HTC 8X and 8S win prestigious Red Dot design award

It’s no secret that Nokia receives near universal praise for the design of their Lumia line of smartphones. But what about the other OEMs that make Windows Phone devices? Well, Samsung is Samsung, but HTC did do something remarkable with the designs of the 8X and 8S for the launch of Windows Phone 8. They’ve just been awarded the red dot design award for their work.

The red dot award has been given to well-designed products since 1955. Winners join the Red Dot Design Museum in Essen, Germany. It’s an award for HTC that is very much deserved for both the 8X and 8S.

When HTC was designing the 8X and 8S they were highly inspired by the operating system that was going to be running the devices – specifically the Live Tiles. Check out this video where the HTC team describes what went into designing these two devices:

Again, congrats to HTC.

Source: HTC Blog

Sam Sabri