Weird, my glossy 920 i can almost hold vertically in my hand with my hand outstretched (not grabbing it with any fingers).
    With gloves its a bit slippery tho.
  • Congrats HTC! But since I first got the lumia 800 I can't settle for any other design! And now I love the 920 even more, I actually really like the weight because it doesn't feel like its gonna fall out of my hand when someone bumps into me or if I go over a bump in the road with my bike, and I don't think its fat either but I guess that might be because I never held a 8x... Or iphone 5 for that matter... Just my opinion though
  • This might be the motivation HTC needs to stay with windows phone
  • HTC won't leave WP. 2 motives:
    1. tradition with the Windows Mobile- too many investments
    2.  It's and ascending OS, and quite well at that.
  • Don't forget that HTC isn't faring too well with Android, but that could change with the HTC One.
  • Now if only they had added more memory in the 8X it would've been the perfect phone! Great job though to HTC.
  • I wonder if you can swap the bottom covers of the htc 8S phones between your friends????
    Shame the design of my Lumia 920 is becoming stale now. But still happy with Nokia heavily invested in Microsoft bringing special unique apps to the marketplace, thank god for Nokia exclusives!!!
  • I own l920 but did like 8x I needed something a but more heavy duty with more memory but in all I like all windows 8 phones!
  • Best cellphone design hands down. Slightly recessed HTC logo looks great with the unibody. The color matching earpiece is great too. I love how lightweight it is and the idea of stacking the components inside to give it a curved and natural feel in the hand. Nitpicking I wish they could match the capacitive button colors to the body, I wish the lock button was where it should be, and that all of the buttons were raised a little more. Funny thing is if HTC would be realistic with storage capacity and just show the support for WP that Nokia does then they'd be the top WP manufacturer no question (oh and while we're at it dual sim!!!). The Lumia line looks good, but it's just too damn fat, I don't agree with anyone who says that they like the solid feel it gives. That's what cases are for. Plus I don't think the Nokia software advantage is that big a deal, but I know I tend to be more comprisable with software limitations than most (although any of us on this platform have to be).
  • But congrats to HTC for their award
  • Didn't MS had something to do with its design? Either way great job and conga rats...
  • HTC sure knows how to make a sexy phone. Congrats. :)
  • Proud HTC 8S owner! What a piece!
  • htc did great with 8x,8s design cogratulations for the award
  • Loved my 8X but the stained blue soft coating makes me regret it 100%
  • I keep hearing about that but never happened to me. What did you do?
  • Gz HTC!
  • Nobody hates the color of 8x?
  • Love the 8X design. So much. Especially the California Blue.