Report: HTC “drifting away” from Windows Phone as market share dips below 5%

HTC is in trouble. There’s little disagreement from industry experts on this as the firm is under fire from Samsung (with Android) and Nokia (with Windows Phone), squeezing the manufacturer from both sides.

In fact, a recent IDC report exposed how far HTC has fallen dropping from 8.2% of the Windows Phone market in 2012 to just 4.6% in 2013. That’s after the critically acclaimed HTC 8X and 8S were made available. Today, Samsung is now the number two vendor on Windows Phone with nearly 12% and one million shipments. You read that right.

In a vaguely worded article from DigiTimes this morning, it cites “industry sources” as noting that HTC is “drifting away” from Windows Phone, instead focusing on Android where they recently dropped out of the top five vendor ranking.

IDC: Windows Phone Market share and device shipments Q3, 2013

Two things should be noted here: DigiTimes is right just about as often as they are wrong, so we should take their industry sources with a grain of salt. Second, it’s not clear if the implication means that HTC is giving up completely on Windows Phone or rather focusing resources on Android.

Regardless of the answer, the choice may not be HTC’s, at least with respect to Windows Phone. Nokia now dominates with over 80% of the Windows Phone market and even with strong releases with the 8X and 8S, HTC has ceded ground allowing Samsung (who looks to be barely trying) to take the number two spot.

HTC: Lost in a sea of Lumias

HTC most likely won’t abandon Windows Phone. Their relationship with Microsoft goes back too far and patent agreements run too deep for them to be able to shake off the Redmond company, even if they wanted to. However, with only three phones released in the last year for Windows Phone 8 (8X, 8S and 8XT), it’s clear that number of devices the firm will be releasing will probably continue to drop (as will their software offerings). That means we may only see one flagship phone from the manufacturer in 2014 and the company all but giving up on low-end phones, where Nokia is thriving.

The problem is, even with this strategy HTC is getting slammed hard by Samsung and its Galaxy series. It’s not at all obvious that the company can continue to compete in what is an increasingly volatile atmosphere. And did we mention that the iPhone 5S is coming next month?

Source: DigiTimes; via VR Zone; Thanks, Stefan K., for the tip!

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Gee. I wonder why. Previous owner of HD7 and 8X. I tried to believe. Happy with my Lumia 925 now. Thanks anyways
  • They really don't care, (IMO) they release a phone and a few apps and never update anything again. The HTC hub was updated 7 months ago. Shame!
  • I supported them anyways. Bought both phones. But I think there just afraid to commit. I believe that if hey committed and showed support that the 8X could have done better. They obviously doubted themselves. Its too bad.
  • Competition is always good. I wish them the beat even though I went from a titan to Nokia and not looking back with what they've offered thus far. On android I really feel that their product is superior
  • "I went from a titan to Nokia and not looking back"
    Ditto - left my Titan on the kitchen counter and got my 1020; very happy with the support and overall experience.
  • Ditto. Well, almost. I'm still using my Titan and I like it alot, but the lack of official updates has left me with a bad impression of HTC. Hell, I'm still waiting for the update that will stop my keyboard from disappearing. I've been off-contract with AT&T for 9 months now, just waiting for a 4.7+ inch screen stamped with Nokia. Maybe this holiday season?
  • I agree the Titan imo is the best HTC device made after the HD2 and I loved the phone but I now have a Lumia 925 and I have to say Nokia are doing a far better job in supporting windowd phone than HTC. For me I think HTC should look at doing some high and low end WP devices but give them the quality look and feel of the Titan and the One. The 8x looked nice but compaied to the Lumia 925 it looks cheep and the same against the Titan and One.
    I do hope HTC can recover as I have been a fan of them since the HD on Wimo but they have really dropped the ball over the last 5 or so years in trying to push Android.
    For me when Windows Phone came onto the market they could of took advantage of this market like Nokia have done since coming into the game but instead they decided to focus on Android and Samsung have a big hold on this market and I dont see them losing it any time soon in the high end market.
  • The titán 2 was the best HTC WINDOWSPHONE ever made.. One thing I like about HTC are the speakers of the phone..
  • Folks this company is done.  Look for them to get bought soon after BB sells out.  They dug their own grave with things like the Titan/Titan II debacle.
  • I got an update for HTC hub today.
  • Oh hey! Thanks for the heads up, I uninstalled, now I will look at it again! Any improvements you can tell?
  • I considered an 8X last year, because I really liked the looks & light weight of it... but I bought the Nokia 820 instead because: (1) it had expandable storage, and (2) all of those exclusive Nokia apps (particularly Drive).
    HTC's mistake was trying to compete without really competing. I mean, here you have Nokia throwing everything they've got at Windows Phone, and HTC is churning out middling devices with no real advantage (besides looks & weight). What did they expect to happen?!?  Furthermore, it doesn't help that HTC didn't really support software updates for their Windows Phones (according to reports). So, in all honesty, they're lucky they sold as many as they did.
  • I have an 8X, but no expandable storage is a COMPLETE joke! Its not a bad phone, but had more thought gone into it, it would be so much better!
  • Owner of 2 8X' will we be offered a trade in of some sorts for having a discontinued non supported phone?????
  • Has that EVER happened in the history of smartphones with a phone that's nearly a year old?
  • It would be nice... Verizon is too greedy though.
  • My thoughts exactly. I was coming from the Verizon HTC Trophy (which I loved the phone), and because I had a solid experience with HTC on the Trophy I was all set to get the HTC 8X when WP8 came out. However, this time I had options on Verizon and the Nokia Lumia 822 was about $60 cheaper and had expandable storage and relentless dedication to the product and apps that was extremely appealing. So I painfully (initially) chose to give Nokia with the Lumia 822 a try, and have never looked back. Nokia is relentlessly dedicated to their products and it shows. Certain features, design, and color are extremly appealing to me with the HTC products but its seems once the phone is dropped on the market they do little to push it, support it, or improve it through apps and updates. It really is a shame. I would love to see hard-pressed comeptition in the WP ecosystem.  I know a couple people who have the HTC 8X and they do love the phone for it's colors and design, but for me the Lumia is just backed all the way by a dedicated company. To each their own. I really hope HTC decides instead to give Nokia a run for their money, they have the potential, but have failed to truly capitalize on it.
  • Windows phone is Nokia's only hope but android is the one for HTC. When it comes to market share windows phone is no where near android. I would bank on the more popular platform as well. Nokia is making a lot from feature phones and that is helping them in a great way a well. I just can't imagine HTC putting all their efforts behind windows phone. I mean,  I've only seen one windows phone so far when I go out. With the position that they've been in recently why go with such a niche platform? As well as Nokia has done with windows phone, they've yet to have something like an evo, droid or galaxy to really say here we are despite the age of windows phone os. I like the platform, but it just is not popular enough for a struggling company like HTC.
  • As long as nokia makes phones thats all i care about , the rest can rest in peace lol
  • Nokia needs competition otherwise they'll become complacent just like Microsoft and apple did.
    Without true competition you'll never know how good you really are.
  • They have competition from android and iOS sides
  • Apple doesnt look smug with iOS 7, they are attacking full force.
  • Apple is finally making some significant changes.
  • Amen! I agree, Nokia is the best.  They make solid state products, and continue to support some of their oldest platforms and phones.  I bought the Lumia 900 is January, and was disgusted with MS not supporting WP7 devices with the WP8 upgrade.  However, Nokia fought for their customers to get WP7.8, and continues to support this now old platform.  They have really restored my faith in the WP platform, by their support alone, or else I would be rollin with Android.  When Nokia decides to go Android, they will kick the crap out of Samdung!!  (Like the 49ers not wanting to play the Seahawks in last years NFC Championship game, Sambung doesn't want to see the likes of Nokia going Android, or else the show boating of gimmicks parties are over.)   I will upgrade to a Lumia 925 and buy 2 more for my family members in September.  
  • Love you for that Hawks comment. Go Hawks!
  • Hahaha +1020
  • Me too.. I had a HD7 and 8X. I switched to Lumia because lack of support from HTC.
  • Exactly me to I had the HTC 8X never buying a HTC phone unless they improve their WP support! Now I have the 925 also make sure you have a screen protector both get scratches when dropped!
  • Don't drop them. You're welcome.
  • Yeah I bought an HTC Titan- worst support experience ever.
  • Had an hTC Titan, had horrible call quality that HTC acknowledged and then never updated the firmware to try and resolve the issue. HTC knows how not to do customer support.....
  • Had a TP, TP2, Touch, Evo 3D, HD2 and an HD7....HTC gave up on all of those phones...RIP HTC.
  • The 8S should have outsolde the Lumia 620, although I love the colours and design of my 620, the 8S was by all accounts, a better device. But HTC crippled the 8S by limiting it to 4GB storage, knowing that would leave inadequate space for apps. Had it have had 8GB storage, then I'd have been looking towards it when Nokia had the pathetic delays on the 620, but in the end I just couldn't bare to be stuck with 4GB (1.4GB in reality) of storage for apps, and so the 620 won.
  • They were never really in anyway
  • Loved my HD7 and Titan..... Then Nokia came to the party.
  • What are you saying ?? That Nokia is to blame??
  • No not Nokia, but HTC themselves... they did a bad job at supporting their userbase with usefull apps and/or system enhancements. Just take a look at Nokia and what they brought to the table: Call/SMS blocking(Samsung got this too btw), Screen enhancements (contrast, etc.), Glance screen + a whole lot more.
  • slow down and think about it
  • Asking people on this website to think? You're funny.
  • I do remember HTC use to be the ruler of windows phone. Hundreds and hundreds of years ago! But seriously time flies. I nearly forgot how things were before Nokia came.
  • I think you mean windows mobile
  • Windows Mobile - Windows Phone. Same thing, new name.
  • +1 HTC did a good job till Nokia got big guns out. Everything changed with Lumia 900.
  • Problem is HTC is all about hardware, and they make and have made some lovely devices. But while hardware is important, these days it's about the software (and a big dollup of brand) and HTC just don't have it there. They haven't spent enough promoting themselves and hardware alone isn't enough to sell. Just ask Nokia that, ok we love them here, but despite amazing devices, cameras on phones the competition won't match for years, they still have 4% of the market. Now what chance have HTC when they don't have anything other than "nice design".
    If I was HTC I'd do a Yahoo, buy up loads of popular apps, pull them from iOS/Android and make them exclusives to their phones. Apple and Google have done that plenty, if HTC wan't to compete they have to step up to the plate. It's not a matter of WP or Android, but what they can offer on their phones that other companies don't have.
  • Well it never made sense getting an htc over a lumia in the first place seeing Nokias offerings
  • Before there was a Lumia 900, HTC handsets on WP7 were really good. It's a shame to see them give up.
  • True that. My Arrive was the best phone I've had.
  • I think hardware wise the HTC 8x is a lot nice then the 920 was. But in the US the 16GB version was $100 more then the 920 which had 32gb. I would have bought the 8x if it was the same price but figured I'd just deal with the size/weight if the 920. I think if the 8x had been competitively priced it would have done much better.
  • HTC 8x finish rubs was never a quality product due to that huge fact alone IMO. Reminds me of the cheap fake chrome on stuff that wear off over time......garbage.
  • not everyone wants a Nokia though.
  • Non-ATT offerings were mediocre until the 928/925.  TMo's 810 had a 480p screen and limited storage for apps. 
  • Well..they could always try to reach out to BlackBerry. After all, I was reading yesterday in a newspaper that they are very very close to having to sell the company so...
  • A sinking ship would buy another sinking ship? Lol nice strategy dude
  • If that happened, they both would go down twice as fast 
  • One sinking ship can salvage parts to let one sink and one float...
  • Oh yeah, because Nokia and Microsoft's mobile platform were not both sinking when they joined forces, right? If you have two sinking companies with complementary know-how, they can join forces to try and create something new using the best of both companies. Dude, learn your economics ;)
  • You only forget two things (at least in my opinion). Microsoft back then had the money to invest in Nokia as a partner. So even though their mobile branch (WP 7.x) didn't do well, they still had money to invest and support Nokia as they went. They still do. HTC and BB are in decline, they don't have a ton of money to invest in PR and R&D.
    Second. Considering both BB and HTC aren't in a good position at the moment, with the press hammering down om them about declining sales and important people leaving both companies, why would anyone want to put money in their collaboration? People (those that invest in stocks) expect short-term results so they have some certainty as of what they are investing in. Besides, HTC seems to be going full-out for Android, while they had PLENTY of water to fish in on the Windows Phone platform. But they choose differently. Another reason why I wouldn't want to invest.
    Look, I'm not an expert by far, but I'm realistic. One can hope HTC realizes it still has a chance on this platform (I do, honest), but  they seriously need to do something to win back confidence (both analists and consumers). Its not as easy as you make it sound, just put 1 + 1 together and profit. :p I wish it was that easy. Just look at Nokia and how long it took them to make a profit again (I thought they were making profits again, but barely?). If it wasn't for Microsoft, they would probably be non-existent by now. There's hope for HTC, but even Iron Man can't keep the wreckage floating forever.
  • Would be nice to see a Titan Three:)
  • ^This
  • Maybe when GRD3 hits we might see something from HTC,HTC One variant or Titan Three.One of my favorite phones was the Radar,hope they don't give up on WP.
  • Release a WP version of the 'One' and call it the Titan 3...?
  • I heard that they are indeed working on a HTC ONe equivalent for WP8.  It'll be released at the end of the year.  It would be a serious threat for the current Nokia L9xx models.  Obviously, Nokia won't stand still either.  Competion is good for all.
  • I think that depends a lot on how close it is to the One, which is already 4 months old. Say they release a WP "One" variant during the holidays. That means the design and internals will be 7+ months old. I get that the One is a fantastic phone, but I'm kinda tired of non-Nokia companies just slapping WP on an old Android handset and calling it a day. There's no true competition in WP as long as Nokia is the only company willing to actually invest time and resources into the market. That's why they command 80% of the WP market.
  • isnt the lumia 625 what a titan 3 would be today? same resolution and better overall specs than the titan 2....except maybe camera.
  • LTE,1080p 4.8 screen and SD card support.This is what I want to see from Samsung and HTC after the GRD3 update.Last thing that anyone wants is Nokia being the only choice for WP.
  • I am not sure if that is a good thing to have only one OEM dominate the hardware for windows phone but the level of focus, innovation and support that Nokia is bringing to the windows phone ecosystem, it is really hard to worry about such situation. I would like Nokia to only have around 35% of the overall smartphone market share so that they don't get complacent as they did before. 35% to 40% percent is an acceptable and profitable for Nokia.
  • +1
  • -2 ;-)
    Analysts estimate that Nokia needs to sell about 40 million Lumias per quarter, for their smart devices devision to become profitable. Nokia currently owns an 80% share of the entire WP market, but that nets them only 7.4 million sales per quarter.
    Wishing Nokia had only 35% to 40% of the current WP market is pretty much a death wish.
    As it is now, WP has a better shot at success if Nokia owns 100% of the WP market.
    The idea that Nokia would become complacent, were they to become the only WP manufacturer, is just completely wrong. We all have heard of the OS' called iOS and Android, right? They are more than suffucient to keep Nokia on their toes. Too much competition can kill WP too. Nokia is on its way to a turnaround, but it is still bleeding bad! If Nokia were in the same situation as HTC we could probably kiss WP goodbye
  • 40 Million per quarter?  Where did you read that?  Maybe per year?  That would make more sense.  If Nokia gets to a point of selling 40 Lumias a quarter, WP would be the #2 mobile OS over iOS.  Let's hope that happens eventually.
  • no 40 million/year...10 million/quarter. though those estimates were made with ASPs from Q1 which dropped in Q2 due to the 520's success....anyway 40 million/quarter is ridiculous
  • I think the fact that Nokia is the main partner for WP is the reason WP is even surviving alot of people around the world trust Nokia because of their name. Beside Nokia works hard to get many apps to the WP. I want Nokia to dominate frankly because they care more about WP than anyone else maybe even Microsoft.
  • that is what happening.... mybe is also MCSoft and Nokia long term plan
  • +925 and I'm ok with that ;) I didn't know till a week ago when I got the 925. Quality is unequalled. Got tired of every other article in WPC being about how awesome Lumia is and all the updates and such. I'm finally on the right train :P
  • For Nokia WP is bread and butter, for Microsoft its just salt and pepper.
  • +920 !
  • lol this comment is just bang on right!! xD\
  • Oh my god! I want to use your sentence on my twitter account to tweet Nokia and Microsoft USA accounts.  Can I use it? Its to the point, humorous and painfully true as well.
  • Yeah sure ;) I've already tweeted this a few times to Microsoft :P
  • Its because of the efforts that nokia puts in WP that pulls people towards it IMHO. I loved the way the 8x looks and feels, and I still love it over my Lumia 920, which is a gorgeous device. But the 8x with its design and the matte feel (California blue my fav) to my 920's glossy (yellow my fav) interests me more. Yet I went with the 920 because I loved what nokia is offering compared to HTC. Nokia is a clear winner, because of its product, not because of trust. And btw HTC one's sales figures show that HTC is also quite a trusted brand. :D they make a,serious contender to nokia devices and people will buy that, I reckon. :)
  • If Windows Phone starts to take off, it will attract more OEMs to the party.  The fact that Samsung's share of the Windows Phone market grew by over 200% (when they weren't even trying) shows that not everyone loves Nokia's polycarbonate designs. I think Nokia realized this & that's why they released the 925--to stave off Samsung's Ativ phone.
    Once Windows Phone passes the iPhone (globally)... which could happen in the next year or two... then we'll likely see a lot of OEMs and app developers jump onboard the Windows Phone train.
  • +8X I think it should be Nokia 55%, Samsung 35%, Huawei gets the rest, HTC leaves
  • If Nokia gains 40% of the TOTAL smartphone market they would be making money hand-over-fist. Right now there is only room for one dominant player and one lackey in the WP space. It looks as if Sammy will be the lackey.
  • The thing is Nokia is the only one doing things with windows phone. Other OEMS are waiting around to see how Nokia does with windows phone because they think they can jump in at any time. Yeah there are other OEM making phones but i don't see other advertising except for Nokia when it comes to windows phone.
  • HTC can't afford to support two platforms, perhaps if they were doing better on the android end, but since they are struggling on both ends, gotta pick the biggest of the two. 
  • Because their android business has certainly been booming.
  • Sarcasm, but we all know it has not, but will they abandon android for WP?  a platform that has 4% marketing share?  No. 
  • Well, hitching their wagon to android obviously hasn't paid off the ways they expected.
  • not poaching tech would also have helped lol, :). HTC right now is stuck in limbo.. I would imagine they will become brandless once again if they don't pull off something fast. Maybe release the rumoured quad core zenith flagship this autum?.
    Personally I was hoping they would make a Touch Pro 8... the touch pro 2 was the best landscape keyboard I've used. The physical keyboard market is currently underserved imo.
  • So who should they have hitched with? Who else was there? web os? They've been with android for years and were doing quite well years ago. It wasn't until Samsung galaxy2 decline increased siginifcantly in 2011. I'm sure you or anybody werent saying the same thing back then.
  • They have to choose which I painfully understand when I'm posting with my under-supported htc 8x. Their figures are awful on both sides but their Android high-end releases are at least still considered as THE flagship along with Samsung's GS4. I love my 8x for the design and performance, let's hope they eventually make some good figures on Android sales and put some more resources on wp.
  • Just got an update for the HTC clock app today. I really want HTC to succeed. Still enjoying my 8x.
  • Should have bought WebOS and tried to make a go of it with their own OS.
  • Or try Firefox OS now?
  • Why? Even samsung hasn't made much of  splash with Bada and soon Tizen.
  • What's left, Firefox OS? Maybe they can dominate there.
  • And the Ubuntu phone ;)
  • And Sailfish OS.
  • Oh yeah!
  • I had the HTC Trophy and it was an OK device. However, it was my only choice on Verizon at the time. HTC should come out with a 64 GB device, match up the specs with other hero devices. My 920 is nearly full with music and I wish I had the option for a 64 GB model. It can't be THAT much more expensive to do so and would be compelling. I hope the don't drop WP. We need as many on board as possible.
  • HD7 :)
  • Awesome, most durable, reliable phone I've ever used.
  • Never mind the HD2 was the best phone out of any to hack.... It runs the newest Android and even runs WP8 (with a single core CPU)....
  • is Samsung doing better with windows phone?
  • My guess would be because it's available on EVERY cell provider. The one thing Samsung has done well is that. That's my one gripe with Nokia who seem to be dead set on releasing to certain carriers only.
  • they kind of screwed themselves over a couple years ago politically, the 8x was good, but I haven't seen much if any advertisement from them for it, the one was good, but then they still don't advertise it enough
    they really need to partner up with some other companies like Nikon or Canon for their cameras too, HTC is the only one that makes only handsets and have no foot in other areas like Nokia/Samsung/Sony/Apple does
  • Why buy a HTC with their small list of low end HTC exclusive apps when you can get a Nokia with all the apps and great support, and better hardware too
  • This is probably one of the bigger things that separate Nokia from HTC for me: apps.  Nokia Drive is actually very useful.  HTC doesn't really have a killer app like that.  One can easily download pretty weather apps from the store.  I thought the 8X was one of the best looking phones of last year.  But, I wouldn't have picked it over a 920 with the better camera and apps (I'm sure there's a hot bimbo girlfriend and a 2-yr commited relationship joke in here somewhere =P).
  • +920
  • I had an 8S and while I liked it the decision to only include 4GB of internal storage was a killer.  After less than six months I was forced to buy an ATIV S.  I'm happier but my next phones will be Lumia's (only Rogers has the flagships in Canada and they are a terrible service provider). 
    All that being said, I think from a business standpoint they'd be better off putting all their chips into the WP basket.  Android is so full of competitors, and between Samsung, Motorola (who has Google behind them), Sony, LG etc it is a crowded field and easy to get lost by the wayside.  If they focused on making a nice range of WP devices (with practical design decisions) they could easily overtake Samsung and regain a lot of what they lost in WP market share.
  • I totally agree. HTC should put more effort in WP. Their phones are superior to Samsung when it comes to design and build quality. They can definitely beat Samsung on the WP platform.
  • I think they can beat them on android as well. The HTC One is a sexy phone and build quality IMO is leagues ahead of the S4.
  • The one is a good phone, but even it hasn't pulled the out of the sink hole they're in in the android market. Best bet is to go all in and compete against Nokia in a smaller market.
  • The problem is not that HTC is drifting away from WP, but that they are drifting away from profitability, period. While I don't think Nokia is out of the hot waters yet, HTC is going to be, IMHO, one of the first high-profile casualties of the smartphone bubble bursting, should that bubble indeed burst. They have relied way too much on expensive, high-end phones, and those high-end phones haven't put a dent on Samsung sales. At least Nokia has the 520 and some other middle and low-end phones to go around.
  • Agree 100%.
  • This makes sense. They are just not becoming as profitable as they use to be.
  • The bubble is likely going to burst.  It's not about Android vs iOS vs Windows Phone anymore.  It's Samsung vs Apple vs Nokia.  All the rest of the players are the Compaqs of their time.
    There's no money in Android except for Samsung.  There's no money in iOS (obviously) except for Apple, and Windows Phone is dominated by Nokia who now has a device for pretty much everyone - 520, 620, 720, 810, 920, 925, 928, 1020.  It's actually pretty amazing how many WP8 phones Nokia has put out in less than a year.
    Now if they could ONLY get their phones on my carrier (TELUS) I'd be happy.  (well they have the 620 and I have one and it's great but of course I want the 925/1020)
  • Good call. I wonder if any other phone manufacturer not named samsung wishes they had made an all-in exclusivity deal with MS before Nokia did. Imagine if we were all gushing over the latest wp8 Sony flagship. :)
  • and 625
  • If they're not going to offer anything that separates them from the competition then what can you expect? They need to make a really high-end WP, similar to the HTC One. Maybe they'll come up with something once GDR3 is released.
  • This, a wp8 version of the htc one would be awesome.
  • They really should. I'd get it
  • HTC released beautiful WP phones in 8X and 8S.., but they forgot that they need to thicken their software/apps offerings and updates. And that they need to actually market their WP products. Stay on Android and HTC will sink down below further more.
  • It probably came down to money and resources, neither of which HTC has a ton of...
  • So Daniel, are you cryptically saying this is true??? If so, I'm stuck with 2 8X's
  • + ONE
  • so their no longer a top 5 in Android? is that correct and android has many OEMS and 3rd for Windows. if they were to put the same effort into Windows as they do with Android they would be in a better position. Samsungs domination of Android will be there for a while and what HTC does? stick with Andriod by putting more effort when they couldve been number 1 with Windows granted it wouldnt be Android numbers but they would be making profits and not losing.
  • Nokia throws everything (including the kitchen sink) into their phones.  No holds barred!  Honestly, I can only see the uninformed buying anthing other than a Nokia.  Anyone who's done the slightest research would know to buy a Lumia over anything else.  Face it, agree or not, Nokia is the only one really supporting the devices and platform.
  • Hd7 was a great phone until it was no longer supported my HTC or T-Mobile, regarding updates. In the end I had to flash 7.8 to it myself. Fast forward to today, I've been using my 521 for 2-3 months. Great phone. I can see why Nokia is on top. Only gripe is other storage and not being able to put apps on SD yet.
  • And they are using one billion dollars to an ad campaign:

    Is it enough to lift HTC to the top? I doubt... As I've said, they are good at everything, great at nothing.
  • It may be 1 Billion Indonesian currency. lol
  • What does HTC expect with a half-a$$ed effort. There is a reason Nokia has the market share they do...
  • Dear HTC make an HTC 8XL with 32gb storage and the 16 MP camera of the Titan II and the ground stereo speakers on the front size like the HTC One your back in the game.
  • According to who...?
  • According to him :-P
  • I give HTC an A for effort, but when Nokia came onto the scene it was over for them. Then Samsung came out with decent stuff because everyone knows Samsung. I miss their Titan series but I love Nokia and their phones more.
  • That A must for design, not support. They just release a device on sprint and will abandon it already. Good bye 8X who's design I dearly love and support I hate with a passion......Hope MS or some one offers a trade in of some sort.
  • They were doing fine with WM6, they should have stuck to WP and wait the storm to pass, and win Nokia it time to market. But they didn't, they chose to practically abandon WP go with crappy Androids.
  • Took the words out of my mouth. They could have been to WP what Nokia is now had they not dropped WP and jumped on the free OS bandwagon. Such a pity because these are the same people who made the fantastic TouchPro 2 phone.
  • I felt the same, but when I did some research had to change my mind. There was a gap of nearly two years between Windows Mobile ceasing to be a realistic option and the release of Windows Phone. What were HTC and other OEMs supposed to do? Release yet more rehashes of the HD2? Good as that phone apparently was, it was no competitor to the iPhone.
    I'm sorry, but Microsoft left a huge door through which Google drove their Android bus and now they're having to play catch-up.
    Given talented people like Joe Belfiore and the support of Nokia, I'm actually confident they can do it, especially once they have the interoperability with Windows and Xbox.
    As an ex-HD7 owner I feel sorry for HTC, stuck between Samsung and Nokia, but work is the only way out.
  • As a dev I was in front of a similar dilemma: jump to Android/iOS or wait till WP recovered. I waited. It was 2 horrible years, had to sell my car to subsist. Well today I have a better car and I can't complain.
  • I'm contracted to the 8X for another 14 months and I'm gutted. Absolutely useless phone in my opinion. Had so many issues. Would love for someone to just buy out my contract so I can get a 1020!
  • I currently own 2 and haven't had a problem other that lack of support, now I'm being DUMPED, this is a first for me, "I need to sit down now"
  • Imagine how bad the windows phone market share would be without nokia
  • That's sad and they did this to themselves. Its too bad because I like the HTC devices. Easily some of the best designed phones out there.
  • You have to look at the new HTC strategy, they are getting out of all mid range markets, cause of strong competition. They will focus on high end and upper end of low end devices. As to the iPhone5S, S4, G2, the One is doing good and the HTC One mini and max should give them a nice product mix for the holiday season. Also the iPhone5S will be 4.1inches max, that might annoy quite a few potential iPhone5S customers and drive them to HTC. Last, I see a plastic 5C becoming the iPhone of choice for many teens as parents will have a cheaper iPhone option. So, we will know when we get the results of the 4Q 2013 in 2014. If HTC fails to make money, then I think HTC will be sold to a competitor in 2015.
  • I just got my mom an HTC 8X and I'm really impressed. In many ways I like the hardware a lot more than my Nokia. If it had expandable memory I would seriously consider using it as my main phone. I wish HTC hadn't done the wireless charging exclusive with Verizon, should've been in every version of the phone.
  • No surprise!
  • Like HTC's latest advertisement campaign about their name's acronym "HTC" with Robert Downey Jr. Suggests full forms.
    I suggest HTC abbreviation "Help This Company".
  • Another abbreviation to HTC "Hide The Corpse" suits the best to them for now. :D Though I'm a huge fan of both HTC One & 8X designs..!!
  • Hurl This Crap
    Hard Times Comming
    Help, Tim Cook!
    Hell..Times Come
    I got nothing
  • Ok even after being a WP8 owner + NOKIA Fan I'd say Tim Cook serious dont need any help instead they can lend HTC a helping hand(Not gonna happen ever) And This is the fact Apple is at the safest point currently and earning like shit!
  • poor HTC!
    despite owning a Lumia i really like their 8X design and their One, which i think is the best Android phone.
    it is truly sad that Samsung with their crappy plastic is taking over the world.
  • Exactly D;
  • Thank goodness this report came out before my 14-day window expired on my HTC 8XT.  Easy decision now!
  • It's too bad, I owned a HTC Mozart when it came out and it was a great phone but there was little or no marketing for windows phone 7.0-7.5. And 8 seemed things would turn around but Nokia came out big!
  • They need to understand the difference between the Android and WP ecosystem. If you go Android you better have a darn unique UI that offers a ton of gimmicky features and advertise it till death. On WP you need to continually support it with unique apps to differentiate. They do neither well.
  • Gee, saw this coming. HTC 8X.........
  • HTC never could "compete" with other company's because they literally make ONE product... smartphones. Meanwhile Samsung, LG, Nokia, and others are still selling low-end "feature" and flip phones to A LOT of people.
    HTC has been pigeon holed from the beginning. I do see and understand why they can't compete on the WP side, but for the life of me I simply don't get why so many have decided to gravitate to samsung. I don't claim to be "up" on the android world, but I always felt HTC's were at the very least as good as samsung.  :-/  
  • I don't know why HTC didn't just come up with one awesome design and use it for both WP and Android. It looks to me that is what Samsung is doing, all their phones look similar, Nokia has similar designs for high end and low end phones, HTC should have done that too. I know, for WP they went with the tile look, but that was stupid, in retrospect, the 8s were interesting, but not enough. Maybe they could have launched The One for either OS, consolidated costs, simplified marketing, and made nice with everyone, maybe. I loved my Trophy, still have it, but WP8 and Nokia are killer. Sorry, HTC.
  • I started launch day of windows phone 7 with the HD7 but Nokia has my heart now so f#ck em...
  • HTC never solidifies any of their flagship phones. Their focus seems to be all over the place. HTC always appears to be throwing a lot if uninspired lackluster efforts at the wall to see what sticks. Nokia on the other hand is very focused, and it shows in their product line and support.
  • Love my htc 8X but clearly no love from htc coming my way. On to Nokia.
  • Can I get a loan to replace my current 8X.....I'll Gladly repay you Tuesday : )
  • HTC is as good as dead (as far as mobile is concerned) in another two years.  That writing has been on the wall for some time now.  Their only real hope of getting off from under Samsung's thumb, has always been Windows Phone.  But they never approached Windows Phone with any sort of strategy that would drive the platform, and thus their own bottom line (ala Nokia).  HTC approached Windows Phone, with the same half-assed strategy that was losing them marketshare on Android.  If it did not work on Android, what made them think it would work on any other ecosystem? 
    People thought Nokia was crazy for going all in on Windows Phone.  But Stephen Elop is a savvy CEO, and the move to Windows Phone is already paying off for Nokia - and will only continue to do moreso, as Nokia continues to drive the Lumia line into lower price points  worldwide.  They sold over 600 million Ashas in little over a year, and with the Lumia 520 and 625 (and who knows what other low end Lumia's they got planned for 2014) knocking on Asha's back door (pricing respective), you can expect big increases in Nokia's marketshare in the coming year.  This is what a real mobile strategy looks like.  HTC could learn a helluva lot from watching Nokia - and not just mimicking their colorful, polycarb chasis.  Being able to focus on a single ecosystem, really has allowed Nokia to get the best hardware and software forward on Windows Phone.  It has allowed them to get access to areas of Windows Phone own development, that no other OEM is allowed access to.  And the results speak for themselves.
    HTC is never going to gain marketshare back from Samsung.  HTC makes better phones than Samsung, not that anyone gives a fart.  Instead of backing away from Windows Phone, HTC should be gearing up to pull a Nokia, and go all or nothing on Windows Phone; dropping Android completely.  Focus all their energies on bringing great software, great hardware, great services, and great experiences to Windows Phone, and in doing so, aid Nokia in forging Windows Phone marketshare upward.  Put another way.  The only way HTC ever stands a chance of gaining any marketshare back from Samsung, is by helping another ecosystem establish itself as a viable alternative to Android. WebOS is out, Symbian is out, and now Blackberry is out.  HTC should be doubling down on Windows Phone, while their is still chance to grow WP marketshare hand in hand with Nokia.  In another year, Windows Phone will be synonamous with Nokia, the way Android is synonamous with Samsung, and then there will be nowhere left for HTC to go, but out of the mobile business.
  • That is the problem. They are out of options because the leadership is indecisive.
  • Its strange that such a great company can look like a scared deer in front of a cars headlights. Its like they just gave up 1, almost 2 years ago.
  • Aside from sexy builds, I just don't see how HTC is doing anything to advance mobile technology. That simply isn't a great differentiator. It doesn't help to only offer your phone in blurple on T-Mobile. I think they need to sell now. There is no happy ending for HTC. The only consolation is selling high.
  • What do you mean......they put a 4 megapixel camera on a flagship ;) (I know it's not all about megapixels, but seriously?)
  • They could always release an Ubuntu phone next year, I would be interested in that.
  • As Andrew Dice Clay would say, "Get the F*ck Outta Here"
  • Never
  • Strange that Sony seems to be in no trouble? I would rather pick a HTC then any of the Sony phones.
  • Sony has many other lines of business...Gaming/Movies/Electronics (TV's, etc.)
  • Funny thing is that a Bell Mobility rep told me that Sony is supposed to release a Windows Phone 8 device soon. I called BS on it and figured they were confused. Hmmm...
  • They can easily beat Samsung when it comes to WP .. They just need to put some effort in because if they don't my next phone will no doubt be a Nokia.
  • Blame Nokia ...
  • 6sec update available.
  • So I guess we won't be seeing a HTC One WP8 variant? Time to put my 8x 6 feet under.
  • Or in a glas jar and sent to a museum for future observations. :P
  • Also, Windows Phone shipments almost double over the last year!  That's great news.
  • they didn't even start to drift away :/
  • Nokia is very better them htc
  • Very much agree with what said you
  • And i just bought my 8x a month ago, coming from an optimus 7 lol no luck on my side choosing manufacturer
  • HTC is making a mistake... I bought many of their Android phone to only be disappointed down the line. I'm done with them as an Android manufacturer. I would only buy a Windows phone from them and now they are taking that away.
  • 8x owner here, ONLY because it was free due to a sweepstakes. There was no way I would purchase one after my crap experience with their Titan. (Again, GREAT phone, no support) No updates, no GDR-2 in sight, crap HTC apps etc etc etc.
    Will be going to Nokia next anyway so I won't miss them if they fall off the face of phone manufacturing entirely.
  • Just sold my Titan and got an 8X. Very nice phone, but if they dont re-win my heart by holidays with a large screen flagship phone, I will move on to Nokia.
  • Their only hope would be to get Instagram exclusive on their Windows Phones.
  • Enjoyed my HTC 8X when first released on T-Mobile.  Was surpised about the lack of attention HTC provided to this product.  Watched as Nokia blazed away with changes, enhancements,  and updates.  I became a little concerned after 6 months and thought this is not the dedication by HTC I was looking for in owning this product.  Heard the rummor of a HTC One type WP8 product and figured that would be a nice phone but my thoughts went back to no HTC commitment and decided to leave.  Enjoying the 925 and the Jump program for T-Mobile now.  Can't wait to see the next best got to have Nokia product down the road.  So long HTC, it felt like having a one night stand and not a long term commitment. 
  • My brother decided to get an 8X over a 920 (at&t). The 8X is a nice phone if you are looking for a smaller phone.To be honest, I think Nokia should release a smaller 720p Lumia that is still high end.
  • Some of those devices may have been "critically aclaimed" but end users know that if they want top notch support and the best Windows Phone experience they should go Nokia... And that's what they have been doing.
    I can speak from experience. I went from an HTC device to the L920 because it was just obvious what the best was.
  • Waiting on the WP8 "One"....and I have a Lumia but, I would still buy a HTC product. Release a 32gb model with a SD card with the sleek design of the "one" and my 928 goes on ebay tomorrow...
    yea, they dont have all the exclusive apps but, why all the HTC hate ? Their support if you have had an issue with your phone has always been good (better than verizon on a good day), They perform side to side as good as any WP8 device (8X) and I think the design of the 8X is slimmer and better looking than my current 928.
    Side by side, all WP8 devices perform exactly the same with the same feature set. Sure, some cases are different, cameras are a little better and screens are different but, when I had my 8X, I loved the phone but, hated the lack of space, that was the only reason I upgraded to the 928 but, if the 8X had 32gb, I would of never made the change...I honestly dont think the 928 is that much better of a phone.
    Sure some people had a right to complaint but, I bet most of the people here are just Nokia fanboys who want to bash HTC, seems like the android people in the WP area story....AKA: trolls..
  • I totally agree. I love my 8x but 16 gb is good enough for me but if it had 32 gb it would be even better.
  • 8x is a great windows phone. HTC made a nice press conferance. Both 8x and 8s had unique design. But after that things went downhill. No support, no adds, no promotion.....Thats sad. 8x deserved better fate. I want to see Robert Downie Junior  with a windows phone!
  • The answer is obvious, build bad ass Windows phones that compete with Nokia and quit these water down attempts to appear interested in the platform.
  • Loved my HTC Arrive but the lack of support from HTC factored greatly when it came time to choose my next phone. Went with Nokia.
  • I currently have an HTC EVO 3d.  I'll never own another HTC phone.  Great quality and fine phone at first but pretty much zero support.    An ICS update as JB was being released which turned it into a buggy POS, that's been about it.  My next phone will probably be a Nexus or Nokia, depending on which OS I go with.  It is almost certainly a good thing that HTC has not updated the 8x.  They'd probably screw it up and then completely stop support, like they do with their Android phones.
  • Its scary how many mobile phone manufacturer has died. The playing field is getting smaller and smaller. I dread the day when I go to buy a smartphone and my only options are Android (Samsung) or iOS (Apple) (worst case scenario)
  • Lack of software support was pretty much the main culprit as to why HTC is diggin' their own grave.  Reverting back to 2011 when they released the Amaze 4G which was the flagship android device at the time and guess what.. after maybe 7-10 months - neglected and abandoned.  How the F can you do that to a FLAGSHIP!?.  Anyways, with their HTC ONE making a positive impact on the android world - i just don't see it lasting more than 10-12 months and may very well end up just like the previous flagships they've produced.
  • I wonder if this is another step on the way to a Microsoft phone. When Nokia is finally the only WP manufacturer left, it would make sense for Redmond to just buy the company and have full control over the whole Windows Phone universe.
    But maybe chinese companies will replace the korean. 
  • sure HTC has a history of making a topnotch hardware but they just can't seem to back it up!!.. shame shame.
  • HTC should have hit hard in the budget windows phone space. Look at how well the 520 and 521 are doing.
    Pet peve: showing off the 8X in cool colors like the lime green and the verizon employee grey that you could not get yourself on most carrirers.
  • agreed - HTC's just for "SHOW" who can't back their own S*** up.  I just don't get it.  They're very capable of dominating both platforms all around... they really do need to work on that LACK of software support that everyone knows their FAMOUS for.
  • HTC HD7 waiting to upgrade to Nokia....
  • HTC had the biggest head start to be the "IT" phone manufacturer for Windows Phone but squandered that opportunity away. Cry me a river HTC!!
  • A shame I wish there was more manufacturers making WP handsets. Would love to see a Sony WP8 handset for instance 
  • So much for the WP variant of the HTC one..
  • to gain more market share and traction - WP needs more manufacturers to produce low to high-end devices in general (preferrably mid-range) with feature specifics such as expandable storage, removable batteries etc.  HTC and other manufacturers should learn from NOKIA on how they've strategically go forth with this plan to release low to high-end (capable) WP devices... 
  • HTC sent all the wrong messages, they needed to release the ONE with a Windows Phone variant at the same time. As it was it came across as we're an Android shop first. So customers head to Nokia knowing they're a windows shop first.
  • I alwasy had a place in my heart for HTC... my first ever smartphone was the MDA.  Had a Shadow... then a G1... then an HD2.   All were pretty good in my book.
    They need to do physical keyboard again.  I know WP8 doesn't really need it, and most of the time in portrait mode doesn't bode well, but there's lots of users who still want one and HTC was really good at physcial keyboards.
    Also... what's the possibility of a dual-boot, dual-sim phone?  The HD2 is lauded for being so versatile that one can dual (and in some cases, triple boot) different OS's.  Why not make an OFFICIAL phone that officiall dual boots WP8 and Android?  It would a niche product, but I think you'd get a lot of techie's interested in such a thing.
  • How long have I been saying that a Nokia HTC merger would work wonders... As it would allow for more focused marketing and Nokia would do WP and HTC Android, they could serve more markets and carriers. Not to mention the savings on component purchases.
    I was saying that Nokia should go Volume and HTC high end, exactly that is happening.
    HTC sold 1 One for every 10 S4, maybe a little more. They announced that the 3Q2013 might be the first Q ever they might loose money, up to $230mio.
    The One Mini and Max are only coming out in September, October. The Desire phones are going down market, which makes sense.
    The OneX+ is still selling and fetches a higher price than a S3.
    What hurt HTC was all the mid range devices that no one wanted as they lacked microSD and a removable battery and where otherwise unremarkable.
    Especially in the low and mid range market, you need microSD and a removable battery as people have less income and want a device they can sell or gift to a family member down the road.
    I mean, I have a 8X, but use a One and a Samsung Ativ-S. The 8X lacks that removable battery, microSD and apps.
    Selling 400k a quarter of the 8X and 8S is surprisingly good, but obviously Samsung sells the Ativ-S for $10.- more than the 8S... in Europe... For the consumer it is a no brainer.
    The only WP8 HTC could make profitably would be a derivative of the One, same design, few changes to adapt to WP8. For that HTC needs GDR3.
    So, it is not doomsday for HTC but an expensive re focusing away from me to products to premium quality devices. Obviously, taking on Samsung head to head for market share was a big mistake, soon to be repeated by Apple with the iPhone5C.
    But yeah. If no profits in the 4Q 2013 and 2014, then HTC is finished.
    But, not looking too bad, the One is great and the One Mini is getting good reviews in key HTC markets.
  • Captain Kirk here, sending my last message from "The Flagship 8X Windows Phone"......Beam Me Up Scotty
  •  i think whats even more impresive is samsungs growth and number of shipments 11% without even trying ive never seen an ativ comercial what if they started pushing there line trouble for nokia 
  • That's a shame. Regardless of other issues, I actually liked the design of their phones. They LOOKED like they should be Windows Phones. What they need to do, is wait until GDR3 or WP8.1 and release a quad core beast of a device with a vengeance.
    I personally think there's plenty of room in the Windows Phone market for more than just Nokia and Samsung. Now that Samsung is apparently throwing a new device to the US (Sprint) market, things look to be improving!
  • I don't understand HTC (and other smartphone brands).
    They see how Nokia focus not only on good hardware, but also on good software.
    A lot of people (including myself) feel attracted to Nokia because of the excellent apps and services available for Nokia devices.
    A good hardware is nothing if it is not paired with good software, and this is why Samsung and HTC are not getting attention in the WP8 world.
    And yet, these manufacturers launch new devices, and they just hope for people to run and get them only because of brand love. That only happens with Apple and their loyal iFollowers, but everybody else need to work hard to make customers fall in love with them.
    I remember when HTC created the best Windows Mobile devices. These smartphones were the sleekest devices on the market with amazing exclusive software additions, and that helped HTC to become the #1 WM manufacturer.
    But now, HTC is not only failing on WP8, is failing on Android too, and the reasons of these failures are exactly the same.
  • In q2 Nokia lost on average about $30 with every Lumia sold according to their financial report. So how can anyone expect that other companies jump on WP when even Nokia that are highly sponsored by MS and don't even pay license fees makes a loss with every phone? That's the big dilemma WP is in. Companies cannot earn money with it.
  • I have been with HTC from my last three phones(HD2,HD7,8X) but they put no effort into the the WP sphere. Quality phones but as far as apps they don't even try. Of course they are getting slaughtered by Nokia. I for one am ready for a Nokia, love my 8X but I get no support.
  • This reminds me of the endless debates a year ago. Get a Nokia it HTC. And what I said back then still rings true. HTC makes a capable phone and it looks well built, but after a couple of months you realized it was cheaply made. And, they refuse to up date software. I loved my G2, but the finish wore off, and I had nasty random resets that I never really found out what caused it. I had that phone for 2 years and only got 1 update. Compare that Nokia, and I already got 2 updates, plus awesome AP support. Nokia earned my loyalty and love
  • They're gonna be slammed even further with other rising Android OEMs like Huawei, Sony, and especially LG. LG been getting alot of press lately with their new Android device.
  • Which is WHY i brought a Nokia. Obvious choice. A htc one without that dreaded android would be nice but whatever Lumia 925 is nice enough on t-mobile. Btw DUH!
  • I have 8X for 2 months and sometimes I regret, that I bought it. Bad updates, no extra app like navigation or photo app, bad battery life and much more. Maybe I had to buy some Lumia, because they are better in many aspects.
  • Oh god. I'm so sad about HTC. Man, they are trying. they just don't have much money right now.
    I hate The fact that The HTC One is far better than the S4 and still the S4 sells more because of the advertising. It's sad. It's a great company.
  • HTC is moving away from a growing OS, and focusing on one utterly dominated by Samsung.  
  • I'm kinda confused here. What do people expect? New from the ground up phones ever 6 months or what? All I see is people complaining about this phone is old or that phone is old and they haven't been out very long. I don't get it.
  • In fairness, I probably would have gotten a Nokia phone if any Canadian carriers actually had any at the time, but HTC's phones were really slick and capable, and they could have really made a splash if HTC was willing to get these into people's hands. Instead they just kind of showed up, hung around for a bit like they were kind of embarrassed to be there, and then just disappeared. You can't blame Samsung for ALL your problems, HTC. :P
  • owner of trophy and 8x, both solid phones. but no support behind em. i wanted to live with my 8x, but i will soon be leaving....for nokia of course. htc better try and pick up ubuntu
  • HTC is doing it to them selves. HTC One can not compete with Galaxy 3 or 4... As for the HTC windows phone, I feel that HTC make no real effort to advance a Windows Phone version. The HTC sence is nothing to write home about and they don't put any effort in pushing the phone. They leave it up to the cell carriers do to it for them. I own an HTC 8X, I love the phone, I think the camera could be alot better. The speakers could be alot better and a larger screen would have been better. I had an HTC HD7 now the 8X, I feel that HTC should make a Windows Phone that will compete with Nokia, stop trying to fight a batter in the Android world, It crowded there. There are way to many cell phone providers. HTC should make a kick ass Windows phone to rival anything they done including Nokia. Show those Android fanboys what a great OS and Phone is capable of in a less crowded OS.
  • Nokia still has competition in Samsung which is good.
  • And Huawei.  Can't forget the low cost options.  Personally I think that both Huawei and Samsung are not going to surpass Nokia ever, or even give it much worry.  Both those companies are too invested in other OSes to give the WP OS a real effort.  For the time being it appears the ATIV is just a retooled Galazy S3.  Great phone, but hardly native WP8. 
  • RIP, HTC. You will be missed by those who felt you made compelling devices. I will not be in that camp.
  • Here is my crazy idea: Microsoft and HTC should buy Blackberry together.  Shortly after the NSN deal I suspect Nokia doesn't have whole lot of resources to make a bid anyway.  To the small number of HTC Windows Phones that was released in the past 12 months, I personally see it more as a general company strategy, that HTC also did not release a whole lot of Android phones either.  It would be sad if Nokia becomes the only Windows Phone manufacturer though, although it kind of already is. 
  • Shame HTC makes the best designed phones in my opinion.....problem with HTC 8x is storage and lack of marketing.....most people don't even know what an HTC 8x is and how great it looks.....lacking storage.....suck
  • Microsoft just needs to make their own phone. I know they won't, but they should.
    I love Nokia's offerings for Windows Phone, but competition is good, and both would benefit from it.
  • imo, the problem with HTC is that they are not platform drivers, they do not innovate. They just seem to be content at taking a piece of whatever established pie there is, but do no try to make that pie larger.
  • I have already decided that I will NEVER buy a Samsung device. Their cheap quality plastic and gimmicky software don't appeal to me at all. I'd love to see Sony or LG make a Windows Phone.
  • Ha! That's wishful thinking. Sony help Microsoft? Never. And LG already said no more WP.
  • Renewed my contract with the 8X and honestly it was my biggest upgrade regret. Bought an ATIV S a bit back and its leagues ahead.
  • I think HTC have problem in Android to. Atleast here in Europe I think Sony will surpass HTC and come closer to Samsung in marketshare. I have my doubt if HTC will be around in the long term perspective.
    damn I had the hd7 and my mom is rocking the titan.. She loves it,imagine a WINDOWSPHONE without nokia?? It would've been dead by now...
  • What do they expect when you install a GDR2 update and then it bricks your HTC 8X phone (or not)
    Updated to GDR2 it killed my phone until the battery ran flat then a day later it magically revives itself.
    What a great handset........
    I will never touch HTC ever again, not even with yours ;)
  • MS should just make it easy and just have Nokia as its sole vendor of WP's. Nokia is the only viable option. Samsung really isn't trying and they're #2 HTC is screwed on both android and WP. Its a Shame they made really nice phones. Maybe they can make blackberry's.
  • If true, it's a pity. When the 8X came out it looked like HTC was really considering changing from an Android Manufacturer who also makes Windows Phones to a Windows Phone Manufacturer who also makes Android Phones. But even if this article isn't true, it's clear that HTC aren't thinking about making Windows Phone their primary platform anytime soon.
  • I still like my 8x, just hope they don't refuse to update those who still have the device to gdr2 or future updates.
  • I prefer durable, quality hardware over gimmicky software. That's why I'll NEVER buy a Samsung device. HTC makes some quality hardware, and (from what I hear) Sense is much better than Touchwiz. But Sony's new Xperia phones look amazing. I really wish Nokia had more presence in the smartphone world. Their hardware quality is WAY better than Samsung, and their Lumia phones look very stylish. And to the people who say Sony will never support Microsoft, VAIO PC's say hi. Maybe HTC will be bought out. If they do, I hope either Sony or LG buy them.
  • All the women in my family love the HTC 8X (there 2 blue and 2 lime phones)... None of them liked the Nokia 920 a year ago, because it is too big for them and heavy.
    The 8X is not build for us the Nokia fans...  Most ladies out there (based on my family experience) don't care about memory and fancy camera.  The 8X hardware fits perfectly in their tiny purses, the battery last a whole day and its thin enough for a ladies with small hands.  A year later they are vey happy with thm...  Its perfect for the right demographic. :-)
    If HTC markets the 8X for his light weight and thin body to the right audience, they could make a huge sale.  The problem is that they are trying to win and trying doesn't count.
  • That's sad, I expected a new phone from HTC this year. If Microsoft doesn't do anything soon then I'm worried, even Nokia (that does everything they can) has trouble. Android is Windows, Apple is Apple, Windows is Linux ? I expected WP8 to have 8% of market share by the end of 2013 but with the lack of updates…. :(